RS 00615.000 Computation of Monthly Benefits Amounts

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RS 00615.001Introduction to Computation of Monthly BenefitsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.003Full Retirement AgeTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.004Attainment of Full Retirement AgeTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.005Reduced BenefitsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.010Chart on Reduced BenefitsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.015How the Day of Birth Affects BenefitsTN 26 01-04
RS 00615.020Dual Entitlement OverviewTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.101Reduced RIBTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.105Estimating Reduced Retirement BenefitsTN 26 01-04
RS 00615.110Reduced RIB as Affected by DIB (A – HA)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.140Entitlement to RIB After Entitlement to Spouse's Benefit (B then A)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.150Simultaneous RIB-WIB or RIB First (A/D or A then D)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.160Reduced RIB After Reduced WIB (D/W then A)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.170Simultaneous Entitlement of a Widow(er) to Spouse's Benefits and RIB/DIBTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.201Reduced Spouse's BenefitsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.205Estimating Reduced Spouse BenefitsTN 26 01-04
RS 00615.210Reduced Spouse's Benefit Where the Family Maximum is InvolvedTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.240Entitled to Reduced Spouse's Benefit for Month Before Entitlement to Reduced RIB (B then A)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.250Entitled to Reduced Spouse's Benefit for Months Simultaneous With or After Entitlement to Reduced RIB (A then B or B with A)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.252Reduced Spouse's Benefits Simultaneous With or After Entitlement to RIB Reduced Due to Prior Reduced WIB (D/W then A then B or D/W then A with B)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.260Reduced Spouse's Benefit and DIB Entitlement (B, HA)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.301Reduced Widow(er)'s BenefitsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.302Windexing - Alternate Method of Computing Benefits for Widow(er)s First Eligible 1/85 and LaterTN 27 06-04
RS 00615.305Estimating Reduced Widow(er) BenefitsTN 26 01-04
RS 00615.310Disabled Widow(er)'s Benefits (DWB)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.315Simultaneous Entitlement to Widow(er)'s Benefits and Disabled Widow(er)'s Benefits (D and W)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.320Reduced WIB — Deceased NH Entitled to Reduced RIB or Reduced DIB Prior to Death-RIB LIMTN 26 01-04
RS 00615.322Worksheet for Computation of WIB After 12/72TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.340Widow(er) with Child-in-CareTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.350Reduced WIB After or Concurrent with DIB (HA then D/W or HA with D/W)TN 26 01-04
RS 00615.352Reduced WIB After or Concurrent With DIB Following a Prior WIB (D/W then HA then D/W or D/W then HA with D/W)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.401Reduced DIBTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.410Reduced DIB After RIB Entitlement (A then HA)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.420DIB After Entitlement to Reduced WIB (D/W then HA)TN 26 01-04
RS 00615.430Elimination of Carryover Reduction in RIB or DIB Due to WIB Before Age 62TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.470Reduced RIB After Reduced WIB, Prior DIB (HA then D/W then A or HA with D/W then A)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.472Reduced RIB After Reduced WIB, Intervening DIB (D/W then HA then A)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.474Reduced DIB After RIB, Both After Reduced WIB (D/W then A then HA)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.476Reduced WIB After or Concurrent With DIB, Both After RIB (A then HA then D/W or A then HA with D/W)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.478Reduced DIB After Reduced RIB, Intervening WIB (A then D/W then HA)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.480Reduction Factor Adjustment (ARF)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.482Requirements for Adjustment of Reduction Factor (ARF) — Crediting MonthsTN 29 10-16
