DI 24500.000 Medical Evaluation - Table of Contents06/18/2019SI 02200.000 Overpayments - Table of Contents06/18/2019DI 26525.000 Scheduled Diaries - Table of Contents06/18/2019SI 02260.000 Waiver Provisions for SSI Overpayments - Table of Conten...06/18/2019DI 26525.045 Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE) or MINE-Equivale...06/18/2019DI 26500.000 Initial Case Processing - Table of Contents06/18/2019DI 24580.025 Evaluation of Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome/Comp...06/18/2019DI 24580.000 Evaluation of Specific Issues - Neurological Disorders -...06/18/2019SI 02260.001 Basic Requirements Concerning Supplemental Security Inco...06/18/2019DI 12000.000 Appeals Processing - Table of Contents06/17/2019PS 01800.000 PROGRAM REQUIREMENTS -- Resources - Table of Contents06/17/2019GN 03920.000 Administering Representatives Fees Provisions - Table of...06/17/2019GN 03900.000 Representation and Representative's Fee - Table of Conte...06/17/2019DI 12005.000 Reconsiderations - Initial Claims - Table of Contents06/17/2019PS 01825.000 Trusts - Table of Contents06/17/2019DI 12005.005 Processing a Reconsideration Request for a Medically Den...06/17/2019GN 03920.018 Direct Payment to Non-Attorney Representatives06/17/2019PS 01825.039 Ohio06/17/2019PS 01825.041 Oregon06/14/2019GN 02402.000 Direct Deposit - Title II and Title XVI - Table of Conte...06/13/2019HI 00801.000 Hospital Insurance Entitlement - Table of Contents06/13/2019HI 00800.000 Requirement for Entitlement and Termination - Table of C...06/13/2019HI 00801.201 R-HI Insured Status06/13/2019SI 02220.027 SSA-634-BK, Request for Change in Overpayment Recovery R...06/13/2019GN 02402.407 Coding Chile Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...06/13/2019SI 02220.000 Recovery Procedures for Supplemental Security Income Ove...06/13/2019GN 02400.000 Checks - Table of Contents06/13/2019SI 00600.000 The SSI Application Process - Table of Contents06/12/2019GN 00308.032 Iowa Vital Records06/12/2019GN 02402.363 Coding Nauru Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...06/12/2019GN 02402.429 Coding Uganda Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...06/12/2019SI 00603.000 The SSI Disability/Blindness Initial Claims Process - Ta...06/12/2019GN 02607.995 Processing of Title II Prisoner Systems Exclusions and E...06/12/2019GN 00308.000 Sources and Fees for State and Local Vital Statistics Re...06/12/2019GN 00308.052 Missouri Vital Records06/12/2019SI 00603.002 Explanation of Deferred and Simultaneous Development06/12/2019GN 02402.433 Coding Palau Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...06/12/2019GN 00300.000 Evidence - Table of Contents06/12/2019SI 02220.013 Collection of Title XVI Overpayments by Administrative O...06/11/2019GN 02610.036 Recomputations of Title II Offset06/11/2019GN 02610.000 Title II/Title XVI (Windfall) Offset - Table of Contents06/11/2019GN 02600.000 Posteligibility - Table of Contents06/11/2019GN 02610.049 How To Complete Sections II and III of SSA-4345-U206/11/2019GN 02610.045 How To Complete SSI Offset Summary — SSA-4346-U206/11/2019NL 00901.030 Requests for Detailed Earnings Information06/10/2019GN 02200.000 Overpayments - Table of Contents06/10/2019GN 02201.000 General Information Title II, Title XVI, and Title XVIII...06/10/2019NL 00900.000 OEO Notices, Letters, and Paragraphs - Table of Contents06/10/2019GN 02201.041 Debtor Reactions to Collection of Title II Overpayments ...06/10/2019NL 00901.000 OEO Notices and Letters - Table of Contents06/10/2019GN 04440.000 Federal Quality Review of Disability Determinations - Ta...06/10/2019GN 04400.000 Quality Appraisal - Table of Contents06/10/2019GN 04440.320 Policy Issue Referrals06/10/2019PR 05805.000 State Recognition of Same-Sex Marriage - Table of Conten...06/07/2019PR 05805.007 Colorado06/07/2019PR 05800.000 MARITAL RELATIONSHIP -- Same-Sex Relationships - Table o...06/07/2019DX 00201.010 Overview of the State Data Exchange Program06/06/2019DX 00200.000 Introduction to SSA State Data Exchange Program - Table ...06/06/2019DX 00201.000 State Data Exchange Policy and Procedures - Table of Con...06/06/2019DI 30005.000 Adjudicating Component Actions on Deficient Cases - Tabl...06/05/2019DI 30000.000 Quality Assurance - Table of Contents06/05/2019PR 02905.025 Michigan06/05/2019PR 02900.000 EVIDENCE Death - Table of Contents06/05/2019DI 30005.570 Exhibit - Group I/II Deficiency Codes06/05/2019PR 02905.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents06/05/2019DI 81000.000 Electronic Disability Guide (eDG) Procedures for the Ele...06/04/2019NL 01001.441 Exhibit of Form SSA-9010 Braille Notice Inquiry06/04/2019NL 01000.000 Special Notice Options for the Blind or Visually Impaire...06/04/2019DI 81010.000 FO Procedures - Electronic Process - Table of Contents06/04/2019GN 04440.006 Quality Reviewer Responsibilities06/04/2019NL 01001.000 Special Notice Options for the Blind or Visually Impaire...06/04/2019GN 03300.000 Disclosure/Confidentiality of Information - Table of Con...06/03/2019GN 02403.000 Procedures for Handling Remittances and Premium Payments...06/03/2019SI 00835.000 Living Arrangements and In-Kind Support and Maintenance ...06/03/2019GN 02402.012 Field Office (FO) Instructions for Non-Receipt Alleged F...06/03/2019GN 03313.000 Disclosure to Federal Agencies and Officials - Table of ...06/03/2019GN 02402.017 Instructions for Handling Overpayments Attributed to Una...06/03/2019SI 00835.520 Redetermination Guidelines for LA and ISM06/03/2019GN 03313.095 Disclosure to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)06/03/2019GN 02403.009 Processing Cash Remittances Received in the Field Office06/03/2019SI 00800.000 Income - Table of Contents06/03/2019SI 02305.019 SSA-L3074-U2, Supplemental Security Income Notice of App...05/31/2019SI 01140.150 Qualified Tuition Programs (QTPs)05/31/2019SI 01801.040 Living Arrangements that May Affect Supplemental Nutriti...05/31/2019SI 01801.005 Overview of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (S...05/31/2019SI 01801.000 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Tabl...05/31/2019SI 01140.000 Types of Countable Resources - Table of Contents05/31/2019SI 01800.000 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Table...05/31/2019SI 02300.000 Posteligibility Events - Table of Contents05/31/2019SI 02305.000 Redeterminations of Eligibility and/or Payment Amount - ...05/31/2019SI 01100.000 Resources - Table of Contents05/31/2019SI 00835.320 Rebuttal Procedures and Presumed Maximum Value (PMV) Rul...05/30/2019RM 10210.000 SSN Evidence Requirements - Table of Contents05/30/2019SI 00835.450 Cash Income from Within and from Outside Households05/30/2019RM 10210.415 How to Prioritize Acceptable Identity Documents05/30/2019SI 00835.382 Form SSA-L5061 (Letter to Landlord Requesting Rental Inf...05/30/2019RM 10200.000 The Social Security Number, Policy and General Procedure...05/30/2019GN 02402.030 Acceptable Types of Financial Institutions and Accounts05/30/2019SI 02220.005 Documenting the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overp...05/30/2019GN 02250.305 When a Waiver Determination Will Not Be Made05/29/2019PR 06305.008 Connecticut05/29/2019RS 02000.000 Coverage Under International Agreements - Table of Conte...05/29/2019PR 06300.000 MARITAL RELATIONSHIP - Annulment - Table of Contents05/29/2019RS 02001.480 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S. Spanish ...05/29/2019RS 02001.185 How a Special Exception is Processed Under the U.S. - Sw...05/29/2019PR 06305.000 Validity of Annulment - Table of Contents05/29/2019GN 02406.000 Failure to Receive a Check/Payment - Title II, Title XVI...05/29/2019PR 05600.000 MARITAL RELATIONSHIP - Common-Law Marriages - Table of C...05/29/2019SI 02901.000 SSI Administrative Costs - Table of Contents05/29/2019SI 02900.000 State Financial Management - Table of Contents05/29/2019GN 02406.220 Failure to Receive Form FMS-1133 Claims Package, Forgery...05/29/2019RS 02001.190 Certificates of Coverage Under the U.S. - Swiss Agreemen...05/29/2019RS 02001.385 Obtaining a Certificate of Coverage - U.S. United Kingdo...05/29/2019RS 02001.375 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S. United K...05/29/2019RS 02001.195 How a Certificate of Coverage Is Issued Under the U.S. -...05/29/2019PR 05605.000 State Law Requirements - Table of Contents05/29/2019RS 02001.485 Obtaining a Certificate of Coverage - U.S. Spanish Agree...05/29/2019PR 05605.010 District of Columbia05/29/2019SI 02901.500 State Payments05/29/2019RS 02001.000 International Agreements - Table of Contents05/29/2019GN 02250.000 Waiver Provisions for Title II and Title XVIII Overpayme...05/29/2019GN 01703.001 Overview of the Division of International Operations' (D...05/28/2019GN 01700.000 Totalization Benefits - Table of Contents05/28/2019GN 01703.000 DIO Processing of Totalization Claims - Table of Content...05/28/2019PR 03100.000 FOREIGN CLAIMS — Marriage - Table of Contents05/24/2019PR 03130.000 Common-Law Marriage - Table of Contents05/24/2019PR 03130.010 District of Columbia05/24/2019DI 30005.228 Correcting Group II Work Activity Documentation Deficien...05/24/2019DI 30005.227 Correcting Group II Onset Date Deficiencies Involving a ...05/24/2019SI 00810.000 General - Income Rules for the Supplemental Security Inc...05/23/2019SI 00810.350 Income Break-Even Points General Information05/23/2019DI 24501.004 Medical Specialty Codes05/22/2019GN 02402.309 Coding United Kingdom Bank Data for the MBR05/22/2019GN 04440.401 Resolving Deficiency Disagreements between the Adjudicat...05/22/2019DI 24501.000 General - Medical Evaluation - Table of Contents05/22/2019RS 01405.047 Multiple Employee Reporting Error05/22/2019RS 01405.000 Wage Correction/IRS Coordination - Table of Contents05/22/2019RS 01400.000 Wages - Table of Contents05/22/2019GN 00500.000 Selection of Representative Payee - Table of Contents05/21/2019DI 23060.040 Referring Non-Compliant Excluded Medical Sources of Evid...05/21/2019GN 00502.000 Determining the Need for, Developing and Selecting a Rep...05/21/2019NL 10600.000 Beneficiary Notices (BNs) - Table of Contents05/21/2019DI 23000.000 Special Issues - Table of Contents05/21/2019GN 00502.105 Preferred Representative Payee Order of Selection Charts05/21/2019GN 00502.135 Representative Payee Applicant is a Creditor05/21/2019DI 23060.000 Evidence from Excluded Medical Sources of Evidence - Tab...05/21/2019RS 02501.021 The Earnings Test (ET)05/20/2019RS 01403.061 When Evidence of Wages Cannot Be Obtained05/20/2019RS 02501.000 History - Table of Contents05/20/2019SI 00835.500 First-of-the-Month (FOM) Residence and ISM Determination...05/20/2019RS 01403.000 Wage Evidence - Table of Contents05/20/2019RS 02500.000 Annual Earnings Test - Table of Contents05/20/2019DI 39545.000 Purchased Medical Services - Table of Contents05/17/2019GN 02406.160 Description and When to Use Department of the Treasury F...05/17/2019DI 11030.000 Federal Medical Evidence of Record (FEDMER) - Table of C...05/17/2019DI 39500.000 DDS Fiscal and Administrative Management - Table of Cont...05/17/2019RS 01901.000 Coverage and Exceptions - Table of Contents05/17/2019DI 11000.000 Initial Claims Processing - Table of Contents05/17/2019DI 39545.500 DDS Onsite Reviews of Consultative Examination (CE) Prov...05/17/2019DI 11030.001 Federal Medical Evidence of Record (FEDMER) Filing Proce...05/17/2019RS 01900.000 Coverage and Exceptions - Table of Contents05/17/2019RS 01901.700 Services Performed by Members of Indian Tribal Councils05/17/2019PS 01825.040 Oklahoma05/16/2019HI 00825.015 Premium Inquiries05/16/2019HI 00825.000 Inquiries and Referrals for HI/SMI - Table of Contents05/16/2019SI 01130.736 Payments to Victims from a State Eugenics Compensation P...05/16/2019SI 00830.736 Payments to Victims from a State Eugenics Compensation P...05/16/2019SI 00830.000 Unearned Income - Table of Contents05/16/2019SI 01130.000 Resources Exclusions - Table of Contents05/16/2019DI 33020.005 Routing Cases After the Disability Hearing05/15/2019SI 01320.000 Deeming of Income - Table of Contents05/15/2019DI 81030.000 OQR Procedures - Certified Electronic Process - Table of...05/15/2019SI 01300.000 Deeming - Table of Contents05/15/2019GN 02607.000 Prisoner Provisions - Table of Contents05/15/2019GN 02607.680 Third Party Sources To Use to Locate Missing Inmate Info...05/15/2019SI 01320.700 Monthly Deeming Worksheet (SSA-8015/8017)05/15/2019SI 02310.000 SSI Interfaces - Table of Contents05/15/2019GN 02406.130 Nonreceipt Interview and Screening05/15/2019DI 33000.000 Disability Hearing Unit Procedures - Table of Contents05/15/2019SI 02310.065 Unemployment Compensation Match (U5 Diary)05/15/2019GN 04440.227 Group II Onset Date Deficiencies Involving A Reopening05/15/2019PS 01825.053 Washington05/15/2019DI 33020.000 Procedures Following the Hearing Decision - Table of Con...05/15/2019DI 30007.000 Request for Program Consultation (RPC) - Table of Conten...05/14/2019SI 01120.000 Identifying Resources - Table of Contents05/14/2019DI 30007.135 Actions Prior to the Request for Program Consultation (R...05/14/2019GN 02401.904 Field Office Processing of Limited Payability (LP) Alert...05/14/2019GN 02401.000 Checks - General Information - Table of Contents05/14/2019GN 02402.404 Coding Ecuador Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...05/13/2019GN 02402.300 Coding Canadian Bank Data for the MBR05/13/2019GN 02402.413 Coding Uruguay Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...05/13/2019GN 02402.344 Coding Indian Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Recor...05/13/2019GN 02402.406 Coding Palestine Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...05/13/2019GN 02402.392 Coding Russia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...05/13/2019GN 02402.007 Direct Express Debit Card Program05/13/2019GN 02406.540 Foreign Involvement -- Processing Allegations Of Nonrece...05/13/2019GN 02406.525 Foreign Involvement--Payment Issued From Another Process...05/13/2019SI 00815.000 What Is Not Income - Table of Contents05/10/2019SI 00815.050 Medical and Social Services, Related Cash, and In-Kind I...05/10/2019GN 04440.501 Completion of the SSA-1774-U5, Request for Corrective Ac...05/10/2019DI 39545.525 Exhibit 1 – Suggested Protocol for DDS Onsite Revi...05/10/2019GN 02250.002 Request for Waiver - Title II, XVIII05/10/2019GN 02405.000 Processing Unendorsed Returned Benefit Checks - Title II...05/09/2019DI 26510.095 Completing Item 34 (Remarks) on the SSA-83105/09/2019GN 02408.750 FI Notifies SSA of Possible Escheat05/09/2019GN 02408.000 Stop Payments and Reclamations - Table of Contents05/09/2019NL 00600.000 Beneficiary Notice Policies, Procedures and Cross-Refere...05/09/2019GN 02405.006 Returning Unendorsed Checks to the Field Office05/09/2019NL 00610.110 Notice Language Clearance Process05/09/2019NL 00610.000 Social Security Administration (SSA) Notice Standards - ...05/09/2019DI 26510.000 Completion of Form SSA-831-C3/U3 -- Title II, Title XVI ...05/09/2019RS 02510.000 Annual Reports - Table of Contents05/09/2019GN 02403.020 Field Office Remittance Transmittal (FORT) and The Credi...05/08/2019DI 31500.000 Correspondence - Table of Contents05/08/2019DI 31515.275 SSA-L1157-U2-SI05/08/2019DI 11005.045 Completing the SSA-3367 (Disability Report – Field...05/08/2019DI 31515.265 SSA-L1130-U205/08/2019DI 31515.270 SSA-L1157-U2-DI05/08/2019DI 11005.000 Disability Interviews - Table of Contents05/08/2019GN 02403.007 Field Office (FO) Remittance Automated and Manual Receip...05/08/2019DI 31515.250 SSA-L976-U205/08/2019DI 31515.000 Forms, Form Letters, Form Paragraphs, and Riders - Table...05/08/2019DI 23040.000 Foreign Language Interpreters - Table of Contents05/07/2019DI 55010.001 General Policy About Employment Networks05/07/2019DI 55010.000 Employment Networks and the Ticket Program - Table of Co...05/07/2019DI 11010.210 Assembling and Transmitting the Official Folder to Disab...05/07/2019DI 11010.000 Initial Disability Claims Processing - Table of Contents05/07/2019DI 23040.001 DDS: Interpreters for Individuals with Limited English P...05/07/2019DI 55000.000 Ticket to Work - Table of Contents05/07/2019GN 02402.431 Coding Bahrain Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...05/06/2019DI 81010.095 Using the Update-After-Transfer (UAT) Utility05/06/2019SI 01140.240 U.S. Savings Bonds05/06/2019GN 02402.432 Coding Bonaire Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...05/06/2019GN 02402.434 Coding Qatar Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...05/06/2019GN 02402.435 Coding Saudi Arabia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary ...05/06/2019DI 30005.005 Types of Federal Quality Reviews05/06/2019PS 09905.001 All States05/06/2019PS 09905.