RM 00200.000 The Social Security Number, Policy and General Procedure...01/05/2023RM 00207.000 Pending Claim in the FO - Table of Contents07/16/2021RM 00207.001 SSN Unknown for Worker in Claims Case - General08/04/2020RM 00207.010 Obtaining Additional Identifying Information for SSN12/05/2002RM 00207.015 Assigning an SSN with Identifying Information09/22/2011RM 00207.020 Assigning an SSN without Full Identifying Information01/19/2012RM 00207.030 VA-Initiated SSA-24 - General03/14/1991RM 00207.035 Enumeration Requirement for Payment of Auxiliary and Sur...07/16/2021RM 00207.040 FO Procedures — Auxiliary or Survivor Claimant Has...08/04/2020RM 00207.045 FO Procedures — Auxiliary or Survivor Claimant Doe...08/19/2004RM 00207.050 SSI Claims - General03/14/1991RM 00299.000 Appendix and Exhibits - Table of Contents01/05/2023RM 00299.005 Form SSA-L669 Request for Evidence in Support of an SSN ...07/20/2011RM 00299.010 Form SSA-L670 Request for Evidence in Support of an SSN ...07/20/2011RM 00299.015 Form SSA-L675, Request for Evidence in Support of an SSN...12/05/2002RM 00299.020 Form SSA-L676 - Refusal to Process SSN Application01/23/2012RM 00299.070 Form SSA-2880 Form for Returning Documents Submitted as ...01/05/2023RM 00299.087 Form SSA-4925 Mailing Label for Sending One Month's Accu...12/21/2005RM 01000.000 Form SS-4 Employer's Application for Identification Numb...02/06/2015RM 01001.000 Form SS-4, Employer Identification Number - Table of Con...02/06/2015RM 01001.001 Employer Identification Number (EIN)02/06/2015RM 01001.004 List of Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Campuses and Uniq...02/06/2015RM 01002.000 Flow Chart and Explanations of the Form SS-4 - Table of ...02/06/2015RM 01002.003 How SSA Processes SS-4 Applications03/08/2018RM 01002.004 Flowchart of the SS-4 Process at SSA03/22/2017RM 01002.005 How to Process Requests for Copies of Form SS-410/07/2016RM 01003.000 Establish Employer Records - Table of Contents02/06/2015RM 01003.008 How to Maintain the Form 2032 File08/28/2017RM 01100.000 Tax Procedures and Employer Reports - Table of Contents03/22/2019RM 01101.000 Wage Reporting - General - Table of Contents12/20/2016RM 01101.001 Employer Wage Reporting Process05/05/2016RM 01101.002 Glossary for the Wage Reporting Process03/10/2016RM 01101.003 The Internal Revenue Service and the Social Security Adm...03/10/2016RM 01101.005 Overview of the Combined Annual Wage Reporting (CAWR) Pr...03/10/2016RM 01103.000 Tax Procedures - Table of Contents06/05/1996RM 01103.001 Overview of Tax Procedures02/27/2012RM 01103.003 SSA's Role in Support of Tax Laws02/14/1995RM 01103.005 How to Handle Employment Tax Inquiries02/14/1995RM 01103.007 Summary of Employer Duties - Tax Inquiries02/27/2012RM 01103.009 Employer's Responsibility for Maintaining Employment Rec...02/14/1995RM 01103.011 IRS/SSA Employer Education Activities02/14/1995RM 01103.013 Employer Identification Numbers (EIN's) - General02/28/2012RM 01103.015 Composition of the Employer Identification Number (EIN)12/20/2002RM 01103.017 Assisting Employers and Reporting Entities to Apply for ...02/28/2003RM 01103.019 IRS/SSA Processing of SS-4s03/22/2017RM 01103.030 List of Tax Publications10/23/1995RM 01103.032 Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification05/30/2012RM 01103.034 Form W-4, “Employee's Withholding Allowance Certif...02/14/1995RM 01103.036 Form SS-4, “Application for Employer Identificatio...02/28/2001RM 01103.038 Form SS-4PR (Spanish Version of SS-4)02/14/1995RM 01103.042 Form W-5, Earned Income Credit Advance Payment Certifica...02/14/1995RM 01103.044 Form 940, Employer's Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) ...03/10/2003RM 01105.000 Employer Reports - Wage Reports - Table of Contents03/22/2019RM 01105.001 General - Employer Wage Reports06/04/1996RM 01105.003 Types of Wage Report Forms02/27/2012RM 01105.005 Wage Report Filing Requirements07/05/2017RM 01105.007 SSA's Role In Improving the Quality of Wage Reports02/28/2003RM 01105.009 Handling Employer Inquiries About Filing Wage Reports03/20/2013RM 01105.015 Answers to Typical Employer Wage Reporting Questions05/15/2017RM 01105.020 Handling Sensitive Employer Inquiries10/27/1994RM 01105.025 Filing Corrected Wage Reports02/27/2012RM 01105.027 Educational Correspondence (EDCOR) and Decentralized Cor...03/22/2019RM 01105.030 Exhibit 1 — Form 7018-A (Employer's Order Blank fo...02/28/2001RM 01105.035 Exhibit 2 — Form 8508 (Request for Waiver from Fil...03/14/1996RM 01105.037 Exhibit 3 — Form 8809 (Request for Extension of Ti...01/28/2011RM 01105.039 Exhibit 4 — List of Regional Magnetic Media Coordi...09/01/2010RM 01105.040 Exhibit 5 — Sensitive Inquiry Worksheet04/28/2003RM 01300.000 The Social Security Statement, Form SSA-7005-SM - Table ...06/11/2020RM 01301.000 General Instructions for Processing Requests for Earning...06/11/2020RM 01301.001 Scope of Chapter02/10/2012RM 01301.014 General Description of Form SSA-7004-SM-OP1, Request for...02/10/2012RM 01301.015 SSA-7004-PC-SM Form Numbers, DOC Addresses and Geographi...02/10/2012RM 01301.016 Processing Requests for Social Security Statements02/10/2012RM 01301.017 Handling Nonreceipt of Requested Statements and Sensitiv...05/06/2015RM 01301.020 Online Query (PEBES ONLINE) For Social Security Statemen...02/10/2012RM 01301.025 Online Query Of the Statement History File By FO and TSC...02/10/2012RM 01301.040 Form SSA-7014 Social Security Administration Earnings Re...12/01/2006RM 01301.042 SSA-7014A Format (Identifying Information Doesn't Match ...02/10/2012RM 01301.043 SSA-7014B Format (No Earnings On Record)02/10/2012RM 01301.044 SSA-7014D Format (Death Indicator On Numident Or MBR)12/02/2015RM 01301.045 SSA-7014E Format (Benefit Claim Pending On Record)02/10/2012RM 01301.046 SSA-7014G Format (Title 2 Processing Limitation)02/10/2012RM 01301.500 Requests for FO and TSC Assistance in Processing Request...02/10/2012RM 01301.505 Direct Contacts By Requesters Who Received Forms SSA-701...12/02/2015RM 01301.506 Assisting Individuals Who Have Received A Form SSA-7014A...02/10/2012RM 01301.510 WBDOC Requests for FO Assistance08/25/2016RM 01301.515 What Happens When the System Determines That SSN or Iden...02/10/2012RM 01301.520 How to Process Forms SSA-7014A Received From WBDOC Under...04/01/2013RM 01301.525 How to Process Forms SSA-7014A Received From WBDOC Under...04/01/2013RM 01301.530 How to Process Forms SSA-7014A Received From WBDOC Under...10/16/2000RM 01305.000 Automatic Annual Issuance of the Social Security Stateme...08/24/1999RM 01305.001 The Social Security Statement05/06/2015RM 01305.005 General Description of Form SSA-7005-SM, the Social Secu...05/06/2015RM 01305.010 Annual Issuance of Automatic Statements07/25/2002RM 01305.015 Online Query (Pebes Online) for Social Se...10/13/2000RM 01305.020 Online Query of the Statement History File By Fo and Tsc...10/13/2000RM 01305.022 Handling Inquiries About Nonreceipt of Automatic 07/25/2002RM 01305.023 Handling Requests To Be Excluded From Automatic Mailings02/10/2012RM 01305.024 Handling Requests For Statements In Dif...02/10/2012RM 01310.000 General Instructions for Processing Questions Related to...02/11/2013RM 01310.001 The Social Security Statement02/10/2012RM 01310.005 General Description of Form SSA-7005-SM, the Social Secu...11/16/2006RM 01310.010 Information Contained in the Social Security Statement04/01/2013RM 01310.012 Information Contained in Special Insert for Stat...04/01/2013RM 01310.014 Information Contained in SSA-L7005-SM-SI and OR - One Pa...11/16/2006RM 01310.015 How We Derive the Data in Your Estimated Benefits...07/25/2002RM 01310.016 How We Derive the Data for Retirement Benefit Estimates04/01/2013RM 01310.017 How We Derive the Data for Disability and Survivors Bene...07/25/2002RM 01310.018 Facts on Which Statement Is Based04/01/2013RM 01310.020 How We Derive the Earnings Data Contained in the Section...11/13/2002RM 01310.025 How We Derive Aggregate Estimated Social Security Taxes ...07/25/2002RM 01310.026 How We Derive the Aggregate Estimated Medicare Taxes for...07/25/2002RM 01310.030 Online Query (PEBES ONLINE for So...05/19/2014RM 01310.035 Social Security Statement History File Query11/13/2000RM 01310.040 Updating Information on the Social Security Statement02/12/2013RM 01310.042 Responding to Reports or Missing or Incorrect Earnings (...07/25/2002RM 01350.000 Processing Correspondence Included With or Related to Re...09/01/1999RM 01350.001 Correspondence Inquiry Does Not Relate to Request for St...02/10/2012RM 01350.002 Correspondence Inquiry Relates to Request for Statement ...02/10/2012RM 01350.003 Correspondence Inquiry Relates to Request for Statement ...12/20/1989RM 01351.000 Processing Correspondence Inquiries (WBDOC) - Table of C...01/28/2020RM 01351.001 Initial Earnings Statement Request with Additional Infor...02/10/2012RM 01351.002 Number Holder Questions Data Previously Furnished02/10/2012RM 01351.003 Complaints Regarding Information Furnished or the Manner...02/10/2012RM 01351.004 Inquiries from (or on Behalf of) Residents of Foreign Co...02/10/2012RM 01351.005 Requests for Informational Publications Relating to Earn...02/10/2012RM 01351.007 Requests for Specifications for Privately Printed Form S...10/16/2002RM 01351.008 Name Change Requested02/10/2012RM 01351.009 Requests for SSN Card (Original or Duplicate)02/10/2012RM 01351.010 Requests to Change Address02/10/2012RM 01351.011 Correspondence Indicating Congressional, Presidential, S...08/15/2016RM 01351.012 Complaints, Inquiries, Suggestions Concerning Earnings S...08/24/1999RM 01351.013 Inquiries Concerning Earnings Statement Program or Polic...10/16/2002RM 01351.050 Mailing Addresses to Use When Forwarding Material to Oth...03/06/2014RM 01352.000 Processing Correspondence Inquiries (DERO) - Table of Co...08/24/1999RM 01352.001 Volume Requests for Blank Forms SSA-7004PC08/24/1999RM 01352.002 Individual Disagrees with QC Data Previously Furnished08/25/2016RM 01352.003 Questions Concerning Covered and Non-Covered Employment08/24/1999RM 01352.004 Questions Concerning the Provisions of the Social Securi...08/24/1999RM 01352.005 Questions Involving the Confidentiality of Social Securi...02/10/2012RM 01352.006 Questions Concerning FICA or SECA Taxes (Refunds of 11/19/2004RM 01352.007 Typing Replies to Correspondence Related to Earnings Sta...11/19/2004RM 01352.008 Reviewing and Releasing Replies to Earnings Statement Re...08/24/1999RM 01361.000 The Social Security Statement, Form SSA-7005-SM - Table ...08/24/1999RM 01361.001 Controlling, Keying and Transmitting Request for Earning...02/10/2012RM 01361.002 Finder Input Data for Request for Earnings and Benefit E...02/10/2012RM 01361.003 Block Record (PL1)02/10/2012RM 01361.004 Detail Record (PL2)02/10/2012RM 01361.005 Address Record (PL2)02/10/2012RM 01361.100 Special Variations of the NH Name02/10/2012RM 01361.120 Mailing Address (AD) Field – Special Instructions02/10/2012RM 01361.125 Foreign Language Block03/08/2001RM 01362.000 Receive and Process Output Forms - Table of Contents05/29/2020RM 01362.002 How the System Determines the Output Responses02/10/2012RM 01362.003 List of Output Files02/10/2012RM 01362.004 Sequence of the Output Response02/10/2012RM 01362.005 What Happens Once the Output Files are Received02/10/2012RM 01362.006 How To Process The RT and SR02/10/2012RM 01362.007 Exception Processing02/10/2012RM 01600.000 Recordation of Data for Use in Claims Related Activities...06/03/2020RM 01605.000 Processing Requests for Death Removals - Table of Conten...06/03/2020RM 01605.001 General Information12/20/1989RM 02006.000 Special Wage Report Cases - Table of Contents02/08/1999RM 02006.001 How to Handle Special Wage Reports09/28/1994RM 02007.000 Form 6494 Operation - Table of Contents10/24/1995RM 02007.003 Receive and Control Forms 649412/20/1989RM 02007.005 Form SSA-4372 - Exhibit06/22/2015RM 02007.007 How to Process Forms 649402/08/1999RM 02007.008 How to Process Forms 2889 (Correction of Wage Schedule)12/20/1989RM 02019.007 Processing Requests for Copies of Program-Related Employ...02/10/2009RM 02021.000 Report Card List and Report Employer List - Table of Con...06/03/1996RM 02021.001 RCL/REL Microfilms-Exhibit01/22/1997RM 02021.005 Description of the RCL/REL Microfilms08/01/2008RM 02021.010 Form SSA-2638, Electronically Obtaining Employer Report ...07/30/2001RM 02032.001 Duplicate Earnings Alerts in OEIO03/22/2013RM 02032.005 Receipt and Control of the Duplicate Earnings Alerts in ...05/12/2016RM 02032.010 Accessing the APDA Application in OEIO03/22/2013RM 02032.035 Scouting Resources04/13/2018RM 02032.045 Description of the W-2c Alerts03/26/2012RM 02032.050 W-2c Alerts Control Process05/12/2016RM 02032.055 Procedure for Processing the W-2c Alerts03/26/2012RM 02032.060 Process for W-2c Alert Code 103/26/2012RM 02032.062 Process for W-2C Alert Code 203/26/2012RM 02032.064 Process for W-2c Alert Code 303/26/2012RM 02032.066 Process for W-2c Alert Code 403/26/2012RM 02032.068 Process for W-2c Alert Code 5 (Non-covered Earnings)03/26/2012RM 02032.070 Process for W-2c Alert Code 603/26/2012RM 02032.072 Process for W-2c Alert Code 7 (Prior to 1990) (Medicare ...03/26/2012RM 02032.075 Direct Contact (DIRCON) Process in the Division of Earni...03/26/2012RM 02032.080 Exhibits for the W-2c Alerts Workload03/26/2012RM 02200.000 Investigating and Correcting Wages Reported - Table of C...11/10/2021RM 02201.000 Earnings Adjustment Process - General - Table of Content...06/03/1996RM 02201.001 Overview of Earnings Adjustment Process08/16/2004RM 02212.001 General12/20/1989RM 02212.003 Evidence Earnings Item Listing09/28/1994RM 02226.000 Interoffice Adjustment Forms Reported Under the Revised ...10/18/2019RM 02226.005 Revised Earnings Adjustment Process (REAP) in the Office...10/18/2019RM 02226.010 Instructions for Completing the Electronic Form SSA-413010/18/2019RM 02236.000 Potential Blanket Adjustment Referral Process - Table o...11/10/2021RM 02236.005 Handling Potential Blanket Adjustment Referral in OEIO08/07/2018RM 02236.010 Potential Blanket Adjustment Referral Process for DEBS, ...11/10/2021RM 02236.015 Potential Blanket Adjustment (PBA) Referral Process for ...08/07/2018RM 02236.020 Exhibits for the Potential Blanket Adjustment Referral P...04/03/2013RM 02500.000 Unidentified Earnings Items - Table of Contents10/30/1996RM 02528.000 Operation 30 - Table of Contents02/09/1999RM 02528.001 General Background12/20/1989RM 02528.002 Receive Magnetic Tapes for Operation 30 3...12/20/1989RM 02528.003 Process Operation 30 Input09/28/1994RM 02528.004 Four-Phase Keying of Reinstate Items from Operati...12/20/1989RM 02528.005 Output JOB JOP3009/28/1994RM 02528.006 Release Completed Operation 30 Data12/20/1989RM 02528.007 Appendix A - Key Names and Derivatives (Female)10/25/1995RM 02528.008 Appendix B - Key Names and Derivatives (Male)10/25/1995RM 03100.000 Employer Reports of Earnings - Table of Contents06/17/1996RM 03146.000 Prepare the Trust Fund Certification Letter - Table of C...03/01/1999RM 03146.001 Legislative History of the Trust Fund Certification Lett...07/27/1994RM 03146.002 Production of Trust Fund Wage Data03/01/1999RM 03146.010 Maintain the Trust Fund Ledgers and Prepare the Trust Fu...03/01/1999RM 03146.099 Exhibits12/05/2001RM 03200.000 Pension Information Processing System - Table of Content...07/24/2020RM 03201.000 ERISA - General Information - Table of Contents10/01/2019RM 03201.001 ERISA — Overview and Glossary10/01/2019RM 03201.002 ERISA —Description of IRS Role10/01/2019RM 03201.005 SSA's Role in Assisting Private Pension Plans and