GN 00605.000 Representative Payee Accountability

Subchapter Table of Contents
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GN 00605.001Overview of Annual Representative Payee AccountingTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.005PC and FO Responsibilities For AccountingTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.010The Representative Payee Accounting Report FormsTN 23 07-05
GN 00605.020System Selection and Control, and Mailing of Accounting FormsTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.025Changing The Month of Selection For AccountingTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.030Payee Requests FO Help With The Accounting ReportTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.035FO, TSC or PC Provides Replacement Accounting FormTN 24 11-05
GN 00605.040WBDOC Screening and Imaging ProcessTN 18 06-03
GN 00605.045Representative Payee Report Returned as UndeliverableTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.050PCs and FOs Clear Controls, Input Conserved FundsTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.055Retaining Completed Representative Payee ReportsTN 18 06-03
GN 00605.060Reviewing the Accounting ReportsTN 23 07-05
GN 00605.061Explanation of Computer Printed Entries on Accounting ReportsTN 23 07-05
GN 00605.065What the Questions and Payee Responses MeanTN 23 07-05
GN 00605.066How To Evaluate Payee ResponsesTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.067How To Evaluate Payee Responses About Use of BenefitsTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.068How To Evaluate Payee Responses About Conserved FundsTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.069Reviewing The Back of The ReportTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.070Reviewing the SSA-623-OCR-SM (08/2007)TN 26 07-07
GN 00605.072Reviewing the SSA-6230-OCR-SM (08/2007)TN 26 07-07
GN 00605.074Reviewing the SSA-6234-OCR-SM (08/2007)TN 26 07-07
GN 00605.080Combining The Accounting and SSI Redetermination InterviewsTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.090Payee Fails To AccountTN 19 08-04
GN 00605.100When a Payee Evaluation Report (SSA-624-F5) Is RequiredTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.105SSA-624-F5 Face-To-Face InterviewTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.106SSA-624-F5 Evaluation of Payee PerformanceTN 16 10-01
GN 00605.200Overview of Monitoring Representative Payees with Dedicated AccountsTN 34 04-11
GN 00605.205Systems Selection and DI Diary SetTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.208DI Diary and the Redetermination/Limited Issue ProcessTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.215Complete, Mail, and Retain SSA-6233-BKTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.220What the Questions MeanTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.221How to Evaluate Payee Responses to Annual Accounting Questions, Relationship, and SignatureTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.222How to Evaluate Payee Response That A Dedicated Account Was Never EstablishedTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.223How to Evaluate Payee Response About Deposits in Dedicated AccountTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.224How to Evaluate Payee Responses About Use of Dedicated Account FundsTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.225How to Evaluate Payee Response About Balance in Dedicated AccountTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.230Required Posteligibility (PE) Actions to Update the Supplemental Security Record (SSR)TN 34 04-11
GN 00605.235Payee Fails to Respond to SSA-6233-BKTN 34 04-11
GN 00605.240Representative Payee Report of Benefits and Dedicated AccountTN 15 12-98
GN 00605.352Title XVI and Concurrent Final Accounting Selection CriteriaTN 29 03-09
GN 00605.354Title XVI and Concurrent Final Accounting ResponsibilitiesTN 29 03-09
GN 00605.360Preparation of the Representative Payee Report FormTN 29 03-09
GN 00605.365Title XVI and Concurrent Return and Review of the Final Accounting FormTN 29 03-09
GN 00605.370Title XVI and Concurrent Handling of Conserved Funds When a Payee ChangesTN 29 03-09
GN 00605.375Processing Cases When a Final Accounting is not requiredTN 29 03-09
GN 00605.385Review and Input of Conserved Funds Returned to SSA 
Onsite Review Program
GN 00605.520Pre-Review Schedule for Onsite ReviewTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.521Beneficiary Listing-Sample SelectionTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.523Onsite Review Team CompositionTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.524Outline of Onsite Review FunctionsTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.530Form SSA-9584-BK, Representative Payee Onsite Review Program for State Mental Institutions, Policy Review BookletTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.531Description of Information Collected on Form SSA-9584-BKTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.540Introductory Meeting at the InstitutionTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.541Collecting Data for Onsite ReviewTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.542Meeting Beneficiaries/Staff and Visiting Living AreasTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.543Feedback/Discussion of FindingsTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.544Summary Report of Onsite ReviewTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.550Post-Review Activities—GeneralTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.551Timetable for Preparation and Release of ReportsTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.552Assessing Environmental Conditions and the Quality of Care in the InstitutionTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.553Thank You to the State—Suggested LetterTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.560Data to be Reviewed in Writing the Onsite ReportTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.561Outline for Onsite ReportTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.562Issues to be Covered in Onsite ReportsTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.566Acceptable Uses for Personal SpendingTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.568Issuance of Draft Onsite Report to StateTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.569Close-out Meeting with the StateTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.571Issuance of Final Onsite Reports Under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)TN 25 07-06
GN 00605.572Follow-up Activities of Onsite ReviewTN 25 07-06
GN 00605.573Retention of Onsite RecordsTN 25 07-06
GN BOS00605.660Representative Payees for the Onsite Institutions - Connecticut Department of Administrative Services, Department of Developmental Services and Department of Mental Health and Administrative Services (TN 2-89, 7/2003) 

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