GN 02408.626 Processing the Notice of Reclamation (FS-133) and the Re...03/24/2023NL 00755.000 Fugitive Felon Provisions T2 and T16 Paragraphs - Table ...03/24/2023NL 00755.800 Fugitive Felon/Probation or Parole Violators Deferred Ov...03/24/2023NL 00755.330 Good Cause Denial Paragraphs and Notices03/24/2023NL 00700.000 Letters and Paragraphs for Title II, Title XVI, and Titl...03/24/2023NL 00755.900 Exhibits of Fugitive Felon Paragraphs and Captions03/24/2023NL 00755.400 Fugitive Felon or Probation or Parole Violator Suspensio...03/24/2023GN 02400.000 Checks - Table of Contents03/24/2023GN 02408.000 Stop Payments and Reclamations - Table of Contents03/24/2023NL 00755.500 Fugitive Felon/Probation or Parole Violators Overpayment...03/24/2023SI 00870.000 Plans to Achieve Self-Support for Blind or Disabled Peop...03/24/2023SI 00800.000 Income - Table of Contents03/24/2023NL 00755.600 Fugitive Felon/Probation or Parole Violators Reinstateme...03/24/2023SI 00600.000 The SSI Application Process - Table of Contents03/23/2023SI 00601.120 SSA-L8009-U3 (Supplemental Security Income, Important In...03/23/2023SI 00601.000 General Applications and Interviewing Policy - Table of ...03/23/2023GN 02215.225 Bankruptcy Petition Pending — Refund Received or U...03/23/2023GN 02215.227 Bankruptcy Petition Pending — Subsequent Debt - PC...03/23/2023GN 02215.195 Debtor Involved in Bankruptcy Proceedings - PC Procedure03/23/2023GN 02215.200 Preparation of the Bankruptcy Proof of Claim03/23/2023GN 02200.000 Overpayments - Table of Contents03/23/2023SI 00870.025 Documenting and Reviewing a Plan to Achieve Self-Support...03/23/2023GN 02215.190 Debtor Involved in Bankruptcy Proceedings - FO Procedure03/23/2023GN 02215.196 Objection to a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharge03/23/2023GN 02215.000 Methods of Recovery for Title II, Title XVI, and Title X...03/23/2023GN 02215.226 Waiver Request Pending - Bankruptcy03/23/2023DI 28000.000 Continuing Disability Review Cases - Table of Contents03/22/2023DI 28095.000 CDR Notice Instructions - Table of Contents03/22/2023DI 28501.015 Reopening of Prior Favorable Initial Continuing Disabili...03/22/2023GN 00300.000 Evidence - Table of Contents03/22/2023DI 28095.060 Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Notices for Continuan...03/22/2023DI 28501.000 Reopenings and Revision of CDR Determinations - Table of...03/22/2023DI 28501.030 Routing Reopened Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Case...03/22/2023GN 00301.305 Statement(s) or Opinions of Claimant(s) or Other Person(...03/22/2023GN 00301.000 General Evidentiary Standards - Table of Contents03/22/2023DI 28500.000 CDR Reopenings - Table of Contents03/22/2023DI 28095.030 Spanish Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Language Noti...03/22/2023GN 00301.325 Business Process03/22/2023DI 28095.005 Types of Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Notices03/22/2023DI 28501.010 Processing Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Reopenings...03/22/2023DI 28095.015 Notice Designation, Suffix Usage, Pre-effectuation Revie...03/22/2023RM 10200.000 The Social Security Number, Policy and General Procedure...03/21/2023GN 03940.010 Receipt of the Fee Agreement in the Field Office and Pro...03/21/2023RM 10205.630 Internet SSN Replacement Cards (iSSNRC) Policy03/21/2023GN 03940.000 Fee Authorization Under the Fee Agreement Process - Tabl...03/21/2023GN 03940.001 Fee Agreement Process - Overview03/21/2023RM 10205.000 Social Security Number (SSN) Applications - Table of Con...03/21/2023GN 03940.045 Title XVI - Field Office Processing of Fee Agreements - ...03/21/2023GN 03900.000 Representation and Representative's Fee - Table of Conte...03/21/2023GN 03970.050 Hearing Officer's Decision on the Charges03/20/2023GN 03970.060 Field Office and Regional Office Action When an Attorney...03/20/2023GN 03970.055 Recognizing a Representative Pending Decision on the Cha...03/20/2023GN 03970.070 Electronic and Physical Addresses for All Referrals to t...03/20/2023GN 03970.035 Office of Hearings Operations (OHO)'s Administration of ...03/20/2023GN 03970.000 Suspension or Disqualification of Representatives - Tabl...03/20/2023GN 03970.017 Referrals of Suspected Fee Violations, Possible Fee Viol...03/20/2023GN 03970.016 Referral of Suspected Criminal Violations to the Office ...03/20/2023GN 03970.030 Action to Suspend, Disqualify, or Withdraw Charges Again...03/20/2023GN 03970.065 Field Office’s Sample Notices of Suspension or Dis...03/20/2023GN 03970.020 Evaluation and Action on Field Office (FO) and Processin...03/20/2023DI 39563.466 Quality Controls03/17/2023RS 02510.021 SSA-131 (Employer Report of Special Wage Payments)03/17/2023RS 02500.000 Annual Earnings Test - Table of Contents03/17/2023DI 11055.000 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability Cases - Ta...03/17/2023GN 03100.000 Appeals - Table of Contents03/17/2023GN 03103.300 Complaints of Alleged Bias or Misconduct by ALJs03/17/2023GN 03910.000 Representation of Claimants - Table of Contents03/17/2023DI 39563.000 DDS Workload Management - Table of Contents03/17/2023DI 11055.240 Field Office (FO) Procedures for Processing Presumptive ...03/17/2023RS 02510.000 Annual Reports - Table of Contents03/17/2023GN 03103.000 Hearings (Title II and Entitlement Under Title XVIII) - ...03/17/2023GN 00301.313 The Inter-Relationship of the Non-Disability Repository ...03/17/2023GN 00301.322 Retention of Paper Material After Faxing into Either the...03/17/2023GN 03910.040 Appointment of a Representative03/17/2023DI 11000.000 Initial Claims Processing - Table of Contents03/17/2023NL 00755.100 Fugitive Felon/Probation or Parole Violator Initial Awar...03/17/2023DI 25000.000 Medical-Vocational Evaluation - Table of Contents03/16/2023GN 02250.100 Defeats the Purpose of Title II - Waiver Determination03/16/2023DI 25003.000 Vocational Specialists - Table of Contents03/16/2023GN 02250.000 Waiver Provisions for Title II and Title XVIII Overpayme...03/16/2023DI 25003.001 Vocational Specialists03/16/2023GN 00301.286 Electronic Evidence Documentation and Retention03/15/2023DI 52135.030 California Public Disability Benefits (PDB)03/15/2023DI 52135.000 State Specific Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Procedure...03/15/2023DI 52100.000 Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)...03/15/2023DI 20101.000 DDS Jurisdiction - Table of Contents03/14/2023DI 20101.035 Disability Determination Services (DDS) and Social Secur...03/14/2023PR 07230.000 Conserved Funds - Table of Contents03/14/2023DI 22505.000 Development of Medical Evidence of Record (MER) - Table ...03/14/2023PR 07200.000 REPRESENTATIVE PAYMENT - Use and Conservation of Benefit...03/14/2023DI 22500.000 Case Development Procedures - Table of Contents03/14/2023PR 07230.035 New York03/14/2023GN 00301.328 Related Business Process Information03/14/2023DI 20100.000 DDS Jurisdiction - Table of Contents03/14/2023DI 22505.006 Requesting Evidence - General03/14/2023GN 00301.391 Procedure to be Followed by an SSA Translator Adjudicati...03/14/2023GN 03970.025 Field Office (FO) and Processing Center (PC) Action on D...03/14/2023GN 00605.015 Payees Exempt from the Annual Accounting Requirement03/13/2023GN 00301.316 The Purpose of Non Disability Repository03/13/2023DI 12000.000 Appeals Processing - Table of Contents03/13/2023DI 12005.000 Reconsiderations - Initial Claims - Table of Contents03/13/2023GN 02602.000 Continuing Eligibility - Table of Contents03/13/2023GN 02602.210 Date of birth alerts03/13/2023GN 00301.150 Evidence of Mail Development03/13/2023SI 02200.000 Overpayments - Table of Contents03/13/2023SI 02260.020 Defeats the Purpose of Title XVI – Waiver Determin...03/13/2023SI 02260.000 Waiver Provisions for SSI Overpayments - Table of Conten...03/13/2023DI 12005.001 Documenting a Request for Reconsideration of an Initial ...03/13/2023DI 11005.000 Disability Interviews - Table of Contents03/13/2023DI 11005.085SF Prior Claims Activity (TN 81 — 06/2011)03/13/2023DI 40115.000 Changing an Initial Disability Determination Services (D...03/10/2023DI 40100.000 Processing Center (PC) Processing of Initial Claims - Ta...03/10/2023DI 39503.825 Form SSA-872 State Agency Budget Approval for SSA Disabi...03/10/2023HI 00801.000 Hospital Insurance Entitlement - Table of Contents03/10/2023HI 00801.133 Enrollment and Coverage Periods03/10/2023NL 00730.200 Payment Stub UTIS for T2 Overpayment03/10/2023DI 40115.005 Definitions and Processing Instructions for Changing Ini...03/10/2023DI 39503.000 DDS Budget Procedures - Table of Contents03/10/2023NL 00730.000 Title II Redesign (T2R) Notices Title II Postentitlement...03/10/2023HI 00800.000 Requirement for Entitlement and Termination - Table of C...03/10/2023GN 00301.390 Procedure to be Followed by SSA Translators03/10/2023GN 00502.055 Reevaluating a Beneficiary's Capability03/09/2023GN 00500.000 Selection of Representative Payee - Table of Contents03/09/2023GN 00502.000 Determining the Need for, Developing and Selecting a Rep...03/09/2023GN 00903.400 Complaints of Discrimination Against SSA and/or SSA Empl...03/09/2023GN 00903.000 Information and Referral Services - Table of Contents03/09/2023GN 00900.000 Miscellaneous FO and OIO Activity - Table of Contents03/09/2023DI 26510.095 Completing Item 34 (Remarks) on the SSA-83103/08/2023GN 00603.020 Collective Checking and Savings Accounts Managed by Repr...03/08/2023GN 02410.000 Assignment, Levy, Garnishment - Table of Contents03/08/2023GN 00603.000 Conservation of Benefits - Table of Contents03/08/2023DI 26500.000 Initial Case Processing - Table of Contents03/08/2023GN 02410.221 Bankruptcy Petition and Garnishment03/08/2023DI 26510.000 Completion of Form SSA-831-C3/U3 -- Title II, Title XVI ...03/08/2023DI 33530.005 Disability-Related List Codes03/08/2023DI 33530.000 Index of Disability-Related List Code Numbers - Table of...03/08/2023HI 00805.000 Supplementary Medical Insurance Entitlement - Table of C...03/08/2023HI 00805.285 The SEP and Premium Surcharge Rollback for Individuals E...03/08/2023HI 00805.278 SEP Enrollments for Aged Beneficiaries with Hours’...03/08/2023HI 00805.290 SEP Requirements for Self-employed Beneficiaries - Group...03/08/2023DI 33500.000 Reference - Table of Contents03/08/2023DI 23022.000 Processing Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Comp...03/07/2023HI 00805.276 SMI Effective Date for SEP Enrollments - Group Health Pl...03/07/2023HI 00805.265 The Special Enrollment Period -- Definition - Group Heal...03/07/2023DI 12026.000 Reconsideration - Disability Hearing for a Medical Cessa...03/07/2023DI 23022.010 Compassionate Allowances (CAL) and Quick Disability Dete...03/07/2023HI 00805.270 General Eligibility Requirements for the Special Enrollm...03/07/2023GN 04400.000 Quality Appraisal - Table of Contents03/07/2023DI 23000.000 Special Issues - Table of Contents03/07/2023GN 04440.501 Completion of the SSA-1774-U5, Request for Corrective Ac...03/07/2023GN 04440.000 Federal Quality Review of Disability Determinations - Ta...03/07/2023DI 12026.025 Field Office (FO) Processing Guidelines for Requesting a...03/07/2023HI 00805.266 Description of Terms Used in the Special Enrollment Peri...03/07/2023DI 28075.000 Special CDR Issues - Table of Contents03/06/2023DI 28075.005 Failure to Cooperate (FTC) and Whereabouts Unknown (WU) ...03/06/2023GN 03300.000 Disclosure/Confidentiality of Information - Table of Con...03/06/2023GN 03330.000 Subpoenas and Court Orders - Disclosure - Table of Conte...03/06/2023GN 03330.010 Receipt and Jurisdiction of Court Order or Subpoena03/06/2023DI 28057.000 Expedited Reinstatement - Table of Contents03/06/2023DI 28057.015 Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Medical Determination Crit...03/06/2023GN 02613.980 Fugitive Felon Processing Exclusion FAX Instructions03/03/2023GN 02613.000 Title II/Title XVI Fugitive Felons and Parole and Probat...03/03/2023GN 00605.074 Reviewing the SSA-6234-OCR-SM (08/2007)03/03/2023HI 00805.315 GEP Enrollment For Disabled Beneficiaries Who Do Not Enr...03/02/2023NL 00725.000 Modernized Claims System (MCS) Notices - Table of Conten...03/02/2023NL 00725.420 SSA UTIs – Headings and Signatures03/02/2023HI 00805.300 Disability SEP for Beneficiaries for Whom Medicare is No...03/02/2023DI 11005.056 Signature Requirements for Form SSA-82703/02/2023HI 00805.310 Disability SEP Enrollments - Group Health Plans03/02/2023HI 00801.172 Taking Premium-HI Claims for the Working Disabled03/01/2023SI 00830.000 Unearned Income - Table of Contents02/28/2023GN 02408.302 Abandon Reclamation Request Needed on a Check02/28/2023GN 02408.800 Abandon Reclamation - EFT02/28/2023HI 01120.000 New Initial Determinations Using Beneficiary Information...02/28/2023HI 01100.000 Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount - Tabl...02/28/2023SI 00830.405BOS Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Mass...02/28/2023HI 01120.001 Overview of New Initial Determinations on the Income-Rel...02/28/2023DI 25003.005 Designating Vocational Specialists02/28/2023GN 02408.635 Reclamation Documentation Request Process for Title II R...02/28/2023DI 55000.000 Ticket to Work - Table of Contents02/27/2023DI 55025.000 Ticket Use Status - Table of Contents02/27/2023DI 55025.001 Determining Ticket Status02/27/2023DI 55025.010 Processing the Medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR...02/27/2023DI 55025.025 Timely Progress Requirements for Ticketholders02/27/2023DI 22515.000 Vocational Evidence - Table of Contents02/27/2023DI 51501.001 Procedural Change for Subsequent Disability Applications...02/27/2023DI 51500.000 Subsequent Disability Applications - Table of Contents02/27/2023DI 22515.010 Developing Additional Vocational Evidence02/27/2023DI 51501.000 Subsequent Disability Applications - Table of Contents02/27/2023RM 10205.635 Online Social Security Number Application Process (oSSNA...02/27/2023GN 05000.000 Taxation of Benefits - Table of Contents02/24/2023GN 05002.000 The Social Security Benefit Statement - Table of Content...02/24/2023GN 05002.046 FO/800 Number Referrals to the PSC for Corrected SSA-109...02/24/2023DI 22510.006 When Not to Purchase a Consultative Examination (CE)02/22/2023DI 22510.000 Development of Consultative Examinations (CE) - Table of...02/22/2023RM 04900.000 Exemption From Taxation on SEI - Table of Contents02/22/2023RM 04907.001 Processing IRS Form 436102/22/2023RM 04907.000 Processing Form 4361 - Table of Contents02/22/2023GN 02402.000 Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI - Table of Conte...02/21/2023DI 81010.000 FO Procedures - Electronic Process - Table of Contents02/21/2023GN 02402.436 Coding French Polynesia Bank Data on the Master Benefici...02/21/2023DI 81010.110 Processing Field Office (FO) Technical Reactivations02/21/2023DI 81000.000 Electronic Disability Guide (eDG) Procedures for the Ele...02/21/2023GN 02410.225 Other Garnishment Situations02/17/2023SI 02301.240 Whereabouts Unknown (S06)02/17/2023NL 00720.175 GAR Garnishment02/17/2023GN 00602.000 Use of Benefits - Table of Contents02/17/2023NL 00720.000 Manual Adjustment, Credit and Award Process (MADCAP) Ben...02/17/2023SI 02300.000 Posteligibility Events - Table of Contents02/17/2023SI 02301.000 Posteligibility Changes - Table of Contents02/17/2023GN 00602.010 Current Maintenance and the Personal Needs Allowance for...02/17/2023DI 39563.402 Workload Management Goals02/16/2023RM 10211.000 Alien Evidence for an SSN - Table of Contents02/15/2023HI 00820.070 Field Office Handling of Requests for Termination02/15/2023HI 00820.000 Terminations and Withdrawals - Table of Contents02/15/2023RM 10211.600 Requests for an SSN from an Noncitizen without Work Auth...02/15/2023DI 30007.155 The Request for Program Consultation (RPC) Resolution an...02/14/2023DI 30007.000 Request for Program Consultation (RPC) - Table of Conten...02/14/2023DI 30000.000 Quality Assurance - Table of Contents02/14/2023GN 00204.000 Applications - Table of Contents02/13/2023GN 00204.010 Protective Filing02/13/2023GN 00200.000 Applications and Interviews - Table of Contents02/13/2023HI 00820.030 Termination of R-HI02/13/2023GN 00506.000 Payment for Representative Payee Services - Table of Con...02/13/2023GN 00506.220 When Fees for Service Cannot Be Collected02/13/2023DI 12026.021 Completion of the SSA-789 Request for Reconsideration - ...02/13/2023SI 00830.510SEA Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends (AK PFD)02/10/2023SI 02301.235 Failure to Provide Information (N20)02/10/2023GN 00306.000 Child Relationship and Dependency - Table of Contents02/09/2023HI 01005.011 Exhibit — Standard Hospital Insurance (HI) Premium...02/09/2023HI 01000.000 Premium Collections - Table of Contents02/09/2023GN 00306.120PHI Using Information from Child's BC as Written Acknowle...02/09/2023HI 01005.000 Premium Health Insurance - Table of Contents02/09/2023GN 03913.050 Form SSA-1694 and Registration of Business Entities02/09/2023GN 03913.000 Individual Registration for Appointed Representative Ser...02/09/2023HI 00801.410 Insured Status Based on MQGE02/08/2023HI 00801.197 Withdrawal of Application02/08/2023HI 00801.251 SMI Enrollment02/08/2023HI 00801.435 Taking the Claim02/08/2023HI 00801.221 Date of Entitlement - Transplant02/08/2023GN 01743.110 Scope of the Agreement with Australia02/08/2023HI 00801.233 Medical Evidence of ESRD - Form CMS-2728-U302/08/2023HI 00801.420 Deemed GEQCs for Federal Employees — Employee Stat...02/08/2023HI 00801.247 Medicare as Secondary Payer of ESRD Benefits02/08/2023HI 00801.261 HI Freeze02/08/2023HI 00801.235 Development of Claims (ESRD)02/08/2023GN 01743.000 Agreement With Australia - Table of Contents02/08/2023HI 00801.425 Deemed GEQCs for Federal Employees — Pre-1983 Earn...02/08/2023HI 00801.215 Date of Entitlement - General Policy02/08/2023HI 00801.258 Relationship Between R-HI, D-HI, and Age 65 HI02/08/2023HI 00801.201 R-HI Insured Status02/08/2023GN 01743.020 Australian Social Security Benefits – Eligibility ...02/08/2023HI 00801.440 Special Rules Applicable to MQGE Claims02/08/2023HI 00801.405 HI Entitlement for Auxiliaries and Survivors Based on MQ...02/08/2023GN 01741.020 Korean Social Security Benefits - Eligibility Requiremen...02/08/2023GN 01739.205 Evidence Required for U.S. Totalization Benefits under t...02/08/2023GN 01753.210 Developing Evidence in Claims for Slovak Benefits02/08/2023GN 01700.000 Totalization Benefits - Table of Contents02/08/2023GN 01733.215 Applications for Benefits under the U.S. - Luxembourg Ag...02/08/2023GN 01753.000 Totalization Agreement Between the United States and the...02/08/2023GN 01739.220 Additional Applications for Chilean Benefits02/08/2023GN 01733.000 Agreement With Luxembourg - Table of Contents02/08/2023GN 01751.020 Polish Old-Age Benefits — Eligibility Requirements02/08/2023GN 01739.025 Chilean Social Security Benefits for the Private Insuran...02/08/2023GN 01739.000 Agreement with Chile - Table of Contents02/08/2023GN 01733.020 Luxembourg Social Security Benefits - Eligibility Requir...02/08/2023GN 01729.000 Agreement With Austria - Table of Contents02/08/2023GN 01733.