Subchapter List for Determination of PIAs and Benefit Amounts

RS 006: Determination of PIAs and Benefit Amounts
 RS 00600: Determination of PIAs and Benefit Amounts
 RS 00601: PIA and Benefit Amounts - Introduction
RS 00601.005: Accurate Computations
RS 00601.020: Rounding of Benefits
RS 00601.122: July 2001 COLA
 RS 00605: Initial Computation of the PIA - Recomputations and Recalculations
RS SEA00605.015: AIME PIA Worksheets
RS 00605.035: DIB Guarantee PIA
RS 00605.040: 1965 NS Method
RS 00605.060: 1965 OS
RS 00605.070: Special Minimum PIA
RS 00605.230: DIB Dropout Years
RS 00605.320: FERS/FECA Offset
RS 00605.366: Pension Development
RS 00605.370: WEP Guarantee
RS 00605.910: Family Maximum Chart
 RS 00615: Computation of Monthly Benefits Amounts
RS 00615.003: Full Retirement Age
RS 00615.005: Reduced Benefits
RS 00615.101: Reduced RIB
RS 00615.401: Reduced DIB
 RS 00620: Computation, Recomputations, and Recalculations with Limited Applicability
RS 00620.090: Dropout Recomputation
 RS 00630: Monthly Benefit Amount Computations with Limited Applicability
 RS 00640: Computation and Benefit Tables - Old Law