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents05/06/2019GN 04440.005 Types of Federal Quality Reviews 05/06/2019PS 09900.000 Title XVI Regional Chief Counsel Precedents - Table of C...05/06/2019GN 02201.031 Collection of Title II Overpayments by Administrative Of...05/06/2019HI 03040.300 Disposition05/03/2019GN 04440.008 Quality Review Process (Initial Level Claims)05/03/2019GN 04440.300 Trailer Material and Update after Transfer (UAT) Alerts05/03/2019HI 03040.000 Appeal of Medicare Part D Subsidy Determination - Table...05/03/2019HI 03000.000 Eligibility for Subsidized Medicare Prescription Drug Co...05/03/2019DI 10505.005 Determining and Verifying Gross Earnings from Employment05/02/2019GN 00308.036 Kentucky Vital Records05/02/2019DI 10505.000 Evaluation and Development of Employment - Table of Cont...05/02/2019DI 10500.000 Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) - Table of Contents05/02/2019HI 03010.000 Applications - Table of Contents04/30/2019GN 00600.000 Use and Accountability of Benefits - Table of Contents04/30/2019HI 03010.005 Interviewing For Medicare Part D Extra Help04/30/2019GN 00605.000 Representative Payee Accountability - Table of Contents04/30/2019DI 26535.036 Special Notice Situations04/30/2019GN 04440.204 Correcting Group I Deficiencies - General04/30/2019SI 01130.740 Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Accounts04/30/2019DI 26535.000 Notice Instructions - Table of Contents04/30/2019PR 08005.020 Kentucky04/29/2019PR 08005.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents04/29/2019PR 08000.000 STUDENTS - Home Schooling - Table of Contents04/29/2019DI 39545.375 Claimant Complaints of Consultative Examination (CE) Pro...04/29/2019GN 03340.025 Access Rights of a Parent04/26/2019GN 03312.120 Disclosure When SSA Discovers Possible Violation of Anot...04/26/2019GN 03340.035 Access to Medical Records04/26/2019GN 03340.065 Access to Evidential Records in the Office of Hearing Op...04/26/2019GN 03340.020 Access Rights of a Minor04/26/2019GN 03340.075 Access Request Denials and Privacy Act Appeals04/26/2019GN 03340.050 Access to Records in Exempt Systems of Records04/26/2019GN 03340.045 Pledges of Confidentiality04/26/2019PS 01815.000 Resources Exclusions - Table of Contents04/26/2019DI 80550.000 ODARs Case Processing and Management System - Table of C...04/26/2019DI 80550.001 Case Processing and Management System - Overview04/26/2019GN 03340.030 Access Rights of an Incompetent Adult04/26/2019DI 81010.005 Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Overview04/26/2019GN 04440.936 State-Specific Instructions for Acquiescence Rulings (AR...04/26/2019GN 03340.000 Access to SSA Data - Disclosure - Table of Contents04/26/2019GN 03340.070 Special Messages on the MBR and SSR Prohibiting Access a...04/26/2019GN 03340.001 Policy on Access to SSA Records Under the Privacy Act04/26/2019DI 30005.210 Correcting Group I Deficiencies - General04/26/2019DI 80500.000 ODARs Case Processing and Management System - Table of C...04/26/2019GN 03340.055 Number Holder's (NH) Access Rights to Records Concerning...04/26/2019GN 03320.000 Tax Return Information - Table of Contents04/26/2019GN 03312.000 Disclosure for Law Enforcement Purposes - Table of Conte...04/26/2019GN 01763.215 Applications for Benefits under the Agreement with Icela...04/25/2019SI 02009.000 Computation of Payments for Months Prior to April 1982 -...04/25/2019GN 01763.145 Exceptions to Section 202(t)(11) U.S. Residency Requirem...04/25/2019GN 01763.210 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...04/25/2019NL 00601.008 Classification of Notices04/25/2019GN 01763.225 Requests for Status of Applications for Icelandic Benefi...04/25/2019DI 30005.225 Correcting Group II Onset Date Documentation Deficiencie...04/25/2019NL 00610.100 Spanish Quick Reference Guide04/25/2019GN 01763.125 Application Process for Benefits under the Agreement wit...04/25/2019RS 02001.281 Processing Requests for Special Exceptions under the Agr...04/25/2019GN 01763.015 Coverage and Contributions under the Icelandic Social Se...04/25/2019GN 01763.220 Additional Applications for Benefits under the Agreement...04/25/2019NL 00601.000 Notification Policy and Procedures - Table of Contents04/25/2019GN 01763.150 Filing Appeals of Decisions under the Agreement with Ice...04/25/2019GN 01763.110 Scope of the Agreement with Iceland04/25/2019SI 02009.001 Computations - General04/25/2019RS 02001.293 How a Certificate of Coverage is Issued under the Agreem...04/25/2019RS 02001.285 Certificates of Coverage under the Agreement with Belgiu...04/25/2019GN 01763.205 Evidence Required for U.S. Totalization Benefits under t...04/25/2019GN 01763.010 Overview of the Icelandic Social Security System04/25/2019GN 01763.000 Agreement with Iceland - Table of Contents04/25/2019GN 01763.140 Exceptions to Section 202(t)(1) Alien Nonpayment Provisi...04/25/2019GN 01763.020 Icelandic Benefits Eligibility Requirements04/25/2019GN 01763.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Agreement with Icel...04/25/2019GN 01763.105 Effective Date of the Agreement with Iceland04/25/2019GN 01763.001 Overview of the Totalization Agreement with Iceland04/25/2019SI 02000.000 Benefits and Payments - Table of Contents04/25/2019NL 00705.735 Claimant Call-in Letter - Sample04/24/2019NL 00705.000 Disability Sample Guide Letters - Table of Contents04/24/2019NL 00700.000 Letters and Paragraphs for Title II, Title XVI, and Titl...04/24/2019RS 02002.540 Special Exceptions to the Coverage Rules - U.S.-Icelandi...04/23/2019RS 02002.535 Coverage Rule For Self-Employment - U.S.-Icelandic Agree...04/23/2019GN 04440.010 Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)04/23/2019DI 11010.350 Effectuating an Erroneous Payment in Title II or Concurr...04/23/2019RS 02002.530 Rule for Government Employees - U.S.-Icelandic Agreement04/23/2019RS 02002.550 Certificates of Coverage - U.S.-Icelandic Agreement04/23/2019RS 02002.505 Scope of U.S.-Icelandic Agreement04/23/2019RS 02002.520 Coverage Rules for Crews of Ships and Aircraft - U.S.-Ic...04/23/2019RS 02002.510 General Coverage Rule for Employment - U.S.-Iceland Agre...04/23/2019DI 52120.250 Vermont Workers' Compensation (WC)04/23/2019RS 02002.000 International Agreements - Continued - Table of Contents04/23/2019GN 04440.505 Completing the SSA-847-U3, SSA Request for Case Action04/23/2019RS 02002.500 Effective Date of the U.S.-Icelandic Agreement/Effect on...04/23/2019RS 02002.515 Detached Worker Rule - U.S.-Icelandic Agreement04/23/2019DI 52120.000 State Specific Workers' Compensation (WC) Procedures - T...04/23/2019DI 52100.000 Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)...04/23/2019GN 02230.000 Special Overpayment Procedures - Table of Contents04/22/2019GN 02210.030 Request for Change in Overpayment Recovery Rate, Form SS...04/19/2019GN 02210.000 Methods of Recovery for Title II, Title VIII, Title XVI,...04/19/2019DI 31000.000 Representation of Claimants and Inquiries - Table of Con...04/19/2019DI 26010.000 Completion of Form SSA-831-U5 in Blindness Cases - Table...04/19/2019GN 02250.255 Documents to Support a Request for Waiver of Overpayment...04/19/2019DI 25501.310 The Established Onset Date (EOD) for Disability Insuranc...04/19/2019DI 26010.020 Completing Items 16A (Primary Diagnosis) and 16B (Second...04/19/2019DI 31005.000 Inquiries - Table of Contents04/19/2019DI 31005.035 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Guide Letters04/19/2019DI 26000.000 Statutory Blindness Cases - Development, Evaluation and ...04/19/2019GN 02250.230 Completion of the SSA-632-BK (Request for Waiver of Over...04/19/2019DI 12015.000 Disability Redesign Tests - Table of Contents04/19/2019GN 02250.244 Waiver Development Check List04/19/2019DI 12015.100 Disability Redesign Prototype Model04/19/2019SI 02220.026 SSA-634-BK - Request for a Change in Recovery Rate - SSI04/19/2019DI 25501.000 Onset - Table of Contents04/19/2019DI 25500.000 Onset/Duration/Closed Period - Table of Contents04/19/2019GN 02210.217 Debtor Unable or Unwilling to Refund the Overpayment - D...04/18/2019HI 00820.000 Terminations and Withdrawals - Table of Contents04/16/2019RS 02001.206 Certificates of Coverage for Detached Workers - U.S. Nor...04/15/2019RS 02001.209 Requests for Special Exceptions - U.S. Norwegian Agreeme...04/15/2019PR 05840.035 New York04/15/2019RS 02001.208 Self-Employed (SE) Persons - U.S. Norwegian Agreement04/15/2019PR 05005.035 New York04/15/2019PR 05840.000 State Recognition of Civil Unions - Table of Contents04/15/2019GN 04440.247 Reviewing Informal Remand Cases04/15/2019PR 05005.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents04/15/2019PR 05000.000 MARITAL RELATIONSHIP - Applicable State Law in Deciding ...04/15/2019RM 10205.005 Where to File an Application for a Social Security Card04/12/2019DI 34000.000 Listing of Impairments - Current - Table of Contents04/12/2019DI 34005.107 Hematological Disorders04/12/2019GN 00900.000 Miscellaneous FO and OIO Activity - Table of Contents04/12/2019DI 34005.101 Musculoskeletal System04/12/2019DI 34005.112 Mental Disorders04/12/2019DI 34005.114 Immune System Disorders04/12/2019DI 34005.108 Skin Disorders04/12/2019DI 34005.105 Digestive System04/12/2019GN 00904.000 Jurisdiction and Contacts - Table of Contents04/12/2019GN 00904.015 Foreign addresses - policy04/12/2019DI 34005.000 Listings of Impairments - Current Part B Listing - Table...04/12/2019DI 34005.102 Special Senses and Speech - Child04/12/2019DI 34005.113 Cancer (Malignant Neoplastic Diseases)04/12/2019RM 10205.000 Social Security Number (SSN) Applications - Table of Con...04/12/2019GN 00307.000 Foreign Evidence - Table of Contents04/12/2019HI 00805.324 Equitable Relief for Enrollment Request Affected by Majo...04/11/2019HI 00805.000 Supplementary Medical Insurance Entitlement - Table of C...04/11/2019GN 01758.230 Controlling Requests Sent to the Brazil Liaison Agency o...04/10/2019GN 01758.012 How the Foreign Benefit Unit in Lisbon, Portugal Process...04/10/2019GN 00308.059 New Hampshire Vital Records04/10/2019GN 01758.205 Preparing Claims Packages in the Division of Internation...04/10/2019GN 01758.210 Preparing Claims Packages in the Division of Internation...04/10/2019GN 01758.010 How to Develop and Process Applications Filed in the Ben...04/10/2019GN 01758.000 OEIO, DIO and FSP Processing Under the Agreement with Br...04/10/2019GN 01758.235 Facts about the Brazil Liaison Agency on Form SSA 2960 U...04/10/2019GN 00602.010 Current Maintenance and Personal Needs Expenditures for ...04/09/2019GN 01758.325 Social Security Administration (SSA) Medical Exam Reimbu...04/09/2019GN 01758.310 Brazilian National Social Insurance Institute (Brazilian...04/09/2019GN 02210.152 Collection of Title II and Title XVI Overpayments by Cre...04/09/2019GN 01758.025 Brazilian Social Insurance Agency (Brazil Liaison Agency...04/09/2019GN 00602.000 Use of Benefits - Table of Contents04/09/2019DI 81005.020 Case Selection04/08/2019DI 81005.025 Case Selection Screen04/08/2019DI 81005.005 eView Overview04/08/2019DI 81005.055 Status/History Tab04/08/2019DI 81005.000 eView - Table of Contents04/08/2019DI 81005.035 Title Bars04/08/2019DI 81005.030 Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Claims Statu...04/08/2019DI 81005.052 Copy Documents04/08/2019PR 05005.018 Illinois04/08/2019DI 81005.010 Office Code Field04/08/2019DI 81005.060 Exhibit List Tab04/08/2019SI 00604.000 Completion of Form SSA-8000-BK, Application for Suppleme...04/08/2019SI 00604.096 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Former...04/08/2019GN 02408.625 Financial Institution’s (FI) Liability for Electro...04/05/2019HI 01101.000 Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount - Tabl...04/04/2019DI 80830.000 Processing Center (PC) Procedures - Certified Electronic...04/04/2019DI 80830.100 Barcodes04/04/2019HI 01100.000 Medicare Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount - Tabl...04/04/2019DI 80800.000 PC/ODAR HO Certified Electronic Folder Process - Table o...04/04/2019HI 01101.010 Modified Adjusted Gross Income (MAGI)04/04/2019RS 00209.000 Parent's Benefits - Table of Contents04/04/2019RS 00209.001 Entitlement and Non-Entitlement Provisions for Parent&rs...04/04/2019HI 00805.195 Enrollment Not Processed Timely04/04/2019RS 00200.000 Benefits and Payments - Table of Contents04/04/2019PR 05845.006 California04/03/2019PR 05845.000 State Recognition of Domestic Partnerships - Table of C...04/03/2019DI 80630.000 Processing Center (PC) Procedures - Table of Contents04/03/2019GN 02402.308 Coding Swedish Bank Data for the MBR04/03/2019DI 80600.000 PC/DPB/ODAR HO Electronic Folder Procedures - Table of C...04/03/2019DI 80630.020 eView04/03/2019GN 02403.025 Processing Remittances After Field Office Remittance Tra...04/02/2019GN 00308.200 American Samoa Vital Records04/02/2019GN 00304.001 Proof of Death Requirements04/02/2019GN 00304.005 Preferred Evidence of Death04/02/2019GN 00304.000 Proof of Death - Table of Contents04/02/2019GN 02406.510 Guidelines for Processing Foreign Nonreceipt Allegations...04/01/2019GN 02406.515 Processing Nonreceipt Reports with Foreign Involvement04/01/2019GN 02406.520 Reference Material for Use When Processing Nonreceipt Re...04/01/2019PR 07115.000 Fee for Service Rep Payees - Table of Contents04/01/2019DI 30005.405 Second Returns04/01/2019PR 07115.053 Washington04/01/2019GN 04440.009 Fraud or Similar Fault (FSF) Procedures for Quality Revi...04/01/2019PR 07100.000 REPRESENTATIVE PAYMENT -- Competency and Capability of B...04/01/2019PR 01410.000 Effect of Adoption on Child's Inheritance Rights - Table...03/29/2019RS 02001.140 Certificates of Coverage Under the U.S. - German Agreeme...03/29/2019PR 01410.012 Georgia03/29/2019RS 02001.135 How a Special Exception is Processed Under the U.S. - Ge...03/29/2019PR 01400.000 CHILD - Adopted by Someone Other than NH - Table of Cont...03/29/2019RS 02001.145 How a Certificate of Coverage Is Issued Under the U.S. -...03/29/2019GN 00502.133 Payee Applicant is a Felon or Fugitive or Has Been Convi...03/28/2019GN 00502.301 State and Territory Digest of Crimes Barring an Individu...03/28/2019HI 00815.204 Form CMS-1957 (SSO Report of State Buy-In Problem)03/28/2019HI 00815.000 State Enrollment of Eligible Individuals - Table of Cont...03/28/2019DI 24560.000 Evaluation of Specific Issues - Hematological Disorders ...03/28/2019DI 29025.001 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Action When Full...03/27/2019DI 29025.000 Preparation of Continuing Review Cases and Reopenings Ap...03/27/2019HI 00200.000 Computations/Offsets - Table of Contents03/27/2019GN 01000.000 Adjudication - Table of Contents03/27/2019GN 01010.815SF Request for Legal Opinion03/27/2019DI 29000.000 Reconsideration of Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Ca...03/27/2019HI 00208.000 Computations/Offsets - Table of Contents03/27/2019GN 01010.000 Adjudicative Policy and Standards - Table of Contents03/27/2019GN 00308.028 Illinois Vital Records03/26/2019GN 00201.000 Program - Related Claims Practices - Table of Contents03/26/2019GN 00200.000 Applications and Interviews - Table of Contents03/26/2019GN 01758.320 Brazilian Medical Exam Reimbursement Form03/25/2019GN 01758.305 Life to Death Conversions -- Brazil Agreement03/25/2019GN 01758.105 Brazilian Certified Coverage Record03/25/2019GN 01758.110 How to Credit Quarters of Coverage Based on the Brazilia...03/25/2019GN 01758.315 Brazilian Birth Registration Number03/25/2019GN 01758.220 Completing the Form SSA 2960 USA/BR 3 (U.S. Brazil Agree...03/25/2019DI 24560.005 Titles II and XVI: Evaluating Cases Involving Sickle Cel...03/25/2019GN 01758.005 How the Division of International Operations (DIO) Modul...03/25/2019HI 03001.005 Medicare Part D Extra Help (Low-Income Subsidy or LIS)03/25/2019HI 03001.000 Description of the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage P...03/25/2019GN 00506.000 Payment for Representative Payee Services - Table of Con...03/22/2019GN 00506.100 Criteria for Receiving Fees for Service03/22/2019GN 00506.420 Fee-for-Service Certification Process 03/22/2019RM 01105.000 Employer Reports - Wage Reports - Table of Contents03/22/2019RM 01105.027 Educational Correspondence (EDCOR) and Decentralized Cor...03/22/2019RM 01100.000 Tax Procedures and Employer Reports - Table of Contents03/22/2019PR 01115.000 State Law Legitimation/Inheritance Rights Provisions - T...03/21/2019PR 01100.000 CHILD - Legitimated Child/Child With Inheritance Rights ...03/21/2019PR 01115.048 Texas03/21/2019GN 00301.355 Translation and Priority Workload Unit (TPWU)03/21/2019GN 04440.125 Recording Deficiencies03/21/2019GN 00301.000 General Evidentiary Standards - Table of Contents03/21/2019PR 05805.049 Utah03/20/2019PR 05805.042 Pennsylvania03/19/2019PR 02700.000 EVIDENCE - Name Change Due to Marriage Based on State La...03/18/2019HI 01120.000 New Initial Determinations Using Beneficiary Information...03/18/2019PR 02712.042 Pennsylvania03/18/2019HI 01120.050 Use of Corrected IRS Tax Data03/18/2019PR 02712.000 Marriage Certificates - Table of Contents03/18/2019GN 01703.710 Completion of the e4962, Totalization