Separa...10/01/2019RM 03201.007 Overview of ERISA Government Agency Interrelationships a...10/01/2019RM 03202.000 Flowcharts and Narrative - Table of Contents04/20/2020RM 03202.002 Narrative—Clerical Processing of Form 8955 SSA (Pr...04/20/2020RM 03202.005 Narrative - Processing ERISA Requests and Correspondence...04/13/2020RM 03250.000 Receipt and Dispatch of Correspondence (4401) - Table of...04/13/2020RM 03250.001 General Information04/13/2020RM 03250.002 Initial Receipt and Handling of Correspondence from the ...08/02/1994RM 03250.003 Screen and Determine ERISA Requests/Correspondence 04/13/2020RM 03252.000 Control ERISA Requests (4402) - Table of Contents04/17/2020RM 03252.001 Block ERISA Requests Received from Receipt and Dispatch ...08/02/1994RM 03252.004 Receive Discrepant Forms SSA-L99-C1 EXCEPTIONS03/01/1999RM 03252.006 SSA-L99-C1's to be Retyped (4402)08/04/1994RM 03253.000 General Processing Information - Table of Contents04/13/2020RM 03253.001 Form 8955-SSA (Annual Registration Statement Identifying...09/24/2019RM 03253.002 SSA-L99-C1, Notice of Potential Private Retirement Benef...04/13/2020RM 03254.000 Processing ERISA Requests (4403, 4405, 4235, 4237) - Tab...04/28/2020RM 03254.001 General03/09/2018RM 03254.003 Examine Plan Participant's Social Security Number04/14/2020RM 03254.004 Examine Signature 04/15/2020RM 03254.005 Examine for Mailing Address (4403)06/30/2010RM 03254.007 ERISA Requests Requiring a Detailed Response (4403)06/30/2010RM 03254.011 Information on the Form SSA-L99-C1, Potential Private Re...03/04/2020RM 03254.012 ERISA Notices Returned to SSA as “Undeliverable&rd...06/30/2010RM 03254.014 Correspondence Received from the Public Indicating Congr...12/23/2019RM 03256.000 Resolve ERISA Exceptions - Table of Contents03/23/2020RM 03256.001 General12/23/2019RM 03256.002 Receive, Control, and Release ERISA Exceptions (4404)03/23/2020RM 03256.003 Search and Locate on Microfilm, the Schedule SSA Corresp...10/29/2010RM 03256.004 Transcribe Plan Information Onto SSA-L99-C1 (4404)10/29/2010RM 03258.000 Processing Correspondence Related to ERISA (4230, 4231, ...05/07/2020RM 03258.001 General Information on ERISA04/14/2020RM 03258.003 Initial Examining and Coding04/16/2020RM 03258.004 SSA-L99-C1 Returned by Recipient12/23/2019RM 03258.005 General Response Guidelines for ERISA Correspondence (44...01/09/2020RM 03258.007 Responding to ERISA Correspondence (4406)04/06/2020RM 03258.009 Employer/Plan Administrator Correspondence 05/07/2020RM 03258.010 Lag Period01/12/2011RM 03258.011 Requesting MBR Printouts (4256)01/12/2011RM 03258.013 Scout for Schedule SSA Information01/12/2011RM 03258.015 Complaints from the Public Regarding Pension Information...04/16/2020RM 03258.018 Request for General Information about ERISA (4406)03/03/2020RM 03270.000 Field Office Handling of ERISA Inquiries - Table of Cont...07/24/2020RM 03270.001 General — ERISA Inquiries05/23/2014RM 03270.005 Handling ERISA Inquiries From the General Public02/12/2015RM 03270.007 Handling ERISA Inquiries From Pension Plan Administrator...05/23/2014RM 03270.009 Handling Inquiries About SSA's ERISA Notice on Form SSA-...07/01/2004RM 03270.011 Terms Used on ERISA Notice Form SSA- L99-C1 — Glos...07/01/2004RM 03270.015 Exhibit 1- SSA-L99-C1, Notice of Potential Private Pensi...10/12/2006RM 03270.016 Exhibit 2 - SSA-L99-C1, Notice of Potential Private Pens...10/12/2006RM 03270.017 Exhibit 3 — Annual Registration Statement Identify...10/12/2006RM 03270.020 Exhibit 2 — Annual Registration Statement Identify...10/27/1995RM 03280.000 Receipt and Control of Forms SSA-4617-U2 - Four Phase (4...03/01/1999RM 03280.001 Receive and Control Forms SSA-4617-U2 (4407)08/04/1994RM 03280.002 Distribute Pension Information Request Blocks to Keying ...12/20/1989RM 03280.003 Release Completed Pension Information Request Blocks&mda...12/20/1989RM 03280.005 Release Completed Pension Information Request Blocks&mda...08/04/1994RM 03280.006 Release Completed Pension Information Request Data&mdash...08/04/1994RM 03281.000 Data Entry - Pension Information Requests (4408) - Table...03/01/1999RM 03281.001 General Instructions — Pension Information Request...08/04/1994RM 03282.000 Four-Phase Processing - ERISA Requests (4408) - Table o...03/01/1999RM 03282.001 Initial Keying of Pension Information Requests — F...08/04/1994RM 03282.002 Complete the Keying of a Unit (4408)12/20/1989RM 03282.003 Verify Pension Information Requests (4408)12/20/1989RM 03282.004 Key Tape Header for Pension Information Requests (4408)12/20/1989RM 03282.005 Output Pension Information Requests (4408)07/16/2001RM 03803.000 General Instructions - Table of Contents12/09/2021RM 03803.001 First Year Earnings Activity Identification on Microfilm...11/12/2019RM 03803.007 Handling Correspondence and Assigning Cases07/21/2020RM 03803.009 Determining the Claim or Non Claim...07/10/2020RM 03803.011 Disposition of Case Where the Record(s) is in Claim Stat...08/26/2020RM 03803.013 Complete Case - Definition08/26/2020RM 03803.020 Time Limits for Resolving Possible Errors in Employee Ea...08/21/2020RM 03803.022 Incomplete Case - Definition07/28/2020RM 03803.024 Determining the Handling of Incomplete Cases03/01/1999RM 03803.030 Handling Inquiries With Previous Correspondence12/20/1989RM 03803.051 Processing Incomplete Cases Containing a Form W-2 or a W...03/01/1999RM 03803.053 Selecting Incomplete Cases for Direct Correspondence wit...03/01/1999RM 03803.055 Incomplete Cases Requiring Development with the Field Of...12/09/2021RM 03803.057 Reviewing and Handling Earnings Discrepancy Cases from t...10/23/2020RM 03803.059 Following Up on Field Office (FO) Development04/06/2021RM 03803.061 Processing Notices of Transfer of Earnings Discrepancy C...12/20/1989RM 03803.069 Monitoring Earnings Case Closure Timeframes03/29/2021RM 03803.081 Replying to Followup Letters for Closed Earnings Discrep...03/17/2021RM 03803.083 Handling Undeliverable Earnings Discrepancy Closeout Let...03/10/2021RM 03803.089 Collecting and Releasing Earnings Discrepancy Mail03/30/2021RM 03803.091 Preparing Replies to Questions or Objections10/22/2020RM 03809.000 Scouting - Adjusting Earnings - Table of Contents07/18/2022RM 03809.001 Receiving, Controlling and Processing Scouting Requests04/20/2021RM 03809.004 General Scouting Instructions05/26/2022RM 03809.005 Scouting Non-Claims Requests Received From the Field Off...03/10/2021RM 03809.006 Scouting from the MEF Printout12/20/1989RM 03809.007 Scouting from the Wage Report05/26/2022RM 03809.009 Scouting to Identify EIN's or Employers Not Identified V...05/26/2022RM 03809.014 Scouting Same Name Cases05/26/2022RM 03809.016 Scout for Cases with Different Name05/26/2022RM 03809.022 Examining Reports to Determine if Earnings Case(s) are S...05/26/2022RM 03809.024 Additional Scouting After Detecting a Scrambled Case05/23/2022RM 03809.030 Scouting for Missing Wage Items07/18/2022RM 03809.034 Scouting for Missing SEI Items07/18/2022RM 03809.038 Scouting for Missing Reports06/02/2022RM 03809.039 Scouting Cases Involving Multiple Postings for the Same ...06/02/2022RM 03809.045 Scouting Earnings in a Lag Period06/02/2022RM 03812.000 Disagreements - Table of Contents12/09/2021RM 03812.001 Controlling, Assembling and Assigning Earnings Disagreem...10/14/2020RM 03812.002 Informational Requirements10/14/2020RM 03812.003 Examining, Processing and Disposing of Earnings Disagree...10/28/2021RM 03812.005 Examining, Processing and Disposing of Earnings Disagree...12/09/2021RM 03812.010 Only Lag Earnings Alleged10/14/2020RM 03812.012 Potential Claim Involved12/20/1989RM 03812.013 Benefit Estimate Requested12/20/1989RM 03812.014 Non-Covered Earnings Alleged12/20/1989RM 03812.022 No APP Case03/02/1999RM 03812.028 Multiple Postings for the Same Employer and Period12/20/1989RM 03812.029 Copy of Employer's Missing Earnings Report or Page(s) Re...08/04/2021RM 03812.030 Statement of Earnings Needed for the Reply10/14/2020RM 03816.000 Scrambled Wages - Table of Contents06/03/2022RM 03816.001 Scrambled Earnings Cases—General Information04/27/2020RM 03816.003 Definition of Different Name and S...07/08/2010RM 03816.005 Controlling, Assembling and Assigning Scrambled Earnings...12/20/1989RM 03816.007 Scrambled Earnings Cases to be Processed as Earnings Dis...12/20/1989RM 03816.008 Examining, Processing and Disposing of Scrambled Earning...01/13/1997RM 03816.011 Processing SER/SSI Interface Cases01/21/2022RM 03816.012 Processing Wrong Number SS-5 Cases05/16/2011RM 03816.016 General Information on the Transfer of Earnings07/07/2014RM 03816.017 Requesting the Transfer of Earnings10/14/2020RM 03816.021 Making Necessary Transfers06/03/2022RM 03816.022 Examining Transfers Made by Scouts06/11/2020RM 03818.000 IRS Scrambles - Table of Contents04/15/2021RM 03818.001 General Information on IRS Scrambles06/10/2010RM 03818.004 Initial Processing of Form 385704/15/2021RM 03818.006 Handling Forms 3857 Prior to Scouting06/10/2010RM 03818.007 IRS Form 3857 Processing: Direct Contact for Additional ...06/10/2010RM 03818.012 Determining the Disposition of IRS Scrambles Cases after...06/10/2010RM 03818.014 Closing Resolved Cases02/23/2005RM 03818.030 Completing Forms 385704/15/2021RM 03818.031 Forwarding Copies of Completed Forms 385706/10/2010RM 03844.000 Processing Earnings Discrepancy Cases - Table of Content...01/14/2022RM 03844.006 Reviewing Initial Field Office Development of Earnings D...01/14/2022RM 03844.009 Making Direct Telephone Calls to Redevelop Certain Earni...12/20/1989RM 03844.012 Types of Wage Evidence10/04/2010RM 03844.018 Reviewing Evidence03/02/1999RM 03844.020 Processing Scrambled Earnings Discrepancy Cases11/08/2021RM 03844.024 Processing Cases in Which the FO Has Submitted Additiona...08/09/2021RM 03844.045 Processing Coverage Cases09/22/2021RM 03844.047 Referring Coverage Cases to the Office of Income Securit...05/07/2004RM 03844.060 Preparing Coverage or Wage Issue Determination on Form S...09/10/2021RM 03846.000 Processing Self-Employment Earnings Discrepancy Cases - ...05/11/2021RM 03846.001 Self-Employment Income-General05/11/2021RM 03846.003 Authorities and Guides on Self-Employment Coverage03/02/1999RM 03846.005 Explanation of SE Symbol (Letter) Entries on the Earning...12/20/1989RM 03846.010 Processing Self-Employment Discrepancy Cases05/07/2004RM 03846.012 Allocating Quarters of Coverage in Fiscal Year Reporting...03/02/1999RM 03846.013 Resolving TL (Time Limitation) Postings12/20/1989RM 03846.015 Determining Status Where a Person Alleges All or Part of...12/20/1989RM 03846.017 Determining Status Where a Person Alleges Erroneously Re...12/20/1989RM 03846.019 Determining if Multiple or Duplicate SE Reports Have Bee...12/20/1989RM 03846.020 Reviewing Self-Employment Cases Returned by Field Office...12/20/1989RM 03846.022 Closing Self-Employment Cases Returned by the Field Offi...03/02/1999RM 03846.027 Processing Control Copies of Letters Requesting the Fili...12/20/1989RM 03846.030 Preparing Forms SSA-7000 U5, Notice of Determination of ...03/02/1999RM 03846.035 Preparing Forms SSA-7000 U5 to Establish or Adjust Self-...12/20/1989RM 03849.000 Processing Special Type Earnings Discrepancy Cases - Tab...10/09/2020RM 03849.001 Withdrawals09/16/2020RM 03849.003 Abandonments09/16/2020RM 03849.005 Acceptances10/09/2020RM 03849.007 No Evidence03/02/1999RM 03849.008 Handling Form SSA-7008 Received for a Pending Earnings D...09/24/2020RM 03851.000 Processing Congressional and Other Special Inquiries - T...11/24/2020RM 03851.001 Expediting Requests Pertaining to Congressional and Othe...08/25/2020RM 03851.003 Receiving, Assigning and Processing Congressional Inquir...11/23/2020RM 03851.005 Expediting Telephone Inquiries Involving Earnings Discre...11/24/2020RM 03851.009 Handling Congressional or Other Special Inquiries that a...11/20/2020RM 03870.001 Earnings Records Inaccuracies Development - General10/01/1998RM 03870.004 SSA Component Responsibility - Earnings Records Inaccura...12/02/2021RM 03870.006 Limits On Earnings Records Development04/21/2005RM 03870.008 Development Record of Earnings Investigation05/19/2008RM 03870.010 Form SSA-7008 (Request for Correction of Earnings Record...04/21/2005RM 03870.012 Request for Earnings Record Correction Under Item Correc...09/06/2011RM 03870.015 Development of Earnings Records Inaccuracies02/04/2011RM 03870.020 Incorrect SSN or Surname on W-211/16/2012RM 03870.025 Discrepancy Between NH's Allegation and Employer's State...11/06/2000RM 03870.035 Coverage or Wage Question10/21/1994RM 03870.040 Earnings Records Inaccuracies - Establishment Reporting06/10/1996RM 03870.045 Scrambled Earnings - General01/20/2011RM 03870.048 Development of Scrambled Wages07/11/2012RM 03870.052 Establishing NH's True Identity08/31/2010RM 03870.055 Scrambled SEI09/22/2022RM 03870.057 When Earnings May Be Transferred05/07/2008RM 03870.060 Accepting Statement Disclaiming Earnings01/29/2015RM 03870.062 Issuance of a Second SSN09/09/2010RM 03870.065 Earnings Posted to Young Children - General10/25/2018RM 03870.070 How to Develop YCER Cases10/16/2008RM 03870.075 Action When YCER Development Complete03/13/2013RM 03870.080 Earnings Reported After NH's Death09/16/2016RM 03870.085 How to Resolve Earnings After Death Cases08/31/2010RM 03870.090 Action When Earnings After Death Development Is Complete12/04/2015RM 03870.094 Exemption From Prosecution for Aliens Legalized Under th...10/21/1994RM 03870.100 Form SSA-7008 (Request for Correction of Earnings Record...10/21/1994RM 03870.101 Form SSA-L7013 (Social Security Request for Wage Informa...01/23/1995RM 03870.102 Form SSA-7011-F4 (Statement of Employer)01/19/1995RM 03870.104 Form SSA-L7014 (Letter to NH Regarding Earnings Informat...01/19/1995RM 03870.105 Form SSA-L7015 (Social Security Request to Respond)01/19/1995RM 03870.120 Form SSA-4156 (Employee Identification Statement)11/20/2019RM 04900.000 Exemption From Taxation on SEI - Table of Contents02/22/2023RM 04903.000 Initial Processing - Table of Contents12/13/2021RM 04903.001 Verify the Individual on the IRS Form 4029 Using the Num...11/04/2021RM 04906.000 Final Processing - Form 4029 - Table of Contents12/29/2022RM 04906.001 Verifying the Religious Group and Processing Form 402912/29/2022RM 04907.000 Processing Form 4361 - Table of Contents02/22/2023RM 04907.001 Processing IRS Form 436102/22/2023RM 05000.000 Correspondence - Filing, Control, Monitoring - Table of ...01/20/2022RM 05015.000 Earnings Inquiries Control System - Table of Contents01/20/2022RM 05015.003 Preparing and Handling Correspondence Control Sheet Form...11/10/2021RM 05015.004 Completing the Correspondence Control Sheet to Reflect U...01/20/2022RM 05100.000 Alien Nonpayment Provision Policing - Table of Contents03/11/1999RM 05101.000 Processing Forms I-131 - Table of Contents09/15/1994RM 05101.001 General Information09/30/1994RM 05101.004 Receiving and Controlling Forms I-13109/20/1994RM 05101.007 Preparing Finder Records09/20/1994RM 05101.010 Examining, Grouping and Disposing of Forms I-13103/11/1999RM 05101.013 Keypunching Control Cards09/15/1994RM 05101.016 Reproducing MBR and SSR Finders09/20/1994RM 05103.000 Processing Forms I-157 - Table of Contents11/02/1995RM 05103.001 General Information09/30/1994RM 05103.004 Receiving and Controlling Forms I-15703/11/1999RM 05103.007 Examining and Grouping Forms I-15709/15/1994RM 05103.010 Processing Forms I-157 with SSN's03/11/1999RM 05103.013 Screening Forms I-157 for Possible SSN's09/15/1994RM 05103.016 Processing I-157's With Incorrect or No SSN's03/11/1999RM 05103.019 Preparing I-157 Coding Sheet, Form SSA-397203/11/1999RM 