RS 00615.490Computing the RIB or Spouse Benefit (Single Entitlement) — Reduction Factor AdjustmentTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.491ARF Processing After 1977 for a Reentitled Actuarially Reduced SpouseTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.500Computing the Spouse's Benefit Reduction Factor Adjustment — Spouse also Entitled to RIB or DIBTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.580Computing the Widow(er)'s Benefits — Reduction Factor AdjustmentTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.582Computing the Reduction Factor Adjustment — No Entitlement Prior to Age 60TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.585Unusual Characteristics of the Widow(er)'s ARFTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.590Computing the Widow(er)'s Benefit Reduction Factor Adjustment — Initial Entitlement to Disabled Widow(er)'s BenefitTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.592Recalculation of Widow(er)'s Benefit for 1/84 — Disabled Widow(er)'s Entitlement and Reduction Factor Adjustment Applicable Prior to 1/84TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.595Computing the Widow(er)'s Benefit — Reduction Factor Adjustment — Dual Entitlement to DIB Before or Concurrent With WIBTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.598Adjustment of the Reduction Factor for a Deceased NumberholderTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.650Minimum Sole Survivor's Rate (MSSR)TN 26 01-04
RS 00615.654Special Situations Involving Payment of the MSSRTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.680Divorced Spouse or Surviving Divorced Spouse Entitlement Disregarded for Family Maximum and Minimum Benefit PurposesTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.682Family Benefits Where a Divorced Spouse or a Surviving Divorced Spouse is EntitledTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.684Benefits When A Legal Spouse and A Deemed or Putative Spouse are EntitledTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.690Delayed Retirement Credits (DRC)TN 28 11-14
RS 00615.692Computing the Amount of the Delayed Retirement Credits (DRC)TN 28 11-14
RS 00615.693Estimating the Effect of Delayed Retirement CreditsTN 28 11-14
RS 00615.694DRCs in Dual-Entitlement CasesTN 26 01-04
RS 00615.695Family Maximum and Auxiliary Benefits (DRC)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.696Dual Entitlement Primary Rate with DRC Exceeds Auxiliary or Survivor BenefitTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.700Special Minimum PIA Involvement (DRC)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.702Use of the DRC in Computing Widow(er)'s BenefitsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.704Widow(er) Eligibility Requirements (DRC)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.706Computation of the Widow(er)'s Benefit With DRCsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.708Surviving Divorced Spouse with DRCsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.710Widow(er)'s Benefit — DRCs And The Family Maximum InvolvedTN 25 07-03
RS 00615.712Widow(er)'s DRC Savings ClauseTN 25 07-03
RS 00615.714Remarried Widow(er)'s DRCsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.715Remarried Widow(er)'s Benefits and DRCs June 1978 — December 1978TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.730Maximum Family BenefitsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.732Table or Formula MaximumsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.736Determining Maximum Family Benefits Effective January 1979TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.738Maximum Family Benefits with a DIB Guarantee PIA in January 1996 or LaterTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.7401980 Disability Maximum — GeneralTN 26 01-04
RS 00615.742Maximum Family Benefits Based on DIB Eligibility After 1978 — Initial Entitlement After June 1980TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.744DIB Entitlement Prior to New DIB Eligibility — Family Maximum of Prior DIB Computed Under 1980 Amendments MethodTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.752Determining Total Benefits Before Adjustment - Family MaximumTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.754Determining the Amount of Each Benefit When Total Benefits Exceed the MaximumTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.756Adjusting Benefits for the Family Maximum (FMAX)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.758Adjusting Benefits for the Family Maximum (FMAX) When the Family Composition ChangesTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.760Benefits Under Section 202(J)(1)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.761Computing Retroactive Benefit of Late Applicant - Maximum InvolvedTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.762Benefits Under Section 202(J)(3)TN 24 09-02
RS 00615.766Relationship of Deductions to Maximum ProvisionsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.768Adjustment in Simultaneous and Dual Entitlement CasesTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.770Simultaneous Entitlement of Children on More Than One SSNTN 26 01-04
RS 00615.772Determining the SSN Upon Which Benefits Will Be PaidTN 26 01-04
RS 00615.774Effect of Subsequent ActionsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.776Choosing Between Two or More SSNsTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.778Termination of Entitlement on SSN on Which Maximums Were Not CombinedTN 24 09-02
RS 00615.801Saving Clauses (SC) Which Affect Benefit AmountsTN 24 09-02

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