Data Collection Fo...03/18/2019DI 81010.087 Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Routing Form03/15/2019PR 05605.007 Colorado03/15/2019RM 10211.140 Entering Nonimmigrant Evidence into the Enumeration Syst...03/15/2019PR 01115.009 Delaware03/15/2019DI 81001.025 Authorized Access to the Electronic Folder (EF)03/15/2019DI 81001.015 Determining if a Folder is a Certified Electronic Folder...03/15/2019DI 81001.000 Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) - Table of Contents03/15/2019DI 81001.020 Paper Folder Indicators (PFIs)03/15/2019RM 10211.000 Alien Evidence for an SSN - Table of Contents03/15/2019DI 81005.070 Printing from eView03/15/2019GN 01704.880 List of Totalization Status Codes (TSC) and Totalization...03/14/2019PR 05825.000 State Recognition of Canadian Same-Sex Marriages - Table...03/14/2019GN 01704.000 Development Support Examiner (DSE) and Benefit Earnings ...03/14/2019PR 06310.000 Void Marriage - Table of Contents03/14/2019PR 06310.021 Louisiana03/14/2019PR 05825.057 British Columbia03/14/2019DI 33025.000 Procedures for Special Cases and Handling - Table of Con...03/14/2019DI 33025.015 Foreign Claims03/14/2019GN 00605.020 System Selection and Control, and Mailing of Accounting ...03/13/2019PR 01010.042 Pennsylvania03/13/2019PR 01000.000 CHILD - Natural Legitimate Child - Table of Contents03/13/2019HI 03020.000 Income - Table of Contents03/13/2019GN 00605.010 The Representative Payee Accounting Report Forms03/13/2019GN 04440.929 SSA-392 - Medical Consultant’s Review of Physical ...03/13/2019GN 04440.930 SSA-392-SUP - Medical Consultant's Review of Mental Resi...03/13/2019GN 02408.001 Check and Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) Stop Payments03/13/2019PR 01010.000 Presumption of Legitimacy - Table of Contents03/13/2019GN 00605.215 Complete, Mail, and Retain SSA-6233-BK03/13/2019GN 00605.352 Title XVI and Concurrent Final Accounting Selection Crit...03/13/2019GN 00605.015 Payees Exempt from the Annual Accounting Requirement03/13/2019GN 01702.525 Totalization Coding03/13/2019HI 03035.000 Verification Process and Pre-Decisional Issues - Table o...03/13/2019GN 00605.250 Title II Final Accounting Selection Criteria03/13/2019GN 01702.000 DO Development and Routing of Totalization Claims - Tabl...03/13/2019GN 02408.302 Abandon Reclamation Request Needed on a Check03/12/2019DI 52135.220 Rhode Island Public Disability Benefits (PDB)03/11/2019DI 52135.000 State Specific Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Procedure...03/11/2019GN 00308.068 Ohio Vital Records03/11/2019GN 03305.004 Disclosing Queries03/11/2019GN 03305.000 Disclosure With Consent - Table of Contents03/11/2019GN 00204.000 Applications - Table of Contents03/08/2019DI 11052.000 FO Processing of Initial End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) ...03/08/2019DI 11052.035 Routing Initial End-Stage Renal Disease Medicare Cases a...03/08/2019GN 01757.125 Application Process for Benefits under the Agreement wit...03/08/2019GN 01757.140 Exceptions to Section 202(t)(1) Alien Nonpayment Provisi...03/08/2019GN 01757.145 Exceptions to Section 202(t)(11) U.S. Residency Requirem...03/08/2019GN 01757.010 Overview of the Brazilian Social Security System03/08/2019GN 01757.225 Requests for Status of Applications for Brazil Benefits03/08/2019GN 01757.001 Overview of the Totalization Agreement with Brazil03/08/2019GN 01757.205 Evidence Required for U.S. Totalization Benefits under t...03/08/2019GN 01757.020 Brazilian Benefits Eligibility Requirements03/08/2019GN 01757.015 Coverage and Contributions under the Brazilian Social Se...03/08/2019GN 01757.110 Scope of the Agreement with Brazil03/08/2019GN 03314.000 Disclosure to State and Local Agencies and Tribal Author...03/08/2019GN 01757.150 Filing Appeals of Decisions under the Agreement with Bra...03/08/2019GN 01757.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Agreement with Braz...03/08/2019GN 01757.105 Effective Date of the Agreement with Brazil03/08/2019GN 01757.215 Applications for Benefits under the Agreement with Brazi...03/08/2019GN 03314.120 Disclosure Without Consent to State and Local Protective...03/08/2019GN 01757.000 Agreement with Brazil - Table of Contents03/08/2019GN 01757.220 Additional Applications for Benefits under the Agreement...03/08/2019GN 01757.210 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...03/08/2019PS 01820.015 Idaho03/06/2019PS 01820.002 Alaska03/06/2019PS 01820.000 Transfer of Resources - Table of Contents03/06/2019PS 01820.041 Oregon03/06/2019GN 02603.000 Readjustment Procedures - Table of Contents03/05/2019HI 01101.020 IRMAA Sliding Scale Tables03/05/2019GN 02603.010 Readjustment Procedures General Information03/05/2019GN 06010.000 Providing Copies of the Law, Regulations, and POMS to th...03/01/2019GN 00904.025 Servicing Office For Military Addresses03/01/2019GN 00308.084 Texas Vital Records03/01/2019GN 06000.000 Special Intranet/Internet Services - Table of Contents03/01/2019GN 06010.005 Providing Copies of the Law, Regulations, and POMS to th...03/01/2019GN 00301.310 The Non Disability Repository for Evidentiary Documents ...03/01/2019NL 00720.015 Conversion Chart for MADCAP to TNA03/01/2019SI 01415.024 States Electing to Maintain Mandatory Minimum Supplement...03/01/2019DI 23022.800 Lymphomatoid Granulomatosis -- Grade III03/01/2019GN 00308.072 Pennsylvania (PA) Vital Records03/01/2019NL 00720.010 Paragraph Sequence by Caption03/01/2019DI 23022.000 Processing Quick Disability Determination (QDD) and Comp...03/01/2019NL 00720.180 HIB Health Insurance Benefits03/01/2019NL 00720.000 Manual Adjustment, Credit and Award Process (MADCAP) Ben...03/01/2019NL 00720.245 OPT Overpayment03/01/2019GN 02402.419 Coding Thailand Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...03/01/2019GN 00201.005 General Application Taking Practices03/01/2019SI 01415.000 Elements of State Supplementary Payments - Table of Cont...03/01/2019SI 01400.000 State Supplementary Payments - Table of Contents03/01/2019DI 52120.260 Virgin Islands Workers' Compensation (WC)02/28/2019GN 00302.000 Proof of Age - Table of Contents02/28/2019DI 23022.040 Compassionate Allowances (CAL) and Quick Disability Dete...02/27/2019GN 00210.000 Same-Sex Marriage Claims - Table of Contents02/27/2019GN 00504.100 Determining the Need for a Successor Payee02/27/2019DI 23022.075 Appeals Processing of Compassionate Allowances (CAL) Cas...02/27/2019GN 00504.000 Suspensions for Payee Development and Other Payee Action...02/27/2019DI 52150.045 Chart of States’ Maximum Workers’ Compensati...02/26/2019SI 01730.025 Effect of Institutionalization on Medicaid Eligibility02/26/2019DI 52150.000 Factors in Computing Workers' Compensation/Public Disabi...02/26/2019HI 00901.000 Hospital Insurance Entitlement - Table of Contents02/26/2019HI 00901.225 Medicare Card Inquiries- Non-receipt of Medicare Card an...02/26/2019HI 00900.000 Evidence of Entitlement - Table of Contents02/26/2019SI 01730.000 SSA Determinations of Medicaid Eligibility - Table of Co...02/26/2019SI 01700.000 Medicaid Eligibility - Table of Contents02/26/2019DI 11080.000 Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (COBRA) -...02/25/2019DI 11080.010 Philadelphia Disability Processing Unit (PH-DPU) and Dis...02/25/2019DI 24503.000 Evaluating Evidence - Table of Contents02/25/2019DI 52105.015 Payments Not Considered Workers’ Compensation (WC)02/22/2019DI 52105.000 When Workers' Compensation (WC) Offset Does Not Apply - ...02/22/2019SI 00830.750 Gifts to Children with Life-Threatening Conditions02/22/2019RS 02001.080 How a Special Exception is Processed Under the U.S. - It...02/21/2019PR 07905.053 Washington02/20/2019GN 02402.120 Correspondent Banking02/20/2019PR 07905.000 All Opinions for the United States - Table of Contents02/20/2019PR 07905.055 Wisconsin02/20/2019PR 07900.000 STUDENTS Educational Institution - Table of Contents02/20/2019GN 02402.427 Coding Gambia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...02/20/2019DI 81020.000 DDS Procedures - Electronic Process - Table of Contents02/19/2019DI 81020.040 Document Types02/19/2019GN 04440.003 Explanation of Quality Review Terms02/19/2019RS 02001.085 Certificates of Coverage Under the U.S. - Italian Agreem...02/15/2019RS 02001.090 How a Certificate of Coverage Is Issued Under the U.S. -...02/15/2019RS 00207.000 Widow(er)'s Benefits - Table of Contents02/14/2019PR 09905.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents02/14/2019PR 09900.000 Title II Regional Chief Counsel Precedents - Table of Co...02/14/2019RS 00605.000 Initial Computation of the PIA - Recomputations and Reca...02/14/2019RS 00605.380 National Guard Civilian Pensions for Dual Status Technic...02/14/2019NL 00730.106 “C” Paragraphs and Captions02/14/2019NL 00730.140 “T” Paragraphs and Captions02/14/2019NL 00730.000 Title II Redesign (T2R) Notices Title II Postentitlement...02/14/2019NL 00730.102 "A" Paragraphs and Captions02/14/2019NL 00730.116 “H” Paragraphs and Captions02/14/2019RS 00600.000 Determination of PIAs and Benefit Amounts - Table of Con...02/14/2019GN 00312.012 Andorra – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.026 Australia – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 02402.230 Death of an International Direct Deposit (IDD) Beneficia...02/13/2019GN 00312.016 Anguilla – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.038 Barbados – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.028 Austria – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.018 Antigua and Barbuda – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 03350.000 FOIA and Privacy Act Denials and Appeals - Table of Cont...02/13/2019GN 00312.032 Bahamas – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 03350.010 Freedom of Information Act Appeals02/13/2019GN 02402.235 Intercepting Incorrect International Direct Deposit (IDD...02/13/2019GN 00312.000 Sources of Vital Statistics Records outside the U.S. - T...02/13/2019GN 02402.225 Payment Operation for International Direct Deposit (IDD)02/13/2019RS 00605.005 Benchmark Year (Eligibility Year)02/13/2019PR 07905.025 Michigan02/08/2019RM 10205.630 Internet SSN Replacement Cards (iSSNRC) Policy02/08/2019HI 00815.076 Social Security Administration (SSA) DO/BO Action Upon R...02/08/2019SI 02302.000 Continuing Benefits and Recipient Status Under Sections ...02/08/2019SI 02302.200 Charted Threshold Amounts02/08/2019PR 05805.001 Alabama02/08/2019DI 23022.760 Hydranencephaly02/07/2019DI 23022.770 Hypophosphatasia--Perinatal (Lethal) and Infantile Onset...02/07/2019DI 23022.320 Small Cell Lung Cancer02/07/2019DI 23022.325 Small Intestine Cancer02/07/2019DI 23022.775 I Cell Disease02/07/2019DI 23022.765 Hypocomplementemic Urticarial Vasculitis Syndrome02/07/2019SI 00830.815 Native American Precedent Application (NAPA) Website02/07/2019GN 01701.000 Totalization Benefits - General - Table of Contents02/06/2019GN 01701.005 International Social Security (Totalization) Agreements02/06/2019SI 04070.050 Notice of Revised SSI Determination or Decision02/06/2019SI 04070.000 Administrative Finality - SSI - Table of Contents02/06/2019SI 04000.000 Administrative Review, Appeals and Finality - SSI - Tabl...02/06/2019GN 02403.030 Processing Medicare Premium Remittances Received in the ...02/06/2019GN 02820.000 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 - Table o...02/06/2019GN 02800.000 Legislative Economic Payment Activities - Table of Conte...02/06/2019GN 02230.050 Civil Monetary Penalty (CMP) - Overview02/06/2019GN 01727.000 Agreement with Portugal - Table of Contents02/05/2019GN 01727.020 Portuguese Social Security Benefits Eligibility Requirem...02/05/2019SI 02006.000 Windfall Offset and Effect on Title XVI Payments - Table...02/05/2019RS 00605.366 Pension Development02/01/2019DI 28015.005 Two Mechanisms to Relate Medical Improvement (MI) to the...02/01/2019HI 00815.023 Medicare Savings Programs Income Limits02/01/2019DI 28015.000 Relating Medical Improvement to the Ability to Work - Ti...02/01/2019DI 52101.010 Social Security Rulings (SSRs) Involving Workers’ ...02/01/2019DI 52101.000 Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit(WC/PDB) ...02/01/2019DI 28000.000 Continuing Disability Review Cases - Table of Contents02/01/2019DI 52150.035 Determining the Workers’ Compensation/Public Disab...01/30/2019DI 39545.675 Exhibit 3 – DDS Guide to Establishing a Fee Schedu...01/30/2019HI 03050.000 Redeterminations - Table of Contents01/30/2019GN 00305.000 Proof of Marital Relationship - Table of Contents01/30/2019HI 03030.000 Resources - Table of Contents01/30/2019DI 52140.000 Field Office (FO) and Processing Center (PC) Responsibil...01/30/2019PS 01825.002 Alaska01/30/2019DI 60075.000 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) - Table of Con...01/29/2019DI 60000.000 Research Studies, Demonstrations and Experiments - Table...01/29/2019DI 60075.065 Appeal Process for Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (...01/29/2019DI 60075.070 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Notices01/29/2019GN 04440.203 Second Returns01/28/2019DI 12026.000 Reconsideration - Disability Hearing for a Medical Cessa...01/28/2019DI 81010.257 Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Cessation...01/25/2019RS 00208.000 Mother's and Father's Benefits - Table of Contents01/25/2019DI 12027.000 Statutory Benefit Continuation (SBC) - Table of Contents01/25/2019RS 00208.105 Avoidance of Entitlement - Mothers/Fathers01/25/2019GN 03101.000 Appeals (Title II and Entitlement Under Title XVIII) - T...01/25/2019DI 12027.010 Processing Statutory Benefit Continuation (SBC)01/25/2019GN 03100.000 Appeals - Table of Contents01/25/2019DI 81010.255 Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Cessation...01/25/2019GN 03103.000 Hearings (Title II and Entitlement Under Title XVIII) - ...01/24/2019GN 02408.626 Processing the Notice of Reclamation (FMS-133) and the R...01/24/2019GN 03103.190 Inquiries, Changes and Receipt of Material While Case at...01/24/2019GN 02408.920 International Direct Deposit (IDD) Payment Reclamation F...01/24/2019GN 02210.205 Paying by Credit Card – Debtor Contact Unit (DCU) ...01/23/2019GN 04410.040 Protesting Deficiency Citations- Rebuttals Title II01/23/2019DI 26530.000 Personalized Disability Explanations - Table of Contents01/23/2019DI 26530.005 Cases Requiring a Personalized Disability Explanation01/23/2019GN 04410.000 RSI Claims Quality Appraisal System - Table of Contents01/23/2019DI 52145.000 Verification of Proof of Workers' Compensation/Public Di...01/23/2019GN 02402.428 Coding Sudan Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...01/23/2019GN 02402.426 Coding Aruba Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...01/23/2019GN 02402.430 Coding Arab Emirates Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary...01/23/2019SI 02305.059 Disposition of RZ and Limited Issue Case Development and...01/22/2019DI 26510.045 Completing Item 22 (Regulation Basis Code) on the SSA-83...01/18/2019SI 00601.050 Withdrawal of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Applica...01/17/2019VB 02500.000 Appeals Process - Table of Contents01/17/2019VB 02501.000 Overview - Table of Contents01/17/2019VB 02501.010 Good Cause for Extending Time Limit01/17/2019SI 00601.000 General Applications and Interviewing Policy - Table of ...01/17/2019DI 40505.000 Medical Issues - Table of Contents01/17/2019DI 40505.900 Forms Used in Adjudication of Disability Cases01/17/2019DI 40500.000 Processing Continuing Disability Review Cases - Table of...01/17/2019SI 01415.051 Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Pr...01/17/2019SI 00830.210 Benefits Paid Under Title II of the Social Security Act01/16/2019GN 02410.000 Assignment, Levy, Garnishment - Table of Contents01/16/2019HI 00805.130 When an Enrollment Received by Mail Is Considered Filed01/15/2019RM 02019.004 Prepare Microprints of Employer Reports01/15/2019RM 02019.011 Processing Requests for copies of Program Related Employ...01/15/2019DI 52135.070 Hawaii Public Disability Benefits (PDB)01/15/2019RM 02019.000 Request for Copies of Employer Reports - Table of Conten...01/15/2019RM 02000.000 Discrepant Wage Reports - Table of Contents01/15/2019DI 52120.270 West Virginia Workers' Compensation (WC)01/14/2019GN 02215.000 Methods of Recovery for Title II, Title XVI, and Title X...01/14/2019DI 52120.235 Tennessee Workers’ Compensation (WC)01/14/2019RM 10211.025 Evidence of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) Status for a...01/11/2019GN 00206.005 Requirements for Withdrawal (WD) of a Benefit Applicatio...01/11/2019DI 11055.240 Field Office (FO) Procedures for Processing Presumptive ...01/11/2019DI 11055.000 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Disability Cases - Ta...01/11/2019GN 00206.000 Withdrawals - Table of Contents01/11/2019PR 09905.016 Illinois01/10/2019GN 01760.015 Coverage and Contributions under the Uruguayan Social Se...01/10/2019GN 