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the U.S. - Luxembourg A...02/08/2023GN 01739.215 Application for Benefits under the Agreement02/08/2023GN 01747.210 Developing Evidence in Claims for Danish Benefits02/08/2023GN 01741.215 Application for Benefits under the U.S. - Korean Agreeme...02/08/2023GN 01741.000 Agreement with the Republic of Korea - Table of Contents02/08/2023GN 01739.145 Section 202(t)(11) U.S. Residency Requirement for Certai...02/08/2023GN 01747.020 Danish Social Security Benefits — Eligibility Requ...02/08/2023GN 01755.000 Agreement with Hungary - Table of Contents02/08/2023GN 01729.215 Applications for Benefits Under the Austrian Agreement02/08/2023GN 01733.130 Work Requirements for Luxembourg Disability and Survivor...02/08/2023GN 01751.000 Agreement with Poland - Table of Contents02/08/2023GN 01747.000 Agreement with Denmark - Table of Contents02/08/2023GN 01741.210 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...02/08/2023GN 01743.205 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...02/08/2023GN 01733.210 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...02/08/2023GN 01755.210 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...02/08/2023HI 00801.308 Form SSA-892-U2 (End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Medicare...02/08/2023HI 00801.196 Application Requirement02/08/2023HI 00801.248 Effect of Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage on Filing for ...02/08/2023RS 01403.000 Wage Evidence - Table of Contents02/07/2023HI 03020.000 Income - Table of Contents02/07/2023RS 01901.340 Federal Civilian Employment02/07/2023RS 01400.000 Wages - Table of Contents02/07/2023RS 01900.000 Coverage and Exceptions - Table of Contents02/07/2023HI 03020.055 Income Limits for Subsidy Eligibility02/07/2023HI 01005.806 LAF (Ledger Account File) Codes02/07/2023HI 01005.007 Reduced Hospital Insurance (HI) Premium02/07/2023RS 01901.000 Coverage and Exceptions - Table of Contents02/07/2023RS 01403.005 Wage Evidence Policy02/07/2023HI 03000.000 Eligibility for Subsidized Medicare Prescription Drug Co...02/07/2023HI 03001.000 Description of the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage P...02/07/2023HI 03001.020 Eligibility for Extra Help (Prescription Drug Low-Income...02/07/2023RM 10210.085 Acceptable Forms of Evidence for an SSN02/07/2023HI 00805.255 SMI Enrollment of Holocaust Survivors02/06/2023HI 00805.210 SMI Awarded Erroneously02/06/2023HI 00805.220 Inadvertent Failure to Bill for or Deduct Premiums - Non...02/06/2023HI 00805.200 SMI Awarded on Later of 2 Timely Enrollment Requests02/06/2023HI 00805.240 Other Situations Where Equitable Relief May Apply02/06/2023HI 00805.205 Delayed or Incorrect Advice Frustrated Enrollment or Ter...02/06/2023HI 00805.153 Prior Month Attainment Rule02/06/2023HI 00805.230 Delayed Deletion from State Buy-In Rolls Prejudices Term...02/06/2023HI 00805.281 Examples of the Elimination or Rollback of Premium Surch...02/06/2023HI 00805.195 Enrollment Not Processed Timely02/06/2023HI 00815.024 SSA’s Role in Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) Appl...02/06/2023HI 00600.000 Covered Services (HI-SMI) - Table of Contents02/06/2023HI 00610.030 Physicians' Services02/06/2023HI 00610.100 Services and Supplies02/06/2023HI 00815.000 State Enrollment of Eligible Individuals - Table of Cont...02/06/2023HI 00610.000 Supplementary Medical Insurance - Table of Contents02/06/2023HI 00805.275 Special Enrollment Period (SEP) Enrollments - Group Heal...02/06/2023RM 10210.210 Reviewing Age, Identity, Citizenship and Lawful Alien St...02/06/2023SI 01130.420DEN Prepaid Burial Agreements Denver Region02/03/2023SI 01100.000 Resources - Table of Contents02/03/2023SI 01130.000 Resources Exclusions - Table of Contents02/03/2023DI 13000.000 Continuing Disability - Table of Contents02/03/2023DI 13005.000 Medical Issues - Table of Contents02/03/2023SI 01130.421DEN Pre-need Funeral Contracts Established in the State o...02/03/2023DI 13005.025 Field Office (FO) Actions to Initiate a Continuing Disab...02/03/2023GN 01010.000 Adjudicative Policy and Standards - Table of Contents02/02/2023HI 01001.330 Incorrect Premium Refunds02/02/2023HI 01001.310 Billing for Premiums after an Incorrect Termination02/02/2023HI 01001.315 Changes in Method of Premium Payment02/02/2023HI 01001.045 Benefits Are Suspended02/02/2023HI 01001.080 Enrollee Changes from Quarterly to Monthly Pay Plan afte...02/02/2023HI 01001.190 Handling SMI Premiums for Beneficiaries Affected by the ...02/02/2023HI 00803.000 Medicare Entitlement for Individuals Exposed to Environm...02/02/2023HI 01001.240 Rules Governing Group Billing Arrangement02/02/2023HI 01001.225 When Premium Notices May Be Sent to an Individual Other ...02/02/2023HI 01001.065 Premium Payment Information Furnished to Beneficiary at ...02/02/2023HI 01001.030 Billing Process02/02/2023HI 01001.350 Payment Within Grace Period02/02/2023HI 01001.320 Refund of Excess Medicare Premiums – Voluntary Ter...02/02/2023GN 01000.000 Adjudication - Table of Contents02/02/2023HI 01001.295 When Premiums May Be Deemed Paid Timely02/02/2023HI 00803.030 EHH Medicare Application02/02/2023HI 01001.260 District Office Procedure in Complaint or Problem Cases ...02/02/2023HI 01001.335 Recovering Unpaid Premiums02/02/2023HI 01001.011 Examples of Premium Increases for Late Enrollment02/02/2023HI 01001.020 Collection of Premiums02/02/2023GN 01743.001 Overview and Effective Date of the Totalization Agreemen...02/02/2023HI 03035.000 Verification Process and Pre-Decisional Issues - Table o...02/02/2023GN 01743.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the U.S. - Australian A...02/02/2023GN 01743.215 Application for Benefits under the U.S. - Australian Agr...02/02/2023HI 00805.050 When Deemed Enrollment Does Not Apply02/02/2023GN 01743.150 Filing Appeals of Claims Decisions under the U.S. - Aust...02/02/2023GN 01743.140 Exception to Section 202(t)(1) Alien Nonpayment Provisio...02/02/2023HI 00805.055 Notice of Right to Refuse Deemed Enrollment02/02/2023GN 01743.015 Coverage and Contributions under the Australian Social S...02/02/2023GN 01743.125 Eligibility for Australian Benefits under the U.S. - Aus...02/02/2023HI 00805.007 SMI Eligibility for Foreign Residents02/02/2023HI 01001.004 The Variable Supplementary Medical Insurance (VSMI) Prem...02/02/2023HI 01001.000 Supplementary Medical Insurance - Table of Contents02/02/2023HI 01001.016 Part B Immunosuppressive Drug (Part B-ID) Coverage Only02/02/2023HI 03035.010 Income Verification Process02/02/2023HI 01001.010 Premium Increase for Late Enrollment02/02/2023GN 01010.815DEN Request for Legal Opinion02/02/2023GN 02335.045 Special Provisions Regarding Development of Underpayment...02/01/2023HI 00601.295 Hospice Care - Requirements for Coverage02/01/2023GN 02300.000 Underpayments - Table of Contents02/01/2023HI 00200.000 Computations/Offsets - Table of Contents02/01/2023HI 00610.420 Special Option While Under a Home Health Plan02/01/2023HI 00620.020 No Obligation to Pay for or Provide Services02/01/2023HI 00601.000 Hospital Insurance - Table of Contents02/01/2023HI 00601.350 Skilled Nursing Services—Examples02/01/2023HI 00208.000 Computations/Offsets - Table of Contents02/01/2023GN 02335.000 Underpayments Due to Medical Services Received - Table o...02/01/2023HI 00601.580 Part A Blood Deductible02/01/2023SI 00820.000 Earned Income - Table of Contents02/01/2023HI 00601.005 Covered Part A Inpatient Hospital Services02/01/2023HI 00610.250 Ambulance Service02/01/2023HI 00601.090 Limitation on Inpatient Psychiatric Benefits in Initial ...02/01/2023HI 00208.069 Disenrollment From A Medicare Advantage or 1876 Cost Pla...02/01/2023HI 00610.240 Miscellaneous Issues Included in the Coverage of Equipme...02/01/2023SI 00820.400 Uniformed Services—Pay and Allowances Effective on...02/01/2023HI 00601.015 Bed and Board02/01/2023HI 00620.150 Charges Imposed by Immediate Relatives of the Patient or...02/01/2023HI 00620.000 Exclusions from Coverage - Table of Contents02/01/2023HI 00801.137 Initial Interview02/01/2023HI 00801.012 Deemed QRRB02/01/2023HI 00801.116 HI Leads from RRB02/01/2023HI 00801.006 Requirements for Entitlement - Regular Insured Provision02/01/2023HI 00801.081 Establishing FEHBA Eligibility02/01/2023HI 00801.135 HI Premium Reduction to Zero for Certain Public Retirees02/01/2023HI 00801.152 Counting Months in Reentitlement Cases02/01/2023HI 00801.155 Deemed Entitlement to DWB for Medicare02/01/2023SI 01415.000 Elements of State Supplementary Payments - Table of Cont...02/01/2023HI 00801.076 Coverage Under FEHBA02/01/2023HI 00801.142 Transfer Enrollment Period for Individuals Enrolled in M...02/01/2023HI 00801.071 FEHBA eligibility preclusion02/01/2023SI 01400.000 State Supplementary Payments - Table of Contents02/01/2023HI 00801.161 Medicare Continuation During Appeal of Title II Disabili...02/01/2023HI 00801.146 Entitlement to HI for the Disabled02/01/2023HI 00801.154 SSI/SSP Credit for Disabled Widow(er)s02/01/2023HI 00801.106 RR Involvement02/01/2023HI 00801.134 HI Premium Reduction for Aged Individuals With At Least ...02/01/2023HI 00801.022 Application Requirement and Effective Date for Hospital ...02/01/2023SI 01415.140SF California Optional State Supplement (OSS) C - Indepen...02/01/2023HI 00801.170 Premium-HI for the Working Disabled02/01/2023GN 01010.815CHI Request for Legal Opinion02/01/2023RS 00203.000 Child's Benefits - Table of Contents01/31/2023RS 00200.000 Benefits and Payments - Table of Contents01/31/2023HI 00901.000 Hospital Insurance Entitlement - Table of Contents01/31/2023HI 00901.025 Certification of Part A/Part B Coverage for West German ...01/31/2023HI 00820.025 Termination of Disability HI (D-HI)01/31/2023DI 12020.000 Appeals Council Review - Table of Contents01/31/2023HI 00820.060 Voluntary Termination Interview01/31/2023HI 00901.040 New Medicare Numbers and Number Change Requests01/31/2023HI 00900.000 Evidence of Entitlement - Table of Contents01/31/2023HI 00930.000 Resolving Entitlement Problems - Table of Contents01/31/2023HI 00930.110 Health Insurance Critical Case Procedure01/31/2023HI 00820.015 Termination of Premium-HI for the Aged01/31/2023DI 12020.001 Appeals Council (AC) Review01/31/2023RS 00203.085 Childhood Disability Development and Determination01/31/2023DI 11005.001 Field Office Disability Interviews01/31/2023GN 02230.000 Special Overpayment Procedures - Table of Contents01/30/2023GN 01010.410 Failure to Submit Essential Evidence01/30/2023GN 02230.050 Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) - Overview01/30/2023GN 03950.000 Administrative Review of Fee Authorizations Under the Fe...01/27/2023PR 01700.000 CHILD — Marriage/Divorce/Annulment as Affecting Ch...01/27/2023RM 10225.000 Special Requests - SSN - Table of Contents01/27/2023GN 03930.180 Exhibit - Office of the General Counsel Program Litigati...01/27/2023GN 03930.000 Fee Authorization Under the Fee Petition Process - Table...01/27/2023PR 01705.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents01/27/2023PR 01705.005 Arkansas01/27/2023GN 03950.055 Model Acknowledgment Letters - Administrative Review - F...01/27/2023RM 10225.135 Elements of a Prisoner Replacement Card Memorandum of Un...01/27/2023DI 30005.000 Adjudicating Component Actions on Deficient Cases - Tabl...01/27/2023GN 04440.231 Substantive Technical Corrective Actions (TCAs)01/27/2023DI 30005.231 Substantive Technical Corrective Action (TCA)01/27/2023DI 23020.000 Priority Cases - Table of Contents01/26/2023GN 03960.000 Administrative Review of Determinations Under the Fee Ag...01/26/2023GN 03960.075 Model Acknowledgment Letters - Administrative Review - F...01/26/2023DI 23020.001 Priority Cases01/26/2023GN 02402.442 Coding Cameroon Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...01/25/2023GN 02402.448 Coding New Caledonia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary...01/25/2023GN 02402.445 Coding Yemen Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...01/25/2023GN 02402.427 Coding Gambia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...01/25/2023GN 02402.450 Coding Andorra Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...01/25/2023GN 02301.075 Benefit Authorizer Payment Instructions for Title II Und...01/25/2023GN 02402.428 Coding Sudan Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...01/25/2023GN 02402.446 Coding Guyana Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...01/25/2023GN 02402.430 Coding Arab Emirates Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary...01/25/2023GN 02402.439 Coding Nepal Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...01/25/2023GN 02301.000 Policy and Disposition of Underpayments - Table of Conte...01/25/2023DI 14510.000 Procedures for Cases Involving Participation in a VR or ...01/24/2023GN 00506.420 Fee-for-Service Certification Process01/24/2023SI 02302.200 Charted Threshold Amounts01/24/2023SI 02302.000 Continuing Benefits and Recipient Status Under Sections ...01/24/2023DI 14500.000 Continued Payments to Individuals Participating in a Voc...01/24/2023DI 14510.015 Office of Disability Operations (ODO) Procedures for Det...01/24/2023SI 00830.410BOS Verification of Title IV-E Payments to Children in th...01/24/2023SI 00830.407BOS Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Re...01/24/2023GN 01701.302 Windfall Elimination Provisions (WEP) Exceptions Based o...01/23/2023GN 01701.301 Foreign Pensions Based on Non-covered Employment –...01/23/2023GN 01701.000 Totalization Benefits - General - Table of Contents01/23/2023GN 01701.305 Recomputations Involving Totalization and the Windfall E...01/23/2023DI 27500.000 Reopenings, Adoptions and Refilings - Table of Contents01/20/2023DI 27505.015 Fraud or Similar Fault - Reopenings01/20/2023DI 27505.000 Rules for Reopening - Table of Contents01/20/2023HI 00805.386 Exceptional Conditions Special Enrollment Period (SEP) f...01/20/2023SI 00830.403NY Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) paid by...01/20/2023DI 25001.000 Medical-Vocational Quick Reference Guide - Table of Cont...01/19/2023DI 10500.000 Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) - Table of Contents01/19/2023DI 10520.000 Impairment-Related Work Expenses (IRWE) - Table of Conte...01/19/2023DI 10520.030 Determining When IRWE Are Deductible and How They Are Di...01/19/2023DI 25001.001 Medical and Vocational Quick Reference Guide01/19/2023DI 23510.035 Death after Filing – Title XVI (Chart)01/18/2023DI 23510.020 Death after Filing – Title II (Chart)01/18/2023DI 23510.000 Death Cases - Table of Contents01/18/2023DI 23500.000 Specific Case Instructions - Table of Contents01/18/2023GN 03104.000 Appeals Council Review (Title II and Entitlement Under T...01/18/2023DI 23510.025 Death Prior to Filing – Title II (Chart)01/18/2023SI 04040.000 Appeals Council (AC) Review - SSI - Table of Contents01/18/2023SI 04000.000 Administrative Review, Appeals and Finality - SSI - Tabl...01/18/2023DI 11005.085 Prior Claims Activity01/18/2023GN 03104.100 Requesting Appeals Council Review01/18/2023SI 04040.020 Requesting Appeals Council Review01/18/2023GN 02410.017 Requesting Voluntary Tax Withholding (VTW)01/17/2023DI 27000.000 Reconsideration Case Processing - Table of Contents01/13/2023DI 25500.000 Onset/Duration/Closed Period - Table of Contents01/13/2023DI 11055.105 Non-Citizen SSI Disability Claims01/13/2023RS 00205.000 Student Benefits - Table of Contents01/13/2023DI 25501.000 Onset - Table of Contents01/13/2023DI 25501.300 Established Onset Dates (EOD) for Disability Insurance B...01/13/2023DI 27015.000 Reconsideration - Completion of Form SSA-831-U3 - Table ...01/13/2023DI 45001.400 Processing Center (PC) 7 Instructions for Medicare Part ...01/13/2023DI 45000.000 Processing End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Medicare Cases...01/13/2023DI 45001.000 ODO Processing of Initial End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)...01/13/2023DI 45001.001 End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Entitlement Provisions01/13/2023DI 27015.001 Completing Form SSA-831-U3 for Reconsideration Cases01/13/2023RS 00205.400 Processing Claims and Conversion Cases for Student Benef...01/13/2023DI 12026.001 Reconsideration of a Continuing Disability Review (CDR) ...01/13/2023SI 00830.735 Payments for Clinical Trial Participation01/13/2023GN 01719.015 Benefits, Coverage, and Contributions under the United K...01/12/2023GN 01719.001 Overview and Effective Date of the Totalization Agreemen...01/12/2023GN 01719.150 Filing Appeals of Decisions on United States (U.S.) or U...01/12/2023GN 01719.130 Eligibility for United Kingdom (U.K.) Disability Benefit...01/12/2023GN 01719.215 Application for Benefits under the United Kingdom (U.K.)