Subchapter List for Evidence

GN 003: Evidence
 GN 00300: Evidence
 GN 00301: General Evidentiary Standards
GN 00301.010: What is Evidence
GN 00301.025: Custodian of Records
GN 00301.045: Validity of Documents
GN 00301.280: Photocopying process
GN 00301.325: Business Process
GN 00301.395: Verbatim translations
GN 00301.400: Extract Translations
GN 00301.425: Translator's Notes
 GN 00302: Proof of Age
GN 00302.458: Name Discrepancies
GN 00302.545: Parents' Affidavits
GN 00302.565: School Records
GN DAL00302.565: DAL — School Records
GN 00302.570: Marriage Records
GN 00302.580: Military Records
GN DAL00302.580: DAL — Military Records
GN 00302.610: Newspaper Records
GN 00302.620: State Census Records
 GN 00303: Citizenship, Alien Status and Residency
GN 00303.120: Who Is a U.S. Citizen
GN 00303.500: Deportees
 GN 00304: Proof of Death
GN 00304.070: Homicide by Child
 GN 00305: Proof of Marital Relationship
GN 00305.055: Deemed Marriages
GN 00305.085: Putative Marriage
GN 00305.105: Accidental Death
GN 00305.125: Void Marriages
GN 00305.130: Voidable Marriages
GN 00305.175: Estoppel - General
GN ATL00305.175: The Principle Of Estoppel
 GN 00306: Child Relationship and Dependency
GN 00306.025: Lord Mansfield Rule
GN 00306.050: Legitimation
GN 00306.150: Advice About Adoption
GN 00306.180: Contract to Adopt
GN 00306.215: Adoption by Estoppel
GN 00306.410: Alaska Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.465: Guam Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.470: Hawaii Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.475: Idaho Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.490: Iowa Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.495: Kansas Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.510: Maine Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.555: Nevada Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.595: Ohio Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.605: Oregon Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.640: Texas Intestacy Laws
GN 00306.645: Utah Intestacy Laws
 GN 00307: Foreign Evidence
 GN 00308: Sources and Fees for State and Local Vital Statistics Records
GN 00308.006: Alabama Vital Records
GN 00308.008: Alaska Vital Records
GN 00308.009: Arizona Vital Records
GN 00308.020: Florida Vital Records
GN 00308.022: Georgia Vital Records
GN 00308.024: Hawaii Vital Records
GN 00308.026: Idaho Vital Records
GN 00308.030: Indiana Vital Records
GN 00308.032: Iowa Vital Records
GN 00308.034: Kansas Vital Records
GN 00308.040: Maine Vital Records
GN 00308.054: Montana Vital Records
GN 00308.058: Nevada Vital Records
GN 00308.068: Ohio Vital Records
GN 00308.070: Oregon Vital Records
GN 00308.084: Texas Vital Records
GN 00308.086: Utah Vital Records
GN 00308.088: Vermont Vital Records
GN 00308.098: Wyoming Vital Records
GN 00308.210: Guam Vital Records
 GN 00312: Sources of Vital Statistics Records outside the U.S.