01760.001 Overview of the Totalization Agreement with Uruguay01/10/2019GN 01760.110 Scope of the Agreement with Uruguay01/10/2019GN 01760.010 Overview of the Uruguayan Social Security System01/10/2019GN 01760.020 Uruguayan Benefits Eligibility Requirements01/10/2019GN 01760.105 Effective Date of the Agreement with Uruguay01/10/2019GN 01760.140 Exceptions to Section 202(t)(1) Alien Nonpayment Provisi...01/10/2019GN 01760.000 Agreement with Uruguay - Table of Contents01/10/2019GN 01760.150 Filing Appeals of Decisions under the Agreement with Uru...01/10/2019RS 02610.000 Alien Non-Payment Provisions - Table of Contents01/10/2019GN 01760.145 Exceptions to Section 202(t)(11) U.S. Residency Requirem...01/10/2019GN 01760.120 U.S. Totalization Benefits under the Agreement with Urug...01/10/2019GN 01760.220 Additional Applications for Benefits under the Agreement...01/10/2019GN 01760.125 Application Process for Benefits under the Agreement wit...01/10/2019RS 02600.000 Foreign Deductions - Table of Contents01/10/2019GN 01760.225 Requests for Status of Applications for Uruguayan Benefi...01/10/2019GN 01760.205 Evidence Required for U.S. Totalization Benefits under t...01/10/2019GN 01760.215 Applications for Benefits under the Agreement with Urugu...01/10/2019GN 01760.210 Developing Evidence and Establishing Entitlement Factors...01/10/2019HI 01194.010 Annual Income-Related Monthly Adjustment Amount (IRMAA) ...01/08/2019HI 01194.005 Annual Benefit Rate Increase Notice for Title II Benefic...01/08/2019HI 01194.000 Medicare IRMAA Exhibits Of Notices - Table of Contents01/08/2019GN 03940.025 Processing Center (PC) Processing of Fee Agreements for ...01/08/2019GN 03940.000 Fee Authorization Under the Fee Agreement Process - Tabl...01/08/2019PR 09905.006 California 01/07/2019GN 03301.000 Law and Regulations - Disclosure/Confidentiality - Table...01/04/2019GN 04440.002 Introduction to the Federal Quality Review01/04/2019NL 00703.632 MBA Less than SMI Premium (LESSDO) - No Prior Year Premi...01/03/2019NL 00703.634 MBA Less than SMI Premium (LESSDO) - Prior Year Premium ...01/03/2019NL 00703.633 MBA Less than SMI Premium (LESSDO) - Prior Year Premium ...01/03/2019DI 23010.035 Required Written Analysis for a Failure to Follow Prescr...01/03/2019DI 23010.009 Necessary Conditions to Make a Failure to Follow Prescri...01/03/2019DI 23010.013 Development Procedures for a Failure to Follow Prescribe...01/03/2019NL 00703.012 Usage Chart for HI/SMI Exhibit Letters01/03/2019DI 23010.007 When to Apply Failure to Follow Prescribed Treatment (FT...01/03/2019NL 00703.635 MBA Less than SMI Premium (LESSDO) - Failure to Bill - M...01/03/2019GN 02210.220 Request for Waiver - $1,000 Tolerance - Debt Contact Rep...01/03/2019NL 00703.636 MBA Less than SMI Premium (LESSDO) - Failure to Bill - E...01/03/2019DI 23010.040 Adjudication and Notice Procedures for a Failure to Foll...01/03/2019DI 23010.045 Predetermination Notice Language for Failure to Follow P...01/03/2019NL 00703.000 Exhibit and Dictated Letters - Table of Contents01/03/2019NL 00703.631 Initial LESSDO Notice (MBA Less than SMI Premium)01/03/2019GN 03104.000 Appeals Council Review (Title II and Entitlement Under T...01/03/2019DI 23010.006 Failure to Follow Prescribed Treatment (FTFPT) – G...01/03/2019DI 23010.000 Failure to Follow Prescribed Treatment - Table of Conten...01/03/2019DI 23010.011 How to Make a Failure to Follow Prescribed Treatment (FT...01/03/2019HI 03035.020 Verification Process for Liquid Resources01/03/2019PS 01825.047 Tennessee01/03/2019HI 00600.000 Covered Services (HI-SMI) - Table of Contents12/31/2018HI 01005.000 Premium Health Insurance - Table of Contents12/31/2018HI 01001.000 Supplementary Medical Insurance - Table of Contents12/31/2018HI 01001.014 Part B Premiums and Surcharges in Effect after 198912/31/2018HI 00601.000 Hospital Insurance - Table of Contents12/31/2018HI 01000.000 Premium Collections - Table of Contents12/31/2018HI 01005.011 Exhibit — Standard Hospital Insurance (HI) Premium...12/31/2018HI 00601.560 Inpatient Hospital Coinsurance12/31/2018HI 01005.012 Exhibit — Reduced Hospital Insurance (HI) Premiums...12/31/2018HI 00601.550 Inpatient Hospital Deductible12/31/2018PR 07905.001 Alabama12/31/2018HI 00601.570 Extended Care Coinsurance12/31/2018DI 10501.015 Tables of SGA Earnings Guidelines and Effective Dates Ba...12/28/2018GN 03313.070 Disclosure to the Department of Justice (DOJ)12/28/2018DI 23022.780 Infantile Free Sialic Acid Storage Disease12/28/2018DI 23022.945 Endometrial Stromal Sarcoma12/28/2018DI 23022.805 Malignant Brainstem Gliomas -- Childhood12/28/2018DI 23022.957 Hepatorenal Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.695 Child Neuroblastoma—with distant metastases or rec...12/28/2018DI 23022.939 Congenital Lymphedema12/28/2018DI 23022.725 Fucosidosis -- Type I12/28/2018DI 23022.715 Ewing Sarcoma12/28/2018DI 23022.961 Leiomyosarcoma12/28/2018DI 23022.315 Small-Cell Cancer of the Female Genital Tract12/28/2018DI 23022.150 Ependymoblastoma (Child Brain Cancer)12/28/2018DI 23022.670 Alobar Holoprosencephaly12/28/2018DI 23022.951 Fryns Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.226 Malignant Ectomesenchymoma12/28/2018DI 23022.890 Schindler Disease -- Type I12/28/2018DI 23022.920 Xeroderma Pigmentosum12/28/2018DI 23022.921 Adult Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma12/28/2018DI 23022.959 Jervell and Lange-Nielsen Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.755 Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.971 NFU-1 Mitochondrial Disease12/28/2018DI 23022.953 Fulminant Giant Cell Myocarditis12/28/2018DI 23022.221 Liposarcoma - Metastatic or Recurrent12/28/2018DI 23022.580 Cardiac Amyloidosis - AL Type12/28/2018DI 23022.870 Peripheral Nerve Cancer – metastatic or recurrent12/28/2018DI 23022.231 Marshall-Smith Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.975 Peritoneal Mucinous Carcinomatosis12/28/2018DI 23022.820 Medulloblastoma12/28/2018DI 23022.947 Erdheim Chester Disease12/28/2018DI 23022.326 Soft Tissue Sarcoma - with Distant Metastases or Recurre...12/28/2018DI 23022.700 Child Lymphoma12/28/2018DI 23022.570 Ventricular Assist Device Recipient — Left, Right,...12/28/2018DI 23022.985 Sinonasal Cancer12/28/2018DI 23022.710 Cornelia de Lange Syndrome--Classic Form12/28/2018DI 23022.825 Merkel Cell Carcinoma – with metastases12/28/2018DI 23022.750 Histiocytosis Syndromes12/28/2018DI 23022.111 Atypical Teratoid/Rhabdoid Tumor12/28/2018DI 23022.927 Alveolar Soft Part Sarcoma12/28/2018DI 23022.900 Spinal Nerve Root Cancer – metastatic or recurrent12/28/2018DI 23022.983 Severe Combined Immunodeficiency -- Childhood12/28/2018DI 23022.931 Beta Thalassemia Major12/28/2018DI 23022.745 Hepatoblastoma12/28/2018DI 23022.835 Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis12/28/2018DI 23022.929 Aplastic Anemia12/28/2018DI 23022.216 Leptomeningeal Carcinomatosis12/28/2018DI 23022.969 Menkes Disease - Classic or Infantile Onset Form12/28/2018DI 23022.685 Carcinoma of Unknown Primary Site12/28/2018SI 00820.510 Student Earned Income Exclusion12/28/2018DI 23022.815 Mastocytosis Type IV12/28/2018DI 23022.735 Glioma - Grade III and IV12/28/2018DI 23022.840 Obliterative Bronchiolitis12/28/2018DI 23022.885 Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata12/28/2018DI 23022.810 Skin Malignant Melanoma with Metastases12/28/2018DI 23022.201 Intracranial Hemangiopericytoma12/28/2018DI 23022.705 Chondrosarcoma—with multimodal therapy12/28/2018DI 23022.855 Pearson Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.915 Wolf-Hirschhorn Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.943 Dravet Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.933 Bilateral Optic Atrophy - Infantile12/28/2018DI 23022.246 Oligodendroglioma Brain Cancer - Grade III12/28/2018DI 23022.955 Hepatopulmonary Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.286 Revesz Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.937 Child Lymphoblastic Lymphoma12/28/2018DI 23022.979 Retinopathy of Prematurity - Stage V12/28/2018DI 23022.965 Malignant Germ Cell Tumor12/28/2018DI 23022.282 Prostate Cancer – Hormone Refractory Disease &ndas...12/28/2018DI 23022.106 Angiosarcoma12/28/2018DI 23022.989 Usher Syndrome - Type I12/28/2018DI 23022.120 Osteosarcoma12/28/2018DI 23022.156 Esthesioneuroblastoma12/28/2018DI 23022.136 Chronic Idiopathic Intestinal Pseudo Obstruction12/28/2018DI 23022.895 Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome12/28/2018DI 23022.346 X-Linked Lymphoproliferative Disease12/28/2018DI 23022.227 Malignant Renal Rhabdoid Tumor12/28/2018DI 23022.880 Rhabdomyosarcoma12/28/2018DI 23022.963 Malignant Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor12/28/2018RM 10212.090 Evidence of a Name Change based on a US Issued Amended o...12/28/2018DI 23022.720 Follicular Dendritic Cell Sarcoma -- metastatic or recur...12/28/2018RM 10212.000 Legal Names and Changes to the Numident - Table of Conte...12/28/2018DI 23022.987 Transplant Coronary Artery Vasculopathy12/28/2018DI 23022.730 Galactosialidosis -- Early and Late Infantile Types12/28/2018DI 10501.000 General - SGA - Table of Contents12/28/2018SI 00820.000 Earned Income - Table of Contents12/28/2018DI 13010.000 Work Activity - Table of Contents12/28/2018DI 13000.000 Continuing Disability - Table of Contents12/28/2018GN 01715.000 Agreement With Canada - Table of Contents12/27/2018GN 00203.000 Interviewing - Table of Contents12/27/2018GN 03312.090 Ad Hoc Decisions to Disclose Information for Law Enforce...12/21/2018GN 03312.085 National Security Situations12/21/2018GN 03312.080 Valid Law Enforcement Requests12/21/2018GN 03312.125 Foreign and International Cases12/21/2018GN 03312.115 Disclosure to Locate Fleeing Felons or Parole or Probati...12/21/2018GN 03312.095 Law Enforcement Disclosures Involving Health and Safety ...12/21/2018DI 25001.000 Medical-Vocational Quick Reference Guide - Table of Cont...12/21/2018GN 03313.060 Disclosure to the Department of the Treasury (DT)12/21/2018GN 03312.001 Disclosure Without Consent for Law Enforcement Purposes12/21/2018GN 03312.105 Disclosure for Criminal Activity Involving SSA Programs12/21/2018GN 02215.050 Liability of Deceased's Estate12/21/2018GN 03312.075 Kinds of Information That May Be Disclosed for Law Enfor...12/21/2018GN 03312.110 Law Enforcement Requests from Federal, State, and Local ...12/21/2018GN 03312.100 Disclosure for Criminal Law Enforcement Purposes Involvi...12/21/2018DI 25000.000 Medical-Vocational Evaluation - Table of Contents12/21/2018DI 42010.000 Effectuating ALJ, AC, and Court Decisions (Single Appell...12/20/2018DI 42000.000 Processing Appeals Reopenings and Material Received Afte...12/20/2018DI 52120.195 Ohio Workers’ Compensation (WC)12/19/2018SI 00501.000 Eligibility Under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI)...12/19/2018GN 03103.080 Forwarding the Form HA-501-U5 (Request for Hearing by Ad...12/19/2018SI 00500.000 Eligibility - Table of Contents12/19/2018DI 40505.220 Title II Cessation and New Title XVI Application12/18/2018DI 40505.315 Handling Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) When the S...12/18/2018DI 40505.300 Diary Coding of Continuance Determinations12/18/2018DI 40505.120 Third Party Report(s) May Initiate a Continuing Disabili...12/18/2018DI 24501.001 The Disability Determination Services Disability Examine...12/18/2018DI 40505.205 When We May Need a Title XVI File for Continuing Disabil...12/18/2018DI 40505.310 Non-essential Material12/18/2018DI 40505.105 Procedure When Title XVI Recipient with a Past-Due Medic...12/18/2018DI 40505.020 Procedures for Field Office (FO) or Disability Determina...12/18/2018DI 40505.001 Processing a Medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR) ...12/18/2018DI 40505.110 1619 Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) and Medical Fo...12/18/2018HI 00815.036 State Response to Public Welfare (PW) Accretion12/18/2018DI 40505.215 Operating Policy for Title XVI Clear-cut Cessation Cases12/18/2018DI 40505.210 After We Identify Concurrent Cases, We Decide Whether We...12/18/2018DI 40505.115 Voluntary Report of Medical Improvement12/18/2018DI 40505.100 Medical Improvement Expected (MIE) Cases with Work Activ...12/18/2018DI 40505.130 When We May Require Current Evidence12/18/2018DI 40505.200 Applicability of Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Even...12/18/2018DI 40505.005 Routing Medical Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs)12/18/2018DI 40505.125 Additional Evidence or Information12/18/2018DI 13050.000 Expedited Reinstatements - Table of Contents12/17/2018PR 00905.035 New York12/14/2018PR 00905.000 General - Table of Contents12/14/2018PR 00900.000 CHILD - Children of Same-Sex Marriages and Other Relatio...12/14/2018DI 23022.185 Glioblastoma (Adult Brain Cancer)12/13/2018DI 23022.100 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)12/13/2018DI 23022.180 Gaucher Disease (GD) - Type 212/13/2018DI 23022.175 Gallbladder Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.270 Peritoneal Mesothelioma12/13/2018DI 23022.205 Kidney Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.295 Sandhoff Disease12/13/2018DI 23022.140 Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia (CML) - Blast Phase12/13/2018DI 23022.110 Astrocytoma - Grade III and IV12/13/2018DI 23022.290 Salivary Cancers12/13/2018DI 23022.240 Niemann-Pick Disease (NPD) - Type A12/13/2018DI 23022.135 Cerebro Oculo Facio Skeletal (COFS) Syndrome12/13/2018DI 23022.265 Pancreatic Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.155 Esophageal Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.310 Small Cell Cancer of the Prostate12/13/2018DI 23022.345 Ureter Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.105 Anaplastic Adrenal Cancer - Adult12/13/2018DI 23022.305 Small Cell Cancer of the Ovary12/13/2018DI 23022.275 Pleural Mesothelioma12/13/2018SI 04030.000 Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearings - SSI - Table of...12/13/2018DI 23022.200 Inflammatory Breast Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.260 Ovarian Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.230 Mantle Cell Lymphoma (MCL)12/13/2018DI 23022.245 Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.225 Liver Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.215 Large Intestine Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.115 Bladder Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.340 Anaplastic Thyroid Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.335 Stomach Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.085 Acute Leukemia12/13/2018DI 23022.125 Breast Cancer– with distant metastases or recurren...12/13/2018DI 23022.255 Osteogenesis Imperfecta (OI) - Type II12/13/2018DI 23022.090 Adrenal Cancer12/13/2018DI 23022.311 Small Cell Cancer of the Thymus12/13/2018PR 01010.007 Colorado12/13/2018PS 01825.006 California12/12/2018HI 01101.031 How IRMAA is Calculated and How IRMAA Affects the Total ...12/11/2018SI 02220.051 SSI Overpayment – Field Office (FO) Efforts to Loc...12/11/2018NL 00725.000 Modernized Claims System (MCS) Notices - Table of Conten...12/11/2018NL 00725.130 ATY UTIs – Attorney Fee12/11/2018NL 00703.596 Lump Sum Death Payment-Potential Eligibility12/10/2018GN 02402.423 Coding Marshall Islands Bank Data on the Master Benefici...12/07/2018GN 02402.425 Coding Senegal Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...12/07/2018GN 02402.422 Coding Macao Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...12/07/2018GN 02402.421 Coding Algeria Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...12/07/2018GN 02402.424 Coding Micronesia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...12/07/2018DI 25501.430 Medical Consultant, Psychological Consultant, and Disabi...12/06/2018DI 33025.050 Disability Hearing Unit (DHU) Discovers Substantial Gain...12/04/2018SI 04040.000 Appeals Council (AC) Review - SSI - Table of Contents12/04/2018DI 23022.540 Aortic Atresia12/03/2018DI 23022.405 Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis12/03/2018DI 23022.380 Degos Disease - Systemic12/03/2018DI 23022.480 Patau Syndrome (Trisomy 13)12/03/2018DI 23022.485 Primary Progressive Aphasia12/03/2018DI 23022.500 Spinocerebellar Ataxia12/03/2018DI 23022.495 MPS III - Sanfilippo Syndrome12/03/2018DI 23022.390 Edwards Syndrome (Trisomy 18)12/03/2018DI 23022.420 Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis12/03/2018DI 23022.460 Mucosal Malignant Melanoma12/03/2018DI 23022.530 Wolman Disease12/03/2018DI 23022.635 Paraneoplastic Pemphigus12/03/2018DI 23022.555 Heart Transplant Graft Failure12/03/2018DI 23022.440 Leigh's Disease12/03/2018DI 23022.595 Tricuspid Atresia12/03/2018DI 23022.565 Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome12/03/2018DI 23022.415 MPS I - Hurler Syndrome12/03/2018DI 23022.535 Zellweger Syndrome12/03/2018DI 23022.545 Eisenmenger Syndrome12/03/2018DI 23022.560 Heart Transplant Wait List 1A/1B12/03/2018DI 23022.510 Tay Sachs Disease, Infantile Type12/03/2018DI 23022.590 Single Ventricle12/03/2018DI 23022.475 Niemann-Pick Disease - Type C12/03/2018DI 23022.550 Endomyocardial Fibrosis12/03/2018DI 23022.515 Thanatophoric Dysplasia, Type 112/03/2018DI 23022.615 Lowe Syndrome12/03/2018DI 23022.375 Cri du Chat Syndrome12/03/2018DI 23022.585 Pulmonary Atresia12/03/2018DI 23022.350 Alstrom Syndrome12/03/2018DI 23022.430 Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa Lethal Type12/03/2018DI 23022.395 Fibrodysplasia Ossificans Progressiva12/03/2018DI 23022.470 (Neonatal) Glutaric Acidemia12/03/2018DI 23022.575 Mitral Valve Atresia12/03/2018DI 23022.465 Neonatal Adrenoleukodystrophy12/03/2018DI 23022.410 MPS II - Hunter Syndrome12/03/2018DI 23022.370 Bilateral Retinoblastoma12/03/2018DI 23022.355 Amegakaryocytic Thrombocytopenia12/03/2018PS 01805.000 Resources - General (Definition, Identification, Statuto...11/30/2018PR 05605.036 North Carolina11/30/2018PR 05845.033 New Jersey11/30/2018PS 01805.026 Minnesota11/30/2018GN 03970.000 Suspension or Disqualification of Representatives - Tabl...11/29/2018RS 00615.756 Adjusting Benefits for the Family Maximum (FMAX)11/29/2018RS 00615.000 Computation of Monthly Benefits Amounts - Table of Conte...11/29/2018PS 01810.014 Hawaii11/28/2018PS 01810.000 Countable Resources - Table of Contents11/28/2018PR 01115.051 Virgin Islands11/28/2018PR 05005.022 Maine11/28/2018PR 04505.