DI 11010.000 Initial Disability Claims Processing

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DI 11010.005Receipting ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.010Modernized Claim System (MCS) and Earnings Computation (EC)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.015Earnings Computation (EC) Earnings Record (E/R) RequestsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.020Case Control Input - Disability Cases Forwarded to Disability Determination Services (DDS), Disability Processing Branch (DPB) or Disability Processing Unit (DPU) ProcedureTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.025Guidelines for Deferral of Non-Medical DevelopmentTN 50 02-11
DI 11010.030Field Office (FO) Operating Instructions for Deferred Title II Initial ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.035Avoiding Unnecessary Development in Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) ClaimsTN 57 07-16
DI 11010.040Field Office (FO) Development and Evaluation of Apparent Technical DenialsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.045Claimant Cannot Be Contacted or Whereabouts Unknown or Claimant Does Not Wish to Pursue Title II ClaimTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.050Resolving Earnings Discrepancies in Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.055Proof of Age (POA) and Citizenship for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.060Established Date of Birth (DOB) Indicates Potential Retirement Survivor Insurance (RSI) Eligibility ProcessTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.075Initial Title II Technical Denials and Claims Not Requiring a Disability DeterminationTN 57 07-16
DI 11010.080Subsequent Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Claim After Prior Administrative Law Judge (ALJ), or Appeals Council (AC) Denial - Insured Status Expired within Period Adjudicated by Prior Decision - Medical Evidence SubmittedTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.085Multiple Type Title II ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.090Multiple Claims – Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claim InvolvedTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.095Claimant Dies Before Field Office (FO) Transmits Title II Claim(s)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.115Non-Medical CompletionTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.120Partial Award DeterminationTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.125Developing Cause of Death - Claimant Dies within 1 Year of DenialTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.140Field Office (FO) and Disability Determination Services (DDS) Responsibilities in Work DevelopmentTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.145Unsuccessful Work Attempt (UWA) OverviewTN 58 06-17
DI 11010.150Processing Return to Work ReportsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.160Receiving a Work Report after a Claim is Transferred to Disability Determination Services (DDS), Office of Disability Operations (ODO), or Processing Center (PC)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.165Evaluation of Work of Blind IndividualsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.170Processing Claims of Blind Persons Involving Work in 1978 or Later – Individuals Under Age 55TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.175Work Comparability Provisions for Title II Disabled Individuals Age 55 and OlderTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.180Impairment-Related Work Expenses (IRWE) Paid 12/01/80, and LaterTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.185When to Develop and Verify Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.190Initial or Subsequent Disability Claims - Claimant Engaging in Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.205Completing the Paper SSA-831TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.210Assembling and Transmitting the Official Folder to Disability Determination Services (DDS)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.250Using Work Activity ReportsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.255Sending Initial Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB), Freeze Claims to the Disability Determination Services (DDS)TN 57 07-16
DI 11010.260Sending New Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) or Freeze Claims to the Disability Determination Services (DDS) after a Previous Medical Denial or CessationTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.261Field Office Applying Prior Entitlement Months to the Medicare Waiting PeriodTN 52 02-12
