RM 03803.000 General Instructions

Subchapter Table of Contents
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RM 03803.001First Year Earnings Activity Identification on Microfilm Earnings List (1086 Listing)TN 11 09-87
RM 03803.003Interpreting Data on Form SSA-7009, Transcript of Earnings RecordTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.005Rules for Classifying and Coding Incoming MaterialTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.007Handling Correspondence and Assigning CasesTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.009Determining the “Claim” or “Non Claim” Status of a RecordTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.011Disposition of Case Where the Record(s) is in Claim StatusTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.013Complete Case - DefinitionTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.020Time Limits for Resolving Possible Errors in Employee Earnings RecordsTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.022Incomplete Case - DefinitionTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.024Determining the Handling of Incomplete CasesTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.028Requesting ScoutingTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.030Handling Inquiries With Previous CorrespondenceTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.032Earnings Discrepancy Case Closed or “CA” Item Not Offset-6 Months or More Have Elapsed - Current SSA-7014 C1 Not in Agreement With Closeout LetterTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.034Completing the Handling of Cases Where the Itemization Shows a “CA” ItemTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.036Incomplete Cases - Noting Discrepancies on the SSA-7009a and the MEF/ SSA-1826 Printout(s)TN 11 09-87
RM 03803.051Processing Incomplete Cases Containing a Form W-2 or a Wage and Tax Statement in Lieu of a Form W-2TN 11 09-87
RM 03803.053Selecting Incomplete Cases for Direct Correspondence With EmployersTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.055Incomplete Cases Requiring Development With the Field Office(s) or Other OfficesTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.057Reviewing and Handling Earnings Discrepancy Cases from the Diary FileTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.059Followup on Field Office DevelopmentTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.061Processing Notices of Transfer of Earnings Discrepancy Cases by Field OfficesTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.063Maintaining Employer Precedent FilesTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.065Maintaining Subject Precedent FilesTN 11 09-87
RM 03803.067Allocating “D