Emergency Messages

Instruction IDEffective DateTitle
EM-2205309/30/2022PolicyNet Publication System (PPS) Release 1.8
EM-2205209/22/2022Incorporating Inclusive Language in Internal and External-Facing Documents and Resources
EM-2204909/09/2022Developing Russian Pensions and Resources that are Restricted or Inaccessible due to the Russo-Ukrainian War
EM 22047 REV09/08/2022Announcement of the New 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
EM-22026 REV08/29/2022Procedure for processing T2 prerelease claims
EM-2204508/15/2022Obsoletion of Form SSA-704 and Changes to the Death Information Processing System (DIPS)-One-Time -Only Instructions
EM-2204408/15/2022Electronic Payment Reminder – Notice Purpose Update
EM-21032 REV 08/09/2022Evaluating Cases with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)
EM-2204308/02/2022New Repository for Recording Tribal Income and Resource Exclusions within a Precedent and Release of Native American Precedent and Resource Center
EM-21070 REV08/02/2022Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) and Office of Appellate Operations (OAO) instructions for processing representative appointments, revocations, withdrawals, and fee-related documents in the Registration Appointment and Services for Representatives (RASR) application
EM-22010 REV07/28/2022Special Processing Instructions - Applying Medicare Part D Extra Help Low Income Subsidy (LIS) Income and Resource Exclusions to Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Related Disaster Assistance
EM-20018 REV 407/28/2022Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy (LIS) - Effect of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Related Assistance
EM-21045 REV07/27/2022Claim instructions for Citizenship (CLCZ) edits
EM-22039 SEN07/14/2022Resumption of the E-Verify SSA Tentative Non confirmation (TNC) Workload_Redacted
EM-2203807/13/2022Enumeration: Ukrainian Humanitarian Parole Class of Admission (COA)
EM-2203607/08/2022Nonreceipt and Reclamation Payment Actions Involving Payments over Seven Years Old
EM-2203406/14/2022Resumption Instructions for cases held under EM-21079 Temporary Hold on N20 (Failure to Provide Information) Suspensions—One–Time Only Instructions
EM-22033 REV06/14/2022Instructions for Reviewing Medicare Part D Low Income Subsidy (LIS) Claims Partially Awarded or Denied due to COVID-19 Disaster Assistance
EM-20004 REV 406/09/2022New Instructions for the Processing of the Revised Form SSA-1696
EM 21050 REV 306/03/2022Special Processing Instructions for Applying Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Income and Resource Exclusions to Pandemic-related Disaster Assistance
EM-20014 REV 506/03/2022Effect of COVID-19-Related Financial Assistance on SSI Income and Resources
EM-21058 REV 205/25/2022Educating the Public About the Impact of Child Tax Credit, Earned Income Tax Credit, and Economic Impact Payment (EIP)
EM-22022 SEN REV05/24/2022Reentry Procedures One-Time-Only Instructions_Redacted
EM-22015 REV05/18/2022Policy and Processing Instructions for Protective Filings Established Using the Online Protective Filing Tool
EM-21008 REV 305/10/2022Processing Programmatic Remittances through the Lockbox
EM- 22021 REV05/02/2022Expedited Reinstatement Procedures During Reentry
EM-20032 SEN REV 505/02/2022Mailing Instructions for Remittances from Field Offices and Program Service Centers_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 5 Attachment105/02/2022Return Remittance Letter - Embedded in EM-20032 SEN REV 5
EM-2202404/21/2022Payment of Retroactive Increase in the District of Columbia’s State Supplement Amount for 2021-- One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-22019 REV04/15/2022WorkTrack 2.0 Instructions and Reminders
EM-2202304/12/2022Enumeration: Temporary Acceptance of an Electronic Signature on Form I-20
EM-20037 SEN REV 404/11/2022Special Overpayment and Waiver Processing_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment104/11/2022Waiver Process for Overpayments Waivers 04112022 - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment204/11/2022Administrative Tolerance - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment304/11/2022Streamlined Waiver Split Decision Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment404/11/2022Streamlined Waiver Decisions Tree - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 4 Attachment504/11/2022TII TXVI Streamlined Waiver Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 4_Redacted
EM-22020 REV04/07/2022Limited Availability of Equitable Relief - Medicare Enrollment/Disenrollment for Beneficiaries Unable to Contact SSA’s National 800 Network Number (N8NN) or Field Office (FO) General Inquiry (GI) Lines
EM-22022 SEN04/06/2022Reentry Procedures One-Time-Only Instructions_Redacted
EM-20038 SEN REV 303/31/2022Handling Anomalous Claims_Redacted