...01/12/2023DI 20505.000 Prior Folder Information - Table of Contents01/12/2023GN 01719.000 Agreement with the United Kingdom - Table of Contents01/12/2023DI 20500.000 Folder Management - Table of Contents01/12/2023GN 01719.110 Scope of the U.S. - United Kingdom (U.K.) Agreement01/12/2023GN 01719.120 Totalization Benefits under the U.S. - United Kingdom (U...01/12/2023GN 01719.140 Exception to Alien Nonpayment Provision (ANP) under the ...01/12/2023DI 20505.015 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Actions to Obtai...01/12/2023DI 11052.000 FO Processing of Initial End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) ...01/12/2023DI 11052.046 Field Office (FO)Processing Instructions for Extended Co...01/12/2023GN 01719.125 Eligibility for United Kingdom (U.K.) Benefits under the...01/12/2023GN 01719.020 United Kingdom (U.K.) Social Security Benefits - Eligibi...01/12/2023GN 02230.055 Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) - Posting01/12/2023GN 01719.210 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...01/12/2023GN 00506.200 Fee Amounts01/11/2023GN 02215.125 SSA Does Not Have Authority to Compromise01/11/2023DI 81010.215 The Comparison Point Decision (CPD) Date and Folder01/10/2023GN 02401.902 Nonreceipt Alleged Timely and Check in Limited Payabilit...01/10/2023SI 01120.199 Early Termination Provisions and Trusts01/10/2023DI 81010.242 Unable-to-Locate (UTL) Paper Comparison Point Decision (...01/10/2023GN 02401.000 Checks - General Information - Table of Contents01/10/2023SI 01120.000 Identifying Resources - Table of Contents01/10/2023RS 00203.030 Child's Benefits Deduction and Non-Payment Provisions01/10/2023DI 52120.200 Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation (WC)01/09/2023NL 00720.145 ENT Entitlement01/09/2023NL 00720.007 List of Captions for MADCAP01/09/2023NL 00720.065 BRR Beneficiary Reporting Responsibility01/09/2023DI 52120.000 State Specific Workers' Compensation (WC) Procedures - T...01/09/2023GN 02406.205 Nonreceipt of Title XVI Underpayment Check/Type 2 and On...01/09/2023GN 00502.113 Interviewing the Payee Applicant01/09/2023GN 02608.000 Government Pension Offset - Table of Contents01/09/2023NL 00720.180 HIB Health Insurance Benefits01/09/2023GN 02406.000 Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI...01/09/2023GN 02608.107 Exemption for Last 60 Months of Employment Covered Under...01/09/2023GN 02402.357 Coding Croatian Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...01/06/2023GN 02230.045 Remittance process for repayments of Supplemental Securi...01/06/2023SI 00820.147 Evidence of Wages from Wage Verification Companies01/06/2023RM 00200.000 The Social Security Number, Policy and General Procedure...01/05/2023RM 00299.070 Form SSA-2880 Form for Returning Documents Submitted as ...01/05/2023RM 00299.000 Appendix and Exhibits - Table of Contents01/05/2023HI 00805.040 Automatic (Deemed) Enrollment - Aged and Disabled Indivi...01/05/2023RS 01403.080 Regional Office Subpoena Procedures for Evidence of Wage...01/04/2023SI 02220.000 Recovery Procedures for Supplemental Security Income Ove...01/04/2023SI 02220.019 Debtor Reactions to the Collection of Title XVI Debts by...01/04/2023SI 02220.018 Debtor Reactions to Collection of Title XVI Overpayments...01/04/2023GN 00502.075 Child Beneficiary Becomes Entitled Based on Disability12/30/2022HI 01101.000 Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount - Tabl...12/30/2022HI 01101.020 IRMAA Sliding Scale Tables12/30/2022HI 01101.031 How IRMAA is Calculated and How IRMAA Affects the Total ...12/30/2022GN 03910.060 When a Representative's Appointment Ends12/30/2022SI 02100.000 Title XVI (SSI) Underpayments - Table of Contents12/29/2022SI 02101.000 Title XVI (SSI) Underpayments - Table of Contents12/29/2022SI 02000.000 Benefits and Payments - Table of Contents12/29/2022DI 27001.000 Introduction - Table of Contents12/29/2022SI 02001.000 Computation of Benefits - Introduction - Table of Conten...12/29/2022DI 28015.000 Relating Medical Improvement to the Ability to Work - Ti...12/29/2022SI 02001.020 Title XVI Federal Benefit Rate Increases and Rate Charts12/29/2022RM 04906.000 Final Processing - Form 4029 - Table of Contents12/29/2022GN 03960.057 PC Reviewer Responsibilities - Completing Administrative...12/29/2022DI 28015.315 Comparison Point Decision (CPD) Residual Functional Capa...12/29/2022RM 04906.001 Verifying the Religious Group and Processing Form 402912/29/2022DI 27001.001 The Reconsideration Process12/29/2022GN 03960.055 PC Reviewer Responsibilities - Beginning Administrative ...12/29/2022HI 00815.025 SSA Outreach to Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries &ndash...12/29/2022SI 02101.010 Past-Due Benefits Payable - Individual Alive Under Age 1...12/29/2022GN 03910.020 Qualifications for and Recognition of Representatives12/29/2022NL 00730.116 “H” Paragraphs and Captions12/27/2022SI 01415.055 Federally Administered Optional Supplemental Payment Pro...12/23/2022DI 31000.000 Representation of Claimants and Inquiries - Table of Con...12/22/2022DI 31001.000 Representation of Claimants - Table of Contents12/22/2022DI 31001.010 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Responsibilities...12/22/2022HI 00805.383 Exceptional Conditions Special Enrollment Period (SEP) f...12/21/2022SI 00830.853 Tribal Trust Accounting and Management Settlement Agreem...12/21/2022HI 00805.384 Exceptional Conditions Special Enrollment Period (SEP) f...12/21/2022SI 00810.000 General - Income Rules for the Supplemental Security Inc...12/21/2022SI 00810.350 Income Break-Even Points General Information12/21/2022HI 00805.382 Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Exceptional Conditio...12/21/2022HI 03010.035 General Information about the Subsidy Application12/20/2022HI 00805.387 Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Other Exceptional C...12/20/2022DI 12095.000 Appeals Processing Exhibits - Table of Contents12/20/2022SI 02201.010 SSI - What Is Not An Overpayment12/20/2022SI 02201.000 Supplemental Security Income Overpayments - Overview - T...12/20/2022HI 00805.385 Exceptional Conditions Special Enrollment Period (SEP) f...12/20/2022HI 03010.038 Completing the Extra Help Subsidy Application12/20/2022GN 01010.030 Identifying prior claims filing situations12/20/2022GN 03920.000 Administering Representatives Fees Provisions - Table of...12/19/2022SI 02201.023 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment: Recovery...12/19/2022DI 28005.016 The Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Evaluation Proces...12/19/2022DI 28005.000 The CDR Evaluation Process - Table of Contents12/19/2022GN 03920.020 Waiver of Fee or of Direct Payment of Representative's F...12/19/2022NL 01200.000 Online Notices - Table of Contents12/16/2022NL 01201.000 Online Notices - Table of Contents12/16/2022NL 01201.001 Online Notices12/16/2022HI 01101.010 Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)12/16/2022SI 02201.020 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment: Who Is L...12/16/2022NL 00610.000 Social Security Administration (SSA) Notice Standards - ...12/15/2022NL 00730.126 “M” Paragraphs and Captions12/15/2022NL 00730.149 Fact and Worksheets12/15/2022DI 52150.065 Complex Lump Sum (LS) Awards and Settlements12/15/2022NL 00730.102 "A" Paragraphs and Captions12/15/2022NL 00730.136 “R” Paragraphs and Captions12/15/2022NL 00610.110 Notice Language Clearance Process12/15/2022NL 00600.000 Beneficiary Notice Policies, Procedures and Cross-Refere...12/15/2022NL 00730.146 "W" Paragraphs and Captions12/15/2022NL 00730.030 Title II Redesign (T2R) Standalone Change of Address Con...12/15/2022DI 52150.000 Factors in Computing Workers' Compensation/Public Disabi...12/15/2022NL 00730.005 Title II Redesign (T2R) Automated Notices12/15/2022DI 27001.010 Development of Medical Evidence of Record (MER) at the R...12/15/2022DI 70000.000 Paper Modular Disability Folder - Table of Contents12/14/2022DI 70005.000 Paper Modular Disability Folder - Table of Contents12/14/2022PR 05830.070 Canada12/14/2022DI 70005.005 Overview of the Paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF)12/14/2022PR 05830.000 Recognition of Foreign Same-Sex Marriage When Domicile i...12/14/2022PR 05800.000 MARITAL RELATIONSHIP -- Same-Sex Relationships - Table o...12/14/2022GN 00305.005 Determining Marital Status12/13/2022GN 00305.000 Proof of Marital Relationship - Table of Contents12/13/2022DI 23060.020 Identifying Excluded Medical Sources of Evidence12/13/2022DI 23060.000 Evidence from Excluded Medical Sources of Evidence - Tab...12/13/2022DI 10110.000 Disabled Widow(er)'s Benefits (DWB) - Table of Contents12/09/2022DI 22515.003 Developing Sufficient Vocational Evidence12/09/2022DI 10100.000 Disability and Blindness Requirements - Table of Content...12/09/2022DI 10110.001 Requirements for Disabled Widow(er)'s Benefits (DWB)12/09/2022HI 00805.280 Premium Surcharge Rollback for Individuals With GHP/LGHP...12/09/2022HI 03001.005 Medicare Part D Extra Help (Low-Income Subsidy or LIS)12/09/2022GN 00203.025 Interviewing Medicare Claimants12/09/2022HI 00815.063 Systems Processing of State Responsibility Items12/08/2022HI 00815.073 SSA DO/BO Assistance to States12/08/2022HI 00815.039 Effect of Buy-In on the Individual12/08/2022HI 00815.085 SSA DO/BO Procedures for Resolving Individual Buy-In Pro...12/08/2022HI 00815.076 Social Security Administration (SSA) DO/BO Action Upon R...12/08/2022HI 00815.015 Loss of a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Payment to ...12/08/2022HI 00815.012 Deemed Cash Recipients12/08/2022HI 00815.045 Establishing Buy-In Eligibility for Persons Who Refuse t...12/08/2022HI 00815.030 SSA DO/BO Procedures to Develop Buy-In Coverage in Initi...12/08/2022HI 00815.001 State Buy-In Program General Description12/08/2022HI 00815.018 When A Buy-In Coverage Period Begins12/08/2022GN 00206.000 Withdrawals - Table of Contents12/08/2022GN 00206.025 Withdrawal (WD) Involving Railroad Board (RRB) Benefits ...12/08/2022DI 25005.005 Expedited Vocational Assessment at Steps 4 and 5 of Sequ...12/08/2022HI 03030.000 Resources - Table of Contents12/08/2022DI 25005.000 Capacity to Do Past Relevant Work - Table of Contents12/08/2022GN 03920.015 Delegation of Authority to Authorize Fees - Services Bel...12/08/2022HI 00815.042 Implications and Options for Beneficiaries When State Pa...12/08/2022HI 03035.020 Verification Process for Liquid Resources12/08/2022HI 03030.025 Resource Limits for Subsidy Eligibility12/08/2022DI 13015.000 Special CDR Issues - Table of Contents12/07/2022GN 01010.285 Program Service Center (PSC) Screening12/07/2022PR 05820.238 Mexico12/07/2022PR 05820.000 State Recognition of Foreign Same-Sex Marriages - Table ...12/07/2022DI 52150.030 Considering the Retirement Insurance Benefit (RIB) Optio...12/07/2022DI 13015.001 Failure to Cooperate-Insufficient Evidence Decision (FTC...12/07/2022GN 01010.008 Field Office (FO) Adjudicative Responsibilities12/07/2022DI 10000.000 Background and Overview - Table of Contents12/06/2022DI 10005.000 FO Responsibilities - Table of Contents12/06/2022DI 10005.010 Field Office (FO) and Disability Determination Services ...12/06/2022HI 00610.390 Home Health Benefits12/05/2022HI 00610.350 Payment for Medical and Other Health Services Furnished ...12/05/2022HI 00805.175 Evidence of Government Error or Delay12/05/2022HI 00610.375 Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) ...12/05/2022HI 00610.310 Treatment of End-Stage Renal Disease12/05/2022HI 00610.370 Outpatient Physical Therapy and Speech Pathology12/05/2022HI 00610.430 Annual Part B Cash Deductible12/05/2022HI 00610.510 Determining When the Limitation Applies12/05/2022HI 00610.410 Home Health Agencies Furnishing Medical and Other Health...12/05/2022HI 00805.070 Who May Execute a Valid Request for SMI Enrollment12/05/2022HI 00805.185 Processing Equitable Relief Cases12/05/2022HI 00805.170 Conditions for Providing Equitable Relief12/05/2022HI 00610.330 Physician's Services for ESRD12/05/2022HI 00805.180 Payment of Premium Arrearage12/05/2022HI 00805.165 Individual Enrollment - When A Coverage Period Begins12/05/2022GN 01010.110 Partial Adjudication12/02/2022HI 00805.152 Examples of Deemed IEP12/02/2022DI 22505.030 Obtaining Medical Evidence by Telephone12/02/2022HI 00805.151 The Date of Birth to Be Established12/02/2022GN 03950.005 Responsibility for Conducting Administrative Review Unde...12/02/2022HI 00805.155 Enrollment Request Filed After Age 65 But Before Deemed ...12/02/2022GN 00206.014 Processing a Withdrawal (WD) Request made after Adjudica...12/02/2022HI 00805.150 Deemed IEP Based on Alleged Date of Attainment of Age 6512/02/2022HI 00805.154 Use of the Deemed IEP12/02/2022GN 01010.140 Delayed Claims12/02/2022DI 22510.016 Claimant Consultative Examination (CE) Notice and Confir...12/02/2022GN 01010.038 Using Information On SSA Systems As Acceptable Proof12/02/2022GN 01010.032 Records and Information Available to the Field Office (F...12/02/2022GN 03940.005 Two-Tiered Fee Agreements12/01/2022GN 03940.041 Fee Agreements - Incorrectly Applied Fee Cap12/01/2022GN 03940.003 Fee Agreement Evaluation12/01/2022GN 03940.046 Title XVI - Field Office Processing of Fee Agreements on...12/01/2022GN 03940.050 Title XVI - Field Office Processing of Fee Agreements on...12/01/2022GN 03940.038 Fee Agreement Process - FO and PC Procedures – Cla...12/01/2022GN 03940.052 Fee Agreements - SSI Couples Cases12/01/2022GN 03920.036 Title XVI Past-Due Benefits Subject to Withholding11/30/2022GN 03920.006 Increases to Fee Cap Limits for Fee Agreements11/30/2022GN 03905.065 Exhibits for Fee Authorization under the Fee Agreement P...11/30/2022GN 03905.000 Forms, Exhibits and Notices for Representatives - Table ...11/30/2022NL 00720.050 ATY Representative Fee11/30/2022GN 03930.110 Notifying the Representative and the Claimant of the Fee...11/30/2022GN 03930.015 Responsibility for Authorizing Fees Under the Fee Petiti...11/30/2022GN 03930.105 Determining the Fee for Services Provided Below the Hear...11/30/2022GN 03960.040 Administrative Review of the Fee Authorized Under the Fe...11/30/2022GN 03930.060 Title II and Title XVI - Releasing Past-Due Benefits Wit...11/30/2022GN 03930.075 Title II - Notifying the Representative, the Claimant, a...11/30/2022GN 03930.034 Title XVI Only – Fee Petitions - Notifying the Rep...11/30/2022GN 03920.019 User Fee on Representatives Who Receive Direct Payment11/30/2022GN 03108.200 Title XVIII Medicare Fee-For-Service (FFS) Appeals11/29/2022GN 03108.000 Medicare Procedures - Table of Contents11/29/2022PR 01115.000 State Law Legitimation/Inheritance Rights Provisions - T...11/28/2022GN 03360.035 Accounting for Disclosure under the Privacy Act11/28/2022GN 03940.085 Title XVI Fee Agreement Paragraphs11/28/2022GN 03360.000 Privacy Act Administration, Communication and Other Proc...11/28/2022PR 01115.005 Arkansas11/28/2022GN 04410.000 RSI Claims Quality Appraisal System - Table of Contents11/28/2022PR 01100.000 CHILD - Legitimated Child/Child With Inheritance Rights ...11/28/2022SI 02310.000 SSI Interfaces - Table of Contents11/28/2022SI 02310.064 Title XIX Facility Match (D8 Diary)11/28/2022GN 04410.010 Retirement, Survivor, and Disability Insurance (RSDI) Qu...11/28/2022HI 00805.135 Extending the Enrollment Period11/28/2022HI 00805.100 Individual Incapacitated During IEP, GEP, or SEP11/28/2022HI 00610.290 Dental Services11/28/2022HI 00610.140 Psychologists Practicing Independently11/28/2022HI 00610.210 Necessary and reasonable11/28/2022HI 00805.130 When an Enrollment Received by Mail Is Considered Filed11/28/2022HI 00610.180 Surgical Dressings, and Splints, Casts, and Other Device...11/28/2022HI 00610.190 Rental and Purchase of Durable Medical Equipment (DME)11/28/2022HI 00610.150 Otologic Evaluations11/28/2022HI 00805.140 Enrollment Action - Claim for Entitlement Pending When I...11/28/2022HI 00610.200 Definition of Durable Medical Equipment11/28/2022NL 00740.064 Installment - Call-In Letter, Electronic Payment Reminde...11/28/2022NL 00740.000 RECOOP - Bills and Notices - Table of Contents11/28/2022GN 03360.025 Certification of Copies of Documents and Extracts from R...11/28/2022HI 00610.300 Examples of Durable Medical Equipment Covered and Not Co...11/28/2022HI 00805.105 Enrollee Needs Help in Paying Premiums or Claiming Reimb...11/28/2022HI 00805.125 Description of CMS Medicare Initial Enrollment Period Pa...11/28/2022HI 00805.110 SMI Enrollment Processes11/28/2022RS 02650.000 Treasury Department and SSA Restrictions - Table of Cont...11/23/2022GN 00306.235 Entitlement Requirements - Benefits Based on E/R of Gran...11/23/2022RS 02650.005 Payment of Accrued Benefits and the Resumption of Benefi...11/23/2022RS 02600.000 Foreign Deductions - Table of Contents11/23/2022HI 00610.120 Diagnostic X-Ray, Diagnostic Laboratory, and Other Diagn...11/23/2022HI 00610.050 Services of Interns and Residents11/23/2022HI 00610.060 Supervising Physicians in the Teaching Setting11/23/2022HI 00610.070 Radiological and Pathological Services to Hospital Inpat...11/23/2022HI 01001.345 Handling Premiums in