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GN 02402.003 Glossary of Direct Deposit Terms

A. Introduction

This is a list of terms and acronyms that relate to U.S. direct deposit and/or International Direct Deposit (IDD) or are used in this subchapter. Not all of the items are in this subchapter. References have been added where they might be helpful.

B. Glossary




Abandon Reclamation Request – EFT

Form SSA-1714. A request for Treasury to stop a direct deposit reclamation that has been requested by SSA.

GN 02408.800


Automated Clearinghouse, a facility through which financial credits and debits flow electronically.


Alpha List

A monthly listing of all SSA beneficiaries in a certain country.


Automated Enrollment

Technology by which a U.S. financial institution can enroll a customer in direct deposit by sending the information electronically to SSA or another Federal Agency. Also used to enroll beneficiaries in IDD through

GN 02402.106

Caisse Populaire

A type of financial institution in Canada, similar to a credit union in the U.S.


Cancellation of Direct Deposit

Used when the beneficiary or representative payee has asked SSA to stop direct deposit of the beneficiary's payments.

GN 02402.090

Central Bank

The country's main bank for financial policy and deposit of the country's funds.


Contractor Bank

For IDD, the bank selected to move payments between FRBNY and the banks in another country.

GN 02402.201

Correspondent banking

An arrangement between two banks. Beneficiaries living outside the U.S. can enroll in direct deposit at a U.S. bank, and have payments automatically sent by the U.S. bank to their account at a bank in another country.

GN 02402.120


Critical Payment System (CPS)

A system for paying Title II payments when regular payments cannot be made. CPS payments can be made by EFT to U.S. bank accounts. They can not be made through IDD, but they can be paid by check to a beneficiary who has IDD, if the mailing address on the MBR is correct.

SM 00635.001,

RS 02801.001

Cycled Payments

Title II beneficiaries are assigned one of four cycles to receive their payments.

GN 02407.005


Depositor's Account Number. For IDD, the field for the DAN on the MBR may contain other information in addition to the account number.

GN 02402.040

Death Notification Entry (DNE)

Electronic notification of a beneficiary's death that SSA (or other Government agency) transmits to an FI in the U.S.

GN 02408.605, GN 02402.095B.1.

Debt Collection Improvement Act of 1996

Government law that requires most payments to beneficiaries to be paid electronically.

GN 02402.001

Deposit Slip/Deposit Ticket

Used by FI customer to deposit money in the correct account. Cannot be used for direct deposit enrollments, because the RTN is usually different.

GN 02402.035B.2

Depositor's Account Number

DAN. For IDD, the field for the DAN on the MBR may contain other information in addition to the account number.

A list of references for coding IDD for each country is at GN 02402.200. Instructions are at GN 02402.300.

Direct Deposit Intercept

A stop payment before the payment is routed to a U.S. FI.

GN 02402.002C and GN 02407.010B.1.b.

Direct Express Card

Direct Deposit using MasterCard, especially for beneficiaries without an FI account.

GN 02402.007


Death Notification Entry

GN 02402.095

Domestic FI

Financial institution in the U.S.

GN 02402.030 lists types of FIs.


Department of the Treasury


Due Payment

A payment the beneficiary or the beneficiary's estate is entitled to receive.



Electronic Funds Transfer (direct deposit).


EFT Intercept

Stop payment so the payment does not go to the FI.

GN 02402.002C.

Electronic Transfer Account

Special direct deposit account available at some FIs when a customer is receiving government benefits.

GN 02402.067

Enrollment Form

Request for direct deposit. SF-1199 A for U.S., SSA-1199-XXXX for IDD.

GN 02402.070,

GN 02402.075 (U.S.). IDD enrollment forms are in each country's section,

GN 02402.300 to

GN 02402.343

List is at GN 02402.200.


Enrollment sent by FI, electronically, directly to SSA's systems.