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents11/27/2018GN 02210.216 Debtor Alleges Payment - Debt Specialist (DS) Action11/27/2018PR 05805.032 New Hampshire11/27/2018PR 04505.049 Utah11/27/2018DI 52120.115 Maryland Workers' Compensation (WC)11/27/2018PR 04500.000 Garnishment/Assignment - Table of Contents11/27/2018RS 02635.000 Deportation - Table of Contents11/26/2018GN 03920.019 Assessment on Representatives Who Receive Direct Payment11/26/2018RS 02635.025 Coordinating with the Department of Homeland Security (D...11/26/2018SI 02309.000 Critical Birthday and Insured Status Diaries - Table of ...11/25/2018GN 03940.085 Title XVI Fee Agreement Paragraphs11/25/2018GN 00410.000 Processing Claims and Payments in Disasters - Table of C...11/23/2018GN 00400.000 Disaster Procedures - Table of Contents11/23/2018RS 00640.075 Special Minimum PIAs and Maximum Rates Table11/21/2018RS 00615.650 Minimum Sole Survivor's Rate (MSSR)11/21/2018RS 00301.250 Chart of Increment Amounts11/21/2018RS 00615.770 Simultaneous Entitlement of Children on More Than One SS...11/21/2018RS 00601.120 Cost-Of-Living Adjustment (COLA)11/21/2018RS 00605.910 Family Maximum Chart11/21/2018RS 00300.000 Insured Status - Table of Contents11/21/2018RS 00605.900 List of RAW PIA and Family Maximum Computations11/21/2018RS 01404.300 Maximum Contribution of Social Security Employment Taxes...11/21/2018RS 00605.905 1978 NS AIME PIA Chart11/21/2018RS 00601.000 PIA and Benefit Amounts - Introduction - Table of Conten...11/21/2018RS 00640.000 Computation and Benefit Tables - Old Law - Table of Cont...11/21/2018RS 00301.000 Retirement, Survivors and Disability Requirements - Tabl...11/21/2018RS 00605.944 Indexing Factors for 2019 Eligibility11/21/2018DI 22515.000 Vocational Evidence - Table of Contents11/21/2018DI 22500.000 Case Development Procedures - Table of Contents11/21/2018DI 22515.020 Resolving Insufficient Vocational Evidence using a Detai...11/21/2018RS 02501.025 Determining Annual and Monthly Exempt Amounts11/21/2018RS 01404.000 Wage Development - Table of Contents11/21/2018RS 01802.272 Type of Religious Sect Whose Members May Qualify for Exe...11/20/2018RS 01800.000 Coverage of Self-Employment - Table of Contents11/20/2018DI 52120.150 Nebraska Workers' Compensation (WC)11/20/2018RS 01802.000 Self-Employment - Trade or Business - Table of Contents11/20/2018PR 01215.037 North Dakota11/19/2018PR 01300.000 CHILD - Legally Adopted Child - Table of Contents11/19/2018PR 01800.000 CHILD - Termination of Parental Rights - Table of Conten...11/19/2018PR 01310.000 Adoption Requirements - Table of Contents11/19/2018PR 01200.000 CHILD - 216(h)(3) Child - Table of Contents11/19/2018PR 01315.000 Adoption Effective Dates - Table of Contents11/19/2018PR 01315.021 Louisiana11/19/2018PR 01805.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents11/19/2018PR 01310.021 Louisiana11/19/2018PR 01805.037 North Dakota11/19/2018PR 01215.000 Court Order of Support/Paternity - Table of Contents11/19/2018DI 23022.050 Making the Determination in Compassionate Allowances (CA...11/19/2018PR 01210.021 Louisiana11/16/2018PR 01120.000 Effective Date of Legitimation/Inheritance Rights - Tabl...11/16/2018PR 01210.000 State Law Requirements For Showing Information About Fat...11/16/2018PR 01010.021 Louisiana11/16/2018PR 01015.000 Lord Mansfield Rule - Table of Contents11/16/2018PR 01115.021 Louisiana11/16/2018PR 05005.010 District of Columbia11/16/2018PR 05845.017 Indiana11/16/2018PR 01120.021 Louisiana11/16/2018PR 01015.021 Louisiana11/16/2018PR 06805.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents11/16/2018NL 01201.000 Online Notices - Table of Contents11/16/2018NL 01201.001 Online Notices11/16/2018NL 01200.000 Online Notices - Table of Contents11/16/2018PR 06805.028 Missouri11/16/2018PR 06800.000 PRISONERS - Suspension/Termination - Table of Contents11/16/2018SI 00830.230CHI (MI) Verifying Unemployment Insurance Benefits (RTN 4...11/16/2018SI 02309.010 Processing the Insured Status (KZ) Diary - Supplemental ...11/15/2018DI 52120.280 Wyoming Workers’ Compensation (WC)11/14/2018DI 52120.025 Arkansas Workers’ Compensation (WC)11/14/2018DI 11010.261 Field Office Applying Prior Entitlement Months to the Me...11/14/2018SI 02001.000 Computation of Benefits - Introduction - Table of Conten...11/09/2018DI 20503.001 Documenting the Disability Folder – Disability Det...11/09/2018DI 20500.000 Folder Management - Table of Contents11/09/2018DI 20503.000 Essential Claims Folder Material - Table of Contents11/09/2018GN 01070.600 Retrieving Information and Documents from Stored Folders11/08/2018GN 02403.010 Completing the Cash Log11/08/2018GN 01070.000 Intercomponent Communications - Table of Contents11/08/2018GN 00502.190 Processing Manual Representative Payee (Payee) Selection...11/08/2018DI 11005.085 Prior Claims Activity11/08/2018DI 52120.095 Kansas Workers' Compensation (WC)11/05/2018GN 02402.420 Coding Fiji Islands Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary ...11/05/2018GN 03930.150 Form SSA-1178 (Evaluation of Fee Petition for Representa...11/02/2018NL 00730.130 "O" Paragraphs and Captions11/02/2018NL 00730.010 Title II Redesign (T2R) Notices Not Generated11/02/2018NL 00730.138 “S” Paragraphs and Captions11/02/2018NL 00730.020 Title II Redesign (T2R) Notice Documentation11/02/2018NL 00730.108 “D” Paragraphs and Captions11/02/2018GN 03930.000 Fee Authorization Under the Fee Petition Process - Table...11/02/2018PR 00905.007 Colorado11/01/2018GN 02301.000 Policy and Disposition of Underpayments - Table of Conte...11/01/2018GN 02300.000 Underpayments - Table of Contents11/01/2018DI 25015.000 Ability to Perform Other Work - Table of Contents10/30/2018PR 05845.024 Massachusetts10/30/2018RS 01404.250 Prohibitions Against Crediting Quarters of Coverage as s...10/26/2018DI 52120.090 Iowa Workers' Compensation (WC)10/25/2018RM 03870.065 Earnings Posted to Young Children - General10/25/2018DI 24515.000 Specific Medical Evaluation Instructions - Table of Cont...10/25/2018RM 03870.000 Development of Earnings Records Inaccuracies - Table of ...10/25/2018RM 03800.000 Earnings Discrepancies - Table of Contents10/25/2018GN 02402.418 Coding El Salvador Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary R...10/25/2018RS 00202.000 Spouse's Benefits - Table of Contents10/24/2018GN 02410.015 Voluntary Tax Withholding (VTW)10/24/2018SI 00835.901 Values for In-Kind Support and Maintenance for 2006 and ...10/24/2018DI 33530.005 Disability-Related List Codes10/23/2018DI 33530.000 Index of Disability-Related List Code Numbers - Table of...10/23/2018PS 01820.053 Washington10/23/2018PS 01805.053 Washington10/23/2018DI 33500.000 Reference - Table of Contents10/23/2018SI 01120.205SEA The Legal Age of Majority for Uniform Transfer to Min...10/19/2018DI 42010.010 Deferral of Non Disability Development10/18/2018NL 00725.140 “BRR” UTIs – Beneficiary Reporting Res...10/17/2018NL 00725.215 “DSL” UTIs – Disallowance10/17/2018SI 00830.510SEA Alaska Permanent Fund Dividends (AK PFD)10/17/2018SI 01120.195 Trusts Established under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Ac...10/17/2018GN 01070.228 Modes of Requesting Assistance10/15/2018GN 02210.006 Benefit Adjustment from the Overpaid Individual10/12/2018GN 02210.007 Benefit Adjustment from Someone Other than the Overpaid ...10/12/2018GN 02210.001 Overpayment Recovery by Benefit Adjustment10/12/2018SI 01320.620 Deeming of Income from an Ineligible Spouse to an Eligib...10/11/2018DI 28040.220 Completion of the SSA-832 or SSA-833 (Cessation or Conti...10/09/2018DI 81020.110 Medical Evaluation10/09/2018DI 28040.000 Medical Improvement Not Expected (MINE) or Medical Impro...10/09/2018NL 00720.360 TOT Totalization10/05/2018GN 03330.017 Policy and Procedures for Handling Requests for Testimon...10/05/2018GN 03330.000 Subpoenas and Court Orders - Disclosure - Table of Conte...10/05/2018GN 02605.200 Change of Address (COA) – Domestic to Foreign10/05/2018GN 02605.000 Processing Change of Address - Table of Contents10/05/2018SI 00820.150 Estimating Future Wages10/02/2018GN 01040.100 Listing Codes10/01/2018NL 00702.000 Aurora-General - Table of Contents10/01/2018NL 00702.240 Special Models10/01/2018NL 00702.194 Bullet Indicators10/01/2018DI 22501.000 Introduction - Case Development Procedures - Table of Co...10/01/2018GN 01040.000 Establishment of Diaries and Listings - Table of Content...10/01/2018GN 02250.370 Waiver Notices09/28/2018DI 52700.000 Acquiescence Rulings - Table of Contents09/28/2018DI 52705.020 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Adjudication09/28/2018DI 52705.000 Drummond Acquiescence Ruling - Table of Contents09/28/2018DI 70000.000 Paper Modular Disability Folder - Table of Contents09/28/2018DI 52715.020 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Adjudication09/28/2018DI 28091.000 CDR Simplified Rationale Procedures - Table of Contents09/28/2018DI 52715.000 Albright Acquiescence Ruling - Table of Contents09/28/2018DI 70025.001 Paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF) Procedures for the...09/28/2018DI 70025.000 Office of Hearings Operation Procedures - Table of Conte...09/28/2018GN 02602.000 Continuing Eligibility - Table of Contents09/26/2018GN 03940.003 Fee Agreement Evaluation09/25/2018GN 03980.000 Conflict of Interest - Table of Contents09/25/2018GN 03980.005 Representation by Regular Federal Employees09/25/2018GN 03980.071 Avoiding Conflicting Financial Interests09/25/2018GN 03980.002 Bribery of Public Officials and Witnesses09/25/2018GN 03980.080 Possible Violation of Conflict-of-Interest Provisions09/25/2018GN 03980.050 Representation by a Former Senior SSA Employee09/25/2018GN 03980.040 Representation by Former SSA Employees and Officials (Ot...09/25/2018GN 03980.001 Conflict of Interest - General Statement09/25/2018GN 03980.070 SSA Employee as Applicant or Representative Payee09/25/2018GN 03980.030 State Agency Disability Determination Employees - Federa...09/25/2018GN 03980.075 Receiving Salary only from the United States09/25/2018GN 03980.010 Representation by Special Federal Employees09/25/2018GN 03106.050 Responsibilities of the Office of the General Counsel (O...09/21/2018GN 03106.000 Litigation - Table of Contents09/21/2018DI 20503.003 Duplicate Evidence09/19/2018DI 24000.000 Work Issues - Initial/Reconsideration Cases - Table of C...09/18/2018DI 24001.000 Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) - Table of Contents09/18/2018DI 24001.005 Work Activity Development Responsibilities09/18/2018DI 52101.001 Introduction to Workers’ Compensation/Public Disab...09/18/2018DI 25005.000 Capacity to Do Past Relevant Work - Table of Contents09/18/2018GN 01756.110 How to Credit Quarters of Coverage Based on the Hungaria...09/04/2018GN 01756.220 Completing the Form SSA e2960 USA-HU 3 (U.S. - Hungary A...09/04/2018GN 01756.205 Preparing Claims Packages in the Division of Internation...09/04/2018GN 01756.105 Hungarian Certified Coverage Record09/04/2018GN 01756.235 Facts about the Hungarian Liaison Agency Liaison Form SS...09/04/2018GN 01756.025 Hungarian Liaison Agency09/04/2018GN 01756.315 Hungary Birth Registration Number09/04/2018GN 01756.230 Controlling Requests Sent to the Hungarian Liaison Agenc...09/04/2018GN 01756.310 Hungarian Liaison Agency Requests for Medical Examinatio...09/04/2018GN 01756.305 Life- to- Death Conversions - Hungarian Agreement09/04/2018GN 01756.210 Preparing Claims Packages in the Division of Internation...09/04/2018GN 01756.320 Hungarian Medical Exam Reimbursement Form09/04/2018GN 01756.000 OIO and FSP Processing Under the Agreement with Hungary ...09/04/2018GN 01756.012 How the Foreign Benefits Unit in Kraków, Poland, ...09/04/2018GN 01756.325 Social Security Administration (SSA) Medical Exam Reimbu...09/04/2018GN 01756.005 How the Division of International Operations (DIO) Modul...09/04/2018GN 01756.010 How to Develop and Process Applications Filed in the For...09/04/2018DI 39506.000 DDS Financial Management - Table of Contents08/31/2018SI 02220.052 SSI Overpayment – Field Office (FO) Actions When I...08/31/2018DI 39506.280 Signature Requirements for SSA 4513 Reports - Certificat...08/31/2018DI 24580.030 Information about Brachial Plexus Injuries (BPI)08/31/2018GN 00307.540 Evidence from Guyana08/31/2018GN 00307.542 Evidence from Honduras08/31/2018GN 00308.064 North Carolina Vital Records08/30/2018GN 02410.017 Requesting Voluntary Tax Withholding (VTW)08/30/2018GN 02402.329 Coding Sint Maarten Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary...08/30/2018GN 02402.416 Coding Bermuda Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...08/30/2018GN 02402.417 Coding Curacao Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...08/30/2018GN 02402.408 Coding Vietnam Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...08/30/2018DI 22510.006 When Not to Purchase a Consultative Examination (CE)08/29/2018DI 22510.000 Development of Consultative Examinations (CE) - Table of...08/29/2018VB 00901.015 Jurisdiction and Routing for Special Veterans Benefits C...08/20/2018VB 00901.012 Denial of SVB Claim for Failure to Cooperate or Submit E...08/20/2018VB 01503.605 Change of Address To a Treasury-Barred or SSA-Restricted...08/20/2018VB 01501.013 Processing Third-Party Reports -- CMPPA Exceptions08/20/2018VB 01501.011 Processing First-Party Reports08/20/2018VB 01701.010 Selection, Mailing, and Processing of Form SSA-2010-F608/20/2018GN 03940.004 Fee Agreements - Partially Favorable and Subsequent Deci...08/20/2018GN 00904.220 Requests for Assistance in Foreign Cases08/20/2018PR 05005.040 Oklahoma08/20/2018NL 00703.123 Advance Notice - Benefits Will Be Reduced (General)08/18/2018RM 02236.010 Potential Blanket Adjustment Referral Process for DEBS, ...08/17/2018SI 00830.605SEA Home Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance As...08/17/2018RM 10211.420 Employment Authorization for Non-immigrants08/17/2018RS 01505.006 Effective Dates of Coverage for Section 218 Agreements08/17/2018SI 00820.127 Period for Wage Verification08/17/2018SI 00820.141 Alternative Wage Verification – Periodic Reports W...08/17/2018DI 24515.056 Evaluation Of Specific Issues — Mental Disorders &...08/17/2018GN 01724.025 French Liaison Agencies08/17/2018GN 03920.031 Representative’s Fee – Title XVI Past-Due Be...08/17/2018DI 23022.233 Megacystis Microcolon Intestinal Hypoperistalsis Syndrom...08/17/2018DI 23022.163 Fibrolamellar Cancer08/17/2018DI 23022.234 Megalencephaly-Capillary Malformation Syndrome08/17/2018DI 23022.337 Superficial Siderosis of the Central Nervous System08/17/2018DI 23022.343 Tetrasomy 18p08/17/2018GN 03940.050 Title XVI - Field Office Processing of Fee Agreements on...08/17/2018DI 23022.080 List of Compassionate Allowance (CAL) Conditions08/17/2018PR 07115.048 Texas08/17/2018GN 03930.045 Diaries for Receipt of Fee Petitions and Fee Authorizati...08/17/2018DI 11011.001 Collateral Estoppel -- General08/17/2018GN 02402.332 Coding St. Lucia Bank Data for the MBR08/16/2018GN 02402.318 Coding Cayman Islands Bank Data for the MBR08/16/2018GN 02402.312 Coding Antigua and Barbuda Bank Data for the MBR08/16/2018DI 33025.075 Age 18 Redetermination Cases Under P.L. 104-19308/15/2018GN 02402.415 Coding Honduras Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...08/15/2018PS 01825.011 Florida08/14/2018DI 30007.145 Request for Program Consultation (RPC) Resolution Panel ...08/09/2018GN 00308.076 Rhode Island Vital Records08/08/2018DI 24510.006 Assessing Residual Functional Capacity (RFC) in Initial ...08/08/2018RS 00208.030 Mothers and Fathers Termination08/07/2018RM 02236.005 Handling Potential Blanket Adjustment Referral in OEIO08/07/2018RM 02236.015 Potential Blanket Adjustment (PBA) Referral Process for ...08/07/2018DI 52125.020 Determining Public Disability Offset (PDB) for Part B Bl...08/07/2018DI 52115.020 DOL Data Exchange Black Lung Part C Alerts08/07/2018PR 03130.012 Georgia08/07/2018GN 02607.830 Correctional or Mental Health Institution Problems Invol...08/07/2018GN 02607.800 SSA's Title II and Title XVI Incentive Payment Programs08/07/2018SI 01801.302BOS Application for Food Stamps – Massachusetts (TN...08/06/2018DI 24515.055 Evaluation Of Specific Issues Psychological/Psychometric...08/06/2018GN 02402.336 Coding St. Kitts and Nevis Bank Data for the MBR08/06/2018GN 02402.411 Coding Guatemala Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...08/06/2018GN 02402.100 Financial Institution (FI) Closings08/03/2018NL 00703.102 Notice to Overpaid Person in Non-pay Status but Receivin...08/02/2018NL 00725.120 “ALS” UTIs – Appeals08/02/2018NL 00711.005 Usage Chart (Finder Table) in Alphabetical Order08/02/2018HI 00815.025 SSA Outreach to Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries &ndash...08/02/2018HI 00901.040 New Medicare Numbers and Number Change Requests08/01/2018DI 28001.020 Frequency of Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs)08/01/2018DI 80550.010 CPMS Access07/31/2018GN 00312.078 Canada – Vital Statistics Records07/30/2018DI 25501.240 Disability Freeze and Established Onset07/30/2018GN 03940.046 Title XVI - Field Office Processing of Fee Agreements on...07/27/2018GN 03930.090 No Fee Petition or Fee Authorization Received By PC or F...07/27/2018DI 11005.020 Curtailing Completion of the SSA-3368 (Disability Report...07/27/2018DI 33095.030 Reconsideration/Disability Hearing Process (SSA-888-SP -...07/26/2018DI 33095.025 Reconsideration/Disability Hearing Process (SSA-888 - En...07/26/2018PR 01115.006 California07/26/2018PS 01220.053 Washington07/26/2018PS 01220.000 From State - Table of Contents07/26/2018PS 01200.000 PAYMENT -- Recovery - Table of Contents07/26/2018PR 06705.053 Washington07/26/2018SL 40001.420 Modifications to the Original Agreement07/26/2018SI 01120.203 Exceptions to Counting Trusts Established on or after Ja...07/26/2018DI 25215.001 Age – General07/25/2018GN 02201.009 Notification of a Title II Overpayment07/25/2018DI 10505.035 Documenting Employment Cases Using Forms SSA-821-BK (Wor...07/25/2018GN 00203.011 Special Interviewing Situations: Limited English Profici...07/24/2018PR 05805.006 California07/24/2018SI 00601.009 Application Effective Date07/24/2018GN 04440.007 Quality Review Standard07/24/2018RS 01301.190 Rules for Support Determinations07/23/2018GN 00210.006 Same-Sex Marriages and Non-Marital Legal Relationships E...07/23/2018SI 02201.023 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment: Recovery...07/18/2018GN 03930.010 Determining a Reasonable Fee Under the Fee Petition Proc...07/18/2018GN 02403.161 Social Security Electronic Remittance System (SERS) for ...07/18/2018SI 01210.000 Special Blind Income Provision - Table of Contents07/17/2018SI 01200.000 Grandfathered Income and Resource Provisions - Table of ...07/17/2018SI 01210.523SF Loss of Eligibility for BCI Protection07/17/2018DI 81020.220 Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Developme...07/17/2018DI 81020.200 Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Short Ter...07/17/2018DI 81010.200 Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Short Ter...07/17/2018DI 81020.215 Reviewing Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR)...07/17/2018GN 02402.310 Coding Australia Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Re...07/17/2018GN 00312.337 St. Maarten – Vital Statistics Records07/16/2018GN 00312.282 Caribbean Netherlands – Vital Statistics Records07/16/2018GN 00312.107 Curaçao – Vital Statistics Records07/16/2018GN 00312.024 Aruba – Vital Statistics Records07/16/2018PR 05845.053 Washington07/16/2018GN 02210.154 Sample - Form SSA-4588, You Can Make Your Payment by Cre...07/16/2018DI 12027.015 Cases Excluded from Statutory Benefit Continuation (SBC)07/13/2018RM 10213.095 Procedure for Verifying a Person’s Status (Lawful ...07/13/2018RM 10213.000 Verifying Evidence for an SSN - Table of Contents07/13/2018PR 01005.042 Pennsylvania07/13/2018PR 01005.000 General - Table of Contents07/13/2018PR 01805.049 Utah07/13/2018PR 04905.041 Oregon07/13/2018PR 06805.007 Colorado07/13/2018NL 00703.700 Withdrawal — Repayment — NH07/12/2018GN 02402.045 Direct Deposit and Assignment of Benefits07/12/2018DI 52120.265 Washington (WA) Workers’ Compensation (WC)07/12/2018GN 02402.085 Unacceptable Requests for Direct Deposit07/12/2018GN 03316.140 Disclosure Without Consent Ad Hoc Disclosure Situations07/11/2018DI 24510.005 General Guidelines for Residual Functional Capacity (RFC...07/10/2018RS 00203.000 Child's Benefits - Table of Contents07/09/2018RS 00203.001 Entitlement and Non-Entitlement Provisions for Child&rsq...07/09/2018GN 03104.100 Requesting Appeals Council Review07/09/2018SI 04005.040 iAppeals Non-Medical for Title XVI07/09/2018GN 03101.127 iAppeals Non-Medical - General and Title II Instructions07/09/2018GN 03101.125 iAppeals - General and Title II Instructions07/09/2018DI 11010.045 Claimant Cannot Be Contacted or Whereabouts Unknown or C...07/06/2018DI 23015.001 Claimant Does Not Wish to Pursue Claim or Requests to Wi...07/06/2018DI 26530.050 Initial Title XVI Denial - DC/BC Under Age 18 - Personal...07/06/2018DI 13050.060 Field Office (FO) Procedures for Title II Expedited Rein...07/06/2018DI 13050.025 Provisional Benefits for Title II Claimant07/06/2018DI 11055.231 Field Office (FO) Presumptive Disability (PD) and Presum...07/03/2018GN 02403.014 Processing Non-Programmatic Fees Received in the Field O...07/03/2018GN 02402.340 Coding Polish Bank Data for the MBR07/03/2018DI 24510.060 Mental Residual Functional Capacity Assessment07/02/2018DI 24510.061 Summary Conclusions and Narrative Statement of Mental RF...07/02/2018DI 24510.065 Section III of SSA-4734-F4-SUP - Functional Capacity Ass...07/02/2018GN 02201.038 Tax Refund Offset (TRO) Problem Cases07/02/2018GN 02406.700 General Information on Mass Loss of Checks and the Payme...06/29/2018NL 00702.150 Enclosures06/29/2018DI 28005.205 Determining the Cessation Month in Continuing Disability...06/29/2018DI 13010.025 Field Office (FO) Responsibilities in Work Continuing Di...06/28/2018NL 00720.220 MOE Month of Entitlement06/28/2018NL 00720.280 REF Referral06/28/2018NL 00720.065 BRR Beneficiary Reporting Responsibility06/28/2018NL 00720.295 RFU Refund06/28/2018NL 00720.145 ENT Entitlement06/28/2018NL 00720.060 BEN Benefit Information06/28/2018PS 01825.015 Idaho06/28/2018GN 00201.100 SSA Foreign Program Forms Authorized for Post-Entitlemen...06/26/2018DI 11005.003 Field Office (FO) Instructions for Identifying Claims, A...06/26/2018GN 03103.210 Hearing Withdrawal06/26/2018GN 03103.130 Development in Hearing Cases06/26/2018GN 03103.010 The Hearing Process06/26/2018GN 03930.110 Notifying the Representative and the Claimant of the Fee...06/22/2018RM 10212.075 Required Evidence to Process a Name Change on the SSN ba...06/21/2018DI 81010.205 Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Case Sele...06/21/2018GN 00204.150 Authorization to Obtain Wage and Employment Information ...06/20/2018GN 02607.650BOS Inmate Data Development and Verification Processing f...06/20/2018DI 14505.010 Policy for Section 301 Payments to Individuals Participa...06/19/2018PR 01115.005 Arkansas06/19/2018GN 02408.630 SSA Contacts Last Withdrawers06/19/2018PR 05605.048 Texas06/19/2018SL 90000.000 Transmittals and Action Items - Table of Contents06/18/2018SL 90018.000 2018 Transmittals and Action Items for State and Local C...06/18/2018SL 90018.501 Action Items for 201806/18/2018DI 24555.010 Using the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (...06/15/2018DI 34001.030 Neurological Disorders06/15/2018PR 01105.005 Arkansas06/15/2018PR 01105.000 General - Table of Contents06/15/2018GN 02401.911 Preparing the Handwriting Analysis Package for Treasury&...06/15/2018GN 02401.912 Forwarding the Handwriting Analysis Package to the Quest...06/15/2018GN 02401.910 Handwriting Analysis and Checks Older than 12 Months06/15/2018GN 02401.913 Social Security Administration Review of the Handwriting...06/15/2018GN 00307.901 Evidence from Tuvalu06/15/2018DI 40105.005 Processing Title II Disability Withdrawals in the Office...06/14/2018SI 01310.655 SSA-8010-BK - Ownership of a Vehicle - Question 706/13/2018GN 00505.040 Change of Payee for Beneficiaries Living Abroad - Genera...06/13/2018PR 01805.036 North Carolina06/13/2018GN 02402.376 Coding Peru Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record (...06/13/2018GN 02402.412 Coding Montserrat Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...06/13/2018DI 11005.007 Field Office (FO) Instructions for Identifying Claims, A...06/12/2018NL 00725.470 WCP UTIs – Workers' Compensation06/12/2018NL 00725.375 REF UTIs – Referral06/12/2018NL 00725.345 PAY UTIs – Payment06/12/2018NL 00725.265 HIB UTIs – Health Insurance Benefit...06/12/2018NL 00725.225 ENT UTIs – Entitlement06/12/2018NL 00725.135 BEN UTIs – Benefit Information06/12/2018DI 11005.012 Field Office (FO) Instructions for Claims Development an...06/12/2018PS 01820.047 Tennessee06/11/2018GN 03930.025 Receipt and Routing of Fee Petitions06/11/2018SI 00870.000 Plans to Achieve Self-Support for Blind or Disabled Peop...06/08/2018SI 00870.008 Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Exclusions06/08/2018GN 03930.040 Title II - Providing Proper Notice in Claims Involving R...06/08/2018GN 03940.001 Fee Agreement Process - Overview06/08/2018PR 04015.025 Michigan06/07/2018SL 40001.490 Agreement and Modification Exhibits06/07/2018SI 01120.200 Information on Trusts, Including Trusts Established Prio...06/07/2018DI 13050.001 Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Overview06/06/2018HI 00805.126 Exhibits of Medicare Initial Enrollment Period Packages06/06/2018RS 02640.001 Determining Country of Citizenship for Payments Outside ...06/06/2018RS 02640.000 Citizenship - Table of Contents06/06/2018GN 03314.105 Disclosure Without Consent to Public Housing Authorities06/06/2018GN 00303.100 United States (U.S.) Citizenship06/05/2018GN 00303.200 Loss of United States (U.S.) Citizenship or Nationality06/05/2018RS 02610.011 Coding of Alien Nonpayment Provisions06/05/2018GN 02406.260 FMS-1199 (Schedule of Courtesy Check Disbursements) &mda...06/05/2018GN 02605.915 Foreign Postal Codes06/05/2018GN 03316.065 Disclosure Without Consent to General Third Party Contac...06/05/2018GN 03311.007 A Standard Fee for Non-Program SSN Printouts for Third P...06/05/2018GN 03305.001 Disclosure with Consent06/05/2018RS 02610.025 5 Year Residency Requirement for Alien Dependents/Surviv...06/05/2018GN 02406.505 Nonreceipt of a check Outside the United States06/05/2018GN 03301.099 Exhibits - Confidentiality and Disclosure06/05/2018NL 00703.119 Reconsideration Affirms Overpayment Determination (Recon...06/04/2018PR 02800.000 EVIDENCE Age - Table of Contents06/04/2018PR 02805.047 Tennessee06/04/2018PR 02805.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents06/04/2018DI 52120.055 Florida Workers’ Compensation (WC)06/04/2018DI 13005.025 Initiating the CDR06/01/2018SI 01130.200 Automobiles and Other Vehicles Used For Transportation05/31/2018DI 26530.045 Initial Title XVI Denial — DI/BI, DS/BS, or DC/BC ...05/31/2018GN 01702.310 Routing of Claims for U.S. Benefits Involving Totalizati...05/31/2018DI 42548.008 Claim Review05/31/2018DI 52510.015 Goodnight OCO/PSC Actions05/31/2018PR 08405.007 Colorado05/31/2018PR 08400.000 Wages - Table of Contents05/31/2018PR 08405.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents05/31/2018GN 04440.004 Quality Review Exclusions05/31/2018GN 03103.260 How to Protest ALJ Decisions05/31/2018GN 00204.003 Proper Applicant05/30/2018DI 11010.325 Receiving a Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Denial w...05/30/2018DI 11010.355 Jurisdiction and Routing of Cases after Return from the ...05/30/2018DI 12586.095 Exhibits -- Stieberger05/30/2018DI 22505.023 Developing Medical Evidence of Record (MER) from Militar...05/30/2018DI 27515.015 Questioning the Prior Disability Determination05/30/2018DI 42594.015 Obtaining, Screening, and Routing Folders05/30/2018DI 52510.095 Exhibits of Goodnight Court Case05/30/2018DI 52530.005 Identification, Notification and Response05/30/2018DI 25001.001 Medical and Vocational Quick Reference Guide05/30/2018DI 52120.210 Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation (WC)05/30/2018DI 12548.005 Identification and Notice05/29/2018DI 12548.030 Processing Payment Actions after Favorable Adjudication ...05/29/2018GN 01010.410 Failure to Submit Essential Evidence05/29/2018DI 34005.103 Respiratory Disorders05/29/2018DI 51501.015 Claimant Submits Additional Evidence05/29/2018DI 52155.040 Processing Disability Claims with a Federal Public Disab...05/29/2018DI 52530.010 Grant Field Office (FO) Actions Before OHO Redeterminati...05/29/2018DI 52510.001 Goodnight, et al., v. Apfel Settlemen...05/29/2018GN 03325.005 Use of Social Security Numbers (SSN) by Government Agenc...05/29/2018GN 03325.004 Disclosure of Additional Identifying Information When On...05/29/2018DX 00101.050 Verify Sex Field (Gender) in Social Security Number Veri...05/29/2018GN 03325.020 Social Security Numbers (SSN) on SSA Mailings05/29/2018PS 01825.049 Utah05/29/2018GN 01050.051 Who reviews and services claims05/25/2018DI 12521.025 FO Actions Prior to Final DDS Readjudication05/24/2018DI 25025.030 Support for a Framework “Not Disabled” Deter...05/24/2018DI 42586.095 Exhibits -- Stieberger05/24/2018DI 13050.065 Title II and Title XVI Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Med...05/24/2018RM 10205.100 How Long Does it Take to Get an SSN Card?05/22/2018PR 07905.036 North Carolina05/22/2018DI 12027.008 Evaluating the Time Limits for Statutory Benefit Continu...05/20/2018DI 32548.015 Disability Determination Services (DDS) Actions Prior to...05/20/2018DI 12027.065 Appeals Council (AC) Remand Medical Cessation Cases &nda...05/20/2018DI 12027.060 Appeals Council (AC) Remand Medical Cessation Cases &nda...05/20/2018SI 01120.199 Early Termination Provisions and Trusts05/18/2018PS 01825.017 Indiana05/18/2018PS 01825.025 Michigan05/18/2018PS 01825.026 Minnesota05/18/2018GN 01010.205 Modernized Claims System (MCS) Earnings Computation (EC)...05/17/2018DI 42010.225 Followups and Controls on Continuing Title II Interim Be...05/17/2018GN 02402.414 Coding Nicaragua Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...05/17/2018PR 01005.005 Arkansas05/16/2018DI 25501.300 Established Onset Dates (EOD) for Disability Insurance B...05/16/2018GN 03940.020 Title II - PC Processing of Fee Agreements on Initial Le...05/16/2018SI 00870.020 Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Field Office Procedu...05/15/2018HI 00815.082 Social Security Administration Field Office (FO) Procedu...05/14/2018DI 22505.022 Developing Medical Evidence of Record (MER) from the Dep...05/11/2018DI 22505.000 Development of Medical Evidence of Record (MER) - Table ...05/11/2018GN 02402.391 Coding Paraguay Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...05/10/2018GN 00505.010 Representative Payee (RP) Procedures - Foreign Claims05/10/2018HI 01001.278 Sample Notice- State or Local Government Retirement Syst...05/09/2018HI 01001.277 Sample Notice- State or Local Government Retirement Syst...05/09/2018HI 01001.276 Sample Notice- State or Local Government Retirement Syst...05/09/2018HI 01001.275 Sample Notice- State or Local Government Retirement Syst...05/09/2018DI 52120.040 Connecticut Workers' Compensation (WC)05/09/2018GN 02402.345 Coding Estonia Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Reco...05/09/2018HI 01001.300 Field Office (FO) Action When Enrollee Protests Determin...05/08/2018GN 00905.464 Claims Helpers in Turkey05/08/2018GN 00905.460 Benefit Payments in Turkey05/08/2018GN 00905.458 Correspondence With and From Beneficiaries or Claimants ...05/08/2018RM 02226.020 How to Order Microfilm When Required05/07/2018GN 00505.022 Development for Payment of Accrued Benefits for Foreign ...05/07/2018GN 00505.026 Development and Selection of Representative Payees in th...05/07/2018GN 00505.018 Legal Guardian in Scandinavia05/07/2018RS 02610.024 Field Office (FO)/Program Service Center (PSC) Actions u...05/07/2018GN 00904.240 Use of the form SSA-1320-U4 in DIO05/07/2018GN 00905.450 Social Security Program in Turkey05/07/2018GN 00905.452 Claims from Residents of Turkey05/07/2018PR 02706.055 Wisconsin05/07/2018DI 25005.015 Determination of Capacity for Past Work-- Relevance Issu...05/07/2018GN 02402.297 Coding Morocco Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...05/07/2018DI 