05103.022 Keying and Verifying Form SSA-397208/01/2008RM 05103.025 Outputting Job J15703/11/1999RM 05105.000 Processing Forms G-337 - Table of Contents09/15/1994RM 05105.001 General Information09/30/1994RM 05105.004 Receiving Forms G-33709/15/1994RM 05105.007 Processing Forms G-337 With SSN's09/15/1994RM 05105.010 Processing Forms G-337 Without SSN's09/15/1994RM 10200.000 The Social Security Number, Policy and General Procedure...03/21/2023RM 10201.000 The Social Security Number (SSN) - Table of Contents11/12/2020RM 10201.001 Purpose and Disclosure of the Social Security Number (SS...08/28/2009RM 10201.005 Program Use of the Social Security Number (SSN)08/28/2009RM 10201.010 Nonprogram Use of the Social Security Number (SSN)05/26/2017RM 10201.015 Responding to Inquiries about Nonprogram Use of the SSN08/28/2009RM 10201.020 Requests to Use an SSN or Replica of the Social Security...08/28/2009RM 10201.025 Enumeration Process: SSA Component Responsibilities06/02/2017RM 10201.030 Structure of the Social Security Number (SSN)06/23/2011RM 10201.035 Invalid Social Security Numbers (SSNs)06/23/2011RM 10201.040 Void Social Security Numbers (SSNs)11/12/2020RM 10201.045 Third-Party Requests about Social Security Numbers (SSNs...06/23/2011RM 10201.050 Social Security Number (SSN) Assignment and Card Issuanc...06/23/2011RM 10201.055 Social Security Number (SSN) Card History07/14/2014RM 10201.060 Social Security Number (SSN) Card Security Features09/30/2020RM 10201.065 Safeguarding the SSN and SSN Card08/28/2009RM 10201.070 Retention of Valid Social Security Number (SSN) Cards by...08/28/2009RM 10205.000 Social Security Number (SSN) Applications - Table of Con...03/21/2023RM 10205.001 How to Apply for a Social Security Card04/26/2022RM 10205.005 Where to File an Application for a Social Security Card04/26/2022RM 10205.010 When to Consider an Application for an SSN Card Filed09/10/2009RM 10205.015 Minimum Data Requirements to Complete an Application for...02/03/2011RM 10205.020 When an SSN Application May Not Be Processed08/31/2009RM 10205.025 Proper Applicant for a Social Security Card08/31/2009RM 10205.030 Proper Applicant is a Legal Guardian02/24/2011RM 10205.035 Proper Applicant is a Parent with Custody of a Child und...02/24/2011RM 10205.040 Proper Applicant is an Administrator of the Estate of th...02/24/2011RM 10205.045 Proper Applicant is a Relative with Custody of a Child u...02/24/2011RM 10205.050 Proper Applicant is a State Agency with Legal Custody02/24/2011RM 10205.055 Proper Applicant is an Individual who can Establish Rela...02/24/2011RM 10205.060 Applicant for SSN Visits a Non-Servicing Office12/03/2009RM 10205.065 Applicant for SSN Mails Application to a Non-Servicing O...05/17/2012RM 10205.070 Verify Documents for an SSN Application Processed in a N...12/03/2009RM 10205.075 Telephone Request for SSN Information Received in Non-Se...12/03/2009RM 10205.080 SSN Inquiry or Application Received for an Applicant Liv...08/07/2013RM 10205.085 Using Responses on Form SS-5 to Determine if the Applica...08/31/2009RM 10205.090 Form SS-5 Received and Additional Documentation is Neede...08/31/2009RM 10205.092 Returning Documents Submitted for an SSN Card09/14/2022RM 10205.094 Purchasing Documents to Replace Lost Enumeration Evidenc...02/08/2011RM 10205.095 Applicant for SSN Requests an Interview with a Specific ...08/31/2009RM 10205.100 How Long Does it Take to Get an SSN Card?08/17/2021RM 10205.105 Is the Applicant for Name Change Replacement SSN Card Re...08/31/2009RM 10205.120 How the Number Holder’s Name is Shown on SSN Card03/03/2011RM 10205.125 Entering NH’s Name in SSNAP04/11/2016RM 10205.130 Entering other Names of NH in SSNAP05/26/2017RM 10205.135 NH Date and Place of Birth on Application for SSN Card01/19/2021RM 10205.140 Race and Ethnicity Information on the Application for an...11/08/2021RM 10205.160 Parent’s SSN on an Application for an SSN Card10/14/2011RM 10205.170 Applicant’s Signature for an Application for an SS...09/07/2012RM 10205.175 Applicant’s Electronic Signature for an Applicatio...11/08/2010RM 10205.180 Applicant’s Signature on a Form SS-5 when applican...05/28/2014RM 10205.185 Coding and Certifying an Application for an SSN Card07/12/2012RM 10205.190 Recording Evidence on Form SS-5 When Not Using SSNAP05/18/2011RM 10205.195 FO Employee’s Signature on Form SS-510/15/2009RM 10205.210 When an Applicant Requests a Receipt for Filing an Appli...07/20/2011RM 10205.215 Acknowledgement Requested for an Application for an SSN ...10/15/2009RM 10205.400 Limits on Replacement SSN Cards09/30/2020RM 10205.405 Exception to SSN Card Limits for Name Change08/31/2009RM 10205.410 Exception to SSN Card Limits for Legend Change08/31/2009RM 10205.415 Exception to SSN Card Limits for Non-Receipt of an SSN C...01/22/2010RM 10205.420 Exception to SSN Card Limits Due to a Mistake by SSA08/31/2009RM 10205.425 Exception to SSN Card Limits Due to Hardship08/31/2009RM 10205.500 Form SSA-2853, Enumeration at Birth (EAB) Receipt09/30/2015RM 10205.505 Enumeration at Birth Process01/15/2010RM 10205.600 Enumeration-at-Entry04/03/2012RM 10205.630 Internet SSN Replacement Cards (iSSNRC) Policy03/21/2023RM 10205.635 Online Social Security Number Application Process (oSSNA...02/27/2023RM 10205.700 Enumeration-Beyond-Entry (EBE)05/04/2020RM 10210.001 History of SSN Evidence Requirements01/07/2010RM 10210.005 SSN Type Definitions03/03/2011RM 10210.010 Evidence Policy for an Original or New SSN10/25/2010RM 10210.015 Evidence Policy for a Replacement SSN Card05/17/2011RM 10210.020 Policy for Number of Documents Required for an SSN Card10/13/2011RM 10210.085 Acceptable Forms of Evidence for an SSN02/07/2023RM 10210.100 Advising Applicant on SSN Evidence Requirements01/07/2010RM 10210.120 Assisting Applicants When the SSN Application Cannot be ...07/25/2014RM 10210.200 General Information on Reviewing and Verifying Evidence ...03/25/2011RM 10210.205 Policy for Reviewing and Verifying Evidence for an SSN09/11/2014RM 10210.210 Reviewing Age, Identity, Citizenship and Lawful Alien St...02/06/2023RM 10210.250 Overview of Evidence of Age for an SSN Card08/05/2010RM 10210.255 Who Must Submit Evidence of Age for an SSN Card07/18/2012RM 10210.260 Definitions for Evidence of Age for an SSN Card08/05/2010RM 10210.265 Kinds of Documents that Establish Age for an SSN Card07/12/2016RM 10210.270 Evaluation and Verification of Evidence of Age for an SS...05/02/2011RM 10210.275 SSN Application for U.S. Born Person under Age One02/19/2013RM 10210.280 U.S. Born Person under Age One Needs SSN for Emergency B...08/05/2010RM 10210.285 SSN Application for U.S. Born Person Age One or Older05/06/2011RM 10210.290 SSN Application for Foreign Born Person11/18/2010RM 10210.295 Date of Birth Change on the Numident12/09/2021RM 10210.300 Disposal of Documents SSA Obtains to Verify Age for SSN ...08/05/2010RM 10210.305 Reviewing a Birth Certificate Birth Area Code08/05/2010RM 10210.310 References for Evidence of Age for an SSN Card08/05/2010RM 10210.405 Evidence of Identity for an SSN Card03/31/2015RM 10210.410 How Do you Examine, Evaluate, and Assess Documents Submi...03/30/2011RM 10210.415 How to Prioritize Acceptable Identity Documents05/31/2018RM 10210.420 Priority List of Acceptable Evidence of Identity Documen...08/30/2017RM 10210.425 What are the Procedures for Specific Document Situations08/31/2017RM 10210.430 What Documents Are Not Evidence of Identity for an SSN C...04/13/2010RM 10210.500 General Information on Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for ...07/31/2019RM 10210.505 Primary Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship05/11/2016RM 10210.510 Secondary Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for a U.S. ...11/03/2009RM 10210.515 Secondary Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for a Forei...06/22/2011RM 10210.520 Third Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for a U.S. Born...11/03/2009RM 10210.525 Fourth Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for a U.S. Bor...09/12/2011RM 10210.530 Secondary Level Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for a Forei...11/03/2009RM 10210.535 Assisting an Applicant who either has No Evidence or Sub...11/03/2009RM 10210.540 General Information for Evidence of U.S. Citizenship for...11/03/2009RM 10210.600 Evidence of Lawful Alien Status for Aliens Living in Ame...07/15/2011RM 10210.650 Evidence of Employment Authorized Immigration Status in ...10/26/2015RM 10210.674 Evidence of Employment Authorized Immigration Status iss...10/21/2011RM 10210.676 Evidence of Employment Authorized Immigration Status for...04/02/2013RM 10210.684 Evidence of Employment Authorized Immigration Status for...04/02/2013RM 10210.720 Other and Novelty Birth Records05/02/2011RM 10210.725 Commercial Identification Card Submitted as Evidence11/03/2009RM 10210.800 Documents issued by the Department of Homeland Security ...04/30/2010RM 10210.805 Form I-151, Alien Registration Receipt Card04/30/2010RM 10210.810 Obsolete Forms I-688, I-668A and I-688B, Employment Auth...12/30/2010RM 10210.815 Obsolete Form I-688 EXT, Employment Documentation Author...12/30/2010RM 10210.820 Form I-94, Arrival/Departure Record03/16/2011RM 10210.825 Obsolete Form I-185, Nonresident Alien Canadian Border C...09/01/2010RM 10211.000 Alien Evidence for an SSN - Table of Contents02/15/2023RM 10211.001 Who Must Submit Evidence of Lawful Alien Status for an S...04/02/2013RM 10211.025 Evidence of Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) Status for a...09/10/2021RM 10211.050 Evidence of Lawful Alien Status for a Citizen of a Compa...04/02/2013RM 10211.140 Entering Nonimmigrant Evidence into the Enumeration Syst...03/15/2019RM 10211.185 Evidence of Refugee Status for an SSN Card07/26/2017RM 10211.190 Evidence of Parolee Status for an SSN Card05/26/2011RM 10211.195 Evidence of Parolee Status When an Alien Submits Form I-...07/19/2017RM 10211.200 Evidence of Parolee Status When an Employment Authorizat...12/30/2010RM 10211.205 Evidence of Asylee Status for an SSN Card06/30/2015RM 10211.207 Evidence of Asylee Status When Form I-94 (Arrival and De...07/19/2017RM 10211.209 Evidence of Asylee Status When Form I-766 (Employment Au...09/23/2015RM 10211.213 Verifying Asylee Status Through the Department of Justic...09/23/2015RM 10211.235 Evidence of Immigration Status for the F1 and M1 Classes...02/19/2010RM 10211.240 Evidence of Immigration Status and Employment Authorizat...04/02/2013RM 10211.245 Evidence of General On-Campus Employment for an F1 (Fore...04/02/2013RM 10211.250 Evidence of On-Campus Employment for an F1 (Foreign Stud...04/02/2013RM 10211.255 Evidence of Curricular Practical Training (CPT) for an F...01/04/2017RM 10211.260 Evidence of Immigration Status for an F2 and M2 (Depende...04/02/2013RM 10211.265 Evidence of Employment Authorized Immigration Status for...04/02/2013RM 10211.270 Requirements for Evidence of Employment Status for an F1...02/19/2010RM 10211.275 Reviewing the Student and Exchange Visitor Information S...01/04/2017RM 10211.280 Verifying SEVIS Form I-20 (Certificate of Eligibility fo...02/28/2012RM 10211.285 Helping F-1 Student Obtain Required Evidence for an SSN02/19/2010RM 10211.290 Information to Help F1 Foreign Students with Employer Is...03/18/2016RM 10211.295 Entering Foreign Student (F-1 and M-1) Data into the Enu...01/04/2017RM 10211.300 Exhibits of Student and Exchange Visitor System (SEVIS) ...01/04/2017RM 10211.305 DHS ICE Information for Students Pursuing Employment in ...01/15/2013RM 10211.310 Sample Designated School Official (DSO) and Employer Let...11/15/2010RM 10211.315 Dear Colleague Letter from SSA to Schools11/10/2010RM 10211.340 General Evidence of Immigration Status and Employment Au...04/02/2013RM 10211.345 Evidence of Employment Authorization for the J1 (Exchang...09/10/2013RM 10211.350 Background Information on the Student and Exchange Visit...07/29/2013RM 10211.355 Reviewing the Student and Exchange Visitor (SEVIS) Form ...07/29/2013RM 10211.360 Interview with J1 Exchange Visitor09/11/2014RM 10211.365 Entering Information from Form DS-2019 (Certificate of E...07/29/2013RM 10211.370 Information to Help J1 Exchange Visitors with Employer I...03/26/2013RM 10211.375 How to Enter J-1 and J-2 Exchange Visitor Name and Date ...01/04/2017RM 10211.380 Exhibit of Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for ...01/04/2017RM 10211.395 Procedure when the Systematic Alien Verification for Ent...03/28/2011RM 10211.420 Employment Authorization for Non-immigrants06/02/2022RM 10211.510 Actions Required When an Alien’s Status Changes10/01/2010RM 10211.530 List of Documents Establishing Lawful Alien Status for a...05/22/2015RM 10211.600 Requests for an SSN from an Noncitizen without Work Auth...02/15/2023RM 10211.600DAL Requests for an SSN from an Alien without Work Author...09/27/2012RM 10211.605 Request for a Replacement SSN Card Obtained for a Nonwor...07/31/2014RM 10211.610 Valid Reasons to Assign an SSN for Nonwork Purposes07/31/2014RM 10211.615 Invalid Nonwork Reasons for SSN Assignment03/08/2013RM 10211.620 Scenarios Involving SSN Card Requests by Aliens Not Auth...09/11/2014RM 10212.000 Legal Names and Changes to the Numident - Table of Conte...09/23/2022RM 10212.001 Defining the Legal Name for an SSN05/23/2014RM 10212.005 When to Use the Legal Name for an SSN07/09/2013RM 10212.010 Evidence of a Name Change on the SSN10/25/2010RM 10212.015 Evidence Requirements to Process a Name Change on the SS...04/16/2012RM 10212.020 Evidence Required to Process a Name Change on the SSN Wh...02/07/2011RM 10212.025 Evidence of Name Change based on a US Ceremonial Marriag...01/04/2012RM 10212.030 Evidence of Name Change based on a US Common-Law Marriag...07/21/2011RM 10212.035 Evidence of Name Change based on a US Same-Sex Marriage02/01/2017RM 10212.040 Evidence of Name Change based on a US Civil Union06/12/2013RM 10212.045 Evidence of Name Change based on a US Domestic Partnersh...12/02/2014RM 10212.055 Evidence Required to Process a Name Change on the SSN ba...10/27/2010RM 10212.060 Evidence of Name Change based on a Divorce, Dissolution,...10/24/2011RM 10212.065 Evidence Required to Process a Name Change on the SSN ba...05/02/2011RM 10212.070 Evidence of a Name Change based on Naturalization02/22/2010RM 10212.075 Required Evidence to Process a Name Change on the SSN ba...05/18/2011RM 10212.080 Evidence of a Name Change based on a US Issued Court Ord...07/07/2014RM 10212.085 Evidence Required to Process a Name Change on the SSN ba...02/22/2010RM 10212.090 Evidence of a Name Change based on a US Issued Amended o...12/28/2018RM 10212.095 Evidence Required to Process a Name Change on the SSN ba...10/26/2010RM 10212.096 Evidence of Name Change Based on a Canadian Document10/04/2021RM 10212.150 Name Corrections on the SSN Card04/05/2011RM 10212.155 Subsequent Name Correction Based on Current Marriage, Ci...10/05/2016RM 10212.156 Name Correction Procedure when Number Holder Never Reque...07/07/2015RM 10212.160 Examples of Name Corrections on the SSN Card06/29/2010RM 10212.165 Examples of Name Changes and Corrections that SSA Cannot...04/29/2011RM 10212.200 Changing NUMIDENT Data for Reasons Other than Name Chang...09/23/2022RM 10213.000 Verifying Evidence for an SSN - Table of Contents07/13/2018RM 10213.095 Procedure for Verifying a Person’s Status (Lawful ...09/11/2014RM 10213.300 Procedure when a Person's Evidence or Lawful Alien Statu...05/24/2012RM 10213.305 Procedure when a Social Security Number (SSN) Applicant ...01/05/2011RM 10215.065 OCO Instructions for Shipping