Subchapter List for Ticket to Work

DI 550: Ticket to Work
 DI 55000: Ticket to Work
 DI 55001: Overview of the Ticket and Self-Sufficiency Program
 DI 55002: Ticket Eligibility
DI 55002.025: Four Ticket Queries
 DI 55005: The Program Manager and the Ticket Program
 DI 55010: Employment Networks and the Ticket Program
 DI 55020: Individual Work Plans and Individualized Plans for Employment
DI 55020.001: Employment Plans
 DI 55025: Ticket Use Status
 DI 55030: Earnings Verification for Ticket Users
 DI 55050: Inquires and Referrals Related to the Ticket Program
 DI 55055: Current Work Incentives and the Ticket
 DI 55060: EN Payment Systems Under the Ticket Program
 DI 55070: DDS Responsibilities in the Ticket and Self-Sufficiency Program
 DI 55075: Ticket to Work Dispute Resolution
 DI 55099: Ticket to Work Exhibits