GN 02402.095B.1.,


Electronic Transfer Account

GN 02402.067


Local currency for several European countries. IDD is sent in euros to several countries.



Federal Benefits Unit in a U.S. consular office in a foreign country.


Federal Benefits Unit

Special unit in a U.S. Embassy, a Consulate General, or the Veterans Affairs Regional Office in Manila, Philippines. The FBU processes work for SSA and some other agencies.


Federal Reserve Bank

Central bank of the U.S.


Federal Reserve Bank of New York

SSA's fiscal agent for International Direct Deposit.



Financial Institution.



SSA Field Office in the U.S.



Federal Reserve Bank, the central bank of the U.S.



Federal Reserve Bank of New York, SSA's fiscal agent for International Direct Deposit.


Go Direct

Dept. of the Treasury's campaign to increase direct deposit of U.S. government payments.


Green Book

Department of the Treasury's instructions for banks re Government direct deposit.

GN 02402.095,


International Direct Deposit.

GN 02402.201

IDD Enrollment Form

SSA-1199-XXXX. A variation of the SF-1199A that includes spaces for an IDD country's bank and account number information.

GN 02402.220, GN 02402.200

IDD Intercept

Stop payment at FRBNY so IDD payment does not go to the foreign FI.

GN 02402.235

IDD Mass Enrollment

SSA or the FBU notifies all check receivers in a country when IDD becomes available, or when the RFBO wants to increase direct deposit.

GN 02402.205

IDD Nonreceipt

Manual search for allegedly missing IDD payment, through FRBNY or the FBU.

GN 02402.250

IDD Reclamation

Manual request for return of an IDD payment after death.

GN 02408.900

Incorrect Payment

Payment made after death and not due the beneficiary or beneficiary's estate.

See Reclamations at GN 02408.000.


Stop payment before it goes to an FI.

GN 02402.002C, GN 02402.235

Investment Account

An account at an investment firm, not legal for EFT directly between SSA and the account.

GN 02402.030C. describes special arrangements when the beneficiary would like to have benefits go to an investment account.

A secure Internet site at Treasury operated by FRBNY for IDD enrollments, beneficiary lists, payment reports, payments, and returned payments.


Joint Account

An FI account held by more than one person or other entity.

GN 02402.050,

GN 02402.055,

GN 02402.070B.,

SI 01140.205

Local Currency

The type of money used in a certain country. Most IDD payments are paid in local currency, such as the euro.


Mass Enrollment

Direct deposit enrollment of a large group of people, especially when IDD or correspondent banking first becomes available in a country, or when the Federal Benefits Officer wants to increase direct deposit use.

GN 02402.205,

GN 02402.120


Master Beneficiary Record, the SSA online record of all Title II beneficiaries.



Information about bank code and depositor account number at the bottom of a check.

GN 02402.040



A term used for IDD situations when an FI has a contract with FRBNY for IDD to more than one country.


Non-Bank Financial Service Provider (FSP)

Entity that offers direct deposit to customers through a regular FI.

GN 02402.030B.4.

Nonreceipt of Direct Deposit

The beneficiary alleges not receiving an EFT payment at a U.S. FI.

GN 02406.007 - GN 02406.030

Nonreceipt of International Direct Deposit (IDD)

The beneficiary alleges not receiving a payment made through IDD (RTN begins with 5, 6, or 7).

GN 02402.250

Notification of Change (NOC)

A change input by the FI when some portion of the direct deposit information is incorrect, and a change to a new account is not involved. For IDD, NOCs can be input through

GN 02402.095


Office of Financial Policy and Operations.



Office of International Operations, the PC responsible for payments to beneficiaries living abroad. Also known as PC8.



Office of Payment and Recovery Policy in OFPO, responsible for direct deposit (including IDD) and other payment policy, including nonreceipt, reclamations, and overpayments.


Payment Address - EFT

Direct deposit information.


Payment Intercept - EFT

Stop payment before the payment reaches the FI.

GN 02402.002B.3.