SS-5s to the SSA Security ...11/23/2011RM 10215.085 OCO Procedure for Form SS-5 (Application for a Social Se...06/02/2017RM 10225.000 Special Requests - SSN - Table of Contents01/27/2023RM 10225.030 Social Security Number (SSN) Special Processing09/23/2009RM 10225.035 SSNs for the Amish and Mennonites (and Other Religious E...07/20/2011RM 10225.045 Social Security Numbers (SSNs) for Railroad Employees06/23/2011RM 10225.050 SSNs for Applications Submitted Outside the United State...09/23/2010RM 10225.075 SSN Requests from Law Enforcement Agencies02/02/2022RM 10225.080 Policy on Social Security Number (SSN) Applications on B...12/03/2015RM 10225.085 Field Office (FO) Procedure for Handling Requests for an...08/01/2014RM 10225.090 Request for Replacement Social Security Card (SSN Card) ...07/31/2014RM 10225.095 Request to Update Data on the Numident for a Deceased Pe...11/04/2014RM 10225.110 Inquiries Based on Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Taxpay...08/01/2014RM 10225.120 Social Security Number (SSNs) for Passport Applications09/23/2009RM 10225.125 Replacement SSN Cards for Prison Inmates Covered by a Me...03/03/2011RM 10225.130 Negotiating a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to Proce...10/27/2009RM 10225.135 Elements of a Prisoner Replacement Card Memorandum of Un...01/27/2023RM 10225.145 Processing SS-5 (Social Security Card Application) for P...03/03/2011RM 10225.150 Auditing Correctional Facility with Prisoner Replacement...10/27/2009RM 10225.155 Exhibits: Replacement SSN Cards for Prison Inmates02/15/2012RM 10250.000 Self Check - Table of Contents10/06/2014RM 10250.001 Self Check Background02/14/2012RM 10250.005 The Self Check Process and the Self Check Notice02/08/2012RM 10250.010 Self Check Versus E-Verify and EV-STAR02/08/2012RM 10250.015 The Effect Self Check Has on SSA Field Offices (FO), Car...04/19/2012RM 10250.200 Self Lock for the E-Verify and Self Check Programs03/30/2015RM 10260.000 Affordable Care Act and Marketplaces - Table of Contents10/01/2013RM 10260.001 Health Insurance Marketplaces and Social Security Admini...10/01/2013RM 10299.000 Appendix and Exhibits - Table of Contents02/02/2012RM 10299.090 Form SSA-5028 and SSA-5028-SP, Receipt for Application f...02/02/2012RM 10299.210 Sample Refusal Letters for Second SSN Requests02/02/2012GN 00200.000 Applications and Interviews - Table of Contents02/13/2023GN 00201.000 Program - Related Claims Practices - Table of Contents07/07/2022GN 00201.005 General Application Taking Practices03/01/2019GN 00201.006 Methods of Obtaining Title II Applications07/30/2012GN 00201.010 Signature Requirements05/20/2009GN 00201.015 Alternative Signature Methods11/23/2015GN 00201.100 SSA Foreign Program Forms Authorized for Post-Entitlemen...07/07/2022GN 00202.000 Leads and Inquiries - Table of Contents12/13/2021GN 00202.001 Leads and Inquiries10/02/2001GN 00202.020 Processing Leads12/13/2021GN 00202.040 Application Leads Outside the United States10/02/2001GN 00203.001 Interviewing05/23/2022GN 00203.002 Pre-Application Actions for Interviewing Claimants01/21/2011GN 00203.002DAL Pre-Application Actions - Operating Policy (Texas)10/06/2022GN 00203.003 Face-to-Face Contact with Claimants01/28/2014GN 00203.004 Taking the Claim10/04/2019GN 00203.005 Reporting Instructions - Title II Claims09/27/2012GN 00203.008 Interviewing Transgender Individuals01/26/2022GN 00203.009 Difficult Interviewing Situations01/12/2012GN 00203.010 Conducting Interviews under Difficult Situations01/12/2012GN 00203.012 Special Interviewing Situations for Deaf or Hard-of-Hear...09/26/2017GN 00203.013 Interviewing People Who Act Hostile10/19/2022GN 00203.014 Interviewing People who may be Victims of Abuse02/18/2011GN 00203.015 Considerations in Telephone Interviewing08/17/2011GN 00203.016 iAppointments (iAppt)09/07/2021GN 00203.025 Interviewing Medicare Claimants12/09/2022GN 00203.050 Medicare Publications02/10/2020GN 00203.070 Medicare Only Beneficiary Notices03/02/2011GN 00203.090 Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefit...03/02/2011GN 00204.000 Applications - Table of Contents02/13/2023GN 00204.001 Valid Application06/30/2015GN 00204.002 Prescribed Application03/06/2014GN 00204.003 Proper Applicant06/15/2015GN 00204.004 Considering Possible Entitlement to Retirement Insurance...01/03/2017GN 00204.005 Claimant Dies Before Filing/Effectuation03/01/2010GN 00204.006 Where to File an Application06/30/2015GN 00204.007 Application Filing Date01/04/2017GN 00204.008 Misinformation - Applications10/27/2016GN 00204.009 Abbreviated Applications--Title II01/24/2011GN 00204.010 Protective Filing02/13/2023GN 00204.011 Use of Telephone Answering Machine Messages (TRUs) to Es...03/01/2010GN 00204.012 How to Close a Protective Writing08/25/2014GN 00204.013 Third Party Non-proper Applicant and Protective Filing07/30/2021GN 00204.014 The SSA-L566-U2 Title II Application Cover Notice03/11/2005GN 00204.015 Title XVI Redeterminations (RZs) as Protective Filings f...10/20/2016GN 00204.020 Scope of the Application01/04/2017GN 00204.021 Separate HI Filing01/03/2017GN 00204.022 Explore Entitlement on Another Earnings Record or to Ano...09/27/2000GN 00204.025 Open Applications03/09/2012GN 00204.026 When Not to Pursue an Open Application01/13/1999GN 00204.027 Title II Application Open Because of Title XVI Filing07/23/2012GN 00204.028 Duplicate Applications04/14/2022GN 00204.030 Retroactivity for Title II Benefits12/04/2017GN 00204.032 Restricting Retroactivity for Title II Benefits07/18/2014GN 00204.035 Deemed Filing01/04/2017GN 00204.039 Explaining the Month of Election (MOEL) Options06/13/2022GN 00204.040 Month of Election (MOEL) and Month of Entitlement (MOET)08/31/2010GN 00204.041 Month of Election (MOEL) and Month of Entitlement (MOET)...05/20/2015GN 00204.045 Assisting Title II Surviving Spouse or Surviving Divorce...11/05/2008GN 00204.046 Dual Entitlement Diary System11/05/2008GN 00204.047 Changing the Month of Election (MOEL) or Month of Entitl...01/12/2010GN 00204.048 Processing Month of Elections (MOEL) Exceptions01/03/2017GN 00204.150 Authorization to Obtain Wage and Employment Information ...06/20/2018GN 00205.001 Application Forms03/13/2009GN 00205.005 Taking Applications for Multiple Benefits01/04/2017GN 00205.010 Detection of Possible Multiple Entitlement08/06/2020GN 00205.015 Handling Changes and Additions on Applications11/10/2011GN 00205.020 Obtaining Supplemental Information10/01/2009GN 00205.035 Disability Questions for Retirement, Survivors, Disabili...05/08/2002GN 00205.038 Retirement, Survivor Insurance (RSI) Applications When C...11/14/2008GN 00205.040 Disability Question on Applications for Widow(er)'s Insu...11/10/2011GN 00205.045 Retirement, Survivor, Disability Insurance (RSDI) Applic...11/10/2011GN 00205.050 Retirement, Survivor, Disability Insurance (RSDI) Applic...11/10/2011GN 00205.060 Retirement, Survivor, Disability Insurance (RSDI) Applic...11/10/2011GN 00205.070 RSDI Applications - Marital Relationship Questions11/29/2011GN 00205.080 Questions About the Number Holder’s (NH) Employmen...11/10/2011GN 00205.085 Retirement, Survivor, Disability Insurance (RSDI) Applic...01/19/2012GN 00205.095 Enrollment for Supplementary Medical Insurance Benefits ...11/10/2011GN 00205.100 Address of Claimant for Retirement, Survivor, Disability...04/26/2010GN 00205.115 Retirement, Survivor, Disability Insurance (RSDI) Applic...11/10/2011GN 00205.120 Retirement, Survivor, Disability Insurance (RSDI) Applic...11/24/2009GN 00205.125 Manner of Execution by Representative for Retirement, Su...05/08/2002GN 00205.130 Significance of Items on Retirement Applications11/16/2017GN 00205.145 Significance of Items on Spouse's Applications01/04/2017GN 00205.150 Significance of Items on the Mother's or Father's Applic...06/12/2009GN 00205.160 Significance of Items on the Widow's or Widower's Applic...08/16/2004GN 00205.168 Importance of Residence and Presence in the U.S.04/16/2012GN 00205.170 Claimant in U.S. Has Been (or Will Soon Be Going) Abroad11/10/2011GN 00205.175 Claimant Outside U.S. - Procedure05/08/2002GN 00205.185 Name and Address of Claimant or Beneficiary Outside U.S.03/26/2018GN 00205.190 Significance of Items on the Disability Applications11/10/2011GN 00205.600 Spanish Language Applications11/10/2011GN 00206.000 Withdrawals - Table of Contents12/08/2022GN 00206.001 Withdrawal (WD) of a Title II Benefit Application07/31/2017GN 00206.005 Requirements for Withdrawal (WD) of a Benefit Applicatio...01/11/2019GN 00206.011 Processing Withdrawal (WD) Requests before Adjudication07/31/2017GN 00206.014 Processing a Withdrawal (WD) Request made after Adjudica...12/02/2022GN 00206.017 Cancellation of a Request for Withdrawal (WD)12/27/2017GN 00206.020 Hospital Insurance (HI) and Withdrawal (WD)07/31/2017GN 00206.025 Withdrawal (WD) Involving Railroad Board (RRB) Benefits ...12/08/2022GN 00206.055 Conditional Withdrawals (WDs)07/31/2017GN 00206.105 Withdrawal (WD) Request after a Claim is Disallowed05/23/2002GN 00206.120 Withdrawal (WD) of Title II Disability Claim Filed in th...05/18/2006GN 00206.145 Notice of Withdrawal (WD) and Appeal Rights03/31/2022GN 00207.000 Special Procedures for Military Service Casualties - Sur...01/13/1999GN 00210.000 Same-Sex Marriage Claims - Table of Contents11/09/2022GN 00210.001 Introduction to Same-Sex Marriage Claims06/12/2017GN 00210.002 Determining Marital Status (Marriages and Non-Marital Le...02/22/2017GN 00210.003 Dates States and U.S. Territories Permitted Same-Sex Mar...02/24/2016GN 00210.004 Same-Sex Relationships - Non-Marital Legal Relationships02/05/2016GN 00210.005 Processing Cases Involving Same-Sex Marriages and Non-Ma...08/09/2017GN 00210.006 Same-Sex Marriages and Non-Marital Legal Relationships E...09/19/2022GN 00210.010 Interviewing and Handling Inquiries for Individuals with...08/23/2013GN 00210.030 Same-Sex Marital Relationships - Reopening Title II and ...03/01/2017GN 00210.100 Same-Sex Relationships – Spouse’s Benefits09/29/2016GN 00210.420 Same-Sex Relationships - Mother’s and Father&rsquo...01/15/2015GN 00210.505 Same-Sex Relationships – Child’s Benefits Ba...02/05/2016GN 00210.600 Same-Sex Relationships - Lump Sum Death Payment (LSDP) C...02/05/2016GN 00210.700 Same-Sex Marriage - Eligibility for Medicare Special Enr...11/09/2022GN 00210.701 Same-Sex Marriage - Premium Surcharge Rollback11/09/2022GN 00210.800 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Same-Sex Marriages an...10/07/2019GN 00211.000 Providing Standard and Non-Standard Accommodations to Me...07/10/2014GN 00211.001 Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973: Standard ...07/10/2014GN 00300.000 Evidence - Table of Contents03/22/2023GN 00301.000 General Evidentiary Standards - Table of Contents03/22/2023GN 00301.001 General Evidentiary Standards — Introduction12/09/2003GN 00301.010 What is Evidence10/28/2022GN 00301.015 Acceptance of Evidence07/15/2010GN 00301.025 Custodian of Records03/07/2012GN 00301.030 Acceptability of Documentary Evidence05/15/2015GN 00301.031 Validity of Telefax Documents03/07/2012GN 00301.035 Proofs from Other Government or State Agencies03/07/2012GN 00301.035BOS SSA Access to State Records Online (SASRO) - Connecti...09/12/2022GN 00301.037BOS SSA Access to State Records Online (SASRO) — Ma...09/12/2022GN 00301.040 Resolving Conflicts in Evidence05/29/2012GN 00301.040BOS SSA Access to State Records Online (SASRO) – Ve...09/12/2022GN 00301.045 Validity of Documents05/29/2012GN 00301.055 Evidence in SSA's Possession05/29/2012GN 00301.060 Emergency Evidentiary Procedures05/29/2012GN 00301.065 Acceptance of Puerto Rico Birth Certificates10/29/2010GN 00301.080 Certification by Custodian of the Record05/29/2012GN 00301.085 What Forms an Adjudicator's Opinion04/17/2012GN 00301.090 Personnel Authorized to Certify Documents and Records10/18/2022GN 00301.095 Social Security Administration Certification of Photocop...05/29/2012GN 00301.100 Certifying Photocopies of Evidence Already in SSA's Poss...05/29/2012GN 00301.105 Certification of Evidence for Totalization Claims05/01/2003GN 00301.110 Acceptance of Evidence Submitted at Administrative Law J...05/29/2012GN 00301.115 Forms Used for Certification of Contents of Documents or...06/20/2006GN 00301.125DEN Foreign Document Identification Guide10/05/2022GN 00301.140 Determining What Evidence SSA Requires04/17/2012GN 00301.150 Evidence of Mail Development03/13/2023GN 00301.155 Telephone Contacts to Develop Evidence05/22/2012GN 00301.180 Identifying Claimants Who May Need Assistance09/04/2008GN 00301.185 Helping Claimants Obtain Evidence06/17/1996GN 00301.190 Helping Claimants Obtain Foreign Evidence05/22/2012GN 00301.195 Preparing Request for Documents08/26/2005GN 00301.200 Enlisting the Help of Others05/04/2004GN 00301.205 Requesting Help from Other Field Offices (FOs)05/22/2012GN 00301.210 SSA Purchase of Evidence01/31/2011GN 00301.215 Payment for SSA Purchase of Evidence05/28/2021GN 00301.220 Recording Efforts to Help Claimants03/07/1991GN 00301.225 Follow up and Final Request Precautions07/12/2022GN 00301.230 Help in Obtaining Medical Evidence05/15/2003GN 00301.235 Exhibits — Foreign-Language Versions of Requests f...08/26/2005GN 00301.260 Annotating or Altering Documents or Writings05/15/2003GN 00301.265 Safeguarding claimant's documents05/15/2003GN 00301.275 Retention or Return of Documents04/17/2012GN 00301.280 Photocopying process10/18/2022GN 00301.285 Statements and other documentation07/22/2010GN 00301.286 Electronic Evidence Documentation and Retention03/15/2023GN 00301.287 How Evidence is Recorded on EVID and DROC in PE Situatio...04/13/2006GN 00301.288 What Information is Needed on EVID and DROC in PE Situat...11/08/2012GN 00301.289 Evidentiary Documentation Considerations09/17/2008GN 00301.290 Material Essential to Claims Folder Documentation09/21/2010GN 00301.292 Use of regional instructions01/13/2000GN 00301.295 Nonessential Material to be Omitted from Title II and Ti...06/28/2013GN 00301.300 Examples of Completed Evidence Screens01/19/2012GN 00301.305 Statement(s) or Opinions of Claimant(s) or Other Person(...03/22/2023GN 00301.310 The Non Disability Repository for Evidentiary Documents ...03/01/2019GN 00301.313 The Inter-Relationship of the Non-Disability Repository ...03/17/2023GN 00301.316 The Purpose of Non Disability Repository03/13/2023GN 00301.319 The Purpose of Non Disability Repository Application (ND...10/19/2007GN 00301.322 Retention of Paper Material After Faxing into Either the...03/17/2023GN 00301.325 Business Process03/22/2023GN 00301.328 Related Business Process Information03/14/2023GN 00301.330 Overview of Translation Process04/30/2018GN 00301.335 Responsibilities and Duties of Translators05/22/2012GN 00301.340 Authorized Translators07/24/2012GN 00301.345 Authorization of SSA Translators12/14/2011GN 00301.345BOS Authorization of SSA Translators (TN 2-94 – 09/...09/01/2021GN 00301.350 Authorizing Non SSA Translators07/24/2012GN 00301.350BOS Non-SSA Translator Services04/27/2016GN 00301.351 Purchase of Non-SSA Translation Services11/09/2022GN 00301.355 Translation and Priority Workload Unit (TPWU)02/06/2018GN 00301.360 Retention of Foreign Language Documents10/19/2022GN 00301.365 Transmittal of Foreign-Language Documents for Translatio...02/26/2021GN 00301.370 Documents Not Requiring Referral to an Authorized Transl...05/05/2011GN 00301.390 Procedure to be Followed by SSA Translators03/10/2023GN 00301.391 Procedure to be Followed by an SSA Translator Adjudicati...03/14/2023GN 00301.395 Verbatim translations05/06/2009GN 00301.400 Extract Translations10/27/2022GN 