Subchapter List for The SSI Application Process

SI 006: The SSI Application Process
 SI 00600: The SSI Application Process
 SI 00601: General Applications and Interviewing Policy
SI 00601.010: Filing Applications
SI 00601.012: Proper Applicant
 SI 00602: Abbreviated Application Process for Clear Technical Denials
 SI 00603: The SSI Disability/Blindness Initial Claims Process
 SI 00604: Completion of Form SSA-8000-BK, Application for Supplemental Security Income
SI 00604.008: Filing Date Block
SI 00604.019: Prior Marriage(s)
SI 00604.071: Vehicles: Question 40
SI 00604.086: Income: Question 50
SI 00604.089: Wages: Question 53
SI 00604.109: Signatures: General
 SI 00605: Use and Completion of Form SSA-8001-BK