EM-21035 REV 203/30/2022Vulnerable Populations Application Coding Instructions
EM-2201803/29/2022Instructions for Handling End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Notice and DUMAS Exceptions
EM-2201703/23/2022Removal of 10 Year Bar to Recovery Procedures
EM-2201403/17/2022Central Print of Notices Involving Advance Designation of Representative Payee
EM-21077 REV03/17/2022Instructions for Processing Credit Card Payments in the Debtor Contact Unit (DCU)
EM-20032 SEN REV 403/03/2022Mailing Instructions for Remittances Received Since March 2020_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 4 Attachment103/03/2022Return Remittance Letter - Embedded in EM-20032 SEN REV 4
EM-21007 REV 202/24/2022Thornton District Court Decision: Claims, Appeals, and Reopening Requests - One-Time Instruction
EM-20046 REV 502/24/2022Ely District Court Decision: Processing Claims, Appeals, and Reopening Requests - One-Time Instructions
EM-2201102/17/2022Lapse in SSA T2 Contract with the California Employment Development Department (EDD)
EM-2200802/11/2022Maxwell v. Saul - Transferability of Skills under the Medical-Vocational Guidelines – Ninth Circuit – ACTION – One-time-Only Instructions
EM-2200702/03/2022Enumeration: Acceptance of I-94 Printout and Foreign Passport Without Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Admit Stamp
EM-22006 SEN02/03/2022Disaster Assistance (DA)-Terminated Postentitlement Cases Workload_Redacted
EM-2200502/02/2022Accepting Documents with a Non-binary Sex Designation or “X” for Enumeration Requests
EM-21072 REV01/28/2022Processing Conserved Funds Remittances Using the Social Security Electronic Remittance System (SERS)
EM-20050 REV01/18/2022The Goldberg Kelly (GK) Notice, Request for Reconsideration, and GK Payment Continuation during the COVID-19 Pandemic
EM-2200201/11/2022Temporary Extension of Timeframe for Shredding Original Evidence Documents Associated with Undeliverable Mail
EM-22003 SEN01/11/2022Disaster Procedures – Apartment Building Fire in Bronx, New York – One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-22001 SEN01/04/2022Disaster Procedures – Marshall Fires in Boulder County – One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-21067 REV12/22/2021FY 2022 Redeterminations – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-21073 SEN12/17/2021EM-21073 SEN - Scheduling Telehealth Consultative Examinations Using Video Technology During the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) National Public Health Emergency_Redacted
EM-21073 SEN Attachment112/17/2021Telehealth Consultative Examination - Embedded in EM-21073 SEN_Redacted
EM-21074 SEN12/17/2021Disaster Procedures – Southern Illinois Deadly Storms and Tornadoes - One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-2106912/10/2021One-Time-Only Instructions - Processing Work Continuing Disability Reviews (WCDR) using Internet Ticket Operations Provider Support System (iTOPSS) data.
EM-2106812/09/2021Instructions for Reopening and Reevaluating SSI Claims Denied due to COVID-19 Disaster Assistance
EM-21051 REV 11/30/2021Mandating Use of the Dallas Appeals Application for Non-Medical Post Eligibility Supplemental Security Income Reconsideration Requests
EM-21063 REV11/26/2021Claims Policy – Non-citizens in Temporary Protected Status (TPS) or Deferred Enforcement Departure (DED) – Automatic Extension of status by DHS
EM-21021 REV11/12/2021Online Forms SSA-1696 Claimant’s Appointment of Representative and SSA-1693 Fee Agreement for Representation before SSA
EM-20022 REV 311/12/2021Temporary Instructions for the Bundled Receipt and Processing of an Electronically Signed SSA-1696 and Certain Other Forms
EM-2106410/29/2021Goldberg Kelly Payment Continuation Period
EM-2106510/29/2021Updated OccuBrowse Launch and Guidelines for Using Occupational Information in Electronic Tools
EM-18012 REV 710/26/2021Clarifying State Overpayment Liability for Minors in Foster Care – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-20019 SEN REV 410/19/2021Disability Determinations Services (DDS) Procedures - Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Crisis_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment110/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - Embedded Document - DHU DeskGuide_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment210/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - COVID-19 Remote Hearing Agreement Form
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment310/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - DHU Cover Letter
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment410/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - Information Collected During Your Hearing Privacy Act Statement_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment510/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - MST External Guide 10.2021
