Emergency Messages

Instruction ID Effective DateTitle
EM-17026 REV02/15/2018Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) Query Functions Changes - REVISED
EM-1800402/08/2018Casey v. Berryhill – Courts Have Jurisdiction to Review an Appeals Council (AC) Order Finding No Good Cause for a Late Request for AC Review and Dismissing the Request as Untimely – Seventh Circuit – ACTION – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1800301/30/2018Important Information Regarding Possible Challenges to the Appointment of Administrative Law Judges in SSA’s Administrative Process
EM-1800201/11/2018Payment of retroactive increase in the District of Columbia’s state supplement amount for 2017 -- One-time-only instructions
EM-1800101/08/2018OIG Review of The Social Security Administration’s Medicare Non-utilization Project One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1703810/31/2017Disaster Procedure–Disaster Relief for Direct Billing Medicare Beneficiaries affected by Recent Hurricanes—One-Time-Only Instructions---ACTION
EM-1703610/25/2017Medicare Enrollment for Eligible Beneficiaries Affected by a Weather-Related Emergency or Major Disaster – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1703410/19/2017Field Office (FO) and National 800# (N8NN) Responses to Inquiries Regarding the Receipt of the SSA-1026-OCR-SM-REDE “Review of Your Eligibility for Extra Help with Prescription Drug Plan Costs” with a Spanish Insert
EM-17008 REV 210/12/2017iClaim Enhancements - iSSI Policy and Procedures
EM-16033 REV 210/12/2017Limited Equitable Relief for Individuals with Medicare and Marketplace Coverage
EM-1703210/11/2017Policy and New Procedures for Processing Paper Applications Associated with Third-party iClaims - Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1702609/13/2017Treasury Check Information System (TCIS) Query Functions Changes
EM-1702107/25/2017Immediate Use of the Employer Identification Number (EIN) – in MSSICS and eWork
EM-1701907/17/2017OIG Review of Payments to Aged Representative Payees
EM-1701103/29/2017A New Rule Allows Previously Entitled Beneficiaries to Apply for Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) in the Same Month They Stop Performing Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)
EM-1700401/25/2017Processing Title II Overpayments Resulting from Same-Sex Relationships Recognized by SSA
EM-1700101/13/2017Mandatory Use of Updated SSA-4814 and SSA-4815 Effective January 17, 2017 – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1605412/22/2016Prerelease Planning Assistance to Federal Bureau of Prisons Inmates
EM-1605312/13/2016Information Regarding a Change in Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Special/Supplemental Needs Trust Policy– Permanent Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1604411/30/2016Information Regarding the Treatment of Certain Payments in Eugenics Compensation Act – Permanent Instructions to Follow
EM-1603710/25/2016Wage Reporting Proof of Concept - One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1603610/17/2016Clarification of Social Security Ruling 83-20 – Titles II and XVI: Onset of Disability
EM-1602808/17/2016Handling inquiries resulting from erroneous Benefit Payment Offset (BPO) notices issued by Treasury
EM-1602708/16/2016Requiring eFolder Access by Certain Appointed Representatives – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1602608/02/2016T2 Windfall: Releasing Retroactive Benefits when no SSI is involved-New Override Instructions
EM-1602507/22/2016Processing Instructions for 7003.2 Cases – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1602407/18/2016Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Applications for Disabled Youth Transitioning out of Foster Care-Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-16015 REV07/12/2016Form SSA-3367 changes not reflected on the EDCS 3367
EM-1602106/20/2016EDCS/eView/EFI Print Documents Policy Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-16013 REV 206/08/2016Processing SSI Overpayments Resulting from Same-Sex Marriage – One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1601805/17/2016Disability Claims Potentially Associated with Flint, Michigan (MI) Water Supply Contamination – Instructions will follow shortly
EM-1601203/02/2016Guidelines on issuing manual notices for individuals determined ineligible because of excess resources that include a countable trust
EM-1600602/12/2016Guidelines on Reviewing and Establishing Pooled Trust Precedents
EM-1600302/02/2016Accessing the Payments, Claims and Enhanced Reconciliation (PACER) application
EM-1501905/20/2015Procedures Related to SSA Employees Using Registration and Customer Support (RCS) via the Customer Service Station (CSS)One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-13039 REV02/10/2015Claims Alien Eligibility and Evidence: Deferred Action for Child Arrivals (DACA) and I-94 Arrival Departure Record Automation -One-Time-Only Instructions
EM-1406012/16/2014How to Treat Inherited Payments to Victims of Nazi Persecution
EM-1405711/20/2014New Standard Fees for Processing Non-Program-Related Requests for SSA Records & Changes in providing SSN Printouts – Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-12004 REV 311/18/2014New Procedures for Form SSA-1695 – Identifying Information for Possible Direct Payment of Authorized Fee
EM-14016 REV10/22/2014PSC Processing of Windfall Offset Diaries—Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1402303/27/2014Enumeration: Processing Name and Date of Birth Determinations for Foreign-Born Adopted Children under the Accuracy for Adoptees Act – One Time Only Instructions
EM-1302407/16/2013Distributing Fees When All Appointed Representatives Who Are Not Members of the Same Entity as Those with an Approved Fee Agreement Waive Their Fees—POMS Instructions Will Follow Shortly
EM-1205212/31/2012Time Limit for Filing Claims for Medicare Part A and Part B Services
EM-11034 REV05/24/2011Adoption Policies and Changed Vocational Profile
EM-1009012/20/2010Case Processing Information on the Pre-effectuated Cases Sampled By the New ODAR Appeals Council Quality Review Branch—One-Time- Only Instructions
EM-1003004/09/2010Special Enrollment Period for TRICARE
EM-08071 REV08/11/2008Processing Instructions - Premium HI for Individuals in Part A Buy-In States Who Do Not Have Medicare Part B – Instructions Will Follow Shortly