00301.405 Translation of Business Receipts and Other Records12/29/2010GN 00301.410 Translations - Identifying Alterations or Corrections12/29/2010GN 00301.415 Translations of Delayed Registration and Reconstructed R...12/20/2010GN 00301.420 Translations of Legalized or Notarized Copies and Other ...12/20/2010GN 00301.425 Translator's Notes10/19/2022GN 00301.430 Items Included in the Translation of Most Documents01/12/2011GN 00301.435 Translating Documents Submitted as Proof of Age and Rela...01/12/2011GN 00301.440 Translating Documents Submitted as Evidence of Death01/13/2011GN 00301.445 Translating Types of Evidence07/30/2013GN 00302.000 Proof of Age - Table of Contents10/26/2022GN 00302.001 Situations Where Age Must be Immediately Developed11/14/2008GN 00302.003 Postadjudicative Development of Age — Advance Dete...03/10/1994GN 00302.005 When a Deceased WE's Age Must be Established03/10/1994GN 00302.007 When Age Must be Established for a Disallowed Claimant03/10/1994GN 00302.010 Evidence of Established Age in SSA Records08/04/2020GN 00302.011 DB Proof Code to Use in Current Claim08/04/2020GN 00302.020 What Evidence of Age to Request02/19/2008GN 00302.040 Evidence Required for Claimants Age 73 or Older06/18/2015GN 00302.050 Evidence Required for Claimants Under Age 7302/08/2008GN 00302.052 Preferred Evidence of Age02/08/2008GN 00302.054 Public Record of Birth08/09/2010GN 00302.054DEN Colorado Hospital Birth Records Guide02/28/2002GN 00302.056 Religious Record of Age10/29/2007GN 00302.057 How to Determine Whether Preferred Evidence of Age is Av...12/14/2011GN 00302.058 Table of Current Availability of Domestic Public Birth R...01/04/2012GN 00302.070 How to Complete Form SSA-L706 (Letter to Custodian of Bi...02/08/2011GN 00302.100 Developing Evidence of Age When There is No Preferred Ev...08/08/2008GN 00302.100DAL Developing Evidence of Age When There Is No Preferred...10/26/2022GN 00302.110 Automatically Convincing Evidence of Age if No Material ...09/30/2008GN 00302.115 First Priority Automatically Convincing Evidence of Age07/01/1996GN 00302.118 Second Priority Automatically Convincing Evidence of Age12/14/2006GN 00302.120 Corroborating Evidence of DB in SSA Records Where No Num...10/06/1994GN 00302.125 Combination of Documents Which Eliminate the Need for Fu...07/01/1996GN 00302.160 Material Discrepancy — Age11/20/2017GN 00302.165 Guides for Evaluating Evidence of Age10/06/1994GN 00302.170 How to Resolve Material DB Discrepancies10/06/1994GN 00302.180 Exceptions to Material Discrepancy Development10/06/1994GN 00302.190 Claimant Submits Best Evidence or No Numident or Other S...10/06/1994GN 00302.220 Range of Years Searched by BVS Custodians10/06/1994GN 00302.240 Non-Material Discrepancy — Age06/28/1996GN 00302.290 Proof of Age Requirements for Supplemental Security Inco...08/26/2009GN 00302.300 Developing Evidence of Age for Refugees08/31/2012GN 00302.325 Establishing the DB for Holocaust Survivors — Gene...10/06/1994GN 00302.327 Definition of Holocaust Survivor12/21/1999GN 00302.330 Developing Evidence of Age for Holocaust Survivors07/11/2006GN 00302.335 Evidence of Holocaust Survivor Status10/06/1994GN 00302.336 Evidence of Survivor Status - Residence in Certain Count...10/06/1994GN 00302.337 Evidence of Survivor Status - Survivor Organizations10/06/1994GN 00302.338 Evidence of Survivor Status - Information From West Germ...04/23/2001GN 00302.340 Evidence of Survivor Status - Foreign Sources08/26/2005GN 00302.350 Foreign Record Requested by a U.S. Resident07/27/2012GN 00302.360 Requesting BCs from No Countries07/11/2006GN 00302.363 Exhibit - Form SSA-2111-U3-FC (Special Assistance Reques...07/29/2000GN 00302.370 Developing Evidence of Age of Eligible Worker When Unins...01/27/2009GN 00302.380 Development Required When Uninsured Spouse of Worker Pre...10/06/1994GN 00302.400 Point at Which a Particular Age is Attained10/06/1994GN 00302.405 When a Written DB Determination is Required10/06/1994GN 00302.410 When a Written DB Determination is Not Required10/06/1994GN 00302.420 Content of DB Determination10/06/1994GN 00302.430 The SSA-2038-F3 (Date of Birth Determination)10/06/1994GN 00302.440 Overturning Preferred Evidence Documents12/14/2010GN 00302.458 Name Discrepancies10/06/1994GN 00302.460 Discrepancy in Claimant's Name — Minor Differences06/06/2006GN 00302.470 Discrepancy in Claimant's Name — Major Differences04/24/2001GN 00302.480 Missing Element in DB Found Only in SSA Records10/06/1994GN 00302.485 Evidence Establishes Only Age10/06/1994GN 00302.500 Public Record of Birth07/06/2021GN 00302.500DAL DAL — Public Record Of Birth01/04/2002GN 00302.500KC Public Record of Birth (TN 1- 04/2003)04/23/2003GN 00302.505 Recordation Date Tolerance for Public Records of Birth10/06/1994GN 00302.510 Corrected Birth Certificates (BC)10/06/1994GN 00302.510DEN Indian Census Records in South Dakota02/28/2002GN 00302.515 Notification of Birth Registration06/27/2007GN 00302.520 BCs Issued as a Result of Adoption Proceedings01/13/2004GN 00302.525 Religious Record of Birth or Baptism10/06/1994GN 00302.530 Hospital Birth Records07/15/2010GN 00302.530BOS Reliability Of Hospital Birth Records10/23/2001GN 00302.530DAL DAL — Hospital Birth Records01/04/2002GN 00302.535 Registration of Births of U.S. Citizens Born Abroad11/10/2004GN 00302.540 Delayed Birth Certificates10/06/1994GN 00302.545 Parents' Affidavits12/22/2005GN 00302.550 Physician's or Midwife's Birth Record10/06/1994GN 00302.560 Family Bible or Other Family Record10/06/1994GN 00302.565 School Records05/07/2007GN 00302.565DAL DAL — School Records01/04/2002GN 00302.570 Marriage Records04/24/2001GN 00302.575 Insurance Policies (Life, Health, Accident, Burial, etc....01/14/1999GN 00302.580 Military Records09/29/2015GN 00302.580DAL DAL — Military Records01/04/2002GN 00302.585 Statements of Other Persons10/06/1994GN 00302.590 Federal Civilian Personnel Records09/29/2014GN 00302.595 Emergency Relief Agency (ERA) Records10/06/1994GN 00302.600 Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) Records10/06/1994GN 00302.610 Newspaper Records04/04/1996GN 00302.620 State Census Records01/07/1997GN 00302.620BOS State Census Records - Rhode Island08/17/2001GN 00302.630 Navajo Indian Tribal Census Rolls10/06/1994GN 00302.640 Seneca Indian Tribal Census Rolls04/07/2021GN 00302.650 National Archives Indian Records10/06/1994GN 00302.700 U.S. Census Records - Where Census Taken10/06/1994GN 00302.710 Age Information in Census Records04/24/2001GN 00302.720 Evaluation of Census Records - General01/07/1997GN 00302.730 Evaluation of the 1910, 1920, and 1930 Census Record01/07/1997GN 00302.740 SSA Payment for Census Records09/09/2021GN 00302.760 Completing Requests for Census Search10/25/2004GN 00302.770 Request for Expedited Census Search10/31/2002GN 00302.780 Request for Search Being Made on Behalf of Incompetent C...01/07/1997GN 00302.790 Request for Search of Deceased Person's Record01/07/1997GN 00302.800 Followup on Census Record Requests10/31/2002GN 00302.810 Service Provided by Bureau of the Census08/20/2004GN 00302.820 Interim Correspondence from Bureau of the Census10/06/1994GN 00302.830 Limitation on Number of Census Records01/07/1997GN 00302.900 Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Records08/04/2008GN 00302.910 Sources of Immigration and Naturalization Records08/04/2008GN 00302.920 Claimant is an Alien Who Arrived Before 7/1/24 — S...03/07/2005GN 00302.930 Claimant is an Alien Who Arrived After 6/30/1924 —...10/06/1994GN 00302.940 Claimant is a Naturalized Citizen — Sources of Imm...06/20/2000GN 00302.950 Obtaining Evidence From the DHS08/04/2008GN 00302.960 Use of Forms I-151 and I-551 as Proof of Age10/06/1994GN 00302.970 Chinese Confession Cases10/26/2001GN 00302.975 Hebrew Immigration Aid Society (HIAS) Records04/12/2021GN 00302.980 Electronic Verification of Vital Events - Age04/12/2016GN 00303.000 Citizenship, Alien Status and Residency - Table of Conte...03/10/2022GN 00303.001 Requirement of United States (U.S.) Citizenship or Appro...06/27/2012GN 00303.100 United States (U.S.) Citizenship06/05/2018GN 00303.120 Who Is a U.S. Citizen08/06/2009GN 00303.200 Loss of United States (U.S.) Citizenship or Nationality06/05/2018GN 00303.400 Authorized Alien Status03/10/2022GN 00303.420 Who is an Alien Lawfully Admitted for Permanent Residenc...01/03/2018GN 00303.440 Determining LAPR Status02/22/2012GN 00303.450 Alien is Lawfully Admitted But Not for Permanent Residen...05/18/1995GN 00303.500 Deportees08/04/2008GN 00303.600 Contacting the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), U....12/23/2020GN 00303.700 United States (U.S.) Residency06/27/2012GN 00303.720 Who Is a U.S. Resident05/06/2009GN 00303.740 Establishing U.S. Residency12/03/2002GN 00303.800 Eligibility Under the HI/SMI Program for Uninsured Indiv...08/07/2006GN 00304.000 Proof of Death - Table of Contents10/25/2022GN 00304.001 Proof of Death Requirements03/25/2008GN 00304.005 Preferred Evidence of Death06/14/2022GN 00304.005KC Evidence of Death (RTN 01 – 3/2011)03/28/2011GN 00304.010 Kinds of Evidence of Presumptive Findings of Death09/22/2011GN 00304.015 Secondary Evidence of Death07/23/1993GN 00304.025 Circumstantial Evidence of Death02/10/2011GN 00304.050 Presumption of Death of a Missing Person08/17/2021GN 00304.060 Forfeiture of Entitlement Homicide of the Worker09/22/2011GN 00304.065 Classification of Homicide09/22/2011GN 00304.065DAL Classification of Homicide (RTN 04)10/25/2022GN 00304.070 Homicide by Child09/22/2011GN 00304.075 Determining if Homicide is an Issue01/05/2012GN 00304.075DAL Determining If Homicide Is an Issue02/28/2002GN 00304.080 Payment of Benefits if Homicide is an Issue10/31/2011GN 00304.085 Payee Convicted of Intentional Homicide12/22/1989GN 00304.090 Form Letter SSA-L4159 for Law Enforcement Authority12/12/2011GN 00304.100 Use of Numident Death Data06/15/2022GN 00304.110 Adding Funeral Director Reports of Death to the Numident03/02/2016GN 00304.115 Language Exhibits for Erroneous Death Cases10/31/2011GN 00305.000 Proof of Marital Relationship - Table of Contents12/13/2022GN 00305.001 Determining Family Status09/08/2016GN 00305.005 Determining Marital Status12/13/2022GN 00305.010 Void Underage Marriages05/10/2001GN 00305.015 Bigamous Marriages in West Virginia05/10/2001GN 00305.020 Preferred Proof of Ceremonial Marriage11/22/2011GN 00305.025 Secondary Proof of Ceremonial Marriage08/26/2005GN 00305.030 Presumption of Ceremonial Marriage05/10/2001GN 00305.030ATL Presumption Of Validity Of The Last Marriage (PVLM)09/12/2022GN 00305.035 Presumption of Validity of Last Marriage -- General04/04/2006GN 00305.040 Development - Presumption of Validity of Last Marriage05/10/2001GN 00305.045 Validity of Last Marriage Where Prior Marriage Subsequen...05/10/2001GN 00305.050 More Than One Person Claiming to be Worker's Surviving S...05/10/2001GN 00305.055 Deemed Marriages05/10/2001GN 00305.060 Common-Law Marriage -- General07/07/2020GN 00305.065 Development of Common-Law (Non-Ceremonial) Marriages09/25/2013GN 00305.070 Void Ceremonial Marriages - Removal of Impediment05/10/2001GN 00305.075 State Laws on Validity of Common-Law Non-Ceremonial Marr...01/13/2017GN 00305.076 Applying State Law Time Limits to Common-Law (Non-Ceremo...05/10/2001GN 00305.080 Navajo Tribal Common-Law Marriages08/22/2011GN 00305.085 Putative Marriage06/22/2006GN 00305.086 Surviving Spouse Under Oregon Intestacy Law05/10/2001GN 00305.090 Indian Tribal or Custom Marriage05/10/2001GN 00305.100 Marital Relationship Duration07/17/2006GN 00305.105 Accidental Death02/24/2017GN 00305.110 Death in the Uniformed Services -- Marital Relationship05/10/2001GN 00305.115 NH Unable to Divorce Institutionalized Prior Spouse08/22/2007GN 00305.120 How Marriage Terminates05/10/2001GN 00305.125 Void Marriages05/10/2001GN 00305.130 Voidable Marriages05/10/2001GN 00305.135 When Annulment Permits Initial Entitlement or Reentitlem...09/21/2009GN 00305.140 Proof of Marriage Termination - General10/31/2011GN 00305.145 Divorce and Remarriage - General09/24/2013GN 00305.150 Restriction on Remarriage05/10/2001GN 00305.155 The Uniform Marriage Evasion Act09/11/2008GN 00305.160 How to Use the Summary of State Laws on Divorce and Rema...09/11/2008GN 00305.165 Summaries of State Laws on Divorce and Remarriage08/29/2008GN 00305.170 Determining Validity of a Divorce05/10/2001GN 00305.175 Estoppel - General05/10/2001GN 00305.175ATL The Principle Of Estoppel10/15/2001GN 00305.180 State Law Application of Estoppel05/10/2001GN 00306.000 Child Relationship and Dependency - Table of Contents02/09/2023GN 00306.001 Definitions of Terms Used in Determining Parent-Child Re...10/24/2014GN 00306.002 Parent-Child Relationship Categories for Title II Benefi...09/13/2019GN 00306.007 Child Dependency Requirements for Life Cases01/05/2012GN 00306.008 Child Dependency Requirements for Death Cases02/29/2012GN 00306.009 Dependency Point Chart02/06/2007GN 00306.010 Use of State Intestacy Laws to Make a Parent-Child Relat...08/23/2011GN 00306.011 Presumption of Title II Parent-Child Relationship Under ...09/13/2019GN 00306.012 Presumption of Title II Parent-Child Relationship Under ...09/13/2019GN 00306.013 Presumption of Title II Parent-Child Relationship Under ...09/13/2019GN 00306.014 Use of State Intestacy Laws to Develop Title II Parent-C...09/13/2019GN 00306.015 Use of a State Court Judgment or Order to Establish a Pa...09/13/2019GN 00306.020 Presumption of Legitimacy02/26/2021GN 00306.021 Rebuttal of Presumption of Legitimacy03/09/2006GN 00306.025 Lord Mansfield Rule11/23/1998GN 00306.026 State Laws on Applicability of Lord Mansfield Rule03/09/2006GN 00306.030 Child Born of Voidable Marriage03/09/2006GN 00306.035 Child Born of Void Marriage02/26/2021GN 00306.040 States with True Void Marriage Statutes03/09/2006GN 00306.045 States in Which Child of Marriage Declared Void by Judic...04/24/2001GN 00306.050 Legitimation01/11/2002GN 00306.055 Illegitimate Child with Inheritance Rights01/22/2007GN 00306.065 Evidentiary Standards Under State Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.085 Effective Date of Legitimation Under State Law01/11/2002GN 00306.090 Title II Child's Benefits Based on an Invalid Ceremonial...06/07/2006GN 00306.100 Overview of Section 216(h)(3) – Federal Standard f...06/17/2013GN 00306.100KC Entitlement Requirements - Section 216(h)(3) Child10/11/2022GN 00306.105 Section 216(h)(3) – Federal Standard for a Parent-...06/21/2022GN 00306.110 Section 216(h)(3) – Federal Standard for a Parent-...03/09/2006GN 00306.120 Using Information From Child's Birth Certificate (BC) as...12/14/1998GN 00306.120ATL Using Information from Child's Birth Certificate as W...09/12/2022GN 00306.120BOS Using Information from Child's BC as Written Acknowle...09/28/2022GN 00306.120DAL Using Information from Child's BC as Written Acknowle...10/07/2004GN 00306.120DEN Using Information from Child's BC as Written Acknowle...10/27/2022GN 00306.120KC Using Information from Child's BC as Written Acknowled...10/11/2022GN 00306.120PHI Using Information from Child's BC as Written Acknowle...02/09/2023GN 00306.125 Section 216(h)(3) – Federal Standard for a Parent-...01/14/1999GN 00306.135 Relationship Requirements - Legally Adopted Child07/01/2015GN 00306.136 Dependency Requirements for Child Adopted Prior to Entit...11/23/1998GN 00306.137 Dependency Requirements for Child Adopted After NH's Ent...03/23/2016GN 00306.138 Dependency Requirements for Child Adopted After NH's Ent...12/05/2000GN 00306.145 Child Legally Adopted by NH's Surviving Spouse (Benefits...01/04/2017GN 00306.146 Child Legally