Subchapter List for Benefits and Payments

SI 020: Benefits and Payments
 SI 02000: Benefits and Payments
 SI 02001: Computation of Benefits - Introduction
 SI 02002: Monitoring State Accounting for Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Payments
 SI 02003: Interim Assistance Payments
SI DAL02003.040: IAR Notice to the State
SI 02003.045: IAR Appeals
 SI 02004: Direct Field Office Payments
 SI 02005: Computation of Benefits - SSI
SI 02005.015: AI Diaries
SI 02005.086: MMSS Cases Using SCI
SI 02005.095: Proration Chart
 SI 02006: Windfall Offset and Effect on Title XVI Payments
 SI 02007: SSI Interim Benefits Payments
SI 02007.010: Exhibits
 SI 02009: Computation of Payments for Months Prior to April 1982
SI 02009.005: Rounding of Payments