Subchapter List for Letters and Paragraphs for Title II, Title XVI, and Title XVIII

NL 007: Letters and Paragraphs for Title II, Title XVI, and Title XVIII
 NL 00700: Letters and Paragraphs for Title II, Title XVI and Title XVIII
 NL 00701: Form Notices
 NL 00702: Aurora-General
NL 00702.005: M/TEXT Data Base
NL 00702.010: Queues
NL 00702.015: M/TEXT Workflow
NL 00702.100: Accessing M/TEXT
NL 00702.130: Page Breaks
NL 00702.141: Using M/SPELL
NL 00702.145: Copies, Cover Letters
NL 00702.150: Enclosures
NL 00702.172: Mutilated Documents
NL 00702.174: Archive Retrieval
NL 00702.178: Signatures
NL 00702.184: Dating a Document
NL 00702.187: Remailing a Document
NL 00702.192: “#” in an Address
NL 00702.194: Bullet Indicators
NL 00702.200: PF keys
NL 00702.210: Head Commands
NL 00702.211: Line Commands
NL 00702.220: Control Instructions
NL 00702.230: Special Keys
NL 00702.240: Special Models
 NL 00703: Exhibit and Dictated Letters
NL 00703.703: Withdrawal Denial
NL 00703.745: IRS Request For Levy
NL 00703.746: IRS Levy Implemented
NL 00703.751: Protesting Levy
 NL 00705: Disability Sample Guide Letters
 NL 00708: Letters and Paragraphs For Title II and Title XVIII
NL 00708.001: Introduction
NL 00708.002: Numerical Listing
NL 00708.100: Numbered Paragraphs
 NL 00710: Guide Paragraphs Used in Office of Disability Operations (ODO)
NL 00710.010: Guide Paragraphs
 NL 00711: Numbered Paragraphs for International Operations
NL 00711.010: Closing Paragraphs
NL 00711.075: Evidence Paragraphs
NL 00711.200: HIB/SMIB Paragraphs
NL 00711.315: Sample Letters
 NL 00713: Recovery of Overpayments Accounting and Reporting (ROAR) System - Remittance Notices
NL 00713.005: ROAR Notice Review
NL 00713.009: ROAR Notices
 NL 00715: The Automated Job Stream-1 (AJS-1) Notice
 NL 00716: Critical Payment System (CPS) Notices
 NL 00719: MADCAP Annotations of the MADCAP Input Form
 NL 00720: Manual Adjustment, Credit and Award Process (MADCAP) Beneficiary Notice Print Program
NL 00720.020: AAA Dictated Text
NL 00720.025: ADJ Adjustment
NL 00720.035: AGE Age
NL 00720.040: ALS Appeals
NL 00720.055: AWD Award
NL 00720.080: CFD Conserved Funds
NL 00720.090: CIC Child-In-Care
NL 00720.095: CLO Closeout
NL 00720.100: COA Change of Address
NL 00720.105: COL Cost of Living
NL 00720.110: COP Copy of Notice
NL 00720.115: COV Cover Letter
NL 00720.120: DET Dual Entitlement
NL 00720.125: DIB Disability
NL 00720.130: DID Direct Deposit
NL 00720.140: DTH Death
NL 00720.145: ENT Entitlement
NL 00720.150: ERN Earnings
NL 00720.165: FUG Fugitive Felon
NL 00720.170: FWK Foreign Work
NL 00720.175: GAR Garnishment
NL 00720.190: INS Insured Status
NL 00720.195: LIS Lead In Statement
NL 00720.200: LSP Lump Sum Payment
NL 00720.205: LVY Tax Levy
NL 00720.215: MIS Miscellaneous
NL 00720.230: MSV Military Service
NL 00720.235: OCO One Check Only
NL 00720.240: ONS Disability Onset
NL 00720.245: OPT Overpayment
NL 00720.250: PAY Payment
NL 00720.255: PEN Penalty
NL 00720.260: PMT Payment Cycling
NL 00720.270: RCN Reconsideration
NL 00720.275: RCY Recovery
NL 00720.280: REF Referral
NL 00720.295: RFU Refund
NL 00720.300: RIN Rate Increase
NL 00720.305: RNS Reinstatement
NL 00720.335: STU Student Status
NL 00720.340: SUS Suspensions
NL 00720.350: TBL Table
NL 00720.355: TER Terminations
NL 00720.360: TOT Totalization
NL 00720.365: TWP Trial Work Period
NL 00720.370: UPT Underpayment
NL 00720.390: WAV Waiver
NL 00720.405: WDW Withdrawal
NL 00720.415: WFO Windfall Offset
 NL 00722: Other Computer Generated Notices
NL 00722.039: Form MAP Letter
 NL 00725: Modernized Claims System (MCS) Notices
NL 00725.001: General - MCS Notices
NL 00725.009: Withdrawal Notice
NL 00725.010: Abatement Notice
NL 00725.011: Copy Cover Notice
NL 00725.105: “AAA” UTI
NL 00725.150: “CHK” UTIs
NL 00725.165: “COA” UTIs
NL 00725.205: “DID” UTIs
NL 00725.210: “DOB” UTIs
NL 00725.250: “FWK” UTIs
NL 00725.295: “LIS” UTIs
NL 00725.345: PAY UTIs – Payment
NL 00725.375: REF UTIs – Referral
 NL 00730: Title II Redesign (T2R) Notices Title II Postentitlement (PE) Actions
NL 00730.149: Fact and Worksheets
 NL 00740: RECOOP - Bills and Notices
NL 00740.050: Installment Agreement
NL 00740.052: Basic Bill
 NL 00750: Notices for TII Initial Claims Involving Work Activity
NL 00750.004: Notices Workflow
 NL 00755: Fugitive Felon Provisions T2 and T16 Paragraphs
NL 00755.300: Good Cause Language
 NL 00756: No Social Security Benefits for Prisoner Paragraphs and Notices
 NL 00760: Garnishment Notice System
 NL 00770: Tax Levy Notice System
NL 00770.600: Tax Levy Paragraphs
 NL 00790: Anti-Fraud Notice Language