RS 00205.000 Student Benefits

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RS 00205.001Who Is Eligible For Student BenefitsTN 14 03-01
RS 00205.125Individual Is Working While Attending SchoolTN 14 03-01
RS 00205.130Individual Filing For Student Benefits Is In PrisonTN 14 03-01
RS 00205.200What Is An Educational Institution (EI)TN 14 03-01
RS 00205.250Determining The Educational Institution (EI) Status Of A SchoolTN 13 07-00
RS 00205.275Home SchoolingTN 18 10-06
RS 00205.285Independent StudyTN 17 08-04
RS 00205.295Online SchoolsTN 20 10-10
RS 00205.300What is Full-Time Attendance (FTA)TN 14 03-01
RS 00205.310Scheduled School AttendanceTN 13 07-00
RS 00205.315Duration of Course Of StudyTN 13 07-00
RS 00205.320Deemed Full-Time Attendance (FTA) During A Period of NonattendanceTN 13 07-00
RS 00205.325When Student Benefits TerminateTN 19 06-09
RS 00205.330Correspondence CoursesTN 13 07-00
RS 00205.335Homebound StudentsTN 13 07-00
RS 00205.340Enrolled In A General Education Development (GED) ProgramTN 17 08-04
RS 00205.350Determining Full-Time Attendance (FTA)TN 19 06-09
RS 00205.400Processing Claims and Conversion Cases for Student BenefitsTN 19 06-09
RS 00205.450Determining Continuing Eligibility Under Previous Enforcement ProceduresTN 16 09-03
RS 00205.500Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974TN 14 03-01
RS 00205.700Foreign SchoolsTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.715Foreign Secondary School DevelopmentTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.725Schools Outside the United States Operated or Supported By the U.S. GovernmentTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.730FTA Outside the United StatesTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.735Form SSA-1372 BKTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.745Processing the Claims of Students Outside the United StatesTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.755Establishing FTA at Schools in Mexico and the PhilippinesTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.760Foreign School Official Does Not Supply FTA InformationTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.775Foreign School Closed Because of a Strike or Other UnrestTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.780Action Upon Notice That a Foreign Student Beneficiary Is Attending a Strike-Closed SchoolTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.785Change Involving Attendance at a Foreign SchoolTN 15 01-03
RS 00205.875Change in the Status of Preparatory Level Schools in Mexico 
RS 00205.895Guides to Foreign Secondary School Systems and Information on Student Problems in Certain Countries 
RS DEN00205.250Determining the EI Status of An Unaccredited, Non-Public School 
RS DEN00205.275Determining the Educational Institution (EI) Status of a Home School 

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