Connection with a Reenrollment11/23/2022HI 01001.305 Program Service Center (PSC) Action on Request for Relie...11/23/2022HI 01001.370 Reviewing Office Action on Request for Relief11/23/2022HI 00610.040 Provider-Based Physicians' Services11/23/2022HI 00610.110 Drugs and Biologicals11/23/2022HI 01001.360 Good Cause Defined11/23/2022HI 01001.355 Extension of Grace Period for Good Cause11/23/2022HI 01001.367 Equitable Relief Involving RRB Beneficiaries11/23/2022HI 01001.365 DO Action When Enrollee Requests Relief11/23/2022HI 00610.010 Incurred Expenses11/23/2022HI 01001.110 Collection from Individual Entitled under Both SS Act an...11/23/2022HI 01001.105 Entitlement to Special Age 72 Payments11/23/2022HI 01001.215 Retroactive, Simultaneous Accretions/Deletions11/23/2022HI 01001.100 Delinquent Notice11/23/2022HI 01001.185 Termination of CSC Deductions11/23/2022HI 01001.255 Beneficiary Dropped From Group Payment Plan11/23/2022HI 01001.075 Information Regarding Monthly Payments11/23/2022HI 01001.200 Complaints Involving Alleged State Buy-In Coverage11/23/2022HI 01001.090 Receipt of Premiums in the Field Office (FO)11/23/2022HI 01001.205 State Buy-In11/23/2022HI 01001.250 Addition of Persons to Group Billing Account11/23/2022HI 01001.195 Beneficiary Reports Receipt of Government Pension After ...11/23/2022HI 01001.130 JURIS Processing11/23/2022HI 00610.090 Services of Physical Therapists in Independent Practice11/23/2022HI 01001.220 PW Process11/23/2022HI 01001.235 Group Payers11/23/2022HI 01001.272 Rules Governing Premium Surcharge Billing Arrangements11/23/2022DI 28005.030 Step-by-Step Discussion of the Title XVI Child Continuin...11/23/2022HI 00610.020 When SMI Expenses Are Incurred11/23/2022HI 01001.055 Handling Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Claims Wh...11/23/2022HI 01001.041 Collection from Beneficiaries When the Amount of the Ben...11/23/2022HI 01001.265 Responsibilities of Parties to Formal Group Collection A...11/23/2022HI 01001.230 Group Collection-General11/23/2022HI 01001.300 Field Office (FO) Action When Enrollee Protests Determin...11/23/2022HI 01001.040 Beneficiaries in Benefit Payment Status11/23/2022HI 01001.325 Refunding Excess Medicare Premiums for Deceased Benefici...11/23/2022GN 02604.430 Administrative Sanction Determination11/23/2022SL 30001.000 Coverage Under Section 218 Agreements - Table of Content...11/22/2022SL 30000.000 Coverage Under Section 218 Agreements - Table of Content...11/22/2022SL 30001.320 Retirement System Coverage Group11/22/2022RS 00205.320 Deemed Full-Time Attendance (FTA) During A Period of Non...11/22/2022HI 00805.095 What Constitutes an Effective Enrollment11/21/2022HI 00805.080 Withdrawal of Enrollment Before It Goes Into Effect11/21/2022GN 00605.225 How to Evaluate Payee Response About Balance in Dedicate...11/21/2022HI 00805.065 Enrollment Form Not in File11/21/2022GN 00605.224 How to Evaluate Payee Responses About Use of Dedicated A...11/21/2022DI 26510.060 Completing Item 25 (Revised Determination) on the SSA-83...11/21/2022DI 26510.065 Completing Item 25A (Adjudicative Level) on the SSA-83111/21/2022HI 00805.085 Effect of Reentitlement to HI After Termination11/21/2022HI 00805.090 SMI Enrollment of Reentitled Disability Beneficiaries11/21/2022RS 01901.700 Services Performed by Members of Indian Tribal Councils11/21/2022GN 00603.025 Dedicated Accounts for Disabled/Blind SSI Recipients Und...11/21/2022GN 00605.200 Overview of Monitoring Representative Payees with Dedica...11/21/2022GN 04410.040 Protesting Deficiency Citations- Rebuttals Title II11/18/2022PR 07220.000 Dedicated Accounts - Table of Contents11/17/2022GN 01050.185 Preparation of Folder for Transmittal of End Stage Renal...11/17/2022GN 01050.051 Who reviews and services claims11/17/2022GN 01050.000 Assembly, Jurisdiction and Routing of Claims - Table of ...11/17/2022PR 07220.007 Colorado11/17/2022DI 22511.000 Documenting and Evaluating Mental Impairments - Table of...11/16/2022RS 00600.000 Determination of PIAs and Benefit Amounts - Table of Con...11/16/2022RS 00605.000 Initial Computation of the PIA - Recomputations and Reca...11/16/2022RS 00605.905 1978 NS AIME PIA Chart11/16/2022NL 00703.930 Benefits to student terminate — Deemed age 19 &mda...11/16/2022NL 00703.000 Exhibit and Dictated Letters - Table of Contents11/16/2022SI 02260.030 Impede Effective or Efficient Administration of Title XV...11/16/2022SI 00601.040 Protective Filing Closeout Notices11/16/2022DI 10005.001 Field Office (FO) Role – The Disability Process11/16/2022GN 00602.150 Misapplication of Funds in a Dedicated Account11/16/2022DI 22511.007 Sources of Evidence11/16/2022GN 00602.140 Permitted Expenditures from Dedicated Accounts11/16/2022DI 28005.050 Drug Addiction or Alcoholism (DAA) In a Title XVI Child ...11/15/2022DI 26525.060 Diary of Favorable Determination Initial and Reconsidera...11/15/2022DI 26525.000 Scheduled Diaries - Table of Contents11/15/2022DI 28005.001 Legal Standard for Determining if Disability Continues11/15/2022DI 28005.090 Evaluating Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Cases Invo...11/15/2022DI 28005.031 Determining If a Representative Payee Sought Medically N...11/15/2022GN 00306.285 Support Requirement Under 216(h)(3)(C)(ii) for Posthumou...11/14/2022DI 25501.200 Overview of Onset Policy11/14/2022DI 11005.045 Completing the SSA-3367 (Disability Report – Field...11/14/2022RS 00605.910 Family Maximum Chart11/10/2022RS 00601.120 Cost-Of-Living Adjustment (COLA)11/10/2022RS 00605.018 Total Earnings in Computation Years Under the 1978 NS Me...11/10/2022RS 00605.070 Special Minimum PIA11/10/2022GN 02402.030 Acceptable Types of Financial Institutions and Accounts11/10/2022RS 00601.000 PIA and Benefit Amounts - Introduction - Table of Conten...11/10/2022RS 00605.900 List of RAW PIA and Family Maximum Computations11/10/2022RS 00605.948 Indexing Factors for 2023 Eligibility11/10/2022NL 00703.640 Medicare Development Notice11/10/2022DI 11010.090 Multiple Claims – Supplemental Security Income (SS...11/10/2022DI 11010.000 Initial Disability Claims Processing - Table of Contents11/10/2022RS 00605.362 Windfall Elimination Provision Exceptions11/10/2022RS 00301.000 Retirement, Survivors and Disability Requirements - Tabl...11/09/2022RS 00300.000 Insured Status - Table of Contents11/09/2022GN 00301.351 Purchase of Non-SSA Translation Services11/09/2022RS 00301.250 Chart of Increment Amounts11/09/2022GN 00306.300 Child Relationship Statement – Form SSA-251911/09/2022RS 00205.340 Enrolled In A General Education Development (GED) Progra...11/09/2022HI 00208.085 Role of the Railroad Retirement Board11/09/2022RS 02501.000 History - Table of Contents11/09/2022RS 02501.025 Determining Annual and Monthly Exempt Amounts11/09/2022HI 00208.066 The Medicare Advantage (MA) Program11/09/2022RS 00640.075 Special Minimum PIAs and Maximum Rates Table11/09/2022RS 00640.000 Computation and Benefit Tables - Old Law - Table of Cont...11/09/2022RS 00615.650 Minimum Sole Survivor's Rate (MSSR)11/09/2022GN 00210.000 Same-Sex Marriage Claims - Table of Contents11/09/2022RS 00615.000 Computation of Monthly Benefits Amounts - Table of Conte...11/09/2022RS 00615.770 Simultaneous Entitlement of Children on More Than One SS...11/09/2022GN 00308.012 California Vital Records11/09/2022HI 00208.070 Appeal Rights11/09/2022HI 00805.020 Determining the IEP for Aged Alien Non-Beneficiaries11/09/2022HI 00805.025 General Enrollment Period (GEP)11/09/2022NL 00703.931 Benefits to Student Terminate — No Longer in Full ...11/09/2022HI 00208.055 DO Role in the Public Disclosure of Survey Information11/09/2022HI 00208.060 DO Handling—Complaints of Discrimination11/09/2022DI 25501.220 Potential Onset Date (POD)11/09/2022HI 00208.071 Disenrollment from Medicare Advantage (MA) and 1876 Cost...11/09/2022HI 00208.072 Handling Medicare Advantage (MA) Inquiries and Problem C...11/09/2022HI 00208.067 Eligibility and Elections in Medicare Advantage Plans11/09/2022HI 00805.030 Relationship Between Initial and General Enrollment Peri...11/09/2022HI 00805.045 Deemed Enrollment - R-HI Beneficiaries11/09/2022GN 00308.000 Sources and Fees for State and Local Vital Statistics Re...11/09/2022GN 00210.701 Same-Sex Marriage - Premium Surcharge Rollback11/09/2022GN 00210.700 Same-Sex Marriage - Eligibility for Medicare Special Enr...11/09/2022DI 11055.035 Determining Whether the SSI Claim Needs a Field Office (...11/09/2022GN 04000.000 Administrative Finality - Table of Contents11/08/2022HI 00201.010 Confidentiality of Official Records and Information11/08/2022HI 00201.000 Health Insurance Program - Table of Contents11/08/2022HI 01015.025 Premium Deductions11/08/2022GN 04060.000 Title XVIII Administrative Finality - Reopening and Revi...11/08/2022NL 00703.724 Notice to Court — Garnishee Is Not Entitled to Mon...11/08/2022GN 04060.060 Notice of Results of Reopening11/08/2022HI 01015.000 Trust Fund Accounting - Table of Contents11/08/2022PR 03800.000 FOREIGN CLAIMS — Child Relationship Status - Table...11/08/2022PR 03830.065 British Columbia, Canada11/08/2022PR 03830.000 Illegitimacy as Affecting Inheritance Rights - Table of ...11/08/2022SI 02260.035 SSI Overpayment Waiver When Recipient's Countable Resour...11/07/2022RS 00205.295 Online Schools11/04/2022HI 00620.175 Services Reimbursable Under Automobile, No-Fault, or Any...11/04/2022HI 00620.178 Medicare as Secondary Payer for Disabled Individuals11/04/2022HI 00620.060 Items or Services Which are Paid For by a Governmental E...11/04/2022HI 00620.050 Items and Services which a Provider, Physician or Suppli...11/04/2022HI 00620.100 Personal Comfort Items11/04/2022HI 00620.070 Illustrations11/04/2022HI 02201.000 Methods of Recovery for Title XVIII Overpayments - Table...11/04/2022HI 02201.015 Medicare Appeal Requests and Refunds11/04/2022HI 00630.080 Procedure for the Issuance of an HI or SMI Card11/04/2022HI 02200.000 Medicare Overpayments - Table of Contents11/04/2022HI 02201.010 Recovery of Medicare Overpayments11/04/2022HI 02201.005 Medicare Overpayment Referrals to SSA11/04/2022HI 00630.000 Medicare Coverage Outside U.S. - Table of Contents11/04/2022NL 00703.929 Benefits to Child Terminate — Age 18/19 — Do...11/04/2022GN 02402.210 Direct Deposit for Title II Beneficiaries Who Moves to A...11/04/2022HI 00620.130 Custodial Care11/04/2022HI 00620.080 Services Not Provided Within the United States11/04/2022HI 00620.177 Medicare as Secondary Payer for End Stage Renal Disease ...11/04/2022RS 00605.955 Processing Procedures for Advance File No Bendpoint (AFN...11/03/2022HI 00805.720 Equitable Relief for Certain Former CHAMPUS Beneficiarie...11/03/2022HI 00805.725 Equitable Relief for Certain CHAMPVA Beneficiaries11/03/2022HI 00805.700 Outmoded Rules on Enrollment Periods and Coverage11/03/2022HI 00805.751 SEP and Premium Surcharge Requirements for the Aged Effe...11/03/2022HI 00805.750 SEP and Premium Surcharge Requirements in Effect for the...11/03/2022HI 00805.730 Certain Military Retirees and Dependents Receiving Healt...11/03/2022HI 00805.735 Cuban Refugees Whose Status Was Adjusted Under P.L. 89-7...11/03/2022HI 00805.721 Equitable Relief for Certain Individuals Dually Enrolled...11/03/2022HI 00805.752 SEP Enrollment Requirements for Disabled Beneficiaries C...11/03/2022GN 03315.000 Disclosure Concerning Deceased or Missing Persons - Tabl...11/01/2022GN 03315.010 Disclosing a Deceased Individual’s Information11/01/2022RS 00205.285 Independent Study11/01/2022DI 27530.000 Reopenings - Completion of Form SSA-831-U5 - Table of C...11/01/2022SI 02260.008 Subsequent Waiver Request Denial (Res Judicata) - Supple...11/01/2022HI 00901.145 Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Card Issuance - Policy11/01/2022HI 00901.065 Health Insurance Card Issuance11/01/2022HI 00901.225 Medicare Card Inquiries - Non-receipt of Medicare Card a...11/01/2022HI 00901.165 Health Insurance Card Inquiries - RRB Involvement and FO...11/01/2022HI 00901.045 Health Insurance Card - Policy11/01/2022HI 00901.030 Certification of Part B Coverage for Civil Service Annui...11/01/2022HI 00901.245 Correction of Health Insurance Cards - FO Action11/01/2022HI 00930.030 Health Insurance LAF Codes and Health Insurance Impedime...11/01/2022HI 00920.000 Part A and Part B Reject (and Qualified Approval) Codes ...11/01/2022HI 00920.120 District Office Procedure11/01/2022HI 00920.110 EOMB's and Disallowance Notices11/01/2022GN 03360.025DEN Certifications of Copies of Documents and Extracts fr...11/01/2022GN 03360.025DAL Certification of Copies of Documents (TN 3 - 8/2003)11/01/2022HI 00805.370 Processing Requests for SMI and/or Premium - HI Terminat...11/01/2022DI 27530.015 Completing Form SSA-831 in Title II Reopening Cases11/01/2022SI 00500.000 Eligibility - Table of Contents10/31/2022SI 00501.000 Eligibility Under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI)...10/31/2022SI 00501.020 Student - SSI10/31/2022HI 00805.006 Enrollee Ceases to Meet Eligibility Requirements10/31/2022HI 00801.151 D-HI for QRRB Annuitants10/31/2022HI 00805.330 Individuals with GHP Coverage Under COBRA10/31/2022HI 00805.320 Equitable Relief for Disabled Individuals Covered Under ...10/31/2022HI 00801.165 Medicare Terminations When The Provisional Benefit Perio...10/31/2022HI 00801.164 Medicare Entitlement During the Provisional Benefit Peri...10/31/2022HI 00801.167 Examples Of How Disability Determinations Affect Medicar...10/31/2022HI 00801.163 Disability Cessation Affirmed or Reversed After Benefit ...10/31/2022HI 00801.174 Withdrawal of Enrollment10/31/2022HI 00805.005 Eligibility for SMI10/31/2022HI 00805.001 Supplementary Medical Insurance (Part B)10/31/2022HI 00805.015 Initial Enrollment Period10/31/2022HI 00805.010 Rules on Enrollment Periods10/31/2022HI 00801.191 Requirements for Entitlement to R-HI10/31/2022HI 00805.295 Evidence of GHP or LGHP Coverage Based on Current Employ...10/31/2022HI 00805.322 Equitable Relief for Domestic (Or Life) Partners Covered...10/31/2022HI 00805.324 Equitable Relief for Enrollment Request Affected by Majo...10/31/2022GN 02602.578 Termination of Entitlement for Title II Beneficiaries Wh...10/28/2022GN 02330.075 Incorrect Premium Refund Distinguished From Premium Arre...10/28/2022GN 02335.020 Services Not Paid For--Who May Claim Payment10/28/2022GN 02335.015 Carrier and Intermediary Actions in Underpayment Claims10/28/2022GN 02402.405 Coding Liberia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...10/28/2022GN 02335.025 Services Paid For—Who May Claim Payment10/28/2022GN 02330.090 Tolerance Amount10/28/2022GN 02330.080 When Relief from Repayment Will Be Considered10/28/2022GN 02330.085 Development of Relief10/28/2022GN 02330.000 Premium Underpayments - Table of Contents10/28/2022GN 02330.100 Trust Fund Accounting and Adjustment of the Hospital and...10/28/2022GN 02402.403 Coding Tanzania Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...10/28/2022GN 02335.040 Special Provisions Regarding Development of Underpayment...10/28/2022GN 02335.035 Special Provisions Regarding Development of Underpayment...10/28/2022GN 02335.050 Definition of Relationship and Related Principles Govern...10/28/2022GN 02402.417 Coding Curacao Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...10/28/2022GN 02402.426 Coding Aruba Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...10/28/2022GN 02402.410 Coding Georgia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...10/28/2022GN 02402.407 Coding Chile Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...10/28/2022GN 02402.409 Coding Taiwan Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...10/28/2022GN 02402.416 Coding Bermuda Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...10/28/2022GN 02402.414 Coding Nicaragua Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...10/28/2022GN 02402.415 Coding Honduras Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...10/28/2022RS 00205.275 Home Schooling10/28/2022GN 01050.250 Disposing of Material When No Application is Filed10/28/2022GN 02335.030 General Provisions for DO Development of Underpayment Cl...10/28/2022GN 02330.015 Refund of Excess Medicare Premiums—Voluntary Termi...10/28/2022GN 00301.010 What is Evidence10/28/2022HI 00204.000 Safeguards Under Medicare - Table of Contents10/27/2022HI 00204.001 Title XVIII Safeguards10/27/2022SI 00835.901 Values for In-Kind Support and Maintenance for 2006 and ...10/27/2022SI 00835.000 Living Arrangements and In-Kind Support and Maintenance ...10/27/2022GN 00306.120DEN Using Information from Child's BC as Written Acknowle...10/27/2022NL 00722.012 Form CMS-L1617-TR (Notice of Deletion from Part A State ...10/27/2022HI 01005.015 Collection of Health Insurance (Part A) Premiums10/27/2022HI 01205.005 Provider’s, Physician’s, and Supplier’...10/27/2022HI 01200.000 Claims Process — Provider's, Physician's, and Supp...10/27/2022HI 01205.000 Claims Appeals Information for Provider's, Physician's, ...10/27/2022NL 00722.000 Other Computer Generated Notices - Table of Contents10/27/2022GN 02402.398 Coding Cambodia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...10/27/2022GN 02402.395 Coding Serbian Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...10/27/2022GN 02402.402 Coding Suriname Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...10/27/2022GN 02402.400 Coding Kenya Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...10/27/2022GN 02402.401 Coding Philippines Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary R...10/27/2022GN 02402.388 Coding Bosnia Herzegovina Bank Data on the Master Benefi...10/27/2022GN 02402.387 Coding Macedonia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...10/27/2022GN 02402.394 Coding Sri