SI 00830.000 Unearned Income

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SI 00830.001General Information on Unearned IncomeTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.005General Rules for Developing Unearned IncomeTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.007Developmental Rules in Posteligibility SituationsTN 66 02-95
SI 00830.010When to Count Unearned IncomeTN 66 02-95
SI 00830.015Retroactive Funding ChangesTN 66 02-95
SI 00830.050Overview of Unearned Income ExclusionsTN 99 10-06
SI 00830.055Exclusions Under Other Federal StatutesTN 76 12-97
SI 00830.060Federal Tax Refunds and Advanced Tax Credits for SSI Income PurposesTN 121 08-14
SI 00830.099Guide to Unearned Income ExclusionsTN 95 09-04
SI 00830.100Expenses of Obtaining IncomeTN 81 03-00
SI 00830.105Payments in Foreign CurrencyTN 58 02-94
SI 00830.110Overpayment Withholding and the “Double Counting” ExceptionTN 87 10-01
SI 00830.115Garnishment or Other WithholdingTN 80 04-99
SI 00830.160Annuities, Pensions, Retirement, or Disability PaymentsTN 80 04-99
SI 00830.165Assistance Programs With Governmental Involvement - GeneralTN 80 04-99
SI 00830.170Income Based on Need (IBON)TN 80 04-99
SI 00830.175Assistance Based on Need (ABON)TN 41 03-91
SI 00830.180Other Assistance Involving Government FundsTN 68 04-96
SI 00830.185Work Relief (Workfare) ProgramsTN 68 04-96
SI 00830.210Benefits Paid Under Title II of the Social Security ActTN 88 02-02
SI 00830.215Black Lung BenefitsTN 103 04-09
SI 00830.220Office of Personnel Management (Civil Service and Federal Employee Retirement System) PaymentsTN 88 02-02
SI 00830.225Railroad Retirement PaymentsTN 80 04-99
SI 00830.230Unemployment Insurance BenefitsTN 97 10-05
SI 00830.235Workers' CompensationTN 56 09-93
SI 00830.240Military PensionsTN 82 05-00
SI 00830.250State Disability Insurance BenefitsTN 80 04-99
SI 00830.260State Annuities for Certain VeteransTN 101 09-08
SI 00830.300Department of Veterans Affairs PaymentsTN 80 04-99
SI 00830.302Veterans Affairs (VA) Pension PaymentsTN 125 01-18
SI 00830.304Veterans Affairs (VA) Compensation PaymentsTN 124 10-17
SI 00830.306Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Educational BenefitsTN 120 01-14
SI 00830.308VA Aid and Attendance and Housebound AllowancesTN 120 01-14
SI 00830.310VA Clothing AllowanceTN 74 06-97
SI 00830.311Veterans Affairs (VA) Incentive Therapy (IT) and Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) ProgramsTN 102 01-09
SI 00830.312VA Payment Adjustment for Unreimbursed Medical ExpensesTN 120 01-14
SI 00830.314Augmented Veterans Affairs (VA) BenefitsTN 124 10-17
SI 00830.316Augmented VA Benefits in the Ninth CircuitTN 76 12-97
SI 00830.317VA Caregivers PaymentsTN 120 01-14
SI 00830.318Payments to Veterans’ Children with Certain Birth DefectsTN 95 09-04
SI 00830.319The Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund (FVECF) PaymentTN 105 06-09
SI 00830.320Form SSA-L1103-U3 (SSI Request for Information) to Obtain Information from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)TN 107 08-09
SI 00830.400Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)TN 80 04-99
SI 00830.403Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)TN 83 10-00
SI 00830.405Emergency AssistanceTN 83 10-00
SI 00830.410Foster Care PaymentsTN 82 05-00
SI 00830.415Adoption AssistanceTN 108 05-10
SI 00830.417Child Care PaymentsTN 80 04-99
SI 00830.418Alimony and Spousal SupportTN 124 10-17
SI 00830.420Child Support PaymentsTN 123 07-17
SI 00830.425Support Payments — AFDC/TANF InvolvementTN 80 04-99
SI 00830.450Educational Assistance - GeneralTN 95 09-04
SI 00830.455Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships, and GiftsTN 95 09-04
Miscellaneous unearned income
SI 00830.500Dividends and InterestTN 93 06-04
SI 00830.501Interest and Appreciation in Value of Excluded Burial Funds and Burial Space Purchase AgreementsTN 67 04-95
SI 00830.505Rental IncomeTN 79 12-98
SI 00830.510RoyaltiesTN 54 01-93
SI 00830.515AwardsTN 80 04-99
SI 00830.520GiftsTN 104 06-09
SI 00830.521Gifts of Travel TicketsTN 88 02-02
SI 00830.522Gift Cards and Gift CertificatesTN 100 12-07
SI 00830.525Gambling Winnings, Lottery Winnings and Other PrizesTN 84 11-00
SI 00830.530Work-Related Unearned IncomeTN 79 12-98
SI 00830.535Workforce Investment Act (WIA)TN 102 01-09
SI 00830.536Job CorpsTN 102 01-09
SI 00830.537AmeriCorps and National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) PaymentsTN 101 09-08
SI 00830.540Uniformed Services - Pay and Allowances, Effective Before September 1, 2008TN 101 09-08
