Subchapter List for Taxation of Benefits

GN 050: Taxation of Benefits
 GN 05000: General
 GN 05001: Taxation of Benefits - Introduction
GN 05001.005: Taxation of Benefits
GN 05001.012: Benefits Paid
 GN 05002: The Social Security Benefit Statement
GN 05002.070: PSC Response
 GN 05010: Nonresident Alien Withholding Tax
GN 05010.090: Changes of Address
GN 05010.130: Tax Refunds
GN 05010.132: Tax Refunds by SSA
GN 05010.136: IRS Tax Refunds
GN 05010.161: Tax Treaty With Italy
GN 05010.164: Tax Treaty With Malta
GN 05010.165: Tax Treaty With India
GN 05010.240: Overpayment Refunds
GN 05010.260: Overpayment Notices
GN 05010.505: Form SSA-1042S