Adopted by NH's Surviving Spouse (Benefits...11/23/1998GN 00306.150 Advice About Adoption11/23/1998GN 00306.155 Evidence of Legal Adoption03/06/2015GN 00306.160 Effective Date of Adoption Decrees Under State Laws06/04/2012GN 00306.160DAL Baptismal Certificates from Santa Fe Archdiocese10/05/2022GN 00306.165 Entitlement Requirements - Child Adopted by Someone Othe...10/13/2005GN 00306.166 Use of State Law List on Retention of Inheritance Rights03/09/2006GN 00306.170 State Laws on the Right of Adopted Child to Inherit From...02/18/2011GN 00306.175 Equitable Adoption - General03/09/2006GN 00306.180 Contract to Adopt07/11/2006GN 00306.185 Consideration for Promise to Adopt03/09/2006GN 00306.190 Promise to Give Child Inheritance Rights03/09/2006GN 00306.200 Surrender of Child - Equitable Adoption11/23/1998GN 00306.205 Performance by Child - Equitable Adoption03/09/2006GN 00306.210 Time Requirement for Legal Adoption11/23/1998GN 00306.215 Adoption by Estoppel03/09/2006GN 00306.220 Developing Equitable Adoption11/23/1998GN 00306.225 State Laws on Equitable Adoption05/30/2012GN 00306.230 Stepchild Relationship Requirements02/16/2012GN 00306.232 Dependency Requirements - Stepchild02/12/2008GN 00306.235 Entitlement Requirements - Benefits Based on E/R of Gran...11/23/2022GN 00306.240 Determining Relationship of Grandchild to Parent11/23/1998GN 00306.245 Determining Relationship of NH or Spouse to Grandchild's...12/14/1998GN 00306.250 Proof of Death/Disability of Natural or Adopting Parents05/22/2009GN 00306.255 Adoption by NH's Surviving Spouse -Parent Not Living Wit...12/14/1998GN 00306.270 Acquiescence Rulings for Title II Child’s Benefits11/29/2017GN 00306.280 Support Requirement for 216(h)(3)(C)(ii) Child (Survivor...10/26/2022GN 00306.285 Support Requirement Under 216(h)(3)(C)(ii) for Posthumou...11/14/2022GN 00306.290 Definition of Number Holder’s Stepchild – 06/09/2015GN 00306.300 Child Relationship Statement – Form SSA-251911/09/2022GN 00306.305 Determining Status as Number Holder's Child: When to Req...06/21/2019GN 00306.310 Challenges to a Parent-Child Relationship Determination06/21/2019GN 00306.315 Disallowing a Title II Child Claim Based on Failure to E...06/21/2019GN 00306.400 Use of State Law Digest03/09/2006GN 00306.405 Alabama Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.410 Alaska Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.415 American Samoa Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.420 Arizona Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.425 Arkansas Intestacy Laws11/28/2011GN 00306.430 California Intestacy Laws03/19/2012GN 00306.435 Colorado Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.440 Connecticut Intestacy Laws11/21/2006GN 00306.445 Delaware Intestacy Laws03/20/2014GN 00306.450 District of Columbia Intestacy Laws03/20/2014GN 00306.455 Florida Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.460 Georgia Intestacy Laws10/13/2005GN 00306.465 Guam Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.470 Hawaii Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.475 Idaho Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.480 Illinois Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.485 Indiana Intestacy Laws10/13/2005GN 00306.490 Iowa Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.495 Kansas Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.500 Kentucky Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.505 Louisiana Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.510 Maine Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.515 Maryland Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.520 Massachusetts Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.525 Michigan Intestacy Laws07/05/2007GN 00306.530 Minnesota Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.535 Mississippi Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.540 Missouri Intestacy Laws10/13/2005GN 00306.545 Montana Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.550 Nebraska Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.555 Nevada Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.560 New Hampshire Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.565 New Jersey Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.570 New Mexico Intestacy Law01/13/2012GN 00306.575 New York Intestacy Law01/15/2013GN 00306.580 North Carolina Intestacy Laws01/08/2007GN 00306.585 North Dakota Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.590 Northern Mariana Islands Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.595 Ohio Intestacy Laws10/13/2005GN 00306.600 Oklahoma Intestacy Laws11/16/2010GN 00306.605 Oregon Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.610 Pennsylvania Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.615 Puerto Rico Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.620 Rhode Island Intestacy Laws12/18/2000GN 00306.625 South Carolina Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.630 South Dakota Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.635 Tennessee Intestacy Laws01/11/2002GN 00306.640 Texas Intestacy Laws02/21/2012GN 00306.645 Utah Intestacy Laws07/19/2006GN 00306.650 Vermont Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.655 Virgin Islands Intestacy Laws12/05/2000GN 00306.660 Virginia Intestacy Laws03/20/2014GN 00306.665 Washington Intestacy Laws05/13/2022GN 00306.670 West Virginia Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00306.675 Wisconsin Intestacy Laws10/13/2005GN 00306.680 Wyoming Intestacy Laws03/09/2006GN 00307.000 Foreign Evidence - Table of Contents10/19/2022GN 00307.005 Role of FSPs - Process05/07/2012GN 00307.015 Office of International Operations (OIO) Translation Req...12/11/2015GN 00307.175 Calendar Conversions and Variations in Writing Dates08/26/2005GN 00307.180 Gregorian/Julian Calendar08/26/2005GN 00307.185 Calendar Month Translations - Exhibit07/31/1994GN 00307.185BOS Calendar Month Translations — Portuguese10/15/2001GN 00307.290 Evidence of Foreign Pensions and the Windfall Eliminatio...10/19/2022GN 00307.292 Use of Form SSA-308 Modified Benefit Formula Questionnai...04/01/2011GN 00307.294 SSA-308 Modified Benefit Formula Questionnaire—For...03/19/2001GN 00308.000 Sources and Fees for State and Local Vital Statistics Re...11/09/2022GN 00308.001 Listing of Sources and Fees for Birth, Death, Divorce an...04/15/2009GN 00308.006 Alabama Vital Records05/25/2010GN 00308.008 Alaska Vital Records09/04/2019GN 00308.009 Arizona Vital Records09/02/2020GN 00308.010 Arkansas Vital Records09/21/2010GN 00308.012 California Vital Records11/09/2022GN 00308.014 Colorado Vital Records10/30/2020GN 00308.016 Connecticut Vital Records09/07/2021GN 00308.018 Delaware Vital Records09/10/2020GN 00308.020 Florida Vital Records10/21/2014GN 00308.022 Georgia Vital Records10/12/2017GN 00308.024 Hawaii Vital Records12/18/2013GN 00308.026 Idaho Vital Records08/06/2010GN 00308.028 Illinois Vital Records06/08/2010GN 00308.030 Indiana Vital Records02/06/2018GN 00308.032 Iowa Vital Records02/13/2020GN 00308.034 Kansas Vital Records12/18/2009GN 00308.036 Kentucky Vital Records06/14/2022GN 00308.038 Louisiana Vital Records10/18/2017GN 00308.040 Maine Vital Records04/08/2010GN 00308.042 Maryland Vital Records10/09/2015GN 00308.044 Massachusetts Vital Records08/04/2016GN 00308.046 Michigan Vital Records05/01/2014GN 00308.048 Minnesota Vital Records11/13/2020GN 00308.050 Mississippi Vital Records09/20/2017GN 00308.052 Missouri Vital Records03/11/2019GN 00308.054 Montana Vital Records10/06/2011GN 00308.056 Nebraska Vital Records06/30/2014GN 00308.058 Nevada Vital Records11/16/2011GN 00308.059 New Hampshire Vital Records04/10/2019GN 00308.060 New Jersey Vital Records10/27/2016GN 00308.061 New Mexico Vital Records09/09/2019GN 00308.062 New York Vital Records07/08/2016GN 00308.064 North Carolina Vital Records08/30/2018GN 00308.066 North Dakota Vital Records11/08/2019GN 00308.068 Ohio Vital Records03/11/2019GN 00308.069 Oklahoma Vital Records04/06/2022GN 00308.070 Oregon Vital Records12/18/2017GN 00308.072 Pennsylvania (PA) Vital Records09/08/2022GN 00308.076 Rhode Island Vital Records08/08/2018GN 00308.078 South Carolina Vital Records08/31/2010GN 00308.080 South Dakota Vital Records06/14/2010GN 00308.082 Tennessee Vital Records05/10/2016GN 00308.084 Texas Vital Records03/01/2019GN 00308.086 Utah Vital Records10/29/2009GN 00308.088 Vermont Vital Records03/30/2009GN 00308.090 Virginia Vital Records05/03/2022GN 00308.092 Washington Vital Records12/17/2019GN 00308.094 West Virginia Vital Records11/09/2012GN 00308.096 Wisconsin Vital Records11/05/2008GN 00308.098 Wyoming Vital Records04/13/2012GN 00308.200 American Samoa Vital Records04/02/2019GN 00308.205 District of Columbia Vital Records02/21/2013GN 00308.210 Guam Vital Records10/02/2020GN 00308.215 Northern Mariana Islands Vital Records07/16/2010GN 00308.220 Puerto Rico Vital Records01/25/2022GN 00308.225 The Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands Vital Records07/02/2004GN 00308.230 The Virgin Islands of the U.S. Vital Records07/02/2004GN 00308.235 U.S. Citizens Born Abroad (With U.S. Citizenship at Birt...03/12/2020GN 00308.240 Passport File Request (DS-1173) Department of State07/02/2004GN 00312.000 Sources of Vital Statistics Records outside the U.S. - T...02/13/2019GN 00312.001 Sources of Vital Statistics Records in Foreign Countries08/26/2005GN 00312.010 Algeria - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.012 Andorra – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.016 Anguilla – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.018 Antigua and Barbuda – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.020 Argentina – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.022 Armenia – Vital Statistics Records10/04/2016GN 00312.024 Aruba – Vital Statistics Records07/16/2018GN 00312.026 Australia – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.028 Austria – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.032 Bahamas – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.038 Barbados – Vital Statistics Records02/13/2019GN 00312.040 Barbuda – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.044 Belgium – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.046 Belize – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.048 Benin - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.050 Bermuda – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.052 Bolivia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.054 Bosnia-Herzegovina – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.058 Brazil – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.060 Britain – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.062 British Virgin Islands – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.066 Bulgaria – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.072 Burundi – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.076 Cameroon – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.078 Canada – Vital Statistics Records07/30/2018GN 00312.080 Cabo Verde – Vital Statistics Records08/09/2017GN 00312.082 Cayman Islands – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.084 Central African Republic – Vital Statistics Record...08/26/2005GN 00312.088 Chile – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.092 Colombia – Vital Statistics Records10/26/2006GN 00312.098 Congo, Republic of – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.100 Costa Rica – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.104 Croatia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.106 Cuba – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.107 Curaçao – Vital Statistics Records07/16/2018GN 00312.108 Cyprus – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.110 Czech Republic – Vital Statistics Records09/28/2007GN 00312.112 Czechoslovakia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.114 Denmark – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.116 Dominica – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.120 Dominican Republic – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.122 Ecuador – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.126 El Salvador– Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.128 England – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.134 Estonia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.138 Fiji – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.140 Finland – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.142 France – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.144 Gabon – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.146 Gambia, The – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.150 Germany – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.152 Ghana – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.154 Gibralter – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.156 Great Britain – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.158 Greece – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.160 Greenland - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.162 Grenada - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.164 Grenadines - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.166 Guadeloupe - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.168 Guatemala - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.170 Guinea - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.172 Guinea-Bissau - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.174 Guyana - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.176 Haiti – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.178 Honduras – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.182 Hungary – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.184 Iceland – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.194 Ireland – Vital Statistics Records10/28/2005GN 00312.196 Israel – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.198 Italy – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.200 Jamaica – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.202 Japan – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.204 Jordan – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.210 Kirabati – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.220 Latvia – Vital Statistics Records03/10/2006GN 00312.224 Lesotho – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.230 Liechtenstein – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.232 Lithuania – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.234 Luxembourg – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.236 Macao – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.238 Macedonia - Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.240 Madagascar – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.242 Malawi – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.248 Malta – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.252 Martinique – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.254 Mauritania – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.258 Mexico – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.264 Monaco – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.268 Monserrat – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.272 Mozambique – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.274 Namibia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.280 Netherlands – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.282 Caribbean Netherlands – Vital