Subchapter List for Initial Case Processing

DI 265: Initial Case Processing
 DI 26500: Initial Case Processing
 DI 26510: Completion of Form SSA-831-C3/U3 -- Title II, Title XVI and Concurrent Claims
 DI 26515: Rationale Preparation (Initial Claims)
DI 26515.001: Rationale Preparation
 DI 26520: Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) and Other Referrals
 DI 26525: Scheduled Diaries
DI 26525.025: MIE Criteria
DI 26525.030: MIE Examples
DI 26525.035: The MIP Diary
DI 26525.050: The Vocational Diary
DI 26525.055: The TWP Diary
 DI 26530: Personalized Disability Explanations
DI 26530.001: General
 DI 26535: Notice Instructions
DI 26535.005: Types of Notices
DI 26535.031: Multiple Notices