13005.020 Field Office Actions for Processing and Screening Contin...05/07/2018GN 00904.206 DIO processing of claims inquiries05/03/2018DI 26525.016 Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Infection – Dia...05/02/2018GN 00905.120 Claims and Inquiries from Residents of the Prc05/02/2018GN 00905.350 Function of the FBU, Manila - Background05/02/2018GN 02406.137 General Status Requests for Payments05/02/2018GN 02406.030 Nonreceipt When Beneficiary Authorized Transfer of Funds...05/02/2018GN 00905.110 Claims and Evidence from the Cape Verde Islands (CVI)05/02/2018HI 00805.105 Enrollee Needs Help in Paying Premiums or Claiming Reimb...04/30/2018GN 02605.030 Representative Payee Cases for COA04/30/2018GN 00301.330 Overview of Translation Process04/30/2018SI 01120.201 Trusts Established with the Assets of an Individual on o...04/30/2018GN 02406.705 Determination for Mass Loss of Checks04/27/2018GN 02403.002 Remittance Processing and Safeguarding Responsibilities ...04/27/2018VB 02502.001 The Reconsideration Process04/25/2018VB 02502.015 Case Review -- SVB Reconsideration04/25/2018VB 02507.050 Revising SVB Determinations - Notices04/25/2018VB 02502.025 Effectuating the Reconsideration Determination04/25/2018VB 05001.005 Overview of Title VIII Notices04/25/2018GN 02215.015 State Department Assistance — DIO, OEIO - Overpaym...04/25/2018GN 02201.021 Field Office (FO) Actions Title II Overpayment Waiver Re...04/25/2018GN 02215.001 Overpayment Notice Modifications - Debtor Outside U.S.04/25/2018GN 02215.005 Foreign Currency Refunds04/25/2018GN 00307.671 Claimant Submits a Birth Certificate Issued by a Local C...04/25/2018GN 00307.670 FO Action on Receipt of a Claim by an Individual Born in...04/25/2018GN 00307.679 Questionable Evidence of Marriage and Divorce From Mexic...04/25/2018GN 00307.678 Establishing Natural Parent-Child Relationship Where the...04/25/2018DI 52120.255 Virginia Workers' Compensation (WC)04/25/2018SI 00835.625 SSA-8011 — Statement of Household Expenses and Con...04/24/2018RS 02655.005 Preparation and Mailing Schedule — Foreign Enforce...04/24/2018VB 02005.350 CPS/FO Action on Waiver Denial Recommendation — Pe...04/24/2018VB 02501.045 Appeals - Interview With Dissatisfied Claimant04/24/2018SI 00835.310 Distinguishing Between In-Kind Support and Maintenance (...04/24/2018GN 02605.230 Foreign Address Used by a Beneficiary Abroad04/23/2018GN 00308.009 Arizona Vital Records04/20/2018HI 00930.020 Beneficiary Dually Entitled to B and D4 Benefits04/20/2018VB 01505.011 Beneficiary or Legal Guardian Requests Voluntary Termina...04/20/2018VB 02005.200 SVB Overpayment — Recovery by Refund04/20/2018VB 02005.225 Recovery by Refund Through Installment Payments04/20/2018VB 02005.300 Waiver of SVB Overpayments04/20/2018VB 02005.205 SVB Overpayment — Recovery from SVB04/20/2018GN 02402.125 Direct Deposit for Railroad Retirement Board Cases04/20/2018GN 02402.410 Coding Georgia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...04/20/2018HI 00820.055 Cancellation of Voluntary Termination Request04/18/2018RS 02605.025 Processing Reports of Change in Work Status in Mexico04/18/2018DI 28501.010 Processing Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Reopenings...04/18/2018VB 01201.005 Title VIII Checks04/18/2018PS 01810.047 Tennessee04/18/2018PS 01810.045 South Carolina04/18/2018PS 01810.036 North Carolina04/18/2018PS 01810.027 Mississippi04/18/2018PS 01810.011 Florida04/18/2018PS 01810.020 Kentucky04/18/2018PS 01810.012 Georgia04/18/2018PS 01810.001 Alabama04/18/2018GN 04440.510 Completing the SSA-5524-U3, Request for Assistance04/18/2018SI 01130.420KC Prepaid Burial Contracts (RTS 11, 10/2006)04/17/2018GN 00905.368 Notices to Beneficiaries in the Philippines04/17/2018GN 00905.356 Personal Contact Requirement in the Philippines04/17/2018GN 00905.362 Requests for Delayed Payment of Retroactive Benefits - P...04/17/2018GN 00905.360 Action on Claims Involving a Claims Helper in Philippine...04/17/2018RS 02610.037 Change in Child’s Parental Status And The 5 Year R...04/16/2018GN 00905.304 Requests for Evidence or Other Information from Sources ...04/16/2018GN 00905.004 DIO Claims Authorizer (CA) Jurisdiction04/16/2018GN 00905.100 FO Contacts with Residents of Canada04/16/2018GN 00905.200 Claims Inquiries and Claims from Hong Kong and Macau04/16/2018GN 00905.170 Inquiries and Applications from Greece04/16/2018GN 00905.010 Diaries on Direct Mail Requests to Claimants or Benefici...04/16/2018GN 00905.002 DIO International Benefits Office (IBO) Jurisdiction04/16/2018GN 00905.352 Claims Inquiries and Claims from the Philippines04/16/2018VB 00901.010 Special Veterans Benefits Claims Process04/16/2018VB 00901.011 Denial of Claim for Special Veterans Benefits for Failur...04/16/2018VB 00901.013 Concurrent SSI and SVB Payments for The Same Month(s)04/16/2018GN 00905.174 FO Requests for Third-party Contacts in Greece04/16/2018GN 00905.300 Development of Claims from Residents of Mexico04/16/2018VB 00101.005 Overview of the Initial SVB Claims Process04/15/2018VB 00205.020 SSI Eligibility04/15/2018VB 00205.125 Other Benefit Income From Other Countries04/15/2018VB 00205.155 Establishing Residence Outside the United States04/15/2018VB 00205.165 Establishing Good Cause For Payment to a Beneficiary in ...04/15/2018VB 00201.020 Protective Filing—General04/15/2018VB 00201.070 Conditions for Acceptance of Withdrawal04/15/2018VB 00501.031 Final Accountings04/15/2018VB 00201.045 Application for Special Benefits for World War II Vetera...04/15/2018RM 02032.035 Scouting Resources04/13/2018GN 00307.190 Availability of Birth Records Outside the U.S. and Assum...04/13/2018SI 00502.110 General Alien Development04/12/2018SI 00502.142 Qualified Aliens Who Are Blind Or Disabled And Were Lawf...04/12/2018GN 03930.032 Direct Payment to the Appointed Representative Under the...04/12/2018DI 12010.002 Request for Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearing Filed...04/11/2018DI 12010.030 Field Office (FO) Reversal of Nonmedical Denial When Req...04/11/2018DI 12010.015 Informal Remand of Medical/Vocational Determinations04/11/2018DI 12010.045 Action Following An Unfavorable Administrative Law Judge...04/11/2018DI 12010.000 Hearings Level Review - Initial Claims - Table of Conten...04/11/2018DI 12010.020 Informal Remand Requested By The Review Component04/11/2018DI 12010.010SF Folder Reconstruction for (OHO) Hearing Cases04/11/2018NL 00703.118 Reconsideration Affirms Overpayment Determination (Recon...04/11/2018VB 01503.400 Check Returned For Miscellaneous Reasons (S07)04/11/2018VB 01503.320 Whereabouts Determined After S06 Processed04/11/2018VB 01503.805 Processing Reports of Change In Other Benefit Income04/11/2018VB 01503.100 Cessation of Residence Outside the United States (Loss o...04/11/2018VB 01503.115 Beneficiary is Not Relinquishing Foreign Residence or U....04/11/2018VB 01503.117 Beneficiary's Return Abroad04/11/2018VB 01503.520 Verification of Removal (Deportation)—Beneficiary ...04/11/2018VB 01503.550 Fugitive Felons or Parole/Probation Violators (N25)04/11/2018VB 01503.120 Beneficiary is Relinquishing Foreign Residence or Expect...04/11/2018VB 01503.201 Requests For Information/Evidence04/11/2018VB 01503.305 Whereabouts Development04/11/2018VB 01503.620 Beneficiary Departs SSA-Restricted Country04/11/2018VB 01503.615 Benefits Withheld While In a Treasury-Barred Country (U....04/11/2018VB 01503.625 Benefits Withheld While in an SSA-Restricted Country04/11/2018VB 01503.610 Beneficiary Departs Treasury-Barred Country04/11/2018GN 05002.005 The Social Security Benefit Statement04/11/2018GN 02402.346 Coding Turkish Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Reco...04/11/2018GN 00205.000 Completion of Applications - Table of Contents04/10/2018DI 25003.005 Designating Vocational Specialists04/10/2018DI 28005.007 Substitution of Judgment (SOJ) During a Medical Continui...04/10/2018DI 12010.041 Administrative Law Judge Oral (Bench) Decisions04/10/2018SI 00820.560 Allocating Work Expenses04/09/2018NL 00703.816 Notice Explaining Disposition of Withheld Retroactive Be...04/09/2018GN 01741.220 Application Form for Korean Benefits04/09/2018GN 03960.015 Receipt and Routing of Requests for Administrative Revie...04/09/2018GN 03960.020 PC Actions on Receiving Notice of a Request for Administ...04/09/2018GN 05010.500 Benefit Statements Involving Alien Withholding Tax04/09/2018GN 03960.060 Postreview Actions Under the Fee Agreement Process - Tit...04/09/2018GN 02402.205 Direct Deposit Enrollment Outside of the United States04/09/2018DI 23020.020 Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearing Cases04/06/2018DI 23020.025 Appeals Council (AC) Cases04/06/2018DI 29501.030 Administrative Law Judge Requests That a Consulting Phys...04/06/2018DI 29501.001 Assistance Requests from the Office of Hearings Operatio...04/06/2018DI 29501.025 Written Interrogatories to a Disability Determination Se...04/06/2018DI 32005.100 Informal Remand Case Routing, Non-CDR04/06/2018GN 02607.520 PUPS Skeleton Records04/06/2018GN 03950.050 Postreview Actions Under the Fee Petition Process - OHO ...04/06/2018GN 03950.010 Requesting Administrative Review and Preliminary Actions...04/06/2018GN 03950.005 Responsibility for Conducting Administrative Review Unde...04/06/2018GN 03950.015 PC Actions on Receiving a Request for Administrative Rev...04/06/2018GN 03950.001 Overview of Administrative Review Under the Fee Petition...04/06/2018GN 03960.010 Requesting Administrative Review Under the Fee Agreement...04/06/2018GN 03960.005 Responsibility for Conducting Administrative Review Unde...04/06/2018GN 03960.001 Overview of Administrative Review Under the Fee Agreemen...04/06/2018SI 00530.205 Fugitive Felon Automated Case Processing (FFAP)04/06/2018DI 23022.010 Compassionate Allowances (CAL) and Quick Disability Dete...04/06/2018DI 23022.030 Identifying and Receipting Compassionate Allowances (CAL...04/06/2018DI 23022.055 Adding and Modifying Compassionate Allowances (CAL) stat...04/06/2018DI 11010.285 Change in Processing Centers (PCs) for Special Disabilit...04/06/2018GN 02615.180 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Clark Relief Processi...04/06/2018GN 02401.050 Use of Field Office (FO) Address when a Title II or Titl...04/06/2018GN 00504.101 Termination of Organizational or Individual Representati...04/06/2018DI 42010.035 Congressional Interest in Favorable ALJ Decisions04/05/2018DI 42010.015 OHO Review of Unfavorable ALJ Decisions and Dismissal Ac...04/05/2018DI 42010.025 Effectuating Favorable ALJ Decisions - Onset in Period C...04/05/2018DI 42010.040 Processing Unfavorable Decisions and Dismissals Requirin...04/05/2018DI 42010.030 Effectuating Favorable ALJ Decisions - Freeze Case04/05/2018DI 52165.001 Using the Interactive Computations Facility (ICF) to Com...04/05/2018DI 52155.035 Initial Determination Workers’ Compensation/Public...04/05/2018GN 03930.105 Determining the Fee for Services Provided Below the Hear...04/05/2018GN 03940.035 FO and PC Processing of Fee Agreements on Delayed Auxili...04/05/2018PR 02706.016 Illinois04/05/2018DI 25015.015 Work Experience as a Vocational Factor04/05/2018GN 03940.038 Fee Agreement Process - FO and PC Procedures – Cla...04/05/2018DI 52150.055 Protected Increases and Breaks in Workers’ Compens...04/05/2018DI 52150.080 Triennial Redetermination (Redet) of the Average Current...04/05/2018DI 42005.005 Processing Instructions04/05/2018DI 22520.005 Trailer Material Affects the Determination04/04/2018GN 01070.105 How To Access Telephone And Contact Information For ARC,...04/04/2018GN 01070.210 Placing DOTEL Calls From The Field Office04/04/2018GN 01070.235 When FO To PC OPTEL Procedure Is To Be Used04/04/2018DI 45005.005 Processing Medicare End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Heari...04/04/2018DI 45005.900 Reconsideration Notice for ESRD Health Insurance Coverag...04/04/2018DI 52165.020 Use Interactive Computation Facility (ICF) Function 34 O...04/04/2018DI 52165.025 Old Interactive Computations Facility (ICF) Function 9 (...04/04/2018DI 52170.020 Form SSA-2454 (Offset Worksheet – Triennial Redete...04/04/2018GN 03920.045 Manual Calculation of Past-Due Benefits04/04/2018GN 03930.055 Benefit Authorizer Responsibilities - Overview - Fee Pet...04/04/2018GN 03930.085 Fee Reviewer Responsibilities - Overview - Fee Petition ...04/04/2018GN 03930.034 Title XVI Only – Fee Petitions - Notifying the Rep...04/04/2018GN 03930.075 Title II - Notifying the Representative, the Claimant, a...04/04/2018GN 03930.015 Responsibility for Authorizing Fees Under the Fee Petiti...04/04/2018GN 03920.015 Delegation of Authority to Authorize Fees - Services Bel...04/04/2018GN 01070.205 When The Field Office (FO) Is Not To Make DOTEL Contact04/04/2018GN 03930.035 Title II - Adjudicating Claims Involving Representatives...04/04/2018DI 52145.005 Obtaining Verification/Proof from Outside Sources04/04/2018GN 03930.060 Title II and Title XVI - Releasing Past-Due Benefits Wit...04/04/2018GN 03930.001 Fee Petition Process - Introduction and Preview04/04/2018GN 03930.030 Title XVI - Adjudicating Claims and Posteligibility Acti...04/04/2018SI 00835.160 Sharing04/03/2018DI 52140.020 Workers' Compensation Resource Intranet Page04/03/2018DI 80830.010 Electronic Folder (EF)04/03/2018DI 81020.135 Federal Quality Review (QR)04/03/2018RS 00205.700 Foreign Schools04/02/2018DI 24515.075 Evaluating Claims Involving Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CF...04/02/2018DI 34125.009 Digestive Listings from 12/18/07 to 1/16/1704/02/2018DI 34225.009 Digestive Listings from 6/12/15 to 1/16/1704/02/2018DI 39545.300 Medical Sources Subpoenaed to Hearings — Expenses04/02/2018DI 51501.020 Claimant Asks to Withdraw a Pending Appeal04/02/2018GN 03970.030 Action to Suspend, Disqualify, or Withdraw Charges Again...04/02/2018GN 03970.050 Hearing Office Decision on the Charges04/02/2018GN 03970.035 Office of Hearings Operations (OHO) Action on Referral o...04/02/2018GN 03970.010 Rules of Conduct and Standards of Responsibility for Rep...04/02/2018GN 03960.065 Postreview Actions Under the Fee Agreement Process - Tit...04/02/2018GN 03970.017 Referrals of Suspected Fee Violations, Possible Fee Viol...04/02/2018DI 24508.005 Impairment Meets a Listing04/02/2018NL 00730.136 “R” Paragraphs and Captions03/30/2018NL 00730.126 “M” Paragraphs and Captions03/30/2018NL 00730.104 “B” Paragraphs and Captions03/30/2018NL 00730.200 Payment Stub UTIS for T2 Overpayment03/30/2018DI 52120.200 Oklahoma Workers’ Compensation (WC)03/30/2018SI 00835.482 Loans of In-Kind Support and Maintenance03/29/2018DI 23022.865 Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease--Connatal Form03/28/2018DI 23022.190 Head and Neck Cancers03/28/2018DI 23022.600 Angelman Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.385 Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.160 Farber's Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.261 Pallister-Killian Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.285 Rett (RTT) Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.296 Seckel Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.250 Ornithine Transcarbamylase (OTC) Deficiency03/28/2018DI 23022.860 Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease--Classic Form03/28/2018DI 23022.665 Aicardi--Goutieres Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.297 Sjogren-Larsson Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.790 Kufs Disease--Type A and B03/28/2018DI 23022.220 Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome (LNS)03/28/2018DI 23022.280 Pompe Disease - Infantile03/28/2018DI 23022.191 Hoyeraal-Hreidarsson Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.640 Primary Central Nervous System Lymphoma03/28/2018DI 23022.181 Giant Axonal Neuropathy03/28/2018DI 23022.655 Pulmonary Kaposi Sarcoma03/28/2018DI 23022.365 Batten Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.830 Myoclonic Epilepsy with Ragged Red Fibers Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.281 Progressive Bulbar Palsy03/28/2018DI 23022.145 Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (CJD)03/28/2018DI 23022.785 Juvenile Onset Huntington Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.923 Adult Onset Huntington Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.875 Perry Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.202 Joubert Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.330 Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) - Types 0 and 103/28/2018DI 23022.235 Metachromatic Leukodystrophy (MLD)03/28/2018DI 23022.645 Primary Effusion Lymphoma03/28/2018DI 23022.300 Small Cell Cancer of the Large Intestine03/28/2018DI 23022.170 Frontotemporal Dementia (FTD), Pick's Disease -Type A03/28/2018DI 23022.625 Multicentric Castleman Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.505 Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis03/28/2018DI 23022.347 X-Linked Myotubular