DI 11010.262Railroad (RR) Cases Sent to Great Lakes Program Service Center – Disability Processing Branch (GLPSC- DPB)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.265Jurisdiction and Routing of Concurrent Title II-Title XVI Claims for Claimants who Move to or from Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands (VI), Mexico, or CanadaTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.270Title II Changed-Identity ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.275Sending Cases to Office of Central Operations/Office of International Operations (OCO/OIO)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.280Age 54 Guidelines for Determining Jurisdiction of Title II Disability CasesTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.285Change in Processing Centers (PCs) for Special Disability Workload (SDW) Initial Claims, Appeals and Amended AwardsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.290Transferring Emergency Clause Cases by Disability Determination Services (DDS) to Office of Disability Operations (ODO) Flexible Disability Unit (FDU) or Program Service Center/Disability Processing Branch (PSC/DPB)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.295Excepting Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB), Disabled Widow(er) Benefits (DWB), Freeze and Medicare Qualified Government Employee (MQGE) Claims from Field Office (FO) AuthorizationTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.300Routing Concurrent Disability Insurance Benefits –Retirement and Survivor Insurance (DIB-RSI) ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.305Routing a Non-disability Claim after Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Claim Forwarded for DeterminationTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.310Forwarding Retirement Survivors Insurance (RSI) Claims While Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Claim is Pending AppealTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.315Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Claimant Dies after File Sent to Disability Determination Services (DDS) and Survivor Claim FiledTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.320Disability Insurance Benefits-Retirement Insurance Benefits (DIB-RIB) Claimant Dies before Disability Claim AdjudicatedTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.325Receiving a Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Denial with a Retirement Insurance Benefits (RIB) Claim in the Field Office (FO)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.330Developing Cause of Death on a Pending Disability ClaimTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.335Developing Survivor Claims when the Processing Center (PC) has Jurisdiction of the Official FolderTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.340Notifying the Field Office (FO) of Potential Allowance Cases by the Disability Determination Services (DDS)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.345Preparing Notices in Disability ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.350Effectuating an Erroneous Payment in Title II or Concurrent ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.355Jurisdiction and Routing of Cases after Return from the Disability Determination Services (DDS), Disability Processing Branch (DPB), or Disability Quality Branch (DQB)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.360Handling Trailer Material for Paper FoldersTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.365Assembling Material in the Official Folder Received from Disability Determination Services (DDS), Office of Disability Operations (ODO), or Program Service Center (PSC)TN 49 08-08
DI 11010.370Field Offices (FO) Retaining and Shipping Paper Modular Disability Folders (MDF)TN 53 10-13
DI 11010.375Field Office Transmittal of Paper Disability ClaimsTN 49 08-08
DI 11010.485FO Development of Medical EvidenceTN 41 01-02
DI 11010.490Special Arrangement Sources - Concurrent Title II/XVI CasesTN 41 01-02
DI 11010.495Special Arrangement Sources - Title II CasesTN 41 01-02
DI 11010.500Claimant Prefers to Personally Request EvidenceBASIC 03-86
DI 11010.505Physician Prefers to be Contacted by the ClaimantBASIC 03-86
DI 11010.510Evidence in Claimant's PossessionBASIC 03-86
DI 11010.520Following Up on Requests for Medical ReportsBASIC 03-86
DI 11010.525Assisting Claimants who are Unable to Provide Medical EvidenceTN 55 07-15
DI 11010.530Claimant Does Not Authorize Access to Medical Evidence Due to Religious or Personal ReasonsTN 55 07-15
DI 11010.535Confidentiality of Medical InformationTN 41 01-02
DI 11010.540Medical Evidence Received From a Foreign SourceTN 54 12-14
DI 11010.545Payment for Medical Evidence of Record (MER)TN 41 01-02
DI 11010.550Processing Requests for Payment for Medical Evidence Title II/Title XVI ClaimsTN 41 01-02
DI 11010.605Requesting Evidence from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM)TN 41 01-02
DI 11010.610Field Office (FO) Receives Additional EvidenceTN 56 01-16
DI 11010.620Request for Additional Field Office (FO) Development before Determination by the Disability Determination Services (DDS) or Processing Center Disability Processing Branch (PC-DPB))/Disability Processing Units (DPU)TN 56 01-16
DI 11010.625Field Office (FO) — Reporting Changes to the Disability Determination Services (DDS)TN 41 01-02
DI 11010.630DDS Telephone Calls to the FOTN 41 01-02
DI 11010.635Information from DDS - Possible Need for Payee Development - Folder not yet Returned to FOTN 41 01-02
DI 11010.640DDS Requests Proof of Age for Vocational FactorsTN 41 01-02
DI 11010.645Request for FO Development of Medical EvidenceTN 41 01-02
DI DAL11010.540Examining Evidence - Foreign Claims (TN 1 -- 08/2007) 

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