SI 00830.541Uniformed Services – Worksheets for Benefits Payable Prior to June 1, 2004TN 94 06-04
SI 00830.543Sick Pay as Unearned IncomeTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.545Death BenefitsTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.550InheritancesTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.555Trade Readjustment Act PaymentsTN 81 03-00
SI 00830.600Low Income Energy AssistanceTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.605Home Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance (HEA/SMA)TN 41 03-91
SI 00830.610Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) (Formerly Action) ProgramsTN 81 03-00
SI 00830.615Community Service Block GrantsTN 51 10-92
SI 00830.620Disaster Assistance - Presidentially-Declared DisasterTN 51 10-92
SI 00830.625Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Food Distribution and Shelter ProgramsTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.630Federal Housing AssistanceTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.635Food Programs With Federal InvolvementTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.640Programs for Older AmericansTN 41 03-91
SI 00830.645Refugee Cash Assistance, Cuban and Haitian Entrant Cash Assistance and Federally Reimbursed General Assistance Payments to RefugeesTN 98 02-06
SI 00830.650Refugee Reception and Placement Grants and Refugee Matching GrantsTN 59 03-94
SI 00830.655Relocation AssistanceTN 59 03-94
SI 00830.660Victims' Compensation Payments Income ExclusionTN 113 10-11
SI 00830.665Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)--TANF FundedTN 86 06-01
SI 00830.670Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) -- Demonstration ProjectTN 86 06-01
SI 00830.700Home Produce for Personal ConsumptionTN 44 10-91
SI 00830.705Refunds of Taxes Paid on Real Property or FoodTN 44 10-91
SI 00830.710Payments to Victims of Nazi PersecutionTN 122 10-14
SI 00830.711German Social Insurance Payments Under the ZRBG (“Ghetto Pension” Law) for SSI IncomeTN 122 10-14
SI 00830.715Austrian Social Insurance PaymentsTN 93 06-04
SI 00830.720Japanese-American and Aleutian Restitution PaymentsTN 93 06-04
SI 00830.725Netherlands WUV Payments to Victims of PersecutionTN 93 06-04
SI 00830.730Agent Orange Settlement PaymentsTN 93 06-04
SI 00830.735Payments for Clinical Trial ParticipationTN 110 03-11
SI 00830.740Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund (RECTF) PaymentsTN 93 06-04
SI 00830.741Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICP)TN 102 01-09
SI 00830.745Department of Defense (DOD) Payments to Certain Persons Captured and Interned by North VietnamTN 93 06-04
SI 00830.750Gifts to Children with Life-Threatening ConditionsTN 112 09-11
SI 00830.755Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Fund PaymentsTN 93 06-04
SI 00830.765Incentives for Prevention of Chronic Diseases in MedicaidTN 109 12-10
SI 00830.800Bureau of Indian Affairs General AssistanceTN 67 04-95
SI 00830.810Bureau of Indian Affairs Adult Custodial Care and Child Welfare Assistance PaymentsTN 67 04-95
SI 00830.815Native American Precedent Application (NAPA) WebsiteTN 118 12-12
SI 00830.820Individual Indian Money AccountsTN 67 04-95
SI 00830.830Indian-Related ExclusionsTN 69 05-96
SI 00830.850Exclusion of Income from Individual Interests in Indian Trust or Restricted LandsTN 115 12-11
SI 00830.852The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 (Cobell v. Salazar)TN 114 10-11
SI 00830.853Tribal Trust Accounting and Management Settlement AgreementsTN 119 12-12
SI 00830.855Processing Inquiries from Potential Barney Class MembersTN 63 08-94
SI 00830.880Indian Fishing Rights IncomeTN 115 12-11
SI ATL00830.405Emergency assistance 
SI ATL00830.605Home Energy Assistance And Support And Maintenance Assistance 
SI BOS00830.175Assistance Based On Need 
SI BOS00830.231(ME) Verifying Unemployment Insurance Benefits (RTN 5-261 - 02/2006) 
SI BOS00830.314Augmented VA BenefitsTN 124 10-17
SI BOS00830.403Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Connecticut (TN 5-251 -- 01/2005) 
SI BOS00830.404Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Related Programs — Maine (TN 5-259 — 02/2006) 
SI BOS00830.405Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Massachusetts (TN 5-254 — 07/2005) 
SI BOS00830.407Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Related Programs – Rhode Island (TN 5-262 — 03/2006) 
SI BOS00830.410Verification of Title IV-E Payments to Children in the Custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) (TN 5-264 - 11/2017) 
