HI 00630.000 Medicare Coverage Outside U.S.

Subchapter Table of Contents
Medicare Coverage Outside U.S.
HI 00630.001Medicare Program Outside the United States - General
HI 00630.010Enrollment Procedures - General
HI 00630.020Initial Enrollment Procedures - Foreign Beneficiaries on the Social Security Rolls Approaching Age 65 or Disabled for 24 Months
HI 00630.030Developing Foreign RSDI Claims When Claimant May Be Eligible for SMI
HI 00630.040Processing Claims Involving Possible Coverage Under The Health Insurance Programs for Individuals at Least Age 65 Who Are Not Entitled to Monthly Benefits
HI 00630.050Processing Forms CMS-1739 and CMS-40F
HI 00630.060SMI Terminations and Withdrawals - General
HI 00630.070Processing by the Modules - Medicare Outside U.S.
HI 00630.080Procedure for the Issuance of an HI or SMI Card
HI 00630.090Supplementary Medical Insurance Premium Collection in DIO - General
HI 00630.100Mailroom Procedures - Medicare Outside U.S.
HI 00630.110Deposit Clerk's Procedure - Medicare Outside U.S.
HI 00630.120Direct Action Unit Processing of SSA-1592 Remittances
HI 00630.130General Enrollment Period - Medicare Outside U.S.
HI 00630.140Handling Inquiries Relating to Medicare - General
HI 00630.150Inquiries Requesting Payment for Noncovered Hospital or Medical Services Furnished Outside the United States
HI 00630.160Inquiries Requesting Payment or Claims Assistance Relating to Medicare Services Furnished in the United States
HI 00630.170Other Medicare Inquiries
HI 00630.180List of Exhibits - Medicare Outside U.S.

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