Lankan Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...10/27/2022GN 02402.389 Coding Laos Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record (...10/27/2022GN 02402.391 Coding Paraguay Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...10/27/2022HI 00401.295 Physician Defined10/27/2022HI 00401.285 Arrangements by HHA's10/27/2022HI 00401.320 Determining The Prevailing Charge10/27/2022HI 00401.300 Physical Therapists in Independent Practice10/27/2022HI 00401.315 The Customary Charge10/27/2022HI 00401.255 Rural Health Clinic Services10/27/2022HI 00401.200 Providers of Services10/27/2022HI 00401.345 Examples of Benefit Period10/27/2022HI 00401.335 Reasonable Charge Screens for Injections10/27/2022HI 00401.340 Benefit Period10/27/2022HI 00401.325 Effect of Waiver of Coinsurance or Deductible on Determi...10/27/2022HI 00401.000 Provider and Related Definitions - Table of Contents10/27/2022HI 00400.000 Definitions - Table of Contents10/27/2022HI 01005.025 State Organizations10/27/2022HI 01005.700 Law on Premium Penalty for Late Enrollment in Effect Pri...10/27/2022SI 00501.015 Determining Parent-Child Relationships for Supplemental ...10/27/2022HI 01005.010 Premium Increase for Delay in Enrollment10/27/2022GN 00301.400 Extract Translations10/27/2022NL 00725.265 HIB UTIs – Health Insurance Benefit...10/26/2022GN 00302.100DAL Developing Evidence of Age When There Is No Preferred...10/26/2022GN 00302.000 Proof of Age - Table of Contents10/26/2022HI 00801.138 Application for Premium HI10/26/2022HI 00801.145 Withdrawal of Application for Enrollment10/26/2022HI 00801.111 Determining RR Status10/26/2022DI 11080.000 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) -...10/26/2022SI 01120.205CHI Uniform Gifts/Transfers To Minors Act10/26/2022SI 01120.200CHI Revocability of Grantor Trusts -- Chicago Region Stat...10/26/2022SI 01120.201CHI Trusts10/26/2022HI 00805.250 SMI Enrollment for Qualified Railroad Retirement Benefic...10/26/2022DI 11080.005 Processing Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Ac...10/26/2022SI 01700.000 Medicaid Eligibility - Table of Contents10/26/2022SI 01730.005DAL SSA/State Agreements under Section 1634 (Arkansas)10/26/2022SI 01730.000 SSA Determinations of Medicaid Eligibility - Table of Co...10/26/2022SI 01730.009DAL (TX) SSA/State Agreements under Section 1634 (TN 26 -...10/26/2022HI 00803.001 Hospital Insurance (HI) Entitlement for Individuals Expo...10/26/2022HI 00803.050 Developing Medical Requirement for Entitlement to EHH Me...10/26/2022HI 00803.010 EHH Beneficiary Entitled to HI Based on Age, Disability,...10/26/2022HI 00803.210 Special Enrollment Period for Medicare Pilot Program for...10/26/2022HI 00820.065 Tailoring Interview to the Individual Situation10/26/2022GN 00306.280 Support Requirement for 216(h)(3)(C)(ii) Child (Survivor...10/26/2022SI 01730.007DAL SSA/State Agreements under Section 1634 (Louisiana)10/26/2022SI 01730.008DAL (NM) SSA/State Agreements under Section 163410/26/2022HI 00803.200 Medicare Pilot Program for Asbestos-Related Disease10/26/2022HI 00805.260 Medicare Entitlement for Residents of the Northern Maria...10/26/2022HI 00803.220 Special Enrollment Period for Expanded Medicare Pilot Pr...10/26/2022HI 00820.027 Termination of Premium-HI for the Working Disabled10/26/2022HI 00820.045 Voluntary Termination of SMI10/26/2022HI 00801.131 Eligibility for Premium-HI10/26/2022HI 00803.040 Developing Presence in Lincoln County, Montana, for Enti...10/26/2022HI 00801.140 Premium-Part A Enrollments for Qualified Medicare Benefi...10/26/2022DI 80830.000 Processing Center (PC) Procedures - Certified Electronic...10/25/2022DI 80830.110 Exhibits10/25/2022DI 80800.000 PC/ODAR HO Certified Electronic Folder Process - Table o...10/25/2022HI 00601.025 Drugs and Biologicals10/25/2022HI 00601.370 Psychiatric Nursing10/25/2022HI 00601.340 When Skilled Nursing Care is Reimbursable10/25/2022HI 00601.360 Student Nurses10/25/2022HI 00601.020 Nursing and Other Services10/25/2022HI 00601.430 Outpatient Services10/25/2022HI 00601.400 Services of a Home Health Aide10/25/2022HI 00601.410 Medical Supplies (Except for Drugs and Biologicals) and ...10/25/2022HI 00601.310 HHA Coverage—Discussion Guidelines10/25/2022HI 00601.440 Part Time or Intermittent Services10/25/2022HI 00601.450 Counting Visits Under the Hospital and Medical Plans10/25/2022HI 00601.270 Extended Care Benefit Days10/25/2022HI 00601.075 Late Discharge10/25/2022HI 00601.080 Leaves of Absence10/25/2022HI 00601.035 Other Diagnostic or Therapeutic Items or Services10/25/2022HI 00601.135 Covered Level of Care10/25/2022HI 00601.060 Guarantee of Payment for Inpatient Hospital Service10/25/2022HI 00601.195 Medical Social Services10/25/2022HI 00601.180 Nursing Care Provided by or Under the Supervision of a R...10/25/2022HI 00601.205 Supplies, Appliances and Equipment10/25/2022HI 00601.200 Drugs and Biologicals10/25/2022HI 00601.095 Patient's Status in Applying Reduction10/25/2022HI 00601.085 Discharge or Death on First Day of Entitlement or Partic...10/25/2022HI 00601.140 Daily Skilled Service10/25/2022HI 00601.560 Inpatient Hospital Coinsurance10/25/2022HI 00601.125 SNF Coverage Guidelines10/25/2022HI 00601.130 Prior Hospitalization and Transfer Requirements10/25/2022HI 00601.510 Duration of Home Health Services Under Hospital Insuranc...10/25/2022HI 00601.620 District Office Role10/25/2022HI 00601.600 Provider Charges to Beneficiaries for Excess Costs10/25/2022HI 00601.610 Determining Emergency Services10/25/2022HI 00601.490 Related Illness or Impairment10/25/2022HI 00601.480 Fourteen Day Limit on Plan Establishment10/25/2022RS 02002.085 Coverage Rule for Self-Employment under the U.S. - Japan...10/25/2022GN 00304.065DAL Classification of Homicide (RTN 04)10/25/2022GN 00304.000 Proof of Death - Table of Contents10/25/2022GN 02607.001PHI Prisoner Provisions Pre 4/1/0010/25/2022DI 11005.025BOS Completing The SSA-3368-BK When The Claimant Has Had ...10/25/2022DI 11005.030BOS Completing the SSA-3820-F6 When the Child Has Had Med...10/25/2022HI 00601.470 Special Conditions for Coverage of Home Health Services ...10/25/2022HI 00601.175 Covered Extended Care Services10/25/2022RS 02002.055 Scope of the U.S. - Japan Agreement10/25/2022RS 02002.095 Certificates of Coverage under the U.S. - Japan Agreemen...10/25/2022RS 02002.000 International Agreements - Continued - Table of Contents10/25/2022RS 02002.080 Rule for Government Employees under the U.S. - Japan Agr...10/25/2022RS 02002.090 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules under the Japan...10/25/2022RS 02002.065 Detached Worker Rule under the U.S. - Japan Agreement10/25/2022RS 02002.070 Coverage Rule for Crews of Ships and Aircraft under the ...10/25/2022RS 02000.000 Coverage Under International Agreements - Table of Conte...10/25/2022RS 02002.060 General Coverage Rule and Exceptions for Employment unde...10/25/2022RS 02002.050 Effective Date of the U.S. - Japan Totalization Agreemen...10/25/2022SI 02301.230 Voluntary Termination (N19)10/25/2022HI 00601.050 Therapy Services10/25/2022HI 00601.300 Home Health Services10/25/2022GN 02607.000 Prisoner Provisions - Table of Contents10/25/2022HI 00601.010 Hospital Inpatient Services - Coverage Guidelines10/25/2022HI 00601.001 Scope of Benefits10/25/2022HI 00601.065 Lifetime Reserve Days10/25/2022HI 00601.290 Covered Hospice Services10/25/2022HI 00601.030 Supplies, Appliances and Equipment10/25/2022SI 00601.015 Protective Filing - General10/25/2022SI 02260.005 Completing the SSA-632-BK (Request for Waiver of Overpay...10/25/2022HI 00801.029 Special Development Considerations10/24/2022HI 00801.027 Taking the Claim10/24/2022HI 00801.011 Qualified Railroad Retirement Beneficiary (QRRB) Defined...10/24/2022HI 00801.008 HI Entitlement for Aged Spouse of Age 62 Worker10/24/2022HI 00801.047 Requirements for Entitlement - Deemed Insured Provision10/24/2022HI 00801.034 Withdrawal Considerations10/24/2022HI 00801.066 QC Requirement10/24/2022HI 00801.061 Residence and Citizenship/Alien Status Requirements10/24/2022HI 00801.052 Application Requirement and Effective Date for Hospital ...10/24/2022GN 02406.310 Request for Reconsideration of DCN Overpayment or Forger...10/24/2022HI 00801.091 Filing the Claim10/24/2022HI 00801.086 Preclusion Because of Crimes Against U.S10/24/2022HI 00801.096 Completion of Items on SSA-18F510/24/2022GN 02406.160 Description and When to Use Department of the Treasury F...10/24/2022HI 00805.236 Current Equitable Relief Considerations Involving CHAMPU...10/24/2022HI 00801.032 Establishing Entitlement10/24/2022HI 00805.245 Development for SMI Enrollment of Civil Service Annuitan...10/24/2022HI 00805.215 SMI Terminated Erroneously10/24/2022HI 00805.235 Special Considerations for Premium-HI10/24/2022SI 01220.310SF California Grandfathered Resource Provisions10/21/2022SI 01200.000 Grandfathered Income and Resource Provisions - Table of ...10/21/2022SI 01220.000 Special Resource Provision - Table of Contents10/21/2022SI 02260.001 Basic Requirements Concerning Supplemental Security Inco...10/21/2022SI 01415.220SF Hawaii Optional State Supplementation – Prior Li...10/20/2022SI 01130.420DAL Prepaid Burial Contract10/20/2022SI 01130.100DAL The Home10/20/2022SI 01415.180SF California Optional State Supplement (OSS) Y – O...10/20/2022SI 01415.300SF Nevada Optional State Supplementation (BASIC 06/2014)10/20/2022GN 02408.022 Automated F-Stop Process for Checks Only10/20/2022DI 10005.001DAL Return Of Case Folders To FOs From DDS10/20/2022GN 02408.025 Manual F-Stop Process for a Courtesy Check Issued Due to...10/20/2022GN 02602.610 Scheduling an Interview for the Medicare Non-utilization...10/20/2022GN 01701.320 Types of Pensions in Totalization Agreement Countries No...10/19/2022GN 00307.000 Foreign Evidence - Table of Contents10/19/2022SI 00520.001DAL Residence in an Institution10/19/2022GN 00301.425 Translator's Notes10/19/2022GN 00301.360 Retention of Foreign Language Documents10/19/2022SI 00520.000 Institutionalization - Table of Contents10/19/2022SI 00835.380DAL Rental Subsidies For Residents Of Texas Effective May...10/19/2022SI 01120.205DAL Uniform Gifts to Minors Act10/19/2022SI 00830.230DAL Unemployment Benefits (Texas)10/19/2022SI 01120.200DAL Trust Property10/19/2022SI 01110.000 Resources, General - Table of Contents10/19/2022SI 01110.515DAL Ownership in Fee Simple or Less Than Fee Simple10/19/2022GN 00203.013 Interviewing People Who Act Hostile10/19/2022SI 01415.150SF California Optional State Supplement (OSS) D - Living ...10/19/2022SI 01415.160SF California Optional State Supplement (OSS) E – D...10/19/2022SI 01415.170SF California Optional State Supplement (OSS) J – R...10/19/2022GN 00307.290 Evidence of Foreign Pensions and the Windfall Eliminatio...10/19/2022RS 02002.025 Rule for Government Employees under the U.S. - Australia...10/18/2022RS 02002.015 Detached Worker Rule under the U.S. - Australian Agreeme...10/18/2022RS 02002.180 Self-Employment Rule under the Agreement with the Czech ...10/18/2022RS 02002.035 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules under the Austr...10/18/2022RS 02002.010 General Coverage Rule for Employment under the U.S. - Au...10/18/2022RS 02002.005 Scope of U.S. - Australian Agreement10/18/2022RS 02002.165 Detached Worker Rule under the Agreement with the Czech ...10/18/2022RS 02002.155 Scope of the Agreement with the Czech Republic10/18/2022RS 02002.260 Scope of Agreement with the Slovak Republic10/18/2022RS 02002.170 Crews of Aircraft Rule under the Agreement with the Czec...10/18/2022RS 02002.110 General Coverage Rule for Employment Under the Agreement...10/18/2022RS 02002.020 Coverage Rule for Crews of Ships and Aircraft - under th...10/18/2022RS 02002.148 How a Certificate of Coverage is issued Under the Agreem...10/18/2022RS 02002.115 Detached Worker Rule Under the Agreement with Denmark10/18/2022RS 02002.135 Self-Employment Rule Under the Agreement with Denmark10/18/2022RS 02002.220 Crews of Aircraft Rule under the Agreement with Poland10/18/2022RS 02002.215 Detached Worker Rule Under the Agreement with Poland10/18/2022RS 02002.248 How a Certificate of Coverage is issued under the Agreem...10/18/2022RS 02002.230 Self-Employment Rule under the Agreement with Poland10/18/2022RS 02002.160 General Coverage Rule for Employment under the Agreement...10/18/2022RS 02002.210 General Coverage Rule for Employment under the Agreement...10/18/2022RS 02002.195 How a Certificate of Coverage is Issued under the Agreem...10/18/2022RS 02002.280 Crews of Aircraft Rule under the Agreement with the Slov...10/18/2022RS 02002.290 Self-Employment Rule under the Agreement with the Slovak...10/18/2022RS 02002.310 How to Issue a Certificate of Coverage under the Agreeme...10/18/2022RS 02002.270 Detached Worker Rule under the Agreement with the Slovak...10/18/2022RS 02002.380 How to Issue a Certificate of Coverage under the Agreeme...10/18/2022RS 02002.265 General Coverage Rule for Employment under the Agreement...10/18/2022RS 02002.330 Coverage Rule for Employment under the Agreement with Hu...10/18/2022RS 02002.325 Scope of Agreement with Hungary10/18/2022RS 02002.355 Self-Employment Rule under the Agreement with Hungary10/18/2022RS 02002.335 Detached Worker Rule under the Agreement with Hungary10/18/2022RS 02002.345 Crews of Aircraft Rule under the Agreement with Hungary10/18/2022GN 02210.222 Debt Contact Representative (DCR) Use of Telephone in De...10/18/2022GN 02210.000 Methods of Recovery for Title II, Title VIII, Title XVI,...10/18/2022GN 01749.020 Eligibility Requirements for Czech Social Security Benef...10/18/2022GN 01749.145 Exception to Section 202(t)(11) Alien Nonpayment Provisi...10/18/2022GN 01749.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Czech Agreement10/18/2022GN 01749.010 Overview of the Czech Social Security System10/18/2022GN 01751.025 Polish Disability, Dependents and Survivors Benefits &md...10/18/2022GN 01751.145 Exception to Section 202(t)(11) Alien Nonpayment Provisi...10/18/2022GN 01751.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Polish Agreement10/18/2022GN 01749.225 Requests for Status of Applications for Czech Benefits10/18/2022GN 01749.215 Application for Benefits under the Czech Agreement10/18/2022GN 01749.000 Agreement with the Czech Republic. - Table of Contents10/18/2022GN 01747.015 Coverage and Contributions under the Danish System10/18/2022GN 01751.225 Requests for Status of Application for Polish Benefits10/18/2022GN 01751.215 Application for Benefits under the Polish Agreement10/18/2022GN 01751.220 Additional Application Forms for Polish Benefits10/18/2022GN 01747.145 Exception to Section 202(t)(11) Alien Nonpayment Provisi...10/18/2022GN 01747.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Danish Agreement10/18/2022GN 01747.225 Requests for Status of Application for Danish Benefits10/18/2022GN 01747.215 Application for Benefits under the Danish Agreement10/18/2022GN 01747.220 Additional Application Forms for Danish Benefits10/18/2022GN 01741.125 Eligibility for Korean Benefits under the U.S. - Korean ...10/18/2022GN 01745.225 Requests for Status of Application for Japanese Benefits10/18/2022GN 01741.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the U.S. - Korean Agree...10/18/2022GN 01707.155 German Enforcement Questionnaires10/18/2022GN 01707.