Subchapter List for Disclosure/Confidentiality of Information

GN 033: Disclosure/Confidentiality of Information
 GN 03301: Law and Regulations - Disclosure/Confidentiality
GN 03301.020: Privacy Act
 GN 03305: Disclosure With Consent
GN 03305.003: Consent Documents
GN 03305.004: Disclosing Queries
GN 03305.005: Who May Consent
GN 03305.006: Who May Not Consent
 GN 03311: Privacy Act and FOIA Fees
 GN 03312: Disclosure for Law Enforcement Purposes
 GN 03313: Disclosure to Federal Agencies and Officials
 GN 03314: Disclosure to State and Local Agencies and Tribal Authorities
 GN 03315: Disclosure Concerning Deceased or Missing Persons
 GN 03316: Disclosure to Administer SSA Programs and Other Miscellaneous Disclosures
 GN 03320: Tax Return Information
 GN 03325: Disclosure and Verification of Social Security Numbers (SSN)
 GN 03330: Subpoenas and Court Orders - Disclosure
GN 03330.020: Appearance in Court
 GN 03340: Access to SSA Records
 GN 03345: Correction of SSA Records
 GN 03350: FOIA and Privacy Act Denials and Appeals
 GN 03360: Privacy Act Administration, Communication and Other Procedures