Statistics Records07/16/2018GN 00312.284 New Caledonia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.286 New Zealand – Vital Statistics Records12/04/2006GN 00312.288 Nicaragua – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.290 Niger – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.292 Nigeria – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.294 Northern Ireland – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.298 Norway – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.308 Panama – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.310 Panama Canal Zone – Vital Statistics Records07/30/2007GN 00312.314 Paraguay – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.316 Peru – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.318 Philippines – Vital Statistics Records06/19/2014GN 00312.320 Pitcairn Islands – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.322 Poland – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.324 Portugal – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.328 Romania – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.332 Rwanda – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.334 St. Kitts and Nevis – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.336 St. Lucia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.337 St. Maarten – Vital Statistics Records07/16/2018GN 00312.338 St. Pierre and Miquelon – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.340 St. Vincent and the Grenadines – Vital Statistics ...08/26/2005GN 00312.342 Samoa – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.344 San Marino – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.346 Sao Tome and Principe – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.350 Scotland – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.352 Senegal – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.354 Serbia and Montenegro – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.356 Seychelles – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.360 Singapore – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.362 Slovakia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.364 Slovenia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.370 South Africa – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.372 Spain – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.374 Sri Lanka – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.378 Suriname – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.382 Sweden – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.384 Switzerland – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.398 Tonga – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.400 Trinidad and Tobago – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.402 Tunisia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.404 Turkey – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.418 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland &nd...08/26/2005GN 00312.420 Uruguay – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.426 Venezuela – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.430 Wales – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.432 Western Samoa – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.436 Yugoslavia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.438 Zambia – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.440 Zimbabwe – Vital Statistics Records08/26/2005GN 00312.450 Department of State Vital Statistics Records of Events R...08/26/2005GN 00401.005 Disaster Assistance and Referrals to Other Agencies05/31/2011GN 00401.010 Media Notification of a Disaster06/14/2010GN 00401.015 Disaster Response Reports06/14/2010GN 00401.020 Facility Closures Due to Disasters05/03/2011GN 00401.025 Office Recovery Procedures by Role06/14/2010GN 00401.030 Recovery and Restoration of Damaged or Destroyed Documen...06/14/2010GN 00410.001 Processing Claims Affected by a Disaster – General...06/14/2010GN 00410.005 SSNs for Individuals Affected by Disaster03/07/2013GN 00410.010 Application and Evidence Procedures in Disasters05/17/2022GN 00500.000 Selection of Representative Payee - Table of Contents03/09/2023GN 00501.000 Representative Payee - General - Table of Contents08/28/2015GN 00501.010 Definitions of Common Representative Payment Terms07/14/2008GN 00501.012 Determining the Relationship Between an Applicant or Pay...03/10/2011GN 00501.013 Explanations for Types of Payees05/12/2016GN 00501.015 SSA Operating Components' Responsibilities for Represent...02/14/2017GN 00502.000 Determining the Need for, Developing and Selecting a Rep...03/09/2023GN 00502.001 Capability Determination and Representative Payee Paymen...01/26/2017GN 00502.020 Determining Capability – Adult Beneficiaries06/10/2022GN 00502.023 Developing Legal Evidence of Capability06/29/2022GN 00502.030 Developing Lay Evidence of Capability06/29/2022GN 00502.040 Developing Medical Evidence of Capability06/29/2022GN 00502.055 Reevaluating a Beneficiary's Capability03/09/2023GN 00502.057 Disability Referrals to the Program Service Center (PSC)01/26/2017GN 00502.060 Making a Capability Determination07/16/2020GN 00502.065 Documenting a Capability Determination06/30/2022GN 00502.070 Determining Capability - Children06/30/2022GN 00502.075 Child Beneficiary Becomes Entitled Based on Disability12/30/2022GN 00502.085 Advance Designation of Representative Payee03/31/2022GN 00502.100 How to Find Payee Leads11/14/2008GN 00502.105 Preferred Representative Payee Order of Selection Charts06/21/2017GN 00502.107 The Representative Payee Application08/26/2022GN 00502.110 Taking Applications in the eRPS08/26/2022GN 00502.112 Identifiers for the eRPS06/22/2017GN 00502.113 Interviewing the Payee Applicant01/09/2023GN 00502.114 Representative Payee Responsibilities and Duties08/25/2022GN 00502.115 The SSA-11-BK, Request to be Selected As Payee08/26/2022GN 00502.117 Verifying Information Provided by a Payee or Payee Appli...06/24/2022GN 00502.118 Verifying and Updating EINs for Organizational Payees04/15/2016GN 00502.120 Role of the Representative Payee System (eRPS) in Invest...04/15/2016GN 00502.130 Factors to Consider in Evaluating Payee Applicants01/31/2006GN 00502.132 Selecting a Qualified Representative Payee06/24/2022GN 00502.133 Payee Applicant is a Felon or Fugitive or Has Been Convi...06/23/2017GN 00502.134 Payee Applicant Has Poor Past Performance10/12/2016GN 00502.135 Representative Payee Applicant is a Creditor08/26/2022GN 00502.137 DDS Notification of Allegations That Could Cast Doubt on...04/15/2016GN 00502.138 Evidence of Neglect or Abuse Discovered During Initial I...08/04/2010GN 00502.139 Additional Development/Considerations When Guardian Invo...04/15/2016GN 00502.157 Processing Data in the Electronic Representative Payee S...06/20/2019GN 00502.159 Additional Considerations When Foster Care Agency is Inv...04/15/2016GN 00502.159NY Choosing a Representative Payee – State of New Y...10/12/2022GN 00502.160 Additional Development/Considerations When an Institutio...06/28/2013GN 00502.164 Payee Applicant for a Child is Also a Minor06/28/2013GN 00502.181 Other Contacts to Evaluate Payee Applicant's Suitability06/26/2017GN 00502.183 Making a Payee Appointment Determination04/15/2016GN 00502.183BOS Choosing A Representative Payee – Maine Departm...07/10/2002GN 00502.185 Documenting Payee Selections/Non-Selections and Post-Ent...08/26/2022GN 00502.186 Payment of Large Retroactive Benefits or Conserved Funds06/26/2017GN 00502.190 Processing Manual Representative Payee (Payee) Selection...08/26/2022GN 00502.300 Digest of State Guardianship Laws08/26/2022GN 00502.301 State and Territory Digest of Crimes Barring an Individu...02/27/2014GN 00502.302 Processing Criminal Background Check Work Issues on Paye...06/24/2022GN 00503.000 Payee Notices and Appeal Rights - Table of Contents12/30/2021GN 00503.100 Advance Notice04/15/2016GN 00503.110 Appeal Rights12/30/2021GN 00503.120 Response Received to Advance Notice04/15/2016GN 00503.130 Final Notice04/15/2016GN 00503.150 Notice of Suspension for Representative Payee Developmen...04/15/2016GN 00503.430 Language Describing Legal Basis for the Selection of a R...07/01/2011GN 00504.000 Suspensions for Payee Development and Other Payee Action...10/05/2022GN 00504.100 Determining the Need for a Successor Payee04/15/2016GN 00504.100PHI C Payment of Benefits Pending Investigation Commonwea...10/05/2022GN 00504.101 Termination of Organizational or Individual Representati...07/07/2022GN 00504.102 Representative Payees Identified by the Fugitive Felon M...04/15/2016GN 00504.103 Representative Payee Identified by the Prisoner (PUPS) M...05/16/2016GN 00504.105 Direct Payment to Incapable Beneficiaries When Further P...07/19/2017GN 00504.110 When We May Suspend Benefits04/15/2016GN 00504.150 FO Processing of S8/S08 Alerts02/28/2011GN 00504.160 Required Contacts before Issuing Payments Following a Pe...04/15/2016GN 00504.180 Reappointment of Representative Payee after Correctly Te...04/15/2016GN 00504.185 Follow up on Questionable Representative Payees04/15/2016GN 00504.200PHI Payment of Benefits Pending Investigation - State of ...10/15/2001GN 00504.220 Adoption of a Child Beneficiary and Representative Payee...11/23/2015GN 00504.240 Representative Payee or Name Change for a Group of Benef...06/29/2022GN 00504.260 Representative Payee Requests Waiver of Benefits (Title ...10/24/2019GN 00504.270 Reply to a Show Cause Order Advising the Social Security...12/06/2011GN 00504.270BOS Reply to a “Show Cause Order” Advising SS...09/28/2022GN 00504.300 Referrals to State or Local Social Agencies For Payee As...12/06/2011GN 00504.310 Referral of Cases with Specific Representative Payee Iss...08/05/2011GN 00505.000 Foreign Claims - Representative Payee Procedures Outside...09/19/1997GN 00505.010 Representative Payee (RP) Procedures - Foreign Claims05/10/2018GN 00505.012 Payee Requested Because of Physical Disability - Foreign...09/19/1997GN 00505.014 Development to Establish Need for Representative Payee i...09/19/1997GN 00505.016 Legal Guardian Appointed - Foreign Claims09/19/1997GN 00505.017 Legal Guardian in Germany09/19/1997GN 00505.018 Legal Guardian in Scandinavia05/07/2018GN 00505.019 Statutory Guardian in Canada09/19/1997GN 00505.020 When Accrued Benefits May be Released - Foreign Claims01/14/2016GN 00505.022 Development for Payment of Accrued Benefits for Foreign ...05/07/2018GN 00505.024 Countries Which Require Special Payee Procedures - Gener...09/19/1997GN 00505.026 Development and Selection of Representative Payees in th...05/07/2018GN 00505.030 Control of Philippine Claims After Release of Accrual09/19/1997GN 00505.032 Special Payee Procedures in Turkey - General09/19/1997GN 00505.038 Public Trustee in Norway09/19/1997GN 00505.040 Change of Payee for Beneficiaries Living Abroad - Genera...06/13/2018GN 00505.044 Claims Development Branch (CDB) Payee Procedures - Forei...01/14/1999GN 00505.046 Module Payee Procedures - Foreign Claims09/19/1997GN 00506.000 Payment for Representative Payee Services - Table of Con...02/13/2023GN 00506.001 Fee-for-Service - Overview10/04/2022GN 00506.002 Definitions – Fee for Service07/13/2020GN 00506.010 Providing Information to Prospective Organizations and F...03/31/2021GN 00506.100 Criteria for Receiving Fees for Service07/13/2020GN 00506.105 Bonding and Licensing Guidelines for Non-Governmental Fe...07/22/2014GN 00506.110 Reviewing Evidence in a Fee for Service Application04/15/2016GN 00506.120 Making the Determination on Fees for Service04/15/2016GN 00506.130 Fee for Service Notification - Organizations11/30/2005GN 00506.140 Fee for Service Notification - Beneficiaries03/27/2003GN 00506.150 Requests for Review of Fee for Service Decisions04/15/2016GN 00506.170 Establishing Information on Fees for Service Organizatio...04/15/2016GN 00506.200 Fee Amounts01/11/2023GN 00506.210 When Fees for Service Can Be Collected03/27/2003GN 00506.220 When Fees for Service Cannot Be Collected02/13/2023GN 00506.230 Funds That Cannot Be Used To Collect a Fee03/27/2003GN 00506.240 Accounting for Fees for Service03/27/2003GN 00506.300 Processing Payee Applications from Organizations Approve...04/15/2016GN 00506.400 Change in Status of an Authorized Organization04/15/2016GN 00506.410 Change in Beneficiary DAA Status10/01/2007GN 00506.420 Fee-for-Service Certification Process01/24/2023GN 00506.430 State Licensing Digest for the States, Commonwealths, an...07/14/2008GN 00506.600 Credit Reporting for New Fee-for-Service Applicants03/31/2021GN 00602.000 Use of Benefits - Table of Contents02/17/2023GN 00602.001 Use of Benefits08/05/2022GN 00602.010 Current Maintenance and the Personal Needs Allowance for...02/17/2023GN 00602.020 Using Title II Benefits to Support Other Family Members03/05/2002GN 00602.030 Payment of Beneficiary's Past Due Debts - Claims of Cred...05/04/2022GN 00602.040 Guardianship Fees03/31/2021GN 00602.050 Insurance/Burial Contract Premiums03/05/2002GN 00602.060 Beneficiary Confined to Institution for Criminally Insan...03/05/2002GN 00602.070 Group Purchases Beneficiary Resides in an Institution/Nu...01/06/2003GN 00602.075 Transfer of Benefits to a Trust04/15/2016GN 00602.090 Exchange of Information with VA03/01/2011GN 00602.100 Exchange of Information with the Department of Veterans ...03/09/2020GN 00602.110 Reimbursement for Payee Services03/05/2002GN 00602.120 Attempts to Direct Payee's Use of Benefits04/12/2011GN 00602.130 Improper Use of Benefits03/05/2002GN 00602.140 Permitted Expenditures from Dedicated Accounts11/16/2022GN 00602.150 Misapplication of Funds in a Dedicated Account11/16/2022GN 00603.000 Conservation of Benefits - Table of Contents03/08/2023GN 00603.001 Conservation of Benefits - Basic Policy11/15/2004GN 00603.010 Conserving Benefits in a Savings or Checking Account08/18/2021GN 00603.015 Foreign Bank Account Legends10/18/2010GN 00603.020 Collective Checking and Savings Accounts Managed by Repr...03/08/2023GN 00603.025 Dedicated Accounts for Disabled/Blind SSI Recipients Und...11/21/2022GN 00603.030 U.S. Savings Bonds09/04/2002GN 00603.040 Investments Other Than U. S. Savings Bonds09/04/2002GN 00603.050 Conservation of Title XVI Benefits by Institutional Paye...09/04/2002GN 00603.055 Transfer of Conserved Funds04/15/2016GN 00603.060 Transfer of U. S. Savings Bonds04/17/2003GN 00603.070 Payment of Large Amounts of Accumulated or Conserved Ben...06/04/2007GN 00603.085 Installment Payments of Accumulated or Conserved Funds &...12/10/2012GN 00603.090 Large Amount Due Beneficiary Receiving Direct Payment of...09/04/2002GN 00603.100 Entitlement Terminated - Notice to be Given About Conser...05/04/2011GN 00603.110 Handling Conserved Funds When Payee's Whereabouts are Un...04/15/2016GN 00603.120 Former Payee Is An Institution or Social Agency12/04/2009GN 00603.130 When Former Payee May Administer Conserved Benefits04/15/2016GN 00603.140 Social Security Benefit Funds Commingled with Other Fund...09/04/2002GN 00605.001 Overview of Annual Representative Payee Accounting05/15/2013GN 00605.005 PC and FO Responsibilities For Accounting04/15/2016GN 00605.010 The Representative Payee Accounting Report Forms08/19/2016GN 00605.015 Payees Exempt from the Annual Accounting Requirement03/13/2023GN 00605.020 System Selection and Control, and Mailing of Accounting ...03/13/2019GN 00605.025 Changing The Month of Selection For Accounting04/15/2016GN 00605.030 Payee Requests FO Help With The Accounting Report11/07/2008GN 00605.035 FO, TSC or PC Provides Replacement Accounting Form11/17/2005GN 00605.040 