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits10/18/2022GN 01707.145 Exception to Section 202(t)(11) Alien Nonpayment Provisi...10/18/2022GN 01707.220 Additional Applications for German Benefits10/18/2022GN 01707.210 Developing Evidence in Claims for German Benefits10/18/2022GN 01707.212 Evidence Required to Establish Unverified Periods of Ger...10/18/2022GN 01745.000 Agreement With Japan - Table of Contents10/18/2022GN 00301.280 Photocopying process10/18/2022GN 01707.000 Agreement With Germany - Table of Contents10/18/2022SI 00820.510 Student Earned Income Exclusion10/18/2022SI 02260.010 Development of Without Fault for a Supplemental Security...10/18/2022GN 01741.130 Refunds of Korean Contributions10/18/2022GN 01749.210 Developing Evidence in Claims for Czech Benefits10/18/2022GN 01751.210 Developing Evidence in Claims for Polish Benefits10/18/2022GN 00301.090 Personnel Authorized to Certify Documents and Records10/18/2022GN 02410.005 Bankruptcy Court Orders10/17/2022DI 11010.375 Field Office Transmittal of Paper Disability Claims10/17/2022DI 11010.355 Jurisdiction and Routing of Cases after Return from the ...10/17/2022DI 32005.085 Disability Determination Services Reconsideration Case R...10/17/2022DI 32005.065 Disability Determination Services Reconsideration Title ...10/17/2022DI 32005.035 Disability Determination Services Initial Title II-Only ...10/17/2022DI 32005.000 Routing - Initial/Reconsideration/Reopening Cases - Tabl...10/17/2022DI 32000.000 Disposition and Routing - Table of Contents10/17/2022GN 03108.210 Title XVIII Entitlement Appeals Procedures10/17/2022GN 02205.007 Joint and Several Liability for Title II Overpayment Rec...10/17/2022GN 02205.000 Liability for Recovery of Title II and Black Lung Overpa...10/17/2022DI 25501.420 Field Office and Disability Adjudicator Responsibilities...10/17/2022RS 00202.055 Certificate of Election for Reduced Spouse's Benefits10/17/2022RS 00202.000 Spouse's Benefits - Table of Contents10/17/2022RS 00202.100 Independently Entitled Divorced Spouse10/17/2022SI 01120.201ATL Trust Property10/17/2022SI 01801.300BOS Application for Food Stamps — Connecticut (TN 5...10/17/2022SI 01801.302BOS Application for Food Stamps – Massachusetts (TN...10/17/2022SI 01801.301BOS Application for Food Stamps - Maine - (TN 5-257 - 10/...10/17/2022SI 01120.220ATL Informal Loans (RTN 22 – 02/2011)10/17/2022SI 01140.215ATL Conservatorship Accounts (BASIC, 09/2017)10/17/2022SI 00520.009BOS Connecticut Department of Corrections and Federal Bur...10/17/2022SI 01801.304BOS Application for Food Stamps – Rhode Island (TN ...10/17/2022SI 01801.303BOS Application for Food Stamps -- New Hampshire -- (TN 5...10/17/2022SI 01800.000 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Table...10/17/2022SI 01801.305BOS Application for Food Stamps -- Vermont -- (TN 5-260 -...10/17/2022SI 01801.000 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Tabl...10/17/2022SI 00830.314BOS Augmented VA Benefits10/17/2022SI 00820.100BOS Massachusetts Senior Property Tax Work-Off Program (B...10/17/2022SI 01120.200BOS Grantor Trusts (RTN 263 - 12/2009)10/17/2022SI 01130.500BOS Property Essential to Self-Support (TN 5-249 - 09/201...10/17/2022SI 01120.203BOS MARC Special Needs Pooled Trust (TN 5-241 - 8/2003)10/17/2022SI 00830.650BOS Refugee Reception and Placement Grants (TN 5-244 - 10...10/17/2022SI 01140.000 Types of Countable Resources - Table of Contents10/17/2022SI 01300.000 Deeming - Table of Contents10/17/2022SI 01220.300BOS State-by-State Tables of Resource Limits and Exclusio...10/17/2022SI 01320.000 Deeming of Income - Table of Contents10/17/2022SI 01320.430BOS Effect Of Spouse-To-Spouse Deeming On Optional State ...10/17/2022SI 02003.006BOS Vermont Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement10/17/2022SI 02003.003BOS Massachusetts Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreem...10/17/2022SI 02003.000 Interim Assistance Payments - Table of Contents10/17/2022SI 02003.002BOS Maine Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement (TN ...10/17/2022SI 02003.001BOS Connecticut Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreemen...10/17/2022SI 02220.005BOS Documenting the SSI Overpayment (TN 5-248 – 04/...10/17/2022NL 00703.636 MBA Less than SMI Premium (LESSDO) - Failure to Bill - E...10/17/2022SI 01140.205BOS Joint Checking and Savings Accounts10/17/2022DI 11010.085 Multiple Type Title II Claims10/17/2022DI 11052.035 Routing Initial End-Stage Renal Disease Medicare Cases a...10/17/2022HI 03001.001 Description of the Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Pro...10/17/2022SI 00830.403BOS Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Conn...10/17/2022SI 00830.404BOS Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Re...10/17/2022DI 10501.000 General - SGA - Table of Contents10/14/2022DI 10501.015 Tables of SGA Earnings Guidelines and Effective Dates Ba...10/14/2022DI 13010.060 Determining Trial Work Period (TWP) Service Months and E...10/14/2022PS 01800.000 PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS -- Resources - Table of Contents10/14/2022PS 01825.000 Trusts - Table of Contents10/14/2022RS 00605.361DAL Exceptions to WEP - Dallas10/14/2022SI 01110.516ATL Equitable Life Estate In Home Property10/14/2022RS 01802.014PHI Limited Partnerships10/14/2022RS 01802.274PHI Documenting Constructive Notification (06 - 2008)10/14/2022RS 01802.000 Self-Employment - Trade or Business - Table of Contents10/14/2022RS 01800.000 Coverage of Self-Employment - Table of Contents10/14/2022GN 02402.371 Coding Cape Verde Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...10/14/2022GN 02402.372 Coding China Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...10/14/2022GN 02402.375 Coding Pakistan Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...10/14/2022GN 02402.370 Coding Bolivia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...10/14/2022GN 02402.379 Coding Nigeria Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...10/14/2022GN 02402.377 Coding Romania Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...10/14/2022GN 02402.376 Coding Peru Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record (...10/14/2022GN 02402.385 Coding Malaysia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...10/14/2022GN 02402.380 Coding Costa Rica Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...10/14/2022RS 00605.360DAL WEP Applicability (RTN 21, 04/2011)10/14/2022RS 00605.364DAL Determining Pension Applicability, Eligibility Date a...10/14/2022PS 01825.045 South Carolina10/14/2022DI 13010.000 Work Activity - Table of Contents10/14/2022RS 00205.250DEN Determining the EI Status of An Unaccredited, Non-Pub...10/14/2022GN 01701.245 Retirement Insurance Benefit Limitation in Totalization ...10/13/2022GN 01701.215 Family Maximums – Totalization and Non-Totalizatio...10/13/2022GN 01701.310 Foreign Pensions Based on a Totalization Agreement With ...10/13/2022GN 01702.225 Evidence of Status as Refugee or Stateless Person10/13/2022GN 01702.220 Evidence of Citizenship for Beneficiaries Living Outside...10/13/2022GN 01702.230 Evidence of Residence10/13/2022GN 01702.000 DO Development and Routing of Totalization Claims - Tabl...10/13/2022GN 01702.100 When an Application for U.S. Benefits Establishes a Prot...10/13/2022GN 01702.001 SSA’s Role in Processing Claims Under Totalization...10/13/2022GN 01702.215 Special Evidence Requirements for Claims for Foreign Ben...10/13/2022GN 01702.105 Required Totalization Application and Who Must File10/13/2022GN 01702.135 Withdrawal of Application for Foreign Benefits10/13/2022GN 01709.215 Applications for Benefits under the U.S. - Swiss Agreeme...10/13/2022GN 01709.015 Benefits, Coverage, and Contributions under the Swiss Sy...10/13/2022GN 01709.140 Exception to Alien Nonpayment Provision (ANP) under the ...10/13/2022GN 01709.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the U.S. - Swiss Agreem...10/13/2022GN 01713.125 Eligibility for Belgian Benefits under the Agreement10/13/2022GN 01713.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits Under The Belgian Agreement10/13/2022GN 01713.000 Agreement with Belgium - Table of Contents10/13/2022GN 01713.145 Exception to Section 202(t)(11) Alien Nonpayment Provisi...10/13/2022GN 01713.220 Additional Applications for Belgian Benefits10/13/2022GN 01709.000 Agreement With Switzerland - Table of Contents10/13/2022GN 01713.015 Coverage and Contributions Under the Belgian System10/13/2022GN 01709.125 Eligibility for Swiss Benefits under the U.S. - Swiss To...10/13/2022GN 01721.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Spanish Agreement10/13/2022GN 01721.145 Exception to Section 202(t)(11) Alien Nonpayment Provisi...10/13/2022GN 01721.125 Eligibility for Spanish Benefits under the Agreement10/13/2022GN 01721.015 Coverage Under the Spanish System10/13/2022GN 01721.220 Application Form for Spanish Benefits10/13/2022GN 01721.000 Agreement with Spain - Table of Contents10/13/2022GN 01739.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Agreement10/13/2022GN 01739.020 Chilean Social Security Benefits – Social Insuranc...10/13/2022GN 01729.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the U.S. - Austrian Agr...10/13/2022GN 01729.015 Benefits, Coverage, and Contributions under the Austrian...10/13/2022GN 01701.250 Minimum Sole Survivor Benefits in Totalization Claims10/13/2022GN 01702.110 Application for Benefits Under a U.S. International Soci...10/13/2022GN 01739.210 Developing Evidence in Claims for Chilean Benefits10/13/2022GN 01709.210 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...10/13/2022GN 01729.210 Developing Evidence in Claims for Austrian Benefits10/13/2022GN 01721.210 Developing Evidence in Claims for Spanish Benefits10/13/2022GN 02402.300 Coding Canadian Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Rec...10/12/2022GN 02607.360KC Identifying Sexually Dangerous Persons (TN 7 – 1...10/12/2022GN 02607.360PHI Identifying Sexually Dangerous Persons (TN 02 - 01/20...10/12/2022DI 33000.000 Disability Hearing Unit Procedures - Table of Contents10/12/2022DI 33025.000 Procedures for Special Cases and Handling - Table of Con...10/12/2022DI 33025.035 Criminal Violations - Suspected Fraud10/12/2022SI 01415.120SF California Optional State Supplement (OSS) B - Nonmedi...10/12/2022SI 01415.130SF California Optional State Supplement (OSS) F – N...10/12/2022GN 02402.383 Coding Sierra Leone Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary ...10/12/2022GN 02402.318 Coding Cayman Islands Bank Data for the Master Beneficia...10/12/2022GN 02402.355 Coding Argentina Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...10/12/2022GN 02402.324 Coding Haiti Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Record...10/12/2022GN 02402.329 Coding Sint Maarten Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary...10/12/2022GN 02402.362 Coding Belize Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...10/12/2022GN 02402.360 Coding Colombian Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...10/12/2022GN 02402.369 Coding Albania Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...10/12/2022GN 02402.366 Coding South Korea Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary R...10/12/2022SI 01415.110SF California Optional State Supplement (OSS) A - Indepen...10/12/2022SI 01415.100SF State Supplementation - California (RTN 01, 05/2015)10/12/2022GN 02402.358 Coding Czech Republic Bank Data on the Master Beneficiar...10/12/2022GN 00502.159NY Choosing a Representative Payee – State of New Y...10/12/2022GN 02607.850DEN Title II Reinstatement Policies for Colorado Insanity...10/11/2022GN 00306.100KC Entitlement Requirements - Section 216(h)(3) Child10/11/2022GN 00306.120KC Using Information from Child's BC as Written Acknowled...10/11/2022GN 03330.015DEN Guidelines for Handling Subpoenas and Court Orders (T...10/11/2022GN 02201.017 Explanation of a Title II Overpayment10/07/2022GN 02201.023 Program Service Center (PSC) Actions Title II Overpaymen...10/07/2022GN 02201.010 SSA-3105 Processing Instructions10/07/2022GN 02201.003 Determining a Title II Overpayment Amount10/07/2022GN 02201.021 Field Office (FO) Actions Title II Overpayment Waiver Re...10/07/2022GN 02201.025 Title II Overpayment Reconsideration Request10/07/2022GN 00203.002DAL Pre-Application Actions - Operating Policy (Texas)10/06/2022GN 03330.015CHI Guidelines for Handling Subpoenas and Court Orders10/06/2022SI 01130.425CHI Michigan Life Insurance Funded Burial Contracts and T...10/05/2022SI 01130.426CHI (WI) Wisconsin Life Insurance Funded Burial Contracts...10/05/2022SI 01130.424CHI (MI) -- Michigan Prepaid Burial Contracts (RTN 412 --...10/05/2022SI 01130.427CHI (WI) Wisconsin Prepaid Burial Agreements and Burial T...10/05/2022RS 02001.730 Coverage Rule for Self-Employment - U.S.- Finnish Agreem...10/05/2022RS 02001.735 Special Exceptions To The Coverage Rules - U.S.- Finnish...10/05/2022RS 02001.715 Detached Worker Rule Under the U.S. - Finnish Agreement10/05/2022RS 02001.710 General Coverage Rule for Employment Under the U.S. - Fi...10/05/2022RS 02001.925 Crews of Aircraft Rule under the Chilean Agreement10/05/2022RS 02001.915 Detached Worker Rule under the Chilean Agreement10/05/2022RS 02001.985 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules under the Agree...10/05/2022RS 02001.935 Self-Employment Rule under the Chilean Agreement10/05/2022RS 02001.940 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules under the Chile...10/05/2022RS 02001.780 Coverage Rule for Self Employment - U.S. - Luxembourg Ag...10/05/2022RS 02001.760 General Coverage Rule for Employment - U.S. - Luxembourg...10/05/2022RS 02001.765 Detached Worker Rule - U.S. - Luxembourg Agreement10/05/2022RS 02001.910 General Coverage Rule for Employment under the Chilean A...10/05/2022RS 02001.785 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S. - Luxemb...10/05/2022RS 02001.000 International Agreements - Table of Contents10/05/2022GN 02410.205DAL Service of a Garnishment Order (RTN 01 (08–2012...10/05/2022GN 00301.125DEN Foreign Document Identification Guide10/05/2022GN 00306.160DAL Baptismal Certificates from Santa Fe Archdiocese10/05/2022GN 00504.100PHI C Payment of Benefits Pending Investigation Commonwea...10/05/2022GN 00504.000 Suspensions for Payee Development and Other Payee Action...10/05/2022SI 01801.003CHI Minnesota’s Food Support Program (RTN 408 -- 05...10/05/2022SI 01801.002CHI Wisconsin Foodshare (RTN 406 -- 04/2007)10/05/2022SI 01801.001CHI Illinois Food Stamp Program (RTN 407 -- 04/2007)10/05/2022SI 00830.106CHI (IL) AFDC Payments10/05/2022SI 00815.000 What Is Not Income - Table of Contents10/05/2022SI 00815.052CHI Community Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) - (RT...10/05/2022SI 00830.415CHI (IL) Illinois Adoption Assistance10/05/2022SI 00830.403CHI Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (RTN 425/06-2...10/05/2022SI 00830.113CHI (MI) Michigan’s Temporary Assistance For Needy ...10/05/2022SI 00830.416CHI (MI) Michigan Adoption Subsidies (RTN 377 -- 10/2005)10/05/2022SI 00830.550CHI When Inheritance Property Becomes Income10/05/2022SI 00830.120CHI (OH) AFDC Payments10/05/2022SI 00830.114CHI (MI) Exhibit I Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances10/05/2022SI 00830.116CHI (MN) AFDC Payments10/05/2022SI 00830.236CHI (OH) Verifying Workers' Compensation (RTN 384 -- 02/2...10/05/2022SI 00830.126CHI (WI) AFDC Payments10/05/2022SI 00830.230CHI (MI) Verifying Unemployment Insurance Benefits (RTN 4...10/05/2022SI 01140.215CHI Blocked Accounts (RTN 380 -- 11/2005)10/05/2022SI 01140.110CHI Wisconsin Oral Life Estates10/05/2022SI 01401.000 Introduction to State Supplementation - Table of Content...10/05/2022SI 01415.001CHI (MI) Michigan State Supplementation10/05/2022SI 01401.001CHI (IN) Indiana State Supplementary Payments (RTN 400 - ...10/05/2022HI 00208.070DEN Proper Coding of the State and County (SCC) of Reside...10/05/2022GN 02607.360CHI Identifying Sexually Dangerous Persons (RTS 2-001 - 0...10/05/2022DI 11010.540DAL Examining Evidence - Foreign Claims (TN 1 -- 08/2007)10/05/2022SI 01220.300SF Arizona Grandfathered Resource Provisions10/05/2022SI 01220.330SF Nevada Grandfathered Resource Provisions10/05/2022SI 01220.320SF Hawaii Grandfathered Resource Provisions10/05/2022SI 02005.000 Computation of Benefits - SSI - Table of Contents10/05/2022SI 02005.082SF Establishing The Correct Minimum Income Level (MIL) &m...10/05/2022HI 00208.070DAL Proper Coding of the State and County (SCC) of Reside...10/05/2022GN 03330.015DAL Dallas Guidelines on Subpoenas and Court Orders (TN 1...10/05/2022SI 02220.005CHI Mandatory Review of Certain Title XVI Overpayment Dis...10/05/2022GN 01010.815SF Request for Legal Opinion10/05/2022SI 02220.040CHI Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment - Reco...10/05/2022DI 11070.000 Title XVI Childhood and Age 18 Disability Redeterminatio...10/04/2022DI 11070.006 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Recipient’s Age...10/04/2022GN 00506.001 Fee-for-Service - Overview10/04/2022GN 01753.225 Requests for Status of Applications for Slovak Benefits10/03/2022GN 01753.025 Slovak Disability, Dependents, and Survivors Benefits El...10/03/2022GN 01705.212 Deemed Periods of Coverage under the Italian System10/03/2022GN 01705.000 Agreement With Italy - Table of Contents10/03/2022GN 01705.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the U.S. - Italian Agre...10/03/2022GN 01705.010 Overview of the Italian Social Security System10/03/2022GN 01702.510 Disclosure of Information to Totalization Agreement Coun...10/03/2022GN 01702.300 Potential Dual Entitlement10/03/2022GN 01702.305 Developing and Processing Claims Under More Than One Tot...10/03/2022GN 01702.415 Development of Medical Evidence and Routing of Claims fo...10/03/2022GN 01702.410 Routing of Claims for U.S. Totalization Disability Benef...10/03/2022GN 01702.520 Status Requests and Post-Adjudicative Actions in Totaliz...10/03/2022GN 01755.225 Requests for Status of Applications for Hungarian Benefi...10/03/2022GN 01755.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Agreement with Hung...10/03/2022GN 01755.020 Hungarian Benefits Eligibility Requirements10/03/2022GN 01753.215 Applications for Benefits Under the Agreement with the S...10/03/2022GN 01755.215 Applications for Benefits under the Agreement with Hunga...10/03/2022GN 01753.205 Evidence Required for U.S. Totalization Benefits Under t...10/03/2022GN 01755.205 Evidence Required for U.S. Totalization Benefits under t...10/03/2022GN 01705.210 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...10/03/2022GN 01705.213 Representative Payee and Legal Guardian under the Italia...10/03/2022DI 13095.155 SSA-L1013 (Continuance Notice -- Title II)09/30/2022DI 13095.000 Exhibits for FO CDR Processing - Table of Contents09/30/2022DI 28001.000 Introduction to the Continuing Disability Review (CDR) P...09/30/2022DI 45001.005 Processing ESRD Claims09/30/2022DI 28001.003 An Overview of Processing Continuing Disability Review (...09/30/2022GN 00306.120BOS Using Information from Child's BC as Written Acknowle...09/28/2022GN 00504.270BOS Reply to a “Show Cause Order” Advising SS...09/28/2022GN 02607.680BOS Third Party Sources to Use to Locate Missing Inmate I...09/28/2022GN 02607.360BOS Identifying Sexually Dangerous Persons09/28/2022GN 02607.650BOS Inmate Data Development and Verification Processing f...09/28/2022PR 05000.000 MARITAL RELATIONSHIP - Applicable State Law in Deciding ...09/28/2022PR 05005.