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment610/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - MST User Guide
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment710/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - Privacy Act FAQ 10.2021
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment810/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - DHU Desk Guide Embedded Document - Teams One-Pager
EM-20019 SEN REV 4 Attachment910/19/2021EM-20019 SEN REV 4 - Embedded Document - EXR Instructions for DDS_Redacted
EM-21012 SEN REV09/21/2021EM-21012 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-2106009/21/2021New Instructions for the Processing of the Electronic SSA-552
EM-2106209/21/2021WorkTrack Enhancements for SSI Waiver and SSI Non-Medical Reconsideration Requests
EM-20010 SEN REV 808/20/2021EM-20010 SEN REV 8_Redacted - ARCHIVED
EM-2105308/19/2021New Instructions for the Processing of the Electronic SSA-820 and SSA-821
EM-21027 REV07/23/2021Additional Guidance for Evaluating Evidence in Cases Involving the Musculoskeletal Disorders Listings
EM-20037 SEN REV 306/25/2021EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment106/25/2021Waiver Process for Waiver - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment206/25/2021TII TXVI Streamlined Waiver Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment306/25/2021Streamlined Waiver Decisions Tree - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment406/25/2021Split Waiver Decision Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 3 Attachment506/25/2021Administrative Tolerance - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-2104306/21/2021Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) beneficiary participation Ending 06/30/2021
EM-21000 SEN REV 306/21/2021EM-21000 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20038 SEN REV 206/07/2021EM-20038 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-21042 SEN05/28/2021Disaster Procedures – San Jose, CA Mass Shooting – One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-21040 SEN05/26/2021Processing Instructions- Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) Claims for Individuals with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) approved on or after July 23, 2020 - One-Time Only Instructions_Redacted
EM-20056 SEN REV05/13/2021Treasury Offset Program (TOP) Refund Call- in and Follow-up Waiver Notice Case Routing Instructions for Centralized Process Location (CPL) Technicians – Redacted
EM-20056 SEN REV Attachment105/13/2021SSI OP Documentation Checklist - Embedded in EM-20056 SEN REV
EM-21034 SEN05/05/2021EM-21034 SEN Elevated eService Block Removal - Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19)_Redacted
EM-21033 SEN05/05/2021EM-21033 SEN_Redacted
EM-20014 SEN REV 204/19/2021EM-20014 SEN REV 2 Issued 4-19-2021_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 304/14/2021EM-20032 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 3 Attachment104/14/2021Return Remittance Letter - Embedded in EM-20032 SEN REV 3
EM-21030 SEN04/14/2021EM-21030 SEN_Redacted
EM-20054 REV04/02/2021Improving the Application of the Sensitive Policy Designation
EM-21026 SEN03/31/2021EM-21026 SEN_Redacted
EM-21000 SEN REV 203/25/2021EM-21000 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-2102403/22/2021Temporary instructions for cafeteria plans: Handling COVID-related plan changes and calculating deductions for wages affected by the 2020 OASDI payroll tax deferral
EM-2102303/19/2021Desktop Faxing
EM-20037 SEN REV 203/16/2021EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment103/16/2021Waiver Process for Overpayments - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment203/16/2021TII TXVI Streamlined Waiver Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment303/16/2021Streamlined Waiver Decision Tree - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment403/16/2021Streamlined Waiver Split Decision Examples - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20037 SEN REV 2 Attachment503/16/2021Administrative Tolerance - Embedded in EM-20037 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-2101603/01/2021COVID-19 Sensitive Emergency Message Publishing Process
EM-2101002/19/2021Appointed Representative Services (ARS) Enhancement to Allow Authorized Representatives (ARs) to Access Electronic Folders (eFolders) at the Initial and Reconsideration Levels-One Time Only Instructions
EM-20028 SEN REV 202/11/2021EM-20028 Disaster Procedures In-Office Visitor Screening During COVID-19 One Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-20028 SEN REV 2 Attachment102/11/2021VPr Mobile Check In - Embedded with EM-20028
EM-20010 SEN REV 702/10/2021EM-20010 SEN REV 7_Redacted - ARCHIVED
