GN 02607.000 Prisoner Provisions

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GN 02607.001Provisions for Confinements Beginning 04/01/2000 and ContinuingTN 34 10-15
GN 02607.050Title XVI Prisoner ProvisionTN 28 09-14
GN 02607.160Title II Prisoner Suspension ProvisionsTN 34 10-15
GN 02607.200Special Legal Considerations For Prisoner SuspensionsTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.310Title II Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI) ProvisionsTN 34 10-15
GN 02607.330Title II Incompetent to Stand Trial (IST) ProvisionsTN 34 10-15
GN 02607.350Title II Sexually Dangerous Person (SDP) ProvisionsTN 34 10-15
GN 02607.400Prisoner (Inmate) Reporting AgreementsTN 20 02-14
GN 02607.410SSA’s Prisoner Systems and Matching OperationTN 21 05-14
GN 02607.420Incarceration Reporting and Control System (IRCS)TN 22 06-14
GN 02607.460Field Office Processing of Inmate ReportsTN 27 08-14
GN 02607.465Transferring Prisoner Update Processing System (PUPS) RecordsTN 33 09-15
GN 02607.500Processing Claims When a Prisoner Update Processing System (PUPS) Record ExistsTN 30 01-15
GN 02607.510Enumeration Verification System (EVS) Codes On PUPS Records And PUPS AlertsTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.520PUPS Skeleton RecordsTN 5 11-02
GN 02607.530Correcting PUPS Records With Missing Inmate DataTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.550Payments to Prisoners and Correctional InstitutionsTN 18 01-14
GN 02607.600Developing Prisoner Update Processing System (PUPS) Records and AlertsTN 31 04-15
GN 02607.670Obtaining Missing Information on Reporters and FacilitiesTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.680Third Party Sources To Use to Locate Missing Inmate InformationTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.700Suspending Title II Benefits To Prisoners, NGRIs, Incompetent to Stand Trial or Sexually Dangerous Persons By Using PUPSTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.705Suspending Title XVI PaymentsTN 25 08-14
GN 02607.710Selecting the Correct Inmate Report for Processing When Multiple Reports ExistTN 30 01-15
GN 02607.720Processing Cases Through PUPS Where the Inmate Is Not Currently Convicted/CommitmentTN 9 09-07
GN 02607.730Processing Cases Through PUPS After the Conviction/Commitment Is ConfirmedTN 5 11-02
GN 02607.740PUPS Automated Processing ExclusionsTN 6 10-04
GN 02607.750T2R ExceptionsTN 6 10-04
GN 02607.760Beneficiary Protests Suspension of Title II BenefitsTN 6 10-04
GN 02607.770Recipient Appeals Suspension of Title XVI PaymentsTN 28 09-14
GN 02607.780Processing Title II and Title XVI Concurrent Prisoner CasesTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.790Reviewing and Analyzing Title II Federal Bureau of Prison PUPS Alerts/RecordsTN 7 09-05
GN 02607.792Processing Title II 3BOP PUPS Alerts or RecordsTN 4 07-02
GN 02607.794Additional Processing Instructions for Suspension and Reinstatement Actions on 3BOP PUPS Alerts/RecordsTN 4 07-02
GN 02607.7953BOP Inmate Status Codes On PUPS Records/AlertsTN 4 07-02
GN 02607.800SSA's Title II and Title XVI Incentive Payment ProgramsTN 23 07-14
GN 02607.820Requesting Manual Incentive PaymentsTN 24 07-14
GN 02607.830Correctional or Mental Health Institution Problems Involving Incentive PaymentsTN 37 09-16
GN 02607.832Recovery of Incorrectly Paid Prisoner Incentive PaymentsTN 37 09-16
GN 02607.840Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (Title II) Reinstatement Policies for PrisonersTN 17 05-13
GN 02607.850Title II Reinstatement Policies for NGRIsTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.852Reinstating Benefits to Individuals Found Incompetent to Stand TrialTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.854Reinstating Benefits to Sexually Dangerous PersonsTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.860Processing Title II Benefit ReinstatementsTN 17 05-13
GN 02607.870Processing a Resumption Action for an Incorrect Title II Benefit SuspensionTN 6 10-04
GN 02607.875Title XVI Reinstatement Procedures for Prisoner Suspension (N22)TN 29 12-14
GN 02607.880PC/OCO-ODO Processing of Prisoner or NGRI, Incompetent to Stand Trial, or Sexually Dangerous Person Inmate CasesTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.890Requests for Prisoner Record Changes, Updates, or Deletions to the Prisoner Update Processing Systems (PUPS)TN 36 04-16
GN 02607.970Exhibits - Advance Notification LettersTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.972Prisoner and NGRI Notices and ParagraphsTN 3 02-02
GN 02607.975Enumeration Verification System (EVS) and Inmate Status Codes on PUPS Alerts and RecordsTN 21 05-14
GN BOS02607.001Connecticut Department of Corrections Release Programs 
GN BOS02607.360Identifying Sexually Dangerous Persons 
GN BOS02607.530Processing Pups Alerts From The Massachusetts Department Of Correction Containing The Facility Code MA0060 
GN BOS02607.531Processing PUPS Alerts from the Vermont Department of Corrections Containing the Facility Code VT0012 (TN 2-96 -- 11/2004) 
GN BOS02607.650Inmate Data Development and Verification Processing (TN 2-92 - 4/2004) 
GN BOS02607.651Verifying Information From The Connecticut Department Of Corrections 
GN BOS02607.680Third Party Sources to Use to Locate Missing Inmate Information (TN 2-95 - 10/2004) 
GN CHI02607.360Identifying Sexually Dangerous Persons (RTS 2-001 - 04/2003) 
GN DEN02607.850Title II Reinstatement Policies for Colorado Insanity Acquittees On Temporary Removal Release 
GN KC02607.360Identifying Sexually Dangerous Persons (TN 7 – 10/2004) 
GN PHI02607.001Prisoner Provisions Pre 4/1/00 
GN PHI02607.360Identifying Sexually Dangerous Persons (TN 02 - 01/2012) 

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