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents09/28/2022GN 02607.001BOS Connecticut Department of Corrections Release Program...09/28/2022PR 05005.006 California09/28/2022DI 52120.255 Virginia Workers' Compensation (WC)09/27/2022GN 02270.000 Personal Conference Procedures When Waiver Cannot be App...09/26/2022GN 02270.015 The Personal Conference Decision09/26/2022GN 02270.003 Claims Folder Information for Personal Conferences09/26/2022RS 02101.000 Employer-Employee Relationship - Policies and Procedures...09/26/2022RS 02100.000 Employer-Employee Relationship - Table of Contents09/26/2022GN 02270.007 File Review and Personal Conference Scheduling Miscellan...09/26/2022RS 02101.860 Electronic Processing and Document Retention09/26/2022RM 10212.200 Changing NUMIDENT Data for Reasons Other than Name Chang...09/23/2022RM 10212.000 Legal Names and Changes to the Numident - Table of Conte...09/23/2022RS 01404.000 Wage Development - Table of Contents09/23/2022RS 01802.274 Filing Dates, Effective Dates and Termination of Exempti...09/23/2022RS 01404.110 Pre-lag Development and Documentation Requirements for R...09/23/2022GN 01701.135 Totalization Benefits Payable by the United States09/22/2022GN 01701.125 Crediting Foreign Coverage in Totalization Claims09/22/2022GN 01701.100 Overview of Totalization Benefits09/22/2022GN 01701.205 Determining Benchmark Year in Totalization Claims09/22/2022RS 01404.256 Processing "Ensign" Claims09/22/2022DI 12010.035 Action Following a Favorable Administrative Law Judge (A...09/22/2022DI 12010.000 Hearings Level Review - Initial Claims - Table of Conten...09/22/2022RM 03870.055 Scrambled SEI09/22/2022GN 01701.130 Crediting U.S. Quarters of Coverage (QCs) During the Yea...09/22/2022GN 01701.140 Entitlement to Hospital Insurance (HI) in Totalization C...09/22/2022GN 01701.200 Totalization Computations09/22/2022DI 10005.020 Field Office Adjudicative Responsibilities09/21/2022NL 00701.000 Form Notices - Table of Contents09/20/2022NL 00701.430 Form SSA-L1014 — DIB Continuance — Title XVI09/20/2022RS 02800.000 Sensitive/Critical Cases - Table of Contents09/20/2022RS 02801.000 Critical Cases - Table of Contents09/20/2022RS 02801.010 Immediate Payment (IP) Criteria and Process09/20/2022GN 02250.303 Subsequent Waiver Request Denial (Res Judicata) Title II09/19/2022GN 00210.006 Same-Sex Marriages and Non-Marital Legal Relationships E...09/19/2022GN 02250.230 Completion of the SSA-632-BK (Request for Waiver of Over...09/19/2022GN 01702.310 Routing of Claims for United States (U.S.) Benefits Invo...09/15/2022GN 02402.408 Coding Vietnam Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...09/15/2022RS 02001.001 Purpose of International Agreements09/14/2022RS 02001.630 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S. Dutch Ag...09/14/2022RS 02001.575 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S. Portugue...09/14/2022RS 02001.060 General Coverage Rule for Employment - U.S. - Italian Ag...09/14/2022RS 02001.005 Certificates of Coverage09/14/2022RS 02001.010 United States Nationals09/14/2022RS 02001.090 How a Certificate of Coverage Is Issued Under the U.S. -...09/14/2022RS 02001.065 Nationality Rule in the U.S. - Italian Agreement09/14/2022RS 02001.070 Election of Coverage - Italians and Dual Nationals09/14/2022RS 02001.180 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules under the U.S. ...09/14/2022RS 02001.267 Detached Worker Rule under the Agreement with Belgium09/14/2022RS 02001.120 Rule for Crews of Ships or Aircraft Under the U.S. - Ger...09/14/2022RS 02001.110 General Coverage Rule Under the U.S. - German Agreement09/14/2022RS 02001.115 Detached Worker Rule Under the U.S. - German Agreement09/14/2022RS 02001.175 Coverage Rule for Self-Employment under the U.S. - Swiss...09/14/2022RS 02001.160 General Coverage Rule for Employment under the U.S. - Sw...09/14/2022RS 02001.165 Detached Worker Rule under the U.S.- Swiss Agreement09/14/2022RS 02001.475 Self-Employment Rule - U.S. Spanish Agreement09/14/2022RS 02001.480 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S. - Spanis...09/14/2022RS 02001.293 How a Certificate of Coverage is Issued under the Agreem...09/14/2022RS 02001.271 Self-Employment Rule under the Agreement with Belgium09/14/2022RS 02001.470 Exceptions to the General Coverage Rule for Employment -...09/14/2022RS 02001.430 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S. - Swedis...09/14/2022RS 02001.450 U.S. Spanish Agreement - General Information09/14/2022DI 52150.060 Prorating a Workers’ Compensation/Public Disabilit...09/14/2022RM 10205.092 Returning Documents Submitted for an SSN Card09/14/2022NL 00725.120 ALS UTIs – Appeals09/13/2022NL 00725.485 “WEP” UTIs – Windfall Elimination Prov...09/13/2022NL 00725.310 “MHP” UTIs – Medicare Health Plan09/13/2022NL 00725.460 ‘VRN” UTIs – Vocational Rehabilitation09/13/2022NL 00725.375 REF UTIs – Referral09/13/2022SI 01730.002NY (New Jersey) Determination of Medicaid Eligibility09/13/2022SI 01730.004NY (New Jersey) Third Party Liability (TPL)09/13/2022SI 01801.102NY (New York) When Not To Take An Application From A Pure...09/13/2022SI 01801.002NY (New Jersey) When Not To Take An Application From A Pu...09/13/2022SI 01801.107NY (New York) The Food Stamp Household09/13/2022SI 01801.104NY (New York) Expedited Processing09/13/2022SI 01730.105NY (New York) — Medicaid Qualifying Trusts (TN 436 ...09/13/2022SI 01730.106NY (New York) Medical Cessation and 1619B09/13/2022SI 01730.006NY (New Jersey) Medical Cessation And 1619B09/13/2022SI 01730.005NY (New Jersey) — Medicaid Qualifying Trusts (TN 43...09/13/2022SI 01730.104NY (New York) Third Party Liability (TPL)09/13/2022SI 01730.102NY (New York) Determination Of Medicaid Eligibility09/13/2022SI 01110.515NY Intestacy Laws (RTN 429, 05/2011)09/13/2022SI 00830.620NY Disaster Assistance: Post-09/11 Payments to Workers an...09/13/2022SI 01110.510NY Shared Property Ownership (RTN 419, 09/2009)09/13/2022SI 01110.500NY Land Laws Of Puerto Rico09/13/2022SI 01140.215NY Conservatorship Accounts (RTS 432 -- 09/2012)09/13/2022SI 01120.220NY C Policy- Informal Loans09/13/2022SI 01120.215NY Inheritances (RTN 422 (02/2010)09/13/2022SI 02003.010NY - Special Procedures (RTS 371 - 06/2003)09/13/2022SI 02003.114NY Interim Assistance Reimbursement to the Office of Ment...09/13/2022SI 01415.026NY New York Payments (RTS 399 - 06/2006)09/13/2022SI 01415.025NY New Jersey Payments (RTS 398 - 06/2006)09/13/2022SI 02003.005NY Processing Initial Claims and Post-eligibility Situati...09/13/2022SI 02003.002NY Reimbursement to the State for Interim Assistance Paym...09/13/2022NL 00701.425 Form SSA-L1013 — DIB Continuance — Title II09/13/2022SI 01210.516SF Allocating Income from Ineligible to Eligible Spouse09/12/2022SI 01210.514SF Determining Net Income09/12/2022SI 01210.515SF Allocation of Income between Eligible Individuals and ...09/12/2022SI 01210.512SF Types of Income/Property under the State Plan09/12/2022SI 01210.518SF Payments Excluded or Exempt from Consideration as Inco...09/12/2022SI 01210.517SF Allocation of Income to Ineligible Spouse from Eligibl...09/12/2022SI 01210.000 Special Blind Income Provision - Table of Contents09/12/2022SI 00815.050PHI Adult Services Program Payments09/12/2022SI 01801.306PHI Application for Food Stamps – Pennsylvania &nda...09/12/2022SI 00830.830SEA Exclusion of Alaska Native Regional and Village Corpo...09/12/2022SI 00830.314PHI Augmented VA Benefits09/12/2022SI 01220.300PHI State Plan for Resource Disregards: Region III (Phila...09/12/2022SI 01415.010PHI Administration of State Supplementary Programs &mdash...09/12/2022SI 00830.605SEA Home Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance As...09/12/2022SI 01140.215PHI Conservatorship Accounts - Pennsylvania09/12/2022SI 00830.175SEA Alaska Senior Assistance Program09/12/2022SI 01120.205SEA The Legal Age of Majority for Uniform Transfer to Min...09/12/2022SI 00820.100SEA Treatment of Chore Service, Personal Care and Attenda...09/12/2022GN 00305.030ATL Presumption Of Validity Of The Last Marriage (PVLM)09/12/2022GN 00306.120ATL Using Information from Child's Birth Certificate as W...09/12/2022SI 01415.009PHI Administration of State Supplementary Programs &mdash...09/12/2022GN 00301.035BOS SSA Access to State Records Online (SASRO) - Connecti...09/12/2022GN 00301.037BOS SSA Access to State Records Online (SASRO) — Ma...09/12/2022GN 00301.040BOS SSA Access to State Records Online (SASRO) – Ve...09/12/2022SI 00520.001DEN Residence in an Institution (Basic Care Facilities in...09/09/2022SI 01130.150DEN Land Held by a Member of an American Indian Tribe09/09/2022SI 01110.517DEN Developing Equitable Ownership09/09/2022SI 02220.045DEN Affidavit In Support Of Claims Against Estate Of Dece...09/09/2022SI 01210.500DEN Special Blind Income Provisions For Grandfathered SSI...09/09/2022SI 01110.510DEN Ownership by the Entirety09/09/2022SI 01220.300DEN State-By-State Tables Of Resource Limits And Exclusio...09/09/2022SI 01120.200KC Revocability of Grantor Trusts (RTN 9 - 06/2017)09/09/2022SI 00830.411KC Grandparents as Foster Parents Payments (GAFP) - Misso...09/09/2022SI 01120.215KC Inheritances and Unprobated Estates09/09/2022SI 00830.550KC Inheritances09/09/2022SI 02002.005KC RO Use of Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Datab...09/09/2022SI 01140.215KC Availability of Funds in Conservatorship or Blo...09/09/2022SI 02002.000 Monitoring State Accounting for Interim Assistance Reimb...09/09/2022SI 01110.510KC Shared Ownership09/09/2022SI 01130.100KC Equitable Home Ownership09/09/2022NL 00720.280 REF Referral09/09/2022NL 00720.390 WAV Waiver09/09/2022SI 01140.110DEN Life Estates09/09/2022NL 00720.210 MHP Medicare Health Plan09/09/2022NL 00720.040 ALS Appeals09/09/2022NL 00720.410 WEP Windfall Elimination Provision09/09/2022DI 22505.010DAL Deferment Of Medical Development09/09/2022SI 01120.205SF Uniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) and Uniform Transfe...09/09/2022SI 01130.620 Disaster Assistance09/09/2022NL 00720.010 Paragraph Sequence by Caption09/09/2022SI 00501.010DEN Hutterite Colonies09/09/2022DI 52145.000 Verification of Proof of Workers' Compensation/Public Di...09/08/2022DI 33095.130 Notice of Disability Hearing Decision (Foreign Claims) (...09/08/2022DI 33095.000 Exhibits - Table of Contents09/08/2022DI 81010.005 Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Overview09/08/2022GN 00308.072 Pennsylvania (PA) Vital Records09/08/2022DI 11025.000 Disability Determination Needed for Entitlement to a Non...09/08/2022DI 11025.030 Disability Determination Needed to Entitle a Dependent G...09/08/2022DI 52145.015 Retention of Workers’ Compensation/Public Disabili...09/08/2022RS 02610.000 Alien Non-Payment Provisions - Table of Contents09/06/2022RS 02610.015 Status of Countries for Alien Nonpayment Provision (ANP)...09/06/2022SI 00830.260 State Annuities for Certain Veterans09/06/2022DI 80830.075 Bureau Protest Memo Due to Error in the Administrative L...09/06/2022DI 23022.115 Bladder Cancer09/06/2022DI 23022.111 Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor09/06/2022DI 23022.130 Canavan Disease09/06/2022DI 23022.120 Osteosarcoma09/06/2022DI 23022.100 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)09/06/2022DI 23022.095 Alexander Disease09/06/2022DI 23022.110 Astrocytoma - Grade III and IV09/06/2022DI 23022.105 Anaplastic Adrenal Cancer - Adult09/06/2022DI 23022.106 Angiosarcoma09/06/2022DI 23022.163 Fibrolamellar Cancer09/06/2022DI 23022.155 Esophageal Cancer09/06/2022DI 23022.186 GM1 - Gangliosidosis - Infantile & Juvenile Forms09/06/2022DI 23022.180 Gaucher Disease (GD) - Type 209/06/2022DI 23022.143 Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy09/06/2022DI 23022.133 CDKL5 Deficiency Disorder09/06/2022DI 23022.136 Chronic Idiopathic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction09/06/2022DI 23022.150 Ependymoblastoma (Child Brain Cancer)09/06/2022DI 23022.144 Charlevoix-Saguenay Spastic Ataxia09/06/2022DI 23022.145 Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)09/06/2022DI 23022.235 Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD)09/06/2022DI 23022.226 Malignant Ectomesenchymoma09/06/2022DI 23022.250 Ornithine Transcarbamylase (OTC) Deficiency09/06/2022DI 23022.246 Oligodendroglioma Brain Cancer - Grade III09/06/2022DI 23022.215 Large Intestine Cancer09/06/2022DI 23022.190 Head and Neck Cancers09/06/2022DI 23022.205 Kidney Cancer09/06/2022DI 23022.225 Liver Cancer09/06/2022DI 23022.216 Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis09/06/2022DI 23022.221 Liposarcoma - Metastatic or Recurrent09/06/2022DI 23022.505 Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis09/06/2022DI 23022.485 Primary Progressive Aphasia09/06/2022DI 23022.860 Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease--Classic Form09/06/2022DI 23022.655 Pulmonary Kaposi Sarcoma09/06/2022DI 23022.282 Prostate Cancer – Hormone Refractory Disease &ndas...09/06/2022DI 23022.260 Ovarian Cancer09/06/2022DI 23022.270 Peritoneal Mesothelioma09/06/2022DI 23022.300 Small Cell Cancer of the Large Intestine09/06/2022DI 23022.284 Renpenning Syndrome09/06/2022DI 23022.286 Revesz Syndrome09/06/2022DI 23022.977 Phelan-McDermid Syndrome09/06/2022DI 23022.887 Richter Syndrome09/06/2022DI 23022.923 Adult Onset Huntington Disease09/06/2022DI 29000.000 Reconsideration of Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Ca...09/06/2022DI 29025.000 Preparation of Continuing Review Cases and Reopenings Ap...09/06/2022DI 29025.008 Notice of Title XVI Childhood Continuing Disability Revi...09/06/2022DI 51501.005 Claimant Requests to File a New Disability Application09/02/2022SI 00830.635 Food Programs With Federal Involvement09/01/2022DI 23570.000 Title XVI Childhood and Age 18 Disability Redeterminatio...09/01/2022DI 23570.100 Age 18 Notice of Disability Redetermination — CDR ...09/01/2022DI 28095.020 Multiple Notices09/01/2022DI 33015.065 Example of Modification to Scheduling Notice When Anothe...09/01/2022DI 33015.000 Procedures for Disability Hearing and Related Policy Iss...09/01/2022DI 33010.080 Language for Disability Hearing Scheduling Notice for Do...09/01/2022NL 00705.000 Disability Sample Guide Letters - Table of Contents09/01/2022NL 00705.358 Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Cessation Notice09/01/2022DI 33010.090 Language for Cancelling or Postponing a Scheduled Disabi...09/01/2022DI 33010.085 Language for Disability Hearing Scheduling Notice for Fo...09/01/2022DI 33010.000 Procedure for Processing Before the Disability Hearing -...09/01/2022GN 02402.342 Coding Panamanian Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary R...09/01/2022GN 03910.050 Contacting a Represented Claimant09/01/2022DI 23505.000 Title II Child Cases - Table of Contents08/31/2022DI 40515.000 Due Process/Statutory Benefit Continuation - Table of Co...08/31/2022DI 40500.000 Processing Continuing Disability Review Cases - Table of...08/31/2022DI 40515.015 Field Office (FO), Disability Determination Services (DD...08/31/2022GN 02610.000 Title II/Title XVI (Windfall) Offset - Table of Contents08/31/2022GN 02610.045 How To Complete SSI Offset Summary — SSA-4346-U208/31/2022DI 23505.001 Disabled Minor Child (DMC) Cases08/31/2022SI 02309.011 Veterans Affairs (VA) Pension Referral Cases Limited Iss...08/30/2022DI 13050.000 Expedited Reinstatements - Table of Contents08/30/2022SI 02309.000 Critical Birthday and Insured Status Diaries - Table of ...08/30/2022GN 02406.700 General Information on Mass Loss of Checks and the Payme...08/30/2022SI 02309.010 Processing the Insured Status (KZ) Diary - Supplemental ...08/30/2022GN 02607.680 Third Party Sources To Use to Locate Missing Inmate Info...08/29/2022RS 00203.080 Childhood Disability Benefits08/29/2022DI 13015.005 Failure to Cooperate-Insufficient Evidence Decision (FTC...08/29/2022SI 02309.006 Gerontology Limited Issue KC Diary08/29/2022RS 02101.114 How to Develop Domestic Service Employment Relationship ...08/26/2022DI 52150.045 Chart of States’ Maximum Workers’ Compensati...08/26/2022DI 26535.000 Notice Instructions - Table of Contents08/26/2022GN 00502.110 Taking Applications in the eRPS08/26/2022GN 00502.115 The SSA-11-BK, Request to be Selected As Payee08/26/2022GN 00502.135 Representative Payee Applicant is a Creditor08/26/2022GN 00502.185 Documenting Payee Selections/Non-Selections and Post-Ent...08/26/2022GN 00502.190 Processing Manual Representative Payee (Payee) Selection...08/26/2022GN 00502.300 Digest of State Guardianship Laws08/26/2022GN 00502.107 The Representative Payee Application08/26/2022DI 26535.005 Types of Notices08/26/2022GN 00502.114 Representative Payee Responsibilities and Duties08/25/2022DI 80830.060 Post-Entitlement (P/E) Actions08/25/2022PR 01115.048 Texas08/25/2022DI 28005.035 Drug Addiction or Alcoholism (DAA) in a Title II or Adul...08/25/2022DI 28005.009 Evidence and Basis for a Continuing Disability Review (C...08/25/2022DI 28005.210 New Impairments or Subsequent Disability in Continuing D...08/25/2022DI 28005.021 Title XVI: Determining Continuing Disability at Step 2 o...08/25/2022DI 28005.003 When to Complete an Age-18 Redetermination Instead of a ...08/25/2022DI 28005.005 Overview of Development in the Continuing Disability Rev...08/25/2022DI 28005.007 Substitution of Judgment (SOJ) During a Medical Continui...08/25/2022DI 13010.037 Trial Work Period (TWP) and Fraud Conviction08/25/2022DI 81010.030 Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) Exclusions and Limitat...08/25/2022DI 28005.015 Step-by-Step Discussion of the Title II and Adult Title ...08/25/2022DI 11005.012 Field Office (FO) Instructions for Claims Development an...08/25/2022DI 11005.006 Field Office (FO) Instructions for Claims Development an...08/25/2022GN 02615.185 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Clark Relief Appeals08/24/2022GN 02615.000 Court Case Processing for Fugitive Felon and Parole and ...08/24/2022NL 00720.245 OPT Overpayment08/24/2022SI 00520.001 Residence in an Institution08/23/2022SI 00520.130 Special Benefits for Institutionalized 1619 Eligibles - ...08/23/2022SI 00520.012 Payment