Myopathy03/28/2018DI 23022.210 Krabbe Disease (KD) - Infantile03/28/2018DI 23022.195 Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy (INAD)03/28/2018DI 23022.630 Multiple System Atrophy03/28/2018DI 23022.795 Lissencephaly03/28/2018DI 23022.425 Infantile Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses03/28/2018DI 23022.360 Ataxia Telangiectasia03/28/2018DI 23022.165 Friedreich's Ataxia (FRDA)03/28/2018DI 23022.130 Canavan Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.445 Maple Syrup Urine Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.435 Late Infantile Neuronal Ceroid-Lipofuscinoses03/28/2018DI 23022.836 Neurodegeneration with Brain Iron Accumulation- Type 1 a...03/28/2018DI 23022.095 Alexander Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.675 Alpers Disease03/28/2018DI 23022.450 Merosin Deficient Congenital Muscular Dystrophy03/28/2018DI 23022.977 Phelan-Mcdermid Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.690 Cerebrotendinous Xanthomatosis03/28/2018DI 23022.967 MECP2 Duplication Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.680 Alpha Mannosidosis--Type II and III03/28/2018DI 23022.610 Lewy Body Dementia03/28/2018DI 23022.400 Fukuyama Congenital Muscular Dystrophy03/28/2018DI 23022.925 Allan-Herndon-Dudley Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.520 Ullrich Congenital Muscular Dystrophy03/28/2018DI 23022.981 Roberts Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.455 Mixed Dementia03/28/2018DI 23022.620 Malignant Multiple Sclerosis03/28/2018DI 23022.650 Progressive Supranuclear Palsy03/28/2018DI 23022.490 Progressive Multifocal Leukoencephalopathy03/28/2018DI 23022.949 Fatal Familial Insomnia03/28/2018DI 23022.605 Corticobasal Degeneration03/28/2018DI 23022.660 The ALS Parkinsonism Dementia Complex03/28/2018DI 23022.905 Stiff Person Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.525 Walker Warburg Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.973 Nonketotic Hyperglycinemia03/28/2018DI 23022.935 Caudal Regression Syndrome- Types III and IV03/28/2018DI 23022.941 De Sanctis Cacchione Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.910 Tabes Dorsalis03/28/2018DI 23022.850 Orthochromatic Leukodystrophy with Pigmented Glia03/28/2018DI 23022.845 Ohtahara Syndrome03/28/2018DI 23022.141 Coffin-Lowry Syndrome03/28/2018NL 00703.474 Reconsideration Affirmation of Prior Decision03/28/2018RS 00205.895 Guides to Foreign Secondary School Systems and Informati...03/27/2018RS 00205.745 Processing the Claims of Students Outside the United Sta...03/27/2018RS 00205.755 Establishing FTA at Schools in Mexico and the Philippine...03/27/2018RS 00205.715 Foreign Secondary School Development03/27/2018DI 22501.001 Disability Case Development for Evidence03/27/2018RS 02650.005 Payment of Accrued Benefits and the Resumption of Benefi...03/27/2018GN 02602.610 Scheduling an Interview for the Medicare Non-utilization...03/27/2018GN 05010.045 Developing the Substantial Presence Test03/27/2018GN 05010.165 Tax Treaty With India03/27/2018GN 05010.510 Handling Inquiries About the SSA-1042S03/27/2018GN 00205.185 Name and Address of Claimant or Beneficiary Outside U.S.03/26/2018SI 00870.026 Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) for Self-employment ...03/23/2018PR 07905.047 Tennessee03/23/2018DI 13050.045 Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Title II Interview03/23/2018PR 04905.005 Arkansas03/22/2018PR 04905.000 Manslaughter - Table of Contents03/22/2018PR 04900.000 HOMICIDE - Table of Contents03/22/2018PR 05605.044 Rhode Island03/21/2018PR 05820.000 State Recognition of Foreign Same-Sex Marriages - Table ...03/21/2018PR 05820.006 California03/21/2018PR 05805.044 Rhode Island03/21/2018RS 01702.356 Office of Personnel Management’s (OPM) Use of Mili...03/19/2018SI 02305.115 Residence Address - RZs03/16/2018GN 00904.250 Furnishing case information to FBUs03/16/2018GN 00904.230 Requesting assistance from FBU personnel abroad03/16/2018DI 24503.020 Evaluating Evidence from Nonmedical Sources03/15/2018DI 24503.005 Categories of Evidence03/15/2018DI 24501.016 Evidence Evaluation03/15/2018GN 02402.398 Coding Cambodia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...03/15/2018PS 01825.037 North Dakota03/13/2018PS 01825.020 Kentucky03/13/2018DI 28057.015 Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Medical Determination Crit...03/12/2018DI 52115.010 Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA)03/12/2018RM 03254.001 General03/09/2018RM 03256.001 General03/09/2018SI 02305.091 Developing Home Ownership, Rental Information, and Insid...03/09/2018RM 01002.003 How SSA Processes SS-4 Applications03/08/2018SI 00820.535 Blind Work Expense (BWEs)03/08/2018PR 08005.012 Georgia03/08/2018DI 24501.002 Introduction to Medical Evaluation03/08/2018HI 03090.001 Medicare Part D Notices - General03/07/2018RS 02650.001 Treasury Department Restrictions03/07/2018RS 02650.020 SSA Restrictions on Payments to the Former Republics of ...03/07/2018GN 02410.105 Exemptions from Levy03/07/2018GN 02604.447 Answers to Frequently Asked Questions in Administrative ...03/07/2018PS 01825.055 Wisconsin03/06/2018DI 52120.045 Delaware Workers' Compensation (WC)03/05/2018NL 01510.010 Use of Army Post Office (APO), Diplomatic Post Office (D...03/02/2018DI 11005.080 Field Offices (FOs) Handling Potential Suicidal or Homic...02/26/2018DI 11080.005 Processing Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Ac...02/26/2018DI 11052.045 Post-entitlement Issues and Processing End-Stage Renal D...02/26/2018DI 10005.010 Field Office (FO) and Disability Determination Services ...02/26/2018DI 11005.604 Processing Compassionate Allowances (CAL) in the Field O...02/26/2018PR 05865.024 Massachusetts02/23/2018PR 05865.000 Non-Marital Legal Relationships -- Determining Duration ...02/23/2018GN 02402.401 Coding Philippines Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary R...02/23/2018GN 02402.403 Coding Tanzania Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...02/23/2018GN 02402.402 Coding Suriname Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...02/23/2018GN 02402.400 Coding Kenya Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...02/23/2018GN 00502.300 Digest of State Guardianship Laws02/22/2018DI 60075.040 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Offset02/21/2018PR 04505.005 Arkansas02/21/2018GN 02402.115 Power of Attorney to Foreign Financial Institutions (FI)...02/21/2018PR 07105.053 Washington02/21/2018PR 07105.000 State Laws on a Finding of Legal Incompetency - Table of...02/21/2018GN 02402.110 Domestic Financial Institutions (FI) and Beneficiaries O...02/21/2018GN 02402.405 Coding Liberia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...02/20/2018DI 26010.015 Completing Item 15 (Claimant Disabled) on the SSA-831 fo...02/16/2018DI 30005.125 Group II Period of Disability Decisional Deficiencies02/16/2018DI 22001.001 Sequential Evaluation of Title II and Title XVI Adult Di...02/16/2018DI 25501.260 Establishing the Established Onset Date (EOD) in Reconsi...02/16/2018DI 12010.001 Request for Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearing02/15/2018DI 12005.001 Documenting a Request for Reconsideration of an Initial ...02/15/2018GN 02402.343 Coding Japanese Bank Data for the MBR02/14/2018PR 04910.027 Mississippi02/14/2018HI 03020.055 Income Limits for Subsidy Eligibility02/14/2018GN 02403.040 Processing Returned Medicare Contractor's Checks and Med...02/14/2018PR 05820.340 South Africa02/13/2018PR 05820.262 Netherlands02/13/2018PR 05820.238 Mexico02/13/2018PR 05820.114 England02/13/2018PR 05820.128 France02/13/2018PR 05820.274 Norway02/13/2018PR 05820.342 Spain02/13/2018PR 05820.038 Belgium02/13/2018DI 24508.010 Impairment or Combination of Impairments Equaling a List...02/13/2018GN 02402.326 Coding Jamaican Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Rec...02/13/2018GN 02402.316 Coding Belgium Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Reco...02/13/2018GN 02402.327 Coding Maltese Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Reco...02/13/2018GN 02402.313 Coding Austria Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Reco...02/13/2018GN 02402.307 Coding Spain Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Record...02/13/2018GN 02402.348 Coding Slovakian Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...02/13/2018GN 02402.359 Coding Ghana Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record ...02/13/2018GN 02402.349 Coding Luxembourg Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...02/13/2018GN 02402.354 Coding Egyptian Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...02/13/2018GN 02402.356 Coding Brazilian Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...02/13/2018GN 02402.368 Coding San Marino Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...02/13/2018GN 02402.367 Coding Monaco Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...02/13/2018GN 02402.360 Coding Colombian Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...02/13/2018GN 02402.347 Coding Lithuanian Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...02/13/2018GN 02402.351 Coding Iceland Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...02/13/2018GN 02402.353 Coding Samoan Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...02/13/2018GN 02402.352 Coding Singapore Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Rec...02/13/2018RS 01901.420 Medicare Qualified Government Employment (MQGE)02/12/2018PR 05825.005 Alberta02/12/2018PR 05830.070 Canada02/12/2018PR 05830.114 England02/12/2018PR 05825.279 Ontario02/12/2018GN 02402.301 Coding French Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Recor...02/12/2018GN 02402.302 Coding Germany Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Reco...02/12/2018GN 02402.306 Coding Portugal Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Rec...02/12/2018GN 02402.304 Coding Italy Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Record...02/12/2018GN 02402.380 Coding Costa Rica Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...02/12/2018GN 02402.383 Coding Sierra Leone Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary ...02/12/2018GN 02402.373 Coding Latvia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...02/12/2018GN 02402.396 Coding Montenegro Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...02/12/2018GN 02402.388 Coding Bosnia Herzegovina Bank Data on the Master Benefi...02/12/2018GN 02402.379 Coding Nigeria Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...02/12/2018GN 02402.377 Coding Romania Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...02/12/2018GN 02402.382 Coding Bulgaria Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Reco...02/12/2018GN 02402.370 Coding Bolivia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...02/12/2018GN 02402.390 Coding Bangladesh Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...02/12/2018GN 02402.374 Coding Martinique Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Re...02/12/2018GN 02402.381 Coding Tunisia Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...02/12/2018GN 02402.303 Coding Ireland Bank Data for the Master Beneficiary Reco...02/12/2018GN 02402.035 Documenting Financial Institution (FI) Information02/08/2018GN 02402.040 Where to Find Routing Transit Numbers (RTNs) and Deposit...02/08/2018NL 00708.100 Numbered Paragraphs02/08/2018DI 20101.035 Disability Determination Services (DDS) and Social Secur...02/07/2018NL 00701.001 Usage Chart for RSDI Authorization and General Use Form ...02/07/2018HI 03001.020 Eligibility for Extra Help (Prescription Drug Low-Income...02/07/2018SI 00870.007 When to Start a Plan for Achieving Self Support (PASS)02/06/2018SI 00870.003 Initiating a Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Discuss...02/06/2018GN 00308.030 Indiana Vital Records02/06/2018DI 28057.001 Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Overview02/06/2018PS 01815.035 New York02/06/2018GN 03940.090 Fee Authorization Under the Fee Agreement Process - Exhi...02/06/2018GN 00301.365 Transmittal of Foreign-Language Documents for Translatio...02/06/2018GN 02402.409 Coding Taiwan Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Record...02/06/2018RS 00207.002 Widow(er)'s Benefits - Payment and Termination02/06/2018PS 01810.035 New York02/05/2018DI 13050.095 Program Service Center (PSC) Procedures for Expedited Re...02/02/2018DI 13010.605 The CDR Development Worksheet (CDRW) Screen02/02/2018SI 00830.320CHI Verifying VA Benefits (RTN 381 -- 12/2005)02/02/2018DI 33015.020 Writing the Disability Hearing Officer's (DHO’s) D...02/02/2018GN 02403.015 Processing Savings Bonds Received as Conserved Funds in ...02/02/2018GN 02403.016 Processing Returned Emergency Advance Payments and Immed...02/02/2018GN 04440.231 12-Month Medical Evidence of Record (MER) Technical Corr...02/02/2018DI 13050.050 Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Title XVI Interview02/02/2018PR 08200.000 STUDENTS - Online Schools - Table of Contents02/02/2018PR 08205.000 All Opinions - Table of Contents02/02/2018DI 28091.010 Supplemental Rationale Procedures02/02/2018SI 02260.005 Completing the SSA-632-BK (Request for Waiver of Overpay...02/02/2018DI 30005.231 Correcting 12-Month Medical Evidence of Record (MER) Tec...02/01/2018DI 60075.025 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Contractors an...02/01/2018DI 60075.035 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Participation ...02/01/2018DI 60075.055 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Benefit Rate I...02/01/2018DI 60075.060 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) End of Year Re...02/01/2018DI 60075.020 Enrollment Timeline02/01/2018DI 60075.045 The Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Automated ...02/01/2018DI 28030.020 Development of Medical Evidence02/01/2018DI 60075.050 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Operations Uni...02/01/2018DI 60075.010 Who is Eligible to Participate in the Promoting Opportun...02/01/2018DI 60075.005 Overview of the Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD...02/01/2018DI 60075.030 Field Office (FO), Processing Center (PC), and National ...02/01/2018DI 60075.015 Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Participants02/01/2018HI 01001.030 Billing Process01/31/2018HI 01001.381 Exhibit — Teletype Message to RRB Regarding PDA St...01/31/2018HI 01001.382 Exhibit — Teletype Message to RRB to Resubmit Accr...01/31/2018NL 00720.395 Workers' Compensation (WCP)01/31/2018HI 01001.090 Receipt of Premiums in the Field Office (FO)01/31/2018SI 00520.625PHI Safe Havens Demonstration Program (TN 2 -- 02/2004)01/30/2018SI 01210.512SF Types of Income/Property under the State Plan01/29/2018SI 01210.521SF Minimum Income Level and Mandatory Minimum State Suppl...01/29/2018SI 01210.510SF California State Plan Blind Income Disregards-Introduc...01/29/2018SI 01210.525SF Overpayments and Underpayments01/29/2018SI 01210.524SF Administrative Finality01/29/2018SI 01210.511SF General Case Processing01/29/2018SI 01210.527SF Livermore Questionnaire01/29/2018SI 01210.526SF Examples01/29/2018SI 01210.520SF Benefit Computations01/29/2018SI 01210.519SF Determination of Need01/29/2018SI 01210.518SF Payments Excluded or Exempt from Consideration as Inco...01/29/2018SI 01210.516SF Allocating Income from Ineligible to Eligible Spouse01/29/2018SI 01210.513SF When Income is Received01/29/2018SI 01210.517SF Allocation of Income to Ineligible Spouse from Eligibl...01/29/2018SI 01210.522SF Systems Input of K Income01/29/2018SI 01210.515SF Allocation of Income between Eligible Individuals and ...01/29/2018SI 01210.514SF Determining Net Income01/29/2018PR 01115.036 North Carolina01/26/2018PR 01310.004 Arizona01/26/2018DI 13010.635 The CDR Selection Menu (MCDR) Screen01/25/2018GN 02402.105 Correcting Routing Transit Numbers (RTNs) and Deposit Ac...01/25/2018DI 52135.030 California Public Disability Benefits (PDB)01/25/2018RS 00605.943 Indexing Factors for 2018 Eligibility01/24/2018RS 00615.700 Special Minimum PIA Involvement (DRC)01/24/2018SI 04030.060 Questionable SSI Hearing Decisions01/24/2018PR 01805.054 West Virginia01/19/2018PR 08605.036 North Carolina01/19/2018DI 24508.000 Medical Evaluation at Step 3 of Sequential Evaluation - ...01/18/2018NL 00601.060 Withdrawal Notices01/18/2018SI 04040.028 Subsequent Application Flag -- Exhibit01/18/2018SI 04040.027 Processing the Prior Claim -- Title XVI Nondisability01/18/2018SI 01320.710 Completion of Form SSA-8015 (Spouse-to-Spouse)01/18/2018SI 04040.030 Effectuating Appeals Council (AC) Decisions01/18/2018DI 10520.030 Determining When IRWE Are Deductible and How They Are Di...01/18/2018SI 04030.030KC Preparing for SSI Hearing (TN 1 - 9/04)01/17/2018SI 04040.020 Requesting Appeals Council Review01/17/2018GN 02402.399 Coding Eritrea Bank Data on the Master Beneficiary Recor...01/17/2018SI 04030.050 The SSI Hearing Decision01/17/2018