GN 00302.000 Proof of Age

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When To Obtain Evidence Of Age
GN 00302.001Situations Where Age Must be Immediately Developed 
GN 00302.003Postadjudicative Development of Age — Advance Determinations 
GN 00302.005When a Deceased WE's Age Must be EstablishedBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.007When Age Must be Established for a Disallowed ClaimantBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.010Evidence of Established Age in SSA RecordsTN 17 02-95
GN 00302.011DB Proof Code to Use in Current ClaimTN 17 02-95
GN 00302.020What Evidence of Age to RequestTN 17 02-95
GN 00302.040Evidence Required for Claimants Age 73 or OlderTN 15 02-92
GN 00302.050Evidence Required for Claimants Under Age 73TN 15 02-92
GN 00302.052Preferred Evidence of AgeTN 15 02-92
GN 00302.054Public Record of BirthTN 20 01-04
GN 00302.056Religious Record of AgeTN 20 01-04
GN 00302.057How to Determine Whether Preferred Evidence of Age is AvailableTN 16 09-93
GN 00302.058Table of Current Availability of Domestic Public Birth Records for Persons Age 59 and Older at the Time of FilingTN 16 09-93
GN 00302.070How to Complete Form SSA-L706 (Letter to Custodian of Birth Records)TN 21 12-05
GN 00302.100Developing Evidence of Age When There is No Preferred Evidence 
GN 00302.110Automatically Convincing Evidence of Age if No Material Discrepancy in File 
GN 00302.115First Priority Automatically Convincing Evidence of Age 
GN 00302.118Second Priority Automatically Convincing Evidence of Age 
GN 00302.120Corroborating Evidence of DB in SSA Records Where No Numident Record ExistsTN 16 09-93
GN 00302.125Combination of Documents Which Eliminate the Need for Further Development — AgeTN 16 09-93
GN 00302.160Material Discrepancy — Age 
GN 00302.165Guides for Evaluating Evidence of Age 
GN 00302.170How to Resolve Material DB Discrepancies 
GN 00302.180Exceptions to Material Discrepancy Development 
GN 00302.190Claimant Submits Best Evidence or No Numident or Other SSA Record Exists 
GN 00302.220Range of Years Searched by BVS Custodians 
GN 00302.240Non-Material Discrepancy — Age 
GN 00302.290Proof of Age Requirements for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)TN 9 02-85
GN 00302.300Developing Evidence of Age for Refugees 
GN 00302.325Establishing the DB for Holocaust Survivors — General 
GN 00302.327Definition of Holocaust Survivor 
GN 00302.330Developing Evidence of Age for Holocaust SurvivorsTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.335Evidence of Holocaust Survivor StatusTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.336Evidence of Survivor Status - Residence in Certain CountriesTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.337Evidence of Survivor Status - Survivor OrganizationsTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.338Evidence of Survivor Status - Information From West German Diplomatic OfficeTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.340Evidence of Survivor Status - Foreign SourcesTN 16 09-93
GN 00302.350Foreign Record Requested by a U.S. ResidentTN 16 09-93
GN 00302.360Requesting BCs from “No” CountriesTN 16 09-93
GN 00302.363Exhibit - Form SSA-2111-U3-FC (Special Assistance Request)TN 9 02-85
GN 00302.370Developing Evidence of Age of Eligible Worker When Uninsured Spouse Applies for HIBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.380Development Required When Uninsured Spouse of Worker Previously Applied for HI on the Worker's Record 
Evaluating And Determining Date of Birth
GN 00302.400Point at Which a Particular Age is Attained 
GN 00302.405When a Written DB Determination is Required 
GN 00302.410When a Written DB Determination is Not Required 
GN 00302.420Content of DB Determination 
GN 00302.430The SSA-2038-F3 (Date of Birth Determination) 
GN 00302.440Overturning Preferred Evidence DocumentsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.458Name DiscrepanciesBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.460Discrepancy in Claimant's Name — Minor DifferencesBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.470Discrepancy in Claimant's Name — Major DifferencesTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.480Missing Element in DB Found Only in SSA RecordsTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.485Evidence Establishes Only AgeTN 9 02-85
Sources Of Evidence Of Age And Related Procedures
GN 00302.500Public Record of BirthTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.505Recordation Date Tolerance for Public Records of BirthTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.510Corrected Birth Certificates (BC)TN 9 02-85
GN 00302.515Notification of Birth RegistrationTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.520BCs Issued as a Result of Adoption ProceedingsTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.525Religious Record of Birth or BaptismTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.530Hospital Birth RecordsTN 20 01-04
GN 00302.535Registration of Births of U.S. Citizens Born AbroadTN 9 02-85
GN 00302.540Delayed Birth CertificatesBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.545Parents' AffidavitsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.550Physician's or Midwife's Birth RecordBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.560Family Bible or Other Family RecordBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.565School RecordsTN 22 05-07
GN 00302.570Marriage RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.575Insurance Policies (Life, Health, Accident, Burial, etc.)BASIC 09-87
GN 00302.580Military RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.585Statements of Other Persons 
GN 00302.590Federal Civilian Personnel RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.595Emergency Relief Agency (ERA) RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.600Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.610Newspaper RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.620State Census RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.630Navajo Indian Tribal Census Rolls 
GN 00302.640Seneca Indian Tribal Census Rolls 
GN 00302.650National Archives Indian RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.700U.S. Census Records - Where Census TakenBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.710Age Information in Census RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.720Evaluation of Census Records - GeneralBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.730Evaluation of the 1910, 1920, and 1930 Census RecordBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.740SSA Payment for Census RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.760Completing Requests for Census SearchBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.770Request for Expedited Census SearchBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.780Request for Search Being Made on Behalf of Incompetent ClaimantBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.790Request for Search of Deceased Person's RecordBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.800Followup on Census Record RequestsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.810Service Provided by Bureau of the CensusBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.820Interim Correspondence from Bureau of the CensusBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.830Limitation on Number of Census RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.900Department of Homeland Security (DHS) RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.910Sources of Immigration and Naturalization RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.920Claimant is an Alien Who Arrived Before 7/1/24 — Sources of Immigration and Alien Registration RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.930Claimant is an Alien Who Arrived After 6/30/1924 — Sources of Immigration and Alien Registration RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.940Claimant is a Naturalized Citizen — Sources of Immigration, Alien Registration, and Naturalization RecordsBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.950Obtaining Evidence From the DHSBASIC 09-87
GN 00302.960Use of Forms I-151 and I-551 as Proof of Age 
GN 00302.970Chinese “Confession” Cases 
GN 00302.975Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) Records 
GN 00302.980Electronic Verification of Vital Events - AgeTN 23 11-07
GN BOS00302.530Reliability Of Hospital Birth Records 
GN BOS00302.620State Census Records - Rhode Island 
GN BOS00302.980SSA Electronic Access (SSA/EA) to Vital Events for Rhode Island – Age (TN 2-90 - 10/2003) 
GN DAL00302.100Developing Evidence of Age When There Is No Preferred Evidence 
Sources Of Evidence Of Age And Related Procedures
GN DAL00302.500DAL — Public Record Of Birth 
GN DAL00302.530DAL — Hospital Birth Records 
GN DAL00302.565DAL — School Records 
GN DAL00302.580DAL — Military Records 
GN DEN00302.054Colorado Hospital Birth Records Guide 
GN DEN00302.510Indian Census Records in South Dakota 
GN KC00302.500Public Record of Birth (TN 1- 04/2003) 

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