GN 02402.235 (IDD)


One of SSA's eight Processing Centers.



Payment History Update System, for queries about a Title II beneficiary's payment information.


Prenotification (Prenote)

A zero dollar payment transmission from SSA to notify an FI before sending the first actual payment to the account.



A form previously used to send a reclamation request to FRBNY for IDD payments to certain countries.

Now superseded by form SSA-1710.


A form previously used to send nonreceipt information to FRBNY for certain countries.

Now superseded by form SSA-1711.

Quick Start

Automated Enrollment

GN 02402.106


Returned Check Action program, for processing returns of payments (EFT or check).



Action to get a return of an improper payment after death.

EFT reclamations from U.S. FIs, GN 02408.600. IDD reclamations, GN 02408.900.

Redirect - IDD

Authorization to an FI to change IDD information after the payment has been sent, so it can be deposited in the correct account.

GN 02402.245C


A Dept. of State Regional Federal Benefits Officer, with responsibility for SSA's and other agencies' work within a group of countries.



Routing and Transit Number

A 9-digit bank code for direct deposit, including a Check Digit at the end. The RTN for IDD begins with a prefix to show the country or contractor. If some of the foreign bank code doesn't fit in the RTN, it is shown in the DAN field.

GN 02402.040

A list of references for coding IDD for each country is at GN 02402.220D. Instructions for coding are at GN 02402.300.


Routing and Transit Number

GN 02402.040

A list of references for coding the RTN for IDD for each country is at GN 02402.220D. Instructions are at GN 02402.300.


The Routing and Transit Number Database has the codes for all U.S. FIs to which payments can be sent via direct deposit.


RTN Prefix Code - IDD

A 2-digit code beginning with 5, 6, or 7 at the front of the RTN to show the country or contractor to which the IDD payment should go.

List is at GN 02402.220B.

SF 1199A

Treasury's enrollment form for direct deposit to a U.S. FI account. SSA rarely needs to use this.

SF 1199a


FMS 233

Power of Attorney to a bank to cash and deposit a check on behalf of the beneficiary, when IDD is not available in that country.

GN 02402.115

Single Payment System

(SPS). A system for sending payments for FIs, etc. Also used when a Title II benefit payment cannot be sent through the normal process. Cannot be used for EFT payments to attorneys.

SM 00834.001

Special Veterans Benefits


For SVB direct deposit, see VB 01201.001.


A unit in a PC that answers calls to SSA's 800 number.



Single Payment System. For payments to non-beneficiaries. Also for Title II payments that cannot be sent through the normal process.

SM 00834.001

SSA-1199 - (country)

An enrollment form for IDD to a certain country.

GN 02402.200


Payment Reclamation Form used by OIO and some FBUs to request FRBNY to reclaim an improper IDD payment.

GN 02408.920


SSA Nonreceipt form, used by OIO and some FBUs for nonreceipt of IDD.

GN 02402.250C


Notice of Reclamation for U.S. dollar payments to FIs in Canada.

GN 02408.920E

SSA-1712 CN

Notice of Reclamation for Canadian dollar payments to FIs in Canada.

GN 02408.920D


Statement of Reclamation Action, used for FI to respond when an IDD reclamation request is sent to an FI in another country.

GN 02408.920G


Special Veterans Benefits

VB 01201.001, SVB direct deposit.

Title VIII

Special Veterans Benefits

VB 01200.000

Trust Account

An account set up between two individuals, so one can hold the money in trust for the other.

GN 02402.060A.1.

Trust Agreement

A formal arrangement between the beneficiary and an FI to manage the funds in the account. Not acceptable for direct deposit, as FI is usually shown as owner.

GN 02402.030B.2.


Teleservice Center, where SSA's 800 number calls are directed.


Type of Account

Checking, savings, or other account. For SSA, all direct deposit inputs show either checking or savings.


U.S. Dollar Account

An account in U.S. currency at a bank in a foreign country.


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