SI BOS00830.605Home Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance (TN 5-243 -- 10/2003) 
SI BOS00830.650Refugee Reception and Placement Grants (TN 5-244 - 10/2003) 
SI CHI00830.106(IL) AFDC Payments 
SI CHI00830.107(IL) Exhibit I - Sample Letter For Notifying AFDC 
SI CHI00830.108(IL) Exhibit II - Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances 
SI CHI00830.110(IN) AFDC Payments 
SI CHI00830.111(IN) Exhibit I - Sample Letter For Notifying AFDC 
SI CHI00830.113(MI) Michigan’s Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TN 397 - 11/2006) 
SI CHI00830.114(MI) Exhibit I Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances 
SI CHI00830.116(MN) AFDC Payments 
SI CHI00830.117(MN) Exhibit I - Sample Letter for Notifying AFDC 
SI CHI00830.118(MN) Exhibit II - Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances 
SI CHI00830.120(OH) AFDC Payments 
SI CHI00830.121(OH) Exhibit I - Sample Letter For Notifying AFDC 
SI CHI00830.122(OH) Exhibit II - CDHS/SSA Inter-Agency Referral Form 
SI CHI00830.123(OH) Exhibit III - CCDHS FAX Verification Form 
SI CHI00830.124(OH) Exhibit IV - Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances 
SI CHI00830.126(WI) AFDC Payments 
SI CHI00830.128(WI) Exhibit I - Wisconsin Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances 
SI CHI00830.129(WI) Exhibit II - Sample Letter For Notifying AFDC 
Broad Categories Of Unearned Income
SI CHI00830.160(IL) Verification Of State Payments - Illinois Employment Retirement System And State Teachers' Retirement System 
SI CHI00830.175Assistance Based on Need – General Assistance and General Relief – Not Paid to Refugees (RTN 392 -- 07/2006) 
SI CHI00830.230(MI) Verifying Unemployment Insurance Benefits (RTN 425 – 04/2013) 
SI CHI00830.233Verifying Ohio Unemployment Insurance Benefits (RTN 390 -- 06/2006) 
SI CHI00830.235(OH) Bureau Of Workers' Compensation Of Ohio - Living Maintenance Payments 
SI CHI00830.236(OH) Verifying Workers' Compensation (RTN 384 -- 02/2006) 
SI CHI00830.320Verifying VA Benefits (RTN 381 -- 12/2005) 
SI CHI00830.400Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC) 
SI CHI00830.403Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (RTN 425/06-2013) 
SI CHI00830.415(IL) Illinois Adoption Assistance 
SI CHI00830.416(MI) Michigan Adoption Subsidies (RTN 377 -- 10/2005) 
SI CHI00830.419(IL) Title IV-E Illinois Subsidized Guardianship Payments (RTN 394 -- 09/2006) 
SI CHI00830.550When Inheritance Property Becomes Income 
SI CHI00830.605Home Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance (HEA/SMA) (RTN 422 -- 03/2016) 
SI DAL00830.230Unemployment Benefits (Texas) 
SI DAL00830.231Unemployment Compensation and Wages (Arkansas) 
SI DAL00830.401Aid To Families With Dependent Children (AFDC) 
SI DAL00830.415Adoption Assistance - Oklahoma (TN 16 -- 7-2005) 
SI DEN00830.605DEN – Home Energy Assistance And Support And Maintenance Assistance 
SI KC00830.175Assistance Based on Need (ABON) (RTS 24 -- 01/2007) 
SI KC00830.400Verification Of AFDC And TANF In The Kansas City Region 
SI KC00830.403Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) 
SI KC00830.404SSI Income Policy and TANF Rate Changes (Transmittal 22) 
SI KC00830.410Special Procedure for Iowa Foster Care Title IV-E Payments 
SI KC00830.411Grandparents as Foster Parents Payments (GAFP) - Missouri 
SI KC00830.550Inheritances 
SI KC00830.605Home Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance (HEA/SMA) (TN 25 -- 04/2008) 
SI NY00830.403Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) paid by the Division of Family Development (DFD) in the State of New Jersey (08/2005) 
SI NY00830.620Disaster Assistance: Post-09/11 Payments to Workers and Volunteers who Assisted in the Rescue, Recovery, and Debris Removal Operations at the World Trade Center (WTC) and Related Sites (RTN 431, 08/2011) 
SI NY00830.621Disaster Assistance—Presidentially Declared Disaster—Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Grants 
SI PHI00830.314Augmented VA BenefitsTN 124 10-17
SI SEA00830.175Alaska Senior Assistance Program 
SI SEA00830.403A Description of the TANF Programs in the Four States in the Seattle Region 
SI SEA00830.510Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends (AKDV) (RTN 01, 05–2018 
SI SEA00830.605Home Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance (HEA/SMA) 
SI SEA00830.830Exclusion of Alaska Native Regional and Village Corporation Distributions 

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