Subchapter List for Adjudication

GN 010: Adjudication
 GN 01000: Adjudication
 GN 01010: Adjudicative Policy and Standards
GN 01010.110: Partial Adjudication
GN 01010.400: Claim Denials
GN 01010.805: Precedents of Fact
GN CHI01010.815: Request for Legal Opinion
GN DEN01010.815: Request for Legal Opinion
 GN 01020: Use and Completion of the Forms SSA-3601 and SSA-409
GN 01020.265: Action required
GN 01020.270: FO information
GN 01020.355: Form Completion
GN 01020.365: Action Required
 GN 01030: Adjudicative Procedures for Foreign Claims
 GN 01040: Establishment of Diaries and Listings
GN 01040.010: Diary Codes
GN 01040.100: Listing Codes
 GN 01050: Assembly, Jurisdiction and Routing of Claims
GN 01050.001: Scope of subchapter
GN 01050.005: Claim numbers
GN 01050.017: Additional Subscripts
GN 01050.075: Claims Routing Guide
GN 01050.135: Method of Transfer
GN 01050.205: SSI Claim
GN 01050.225: Adjudication
GN 01050.230: Documentation
GN 01050.240: Pertinent Material
 GN 01061: Preparing Amended and Underpayment Awards in Processing Centers and Field Offices
 GN 01070: Intercomponent Communications
GN 01070.440: Follow-Up Timeframes
 GN 01085: Retention Periods for Program-Related Documents and Forms