Limit Due to Medicaid Transfer of Resources Pena...08/23/2022DI 24555.000 Evaluation of Specific Issues - Genitourinary Impairment...08/23/2022DI 24555.005 Using Laboratory Testing to Evaluate Genitourinary Impai...08/23/2022DI 24500.000 Medical Evaluation - Table of Contents08/23/2022RS 02610.024 Field Office (FO)/Program Service Center (PSC) Actions u...08/23/2022NL 00740.015 No Installment - Call-In Letter08/22/2022GN 02270.009 Folder Review by the Person for Personal Conference08/22/2022DI 24535.000 Evaluation of Specific Issues - Special Senses and Speec...08/22/2022GN 02402.017 Handling Overpayments Attributed to Unauthorized Redirec...08/22/2022DI 24535.020 Evaluating Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Claims for...08/22/2022GN 02201.042 Employer Issues Regarding Collection of Title II/XVI Ove...08/22/2022SI 02220.005 Documenting the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overp...08/22/2022RS 02101.260 Employment Status of Volunteer Firefighters08/19/2022DI 28010.000 Medical Improvement and Related Medical Issues - Table o...08/19/2022NL 01001.020 How to Access and Complete the Intranet Special Notice O...08/19/2022NL 01001.000 Special Notice Options for the Blind or Visually Impaire...08/19/2022NL 01001.400 Special Notice Options for Notice Enclosures and Forms08/19/2022NL 01000.000 Special Notice Options for the Blind or Visually Impaire...08/19/2022DI 28010.115 Impairment Subject to Temporary Remission08/19/2022DI 28010.135 Medical Improvement Review Standard (MIRS) Issues in Adu...08/19/2022DI 28010.145 Mental Residual Functional Capacity Assessment Form (MRF...08/19/2022NL 01001.110 Procedure for First-class Mail and a Follow up Telephone...08/19/2022RS 02101.800 Coverage Development in Employer-Employee Cases08/18/2022DI 13006.020 Field Office (FO) Actions to Screen and Process an Alert...08/18/2022DI 32001.000 Folder Preparation and Movement - Table of Contents08/18/2022DI 13006.000 Title XVI Age 18 Medical Redeterminations - Table of Con...08/18/2022DI 23007.000 Failure to Cooperate - Table of Contents08/18/2022DI 22505.025 Developing Evidence from Medical Sources of National Sig...08/18/2022DI 23570.020 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Procedures for P...08/18/2022DI 28001.001 What is a Continuing Disability Review (CDR)?08/18/2022DI 32001.005 Definitions of Terms Affecting Routing08/18/2022DI 23007.005 Contacting the Claimant, Applicant, Appointed Representa...08/18/2022HI 01140.020 Appeals Status Information08/17/2022HI 01140.000 Appeal of Medicare Income Related Monthly Adjustment Amo...08/17/2022HI 00805.400 Medicare Part B Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage (Part B-...08/17/2022DI 26535.036 Special Notice Situations08/17/2022RS 02101.865 Development When Information in File Suggests Dubious Em...08/16/2022SI 00820.141 Alternative Wage Verification – Periodic Reports W...08/15/2022SI 00820.142 Alternative Wage Verification - Sheltered Workshop Pays ...08/15/2022SI 00820.010 In-Kind Items Provided as Remuneration for Employment08/15/2022SI 00820.115 Wage Advances and Deferred Wages08/15/2022SI 00820.230 How to Estimate NESE for Current Taxable Year08/15/2022SI 00820.450 Royalties and Honoraria08/15/2022DI 26530.030 Initial DIB After Death Denial — Personalized Disa...08/15/2022DI 26530.000 Personalized Disability Explanations - Table of Contents08/15/2022DI 26530.050 Initial Title XVI Denial - DC/BC Under Age 18 - Personal...08/15/2022DI 26530.035 Initial DWB Denial — Personalized Disability Expla...08/15/2022DI 26530.025 Initial DIB Denial - Personalized Disability Explanation...08/15/2022DI 26530.045 Initial Title XVI Denial — DI/BI, DS/BS, or DC/BC ...08/15/2022DI 26530.040 Initial CDB/CDB Reentitlement Denials — Personaliz...08/15/2022DI 29025.007 Processing Title XVI Childhood Continuing Disability Rev...08/15/2022DI 33025.073 Processing Title XVI Childhood Continuing Disability Rev...08/15/2022DI 11005.080 Field Offices (FOs) Handling Potential Suicidal or Homic...08/15/2022SI 00820.102 Cafeteria Benefit Plans08/15/2022SI 00820.132 Periodic Reporting Income Summary Worksheets08/15/2022SI 00820.131 Income Summary Worksheets08/15/2022SI 00820.150 Estimating Future Wages08/15/2022DI 23510.040 Decision Paragraph for Death after Filing – Title ...08/12/2022DI 23510.030 Decision Paragraph for a Disability Insurance Benefit (D...08/12/2022DI 28015.001 Context and Scope — Relating MI to Ability to Work08/12/2022DI 25230.020 Exhibit — Childhood Disability Evaluation Form (SS...08/10/2022DI 25200.000 Title XVI Child Claims Based on Disability - Table of Co...08/10/2022DI 25230.000 Childhood Disability Evaluation Form (SSA-538) - Table o...08/10/2022DI 23022.463 Myelodysplastic Syndrome with Excess Blasts08/10/2022DI 23022.117 Blastic Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cell Neoplasm08/10/2022DI 23022.457 Mowat-Wilson Syndrome08/10/2022DI 23022.357 Angioimmunoblastic T-Cell Lymphoma08/10/2022DI 23022.481 Pfeiffer Syndrome - Types II and III08/10/2022DI 23022.643 Posterior Cortical Atrophy08/10/2022DI 12045.000 Special Situations - Table of Contents08/10/2022DI 23505.010 Childhood Disability Beneficiary (CDB) Reentitlement08/10/2022DI 23022.477 NUT Carcinoma08/10/2022DI 23022.453 Microvillus Inclusion Disease – Child08/10/2022DI 23022.403 Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker Disease08/10/2022DI 23022.878 Renal Amyloidosis – AL Type08/10/2022DI 23022.482 Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia08/10/2022DI 23022.587 Sarcomatoid Mesothelioma08/10/2022DI 23022.080 List of Compassionate Allowances (CAL) Conditions08/10/2022DI 12045.027 New Claim or Appeal Filed While a Prior Claim or Appeal ...08/10/2022DI 31515.203 SSA-L44208/09/2022DI 31500.000 Correspondence - Table of Contents08/09/2022DI 31515.000 Forms, Form Letters, Form Paragraphs, and Riders - Table...08/09/2022DI 28005.025 Summary Chart of the Continuing Disability Review (CDR) ...08/08/2022DI 28005.040 Drug Addiction or Alcoholism (DAA) In a Title II or Adul...08/08/2022DI 28005.010 Summary Chart of The Continuing Disability Review (CDR) ...08/08/2022DI 28005.045 Drug Addiction or Alcoholism (DAA) in a Title II or Adul...08/08/2022DI 28005.205 Determining the Cessation Month in Continuing Disability...08/08/2022GN 00602.001 Use of Benefits08/05/2022SI 00530.280 OIG Case Feedback Form08/05/2022SI 00530.400 May a Law Enforcement Agency Directly Contact a FO About...08/05/2022SI 00530.230 How Do I Process a Fugitive Referral From OIG?08/05/2022SI 00530.260 Law Enforcement Unwilling to Act on Warrant08/05/2022SI 00530.250 Efforts to Locate Unsuccessful08/05/2022SI 00530.410 Can I Use Information From a Law Enforcement Officer to ...08/05/2022SI 00530.430 How Do I Process a Report of Fugitive Status From a Thir...08/05/2022SI 00530.420 Can I Use Reports of Fugitive Status From Other Third Pa...08/05/2022SI 00530.000 Fugitive Felons and Parole and Probation Violators - Tab...08/05/2022SI 00530.270 How Do I Process an OIG Referral With an SSI Claim Pendi...08/05/2022DI 81020.000 DDS Procedures - Electronic Process - Table of Contents08/05/2022DI 81020.135 Federal Quality Review (QR)08/05/2022SI 00530.240 Individual Identified and Taken into Custody08/05/2022GN 02403.161 Social Security Electronic Remittance System (SERS) for ...08/04/2022GN 02403.000 Procedures for Handling Remittances and Premium Payments...08/04/2022PR 05600.000 MARITAL RELATIONSHIP - Common-Law Marriages - Table of C...08/04/2022PR 05605.000 State Law Requirements - Table of Contents08/04/2022PR 03130.000 Common-Law Marriage - Table of Contents08/04/2022PR 03100.000 FOREIGN CLAIMS — Marriage - Table of Contents08/04/2022PR 05605.010 District of Columbia08/04/2022SI 02305.000 Redeterminations of Eligibility and/or Payment Amount - ...08/04/2022SI 02305.071 Completing Redeterminations (RZs) in MSSICS or on Paper ...08/04/2022GN 02613.001 How Fugitive Status Affects Title II Benefits08/03/2022GN 02613.010 Title II Fugitive Suspension Provisions08/03/2022SI 00515.000 SSA Access to Financial Institutions (AFI) - Table of Co...08/03/2022GN 02613.150 Receiving and Processing Warrant Information08/03/2022SI 01120.220 Cash Loans08/03/2022SI 01140.100 Non-Home Real Property08/03/2022SI 01130.662 State Annuities for Certain Veterans08/03/2022GN 02613.250 Warrants from Other Countries08/03/2022SI 00515.001 Requirement for Permission to Contact Financial Institut...08/03/2022GN 02613.600 Resuming Benefits08/03/2022GN 02613.100 Fugitive Felon SSA Control File (FFSCF)08/03/2022GN 02613.050 Initial Claims — Determining Fugitive Status08/03/2022GN 02613.025 Good Cause Provisions08/03/2022GN 02613.030 Beneficiary Wants to Establish Good Cause08/03/2022GN 02613.500 Reinstating Benefits08/03/2022GN 02613.450 Protest of Suspension and Deferral of Overpayment Recove...08/03/2022SI 00830.815 Native American Precedent Application (NAPA) Website08/02/2022GN 02613.940 Fugitive Felon Advance Notice Requirements08/02/2022GN 02613.930 Good Cause Reasons08/02/2022GN 02613.910 Medical Impairment Codes for Good Cause Decisions08/02/2022GN 02613.900 Offense Code Categories for Crimes08/02/2022GN 02613.925 EVS Fugitive Felon Codes08/02/2022GN 02613.915 Law Enforcement Action (LEA) Result Codes08/02/2022GN 02613.920 Fugitive Felon Status Codes08/02/2022DI 23007.001 Failure to Cooperate and Insufficient Evidence Definitio...08/02/2022DI 23007.010 A Reasonable Effort to Identify and Involve a Third Part...08/02/2022GN 02613.780 Exclusions to Reinstatement Processing from FFEL08/02/2022GN 02613.760 Processing T2 Suspension Exception Cases from POS/FFEL08/02/2022DI 23007.015 Making a Determination Based on the Evidence in the File08/02/2022GN 02613.960 Fugitive Felon Notices and Paragraphs08/02/2022GN 02613.770 PSC Processing of T2 Suspension Exceptions from the POS/...08/02/2022GN 03105.000 Claims Folder Reconstruction - Table of Contents08/01/2022GN 03105.010 Reconstruction of Destroyed or Missing Paper Claims Fold...08/01/2022GN 02403.050 Unverified Alert Process -- Remittances08/01/2022GN 02602.070 Procedure for Resolving Death Alerts08/01/2022SI 00835.170 Earmarked Sharing08/01/2022GN 01733.150 Filing Appeals of Decisions on U.S. or Luxembourg Claims08/01/2022GN 01733.001 Overview and Effective Date of the Totalization Agreemen...08/01/2022GN 01733.015 Benefits, Coverage, and Contributions under the Luxembou...08/01/2022GN 01733.110 Scope of the U.S. - Luxembourg Agreement08/01/2022GN 01733.140 Exception to Alien Nonpayment Provision (ANP) under the ...08/01/2022DI 11010.330 Developing Cause of Death on a Pending Disability Claim08/01/2022GN 03105.020 Locating Missing Claims Folders08/01/2022GN 01733.125 Eligibility for Luxembourg Benefits under the U.S.- Luxe...08/01/2022SI 00530.500 Do the Rules of Administrative Finality Apply When the I...07/29/2022SI 00530.920 Medical Impairment Codes for Good Cause Decisions07/29/2022SI 00530.930 Fugitive Felon Indicator Values on OI-5D07/29/2022SI 00530.925 Law Enforcement Action Codes on OI-5D07/29/2022SI 00530.600 How Do I Respond to Questions From Someone in N25 Status...07/29/2022SI 00530.900 What Security Measures Should Field Offices Take When In...07/29/2022SI 00530.510 How Do I Apply Rules of Administrative Finality When Fra...07/29/2022SI 00530.910 Offense Code Categories for Crimes07/29/2022SI 00530.901 May OIG Make an Arrest in the FO?07/29/2022GN 02403.156 Money Orders Received from Bankrupt Money Order Companie...07/28/2022SI 00835.320 Rebuttal Procedures and Presumed Maximum Value (PMV) Rul...07/28/2022NL 00708.000 Letters and Paragraphs For Title II and Title XVIII - Ta...07/28/2022DI 55060.010 FO Role in Providing Assistance in the EN Payment Proces...07/28/2022DI 55060.000 EN Payment Systems Under the Ticket Program - Table of C...07/28/2022NL 00708.100 Numbered Paragraphs07/28/2022DI 55001.000 Overview of the Ticket and Self-Sufficiency Program - Ta...07/27/2022DI 25501.210 Alleged Onset Date (AOD)07/27/2022DI 55001.600 Repeal of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Refusal Provisi...07/27/2022DI 52120.265 Washington (WA) Workers’ Compensation (WC)07/27/2022DI 22505.014 Requesting Evidence or Action from the Claimant or Third...07/27/2022SI 00835.625 SSA-8011 — Statement of Household Expenses and Con...07/27/2022PR 01105.000 General - Table of Contents07/26/2022PR 01105.048 Texas07/26/2022SI 00530.220 What FO has Jurisdiction When Warrant and SSR Address ar...07/25/2022SI 00530.160 What If an Individual Reports Fleeing From a Crime Commi...07/25/2022SI 00530.140 In First Party Reports, What are the Procedures for Dete...07/25/2022SI 00530.150 What if Individual Cannot Provide Warrant Information?07/25/2022SI 00530.210 What is a Law Enforcement Agency’s Role in Identif...07/25/2022SI 00530.200 What is OIG’s Role in Identifying Fugitives?07/25/2022SI 00530.110 Initial SSI Claims07/25/2022SI 00530.130 Other First Party Reports07/25/2022SI 00530.120 SSI Redeterminations07/25/2022SI 00530.205 Fugitive Felon Automated Case Processing (FFAP)07/25/2022DI 22510.019 Consultative Examination (CE) Appointment Notice Follow ...07/22/2022DI 11005.076 Interviewing People with a Mental Impairment(s)07/22/2022SI 01130.100 The Home Exclusion07/22/2022DI 39572.000 DDS Decentralization - Table of Contents07/21/2022DI 39572.250 Review of the Decentralized Operation07/21/2022RM 03809.000 Scouting - Adjusting Earnings - Table of Contents07/18/2022RM 03809.034 Scouting for Missing SEI Items07/18/2022RM 03809.030 Scouting for Missing Wage Items07/18/2022DI 81020.130 Electronic Case Closure07/18/2022DI 11005.007 Field Office (FO) Instructions for Identifying Claims, A...07/18/2022GN 02602.050 Reports of Death07/15/2022GN 04440.003 Explanation of Quality Review Terms07/15/2022DI 11010.125 Developing Cause of Death - Claimant Dies within 1 Year ...07/14/2022DI 23580.001 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) – Medicare and...07/14/2022DI 23580.000 Amyotrophic Laterial Sclerosis (ALS) Cases - Medicare Wa...07/14/2022SI 00530.001 How Does an Individual’s Fugitive Status Affect SS...07/14/2022SI 00530.005 How Do We Identify SSI Recipients Who are Fugitives or P...07/14/2022SI 00530.025 Deferral of Overpayment Recovery07/14/2022SI 00530.020 When May Benefits be Resumed?07/14/2022SI 00530.017 Preparing the Notice of Planned Action07/14/2022SI 00530.100 What is a First Party Report of Fugitive Status?07/14/2022SI 00530.030 Why Do We Need a Warrant or Court Order?07/14/2022SI 00530.040 What If an Individual Has Multiple Warrants?07/14/2022SI 00530.010 For Which Months are Fugitives Ineligible?07/14/2022SI 00530.015 Good Cause Provision07/14/2022SI 00601.140 Final Request - Failure to Pursue Supplemental Security ...07/13/2022PR 01115.036 North Carolina07/12/2022PR 01205.000 General - Table of Contents07/12/2022PR 01200.000 CHILD - 216(h)(3) Child - Table of Contents07/12/2022PR 01205.036 North Carolina07/12/2022GN 00301.225 Follow up and Final Request Precautions07/12/2022SI 00601.110 Final Request - Failure to Cooperate (N18) - Initial Cla...07/12/2022GN 02201.038 Tax Refund Offset (TRO) Problem Cases07/11/2022DI 28020.000 Exceptions to Medical Improvement - Table of Contents07/07/2022GN 00201.100 SSA Foreign Program Forms Authorized for Post-Entitlemen...07/07/2022GN 00201.000 Program - Related Claims Practices - Table of Contents07/07/2022RS 00605.372 Special Situations Applied To WEP07/07/2022DI 13005.022 Field Office (FO) Overview of the Continuing Disability ...07/07/2022DI 28020.900 Group II Exceptions07/07/2022GN 00504.101 Termination of Organizational or Individual Representati...07/07/2022DI 30005.232 Non-substantive Technical Corrective Action (TCA)07/06/2022DI 20101.010 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Jurisdiction for...07/05/2022HI 03040.000 Appeal of Medicare Part D Subsidy Determination - Table...07/01/2022HI 03040.100 Appeal Establishment07/01/2022GN 01709.001 Overview and Effective Date of the Totalization Agreemen...07/01/2022GN 02210.030 Request for Change in Overpayment Recovery Rate, Form SS...06/30/2022DI 55001.005 Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Secu...06/30/2022DI 55001.500 Repeal of Referral Authority for Rehabilitation Services...06/30/2022GN 04461.027 Reported Findings for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)...06/30/2022GN 04461.025 Early Notice of Ineligibility for Supplemental Security ...06/30/2022GN 04461.000 SSI Quality Reviews - Table of Contents06/30/2022GN 00502.070 Determining Capability - Children06/30/2022GN 00502.065 Documenting a Capability Determination06/30/2022GN 02402.399 Coding Eritrea Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...06/29/2022GN 02402.384 Coding Ethiopia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...06/29/2022GN 00502.040 Developing Medical Evidence of Capability06/29/2022GN 00504.240 Representative Payee or Name Change for a Group of Benef...06/29/2022GN 00502.023 Developing Legal Evidence of Capability06/29/2022GN 00502.030 Developing Lay Evidence of Capability06/29/2022SI 00520.920 Processing Prerelease Claims06/28/2022DI 11010.145 Unsuccessful Work Attempt (UWA) Overview06/27/2022DI 13050.050 Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Title XVI Interview06/27/2022DI 13050.045 Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Title II Interview06/27/2022PR 05005.010 District of Columbia06/27/2022PR 05005.035 New York06/27/2022DI 13050.015 Protective Filing06/27/2022PR 07230.016 Illinois 06/27/2022GN 00903.200 Field Office (FO) Role for Information and Referral (I&a...06/24/2022GN 00502.117 Verifying Information Provided by a Payee or Payee Appli...06/24/2022