EM-20010 SEN REV 7 Attachment102/10/2021Instructions to Resume Processing EXRs - Embedded in EM-20010 SEN REV 7
EM-2100201/15/2021Important Information Regarding Possible Challenges to the Authority of Administrative Law Judges and Appeals Council Members Pursuant to Seila Law v. CFPB
EM-2006012/16/2020Disability Cases with an Allegation of Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) as a Medical Condition
EM-20020 SEN REV11/24/2020EM-20020 SEN REV_Redacted - ARCHIVED
EM-20037 SEN REV11/19/2020EM-20037 SEN REV Special Overpayment and Waiver Processing Redacted Final
EM-20019 SEN REV 311/18/2020EM-20019 SEN REV 3_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 3 Attchment111/18/2020DHU Telephone Hearings Desk Guide - Embedded in EM-20019 SEN REV 3
EM-20019 SEN REV 3 Attchment211/18/2020EXR Instructions for DDS - Embedded in EM-20019 SEN REV 3
EM-20056 SEN11/16/2020EM-20056 SEN_Redacted
EM-20056 SEN Attachment111/16/2020SSI OP Documentation - Embedded in EM-20056 SEN
EM-20040 REV11/10/2020Statutory Benefit Continuation (SBC) Requests during the COVID-19 National Public Health Emergency- Title II and Title XVI
EM-20053 SEN11/04/2020EM-20053 SEN Disaster Procedures One Time Instructions_Redacted
EM-20052 SEN11/03/2020EM-20052 SEN_ Return of Certain Remittances_Redacted
EM-20052 SEN Attachment111/03/2020MATPSC-Return Remittance Letter 2020 (COVID19) - Embedded with EM-20052 SEN
EM-20038 SEN10/22/2020EM-20038 SEN Disaster Procedures Handling Anomalous Claims during COVID-19 One-Time Instruction_Redacted
EM-2004910/20/2020Attorney and Authorized Representative Reminders
EM-20026 SEN REV 210/09/2020EM-20026 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 210/09/2020EM-20032 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20015 SEN REV 209/29/2020EM-20015 SEN REV 2 -Scheduling Video Consultative Examinations_Redacted
EM-20015 SEN REV 2 Attachment109/29/2020EM-20015 SEN REV 2 Embedded Document
EM-20045 SEN09/25/2020EM-20045 SEN_Redacted
EM-20004 SEN REV09/15/2020EM-20004 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-2004309/15/2020Internet Benefit Application (iClaim) Enhancements - Policy and Procedures
EM-20019 SEN REV 209/11/2020EM-20019 SEN REV 2_Redacted
EM-20019 SEN REV 2 Attachment109/11/2020DHU Telephone Hearings Desk Guide - Embeded in EM-20019 SEN REV 2
EM-20039 SEN09/02/2020EM-20039 SEN_Redacted
EM-20032 SEN REV 09/01/2020EM-20032 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-20035 SEN08/28/2020EM-20035 SEN_Redacted
EM-20018 SEN REV08/18/2020EM-20018 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-20029 SEN07/21/2020EM-20029 SEN_Redacted
EM-20026 SEN REV07/21/2020EM-20026 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-20014 SEN REV07/10/2020EM-20014 SEN REV_Redacted
EM-20012 SEN REV 206/29/2020EM-20012_Redacted
EM-20023 SEN05/29/2020EM-20023 SEN-Framework for Resuming In-person Consultative E_Redacted
EM-20017 SEN REV05/22/2020EM-20017 SEN REV_ COVID-19 Economic Impact Payments (EIP) SEN-3-12-21_Redacted
EM-20016 SEN05/01/2020EM-20016 SEN_Redacted
EM-20013 SEN04/14/2020EM-20013 SEN_Redacted
EM-1902509/05/2019Important Information Regarding Remanded Fraud or Similar Fault Redeterminations (Huntington/Hicks) – One-Time Only Instructions.
EM-19001 REV06/28/2019System Enhancements for Medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Appeal Process
EM-19014 REV06/28/2019Instructions for Developing and Processing Absences from the U.S. using the Foreign Travel Data (FTD) Application – POMS Instructions Will Follow
EM-1901306/13/2019Sharpe Court Order – Relief
EM-1901206/05/2019Recording Information using the Disability Case Processing System (DCPS) – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1805811/23/2018Processing JP Morgan Chase Letters and Checks
EM-1803909/07/2018Nonreceipt Alleged Timely and Check is over 12 Months Old
EM-18003 REV 208/06/2018Important Information Regarding Possible Challenges to the Appointment of Administrative Law Judges in SSA’s Administrative Process--UPDATE
EM-12004 REV 503/05/2018New Procedures for Form SSA-1695 – Identifying Information for Possible Direct Payment of Authorized Fee
EM-1800402/08/2018Casey v. Berryhill – Courts Have Jurisdiction to Review an Appeals Council (AC) Order Finding No Good Cause for a Late Request for AC Review and Dismissing the Request as Untimely – Seventh Circuit – ACTION – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1602507/22/2016Processing Instructions for 7003.2 Cases – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1601805/17/2016Disability Claims Potentially Associated with Flint, Michigan (MI) Water Supply Contamination – Instructions will follow shortly
EM-1402303/27/2014Enumeration: Processing Name and Date of Birth Determinations for Foreign-Born Adopted Children under the Accuracy for Adoptees Act – One Time Only Instructions
EM-1003004/09/2010Special Enrollment Period for TRICARE