WBDOC Screening and Imaging Process06/06/2013GN 00605.045 Representative Payee Report Returned as Undeliverable09/02/2004GN 00605.050 PCs and FOs Clear Controls, Input Conserved Funds07/24/2009GN 00605.055 Retaining Completed Representative Payee Reports02/06/2008GN 00605.060 Reviewing the Accounting Reports07/27/2005GN 00605.061 Explanation of Computer Printed Entries on Accounting Re...04/13/2009GN 00605.065 What the Questions and Payee Responses Mean07/27/2005GN 00605.066 How To Evaluate Payee Responses11/09/2001GN 00605.067 How To Evaluate Payee Responses About Use of Benefits09/18/2007GN 00605.068 How To Evaluate Payee Responses About Conserved Funds11/14/2013GN 00605.069 Reviewing The Back of The Report05/12/2006GN 00605.070 Reviewing the SSA-623-OCR-SM (08/2007)11/14/2013GN 00605.072 Reviewing the SSA-6230-OCR-SM (08/2007)11/14/2013GN 00605.074 Reviewing the SSA-6234-OCR-SM (08/2007)03/03/2023GN 00605.080 Combining The Accounting and SSI Redetermination Intervi...10/29/2001GN 00605.090 Payee Fails To Complete Annual Accounting Report06/19/2013GN 00605.100 When a Payee Evaluation Report (SSA-624-F5) Is Required10/29/2001GN 00605.105 SSA-624-F5 Face-To-Face Interview10/29/2008GN 00605.106 SSA-624-F5 Evaluation of Payee Performance10/29/2001GN 00605.200 Overview of Monitoring Representative Payees with Dedica...11/21/2022GN 00605.205 Systems Selection and DI Diary Set10/27/2014GN 00605.208 DI Diary and the Redetermination/Limited Issue Process01/15/2003GN 00605.215 Complete, Mail, and Retain SSA-6233-BK06/13/2022GN 00605.220 What the Questions Mean12/10/1998GN 00605.221 How to Evaluate Payee Responses to Annual Accounting Que...12/10/1998GN 00605.222 How to Evaluate Payee Response That A Dedicated Account ...01/15/1999GN 00605.223 How to Evaluate Payee Response About Deposits in Dedicat...12/10/1998GN 00605.224 How to Evaluate Payee Responses About Use of Dedicated A...11/21/2022GN 00605.225 How to Evaluate Payee Response About Balance in Dedicate...11/21/2022GN 00605.230 Required Posteligibility (PE) Actions to Update the Supp...04/01/2011GN 00605.235 Payee Fails to Respond to SSA-6233-BK04/01/2011GN 00605.240 Representative Payee Report of Benefits and Dedicated Ac...12/10/1998GN 00605.250 Title II Final Accounting Selection Criteria03/13/2019GN 00605.352 Title XVI and Concurrent Final Accounting Selection Crit...03/13/2019GN 00605.354 Title XVI and Concurrent Final Accounting Responsibiliti...08/19/2010GN 00605.360 Preparation of the Representative Payee Report Form06/05/2013GN 00605.365 Title XVI and Concurrent Return and Review of the Final ...06/13/2022GN 00605.370 Title XVI and Concurrent Handling of Conserved Funds Whe...05/09/2016GN 00605.375 Processing Cases When a Final Accounting is Not Required06/05/2013GN 00605.385 Review and Input of Conserved Funds Returned to SSA08/20/2010GN 00608.000 Foreign Claims - Use and Accountability - Table of Conte...01/15/1999GN 00608.010 Payee Accountings Outside the United States01/29/1996GN 00608.020 Final Accountings - Foreign Claims06/19/2014GN 00608.030 Accounting Form for Foreign Claims08/23/2016GN 00608.040 Evaluation of the SSA-7161-OCR-SM, Accounting Questions01/29/1996GN 00608.042 Evaluation of SSA 7161-OCR-SM — Item 7-Custody of ...01/29/1996GN 00608.044 Evaluation of SSA 7161-OCR-SM — Item 8-Conduit Pay...01/29/1996GN 00608.046 Evaluation of SSA 7161-OCR-SM — Item 9-Use of Bene...01/29/1996GN 00608.048 Evaluation of SSA 7161-OCR-SM — Item 10-Manner in ...01/29/1996GN 00608.050 Exhibit, Form SSA-7161 (Report to United States Social S...02/24/2017GN 00900.000 Miscellaneous FO and OIO Activity - Table of Contents03/09/2023GN 00903.000 Information and Referral Services - Table of Contents03/09/2023GN 00903.010 Introduction to Information and Referral (I & R) Ser...03/21/2011GN 00903.050 Basic Policy on Information and Referral (I & R) Ser...03/21/2011GN 00903.100 Types of Referral Services SSA Provides05/23/2022GN 00903.150 Teleservice Center Role for Information and Referral (I&...06/17/2022GN 00903.200 Field Office (FO) Role for Information and Referral (I&a...06/24/2022GN 00903.300 Role of Regional Offices (ROs) for Information and Refer...03/07/2011GN 00903.330 Resources Needed to Make Proper Referrals06/21/2022GN 00903.345 Updating the File Data With Information and Referral (I&...06/17/2022GN 00903.350 Information and Referral (I&R) by Other Agencies03/07/2011GN 00903.355 Validating Referral Practices03/07/2011GN 00903.360 Privacy Act Considerations for Information and Referral01/15/1999GN 00903.400 Complaints of Discrimination Against SSA and/or SSA Empl...03/09/2023GN 00904.000 Jurisdiction and Contacts - Table of Contents02/18/2022GN 00904.010 Determining Servicing Office04/13/2011GN 00904.015 Foreign addresses - policy04/12/2019GN 00904.020 Post Office Serviced By Two Or More DOs04/13/2011GN 00904.025 Servicing Office For Military Addresses03/01/2019GN 00904.026 Servicing Office - Representative Payee Involved Initial...04/13/2011GN 00904.028 Servicing Office - Representative Payee Involved -Postel...03/02/2012GN 00904.030 Determining Resident Office04/26/2012GN 00904.048 Principal Claimant Has Appointed A Representative08/15/2012GN 00904.050 Resident Office - Military Addresses04/13/2011GN 00904.052 Resident Office Guide11/25/2014GN 00904.056 Interoffice Correspondence04/13/2011GN 00904.058 Forwarding Claims Material To New Resident Office04/26/2012GN 00904.060 Forwarding Claims And Related Materials To The New Resid...06/13/2014GN 00904.062 Transferring Foreign Claims04/13/2011GN 00904.064 Handling Claims and Claims Inquiries in Non-Resident Off...04/11/2016GN 00904.066 Handling Inquiries in Nonservicing Office - Guide for De...01/15/1999GN 00904.070 Requesting Lag Wages from Employers in Other Districts12/22/1989GN 00904.075 Requesting Information on When Wages were Earned from Em...09/18/2006GN 00904.080 Requests for DO Assistance - General06/20/2012GN 00904.082 Exceptions to use of Form SSA-562-U304/02/2015GN 00904.084 FO Contact with Individuals Living Outside FO Service Ar...09/18/2006GN 00904.086 Request for Assistance, Federal Agencies06/30/2015GN 00904.088 Requests for Contacts with Military Addresses12/22/1989GN 00904.090 Preparation of Form SSA-562-U312/22/1989GN 00904.095 Preparation of Form SSA-562-U3 - Guide for Development C...12/22/1989GN 00904.097 Exhibit - Form SSA-562-U301/18/2001GN 00904.100 Attachments to Form SSA-562-U312/22/1989GN 00904.105 Routing, Progress Reports, and Followups on Assistance R...01/15/1999GN 00904.110 Action Required by Requesting FO- Guide for Development ...05/27/1997GN 00904.120 Action required by assisting FO - guide for development ...05/27/1997GN 00904.200 Foreign claims development10/14/2005GN 00904.202 Function of the office of international operations11/14/1997GN 00904.204 Inquiries from persons outside the U.S.11/14/1997GN 00904.206 DIO processing of claims inquiries05/03/2018GN 00904.215 Correspondence with foreign governments11/14/1997GN 00904.217 Direct mail contact with persons abroad11/14/1997GN 00904.220 Requests for Assistance in Foreign Cases02/18/2022GN 00904.225 FSPs Trained in Claims Taking and Development07/11/2011GN 00904.230 Requesting assistance from FBU personnel abroad03/16/2018GN 00904.235 Use of administrative messages in OIO11/14/1997GN 00904.240 Use of the form SSA-1320-U4 in DIO05/07/2018GN 00904.245 Initial and follow-up diaries04/17/2002GN 00904.250 Furnishing case information to FBUs03/16/2018GN 00904.300 SSI applications for individuals who move to Puerto Rico...11/14/2008GN 00905.000 Techniques Concerning SSA Foreign Operations - Table of ...01/16/1998GN 00905.002 DIO International Benefits Office (IBO) Jurisdiction04/16/2018GN 00905.004 DIO Claims Authorizer (CA) Jurisdiction04/16/2018GN 00905.010 Diaries on Direct Mail Requests to Claimants or Benefici...04/16/2018GN 00905.100 FO Contacts with Residents of Canada04/16/2018GN 00905.110 Claims and Evidence from the Cape Verde Islands (CVI)05/02/2018GN 00905.114 Translating CVI Documents11/15/2010GN 00905.120 Claims and Inquiries from Residents of the Prc05/02/2018GN 00905.130 Checks and Correspondence with Individuals in Cyprus07/19/1993GN 00905.170 Inquiries and Applications from Greece04/16/2018GN 00905.172 Documents and Certifications from Athens FBU04/17/1990GN 00905.174 FO Requests for Third-party Contacts in Greece04/16/2018GN 00905.200 Claims Inquiries and Claims from Hong Kong and Macau04/16/2018GN 00905.204 Correspondence with Persons in Hong Kong and Macao04/17/1990GN 00905.210 Contact with Individuals in Iran08/21/2002GN 00905.240 Correspondence with Individuals in Lebanon08/19/2014GN 00905.300 Development of Claims from Residents of Mexico04/16/2018GN 00905.302 Face-to-Face Claims Development with Residents of Mexico07/19/1993GN 00905.304 Requests for Evidence or Other Information from Sources ...04/16/2018GN 00905.340 Correspondence with Individuals in Nicaragua01/16/1998GN 00905.350 Function of the FBU, Manila - Background05/02/2018GN 00905.352 Claims Inquiries and Claims from the Philippines04/16/2018GN 00905.354 Assisting Claimants in the Philippines01/16/1998GN 00905.356 Personal Contact Requirement in the Philippines04/17/2018GN 00905.360 Action on Claims Involving a Claims Helper in Philippine...04/17/2018GN 00905.362 Requests for Delayed Payment of Retroactive Benefits - P...04/17/2018GN 00905.364 Compilation and Maintenance of the Philippine Cla...06/19/2014GN 00905.366 WW II Military Service of Filipinos04/17/1990GN 00905.368 Notices to Beneficiaries in the Philippines04/17/2018GN 00905.410 OIO Action on Claims and Inquiries from Residents of Sou...04/17/1990GN 00905.450 Social Security Program in Turkey05/07/2018GN 00905.452 Claims from Residents of Turkey05/07/2018GN 00905.458 Correspondence With and From Beneficiaries or Claimants ...05/08/2018GN 00905.460 Benefit Payments in Turkey05/08/2018GN 00905.464 Claims Helpers in Turkey05/08/2018GN 00905.600 Initial Claims and Inquiries from Persons in Countries t...04/17/1990GN 00905.650 U.S. Possessions07/19/1993GN 00905.675 Claims nd Inquiries Involving Payment to Areas Which Wer...11/04/2005GN 01000.000 Adjudication - Table of Contents02/02/2023GN 01010.000 Adjudicative Policy and Standards - Table of Contents02/02/2023GN 01010.001 Adjudicative Policy and Standards02/20/2014GN 01010.007 Adjudicative Responsibilities11/10/2011GN 01010.007NY ADJUDICATIVE RESPONSIBILITIES (RTS 368 - 3/2012)03/07/2012GN 01010.007PHI Claims of Employees and Their Relatives or Friends (T...10/25/2004GN 01010.008 Field Office (FO) Adjudicative Responsibilities12/07/2022GN 01010.009 Certified and uncertified earning records (e/r)11/10/2011GN 01010.010 Modernized claims system (mcs) earnings computation (ec)...11/10/2011GN 01010.011 Reviewing the earnings record (E/R) with the number hold...03/01/2017GN 01010.015 Considering possible entitlement to other benefits09/18/2013GN 01010.027 District Office Final Authorization (DOFA) exclusions10/31/2017GN 01010.028 Processing center (PC) adjudicative responsibilities11/10/2011GN 01010.030 Identifying prior claims filing situations12/20/2022GN 01010.032 Records and Information Available to the Field Office (F...12/02/2022GN 01010.035 Scope of Review of the Prior Claim11/10/2011GN 01010.038 Using Information On SSA Systems As Acceptable Proof12/02/2022GN 01010.040 Underpayments (U/P) and Overpayments (O/P) on Prior Clai...08/29/2014GN 01010.042 Prior uncollected annual earnings test (AET) penalties11/10/2011GN 01010.050 Adjudicating Claims Involving Multiple Entitlement01/05/2017GN 01010.053 Documenting the Adjudicative Decision09/03/2015GN 01010.100 Subsequent Title II Claims and Field Office (FO) Adjudic...02/16/2022GN 01010.110 Partial Adjudication12/02/2022GN 01010.120 Common Partial Adjudication Situations08/17/2015GN 01010.140 Delayed Claims12/02/2022GN 01010.200 Claims Processing Methods04/21/2016GN 01010.205 Modernized Claims System (MCS) Earnings Computation (EC)...05/17/2018GN 01010.220 Manually Processed Awards11/10/2011GN 01010.245 Processing Concurrent Claims When Dual Entitlement (DE) ...11/10/2011GN 01010.250 Special Considerations for Processing Claims in the Fiel...01/11/2012GN 01010.255 Adjudication of Foreign Claims12/08/2014GN 01010.260 Listings, Diaries, and Notices11/10/2011GN 01010.275 Signatures on Adjudicative Forms11/10/2011GN 01010.285 Program Service Center (PSC) Screening12/07/2022GN 01010.300 Handling Unknown Address Claims11/10/2011GN 01010.310 Adverse Actions for Initial Claims11/24/2020GN 01010.315 Relationship of Adverse Actions to Rules of Administrati...07/09/1999GN 01010.320 Field Office (FO) Procedures for Handling Adverse Claims07/09/1999GN 01010.325 Processing Center (PC) Procedures for Handling Adverse C...01/12/2000GN 01010.330 Field Office (FO) Procedures for Handling Adverse Adjust...11/10/2011GN 01010.335 Processing Center (PC) Procedures for Handling Adverse A...12/10/2014GN 01010.360 Special Determinations for Claims Adjudication11/10/2011GN 01010.365 Formal and Informal Determinations02/24/2012GN 01010.375 Payment Center (PC) Responsibilities in Preparing or Rev...01/12/2000GN 01010.390 Sample Special Determinations - Exhibits11/10/2011GN 01010.400 Claim Denials01/28/2014GN 01010.410 Failure to Submit Essential Evidence01/30/2023GN 01010.420 Abandoned Claim Disallowances12/10/2014GN 01010.440 Disallowance for Lack of Insured Status12/12/2014GN 01010.480 Reopening Erroneous Awards07/11/2005GN 01010.800 Resolving Policy and Legal Issues in Adjudication11/10/2011GN 01010.805 Precedents of Fact11/10/2011GN 01010.810 Legal Precedent Opinions10/10/2017GN 01010.815 Request for Legal Opinion12/20/2013GN 01010.815CHI Request for Legal Opinion02/01/2023GN 01010.815DEN Request for Legal Opinion02/02/2023GN 01010.815SF Request for Legal Opinion10/05/2022GN 01010.820 Assistant Regional Commissioner (ARC), Management, Opera...11/14/2012GN 01010.830 Instructions for All Components Upon Receipt of the Lega...11/10/2011GN 01010.835 Legal Opinions Adopted as SSA Precedent11/10/2011GN 01010.850 Request for Interpretation of Policy11/10/2011GN 01010.865 Resolution of Policy Interpretation Conflicts07/09/1999GN 01020.000 Use and Completion of the Forms SSA-3601 and SSA-409 - T...02/19/2002GN 01020.250 Use of form SSA-3601 — General08/16/2004GN 01020.255 Claims Identification Information05/21/2009GN 01020.260 All FO/PSC Actions Complete04/19/1999GN 01020.265 Action required04/19/1999GN 01020.270 FO information04/19/1999GN 01020.275 Exhibit — Form SSA-360104/19/1999GN 01020.350 Use of Form SSA-409 — General02/12/2002GN 01020.355 Form Completion05/21/2009GN 01020.360 All FO/PSC Actions Complete10/14/2005GN 01020.365 Action Required02/12/2002GN 01020.370 Exhibit—SSA Form-40903/15/2012GN 01030.000 Adjudicative Procedures for Foreign Claims - Table of Co...05/01/1996GN 01030.001 Awards to Foreign Students and Childhood Disability Bene...08/31/2016GN 01030.005 Awards to Foreign Students Not Previously Entitled to Ch...08/22/2002GN 01040.000 Establishment of Diaries and Listings - Table of Content...12/22/2021GN 01040.005 Establishment of Diaries and Listings05/20/2011GN 01040.010 Diary Codes05/20/2011GN 01040.100 Listing Codes12/22/2021GN 01050.000 Assembly, Jurisdiction and Routing of Claims - Table of ...11/17/2022GN 01050.001 Scope of subchapter01/15/1999GN 01050.002 General - suffix letters for type of claim12/22/1989GN 01050.003 Show the number holders' (nh) ssn on all claims material12/22/1989GN 01050.005 Claim numbers12/22/1989GN 01050.007 Benefits paid out of the OASI trust fund11/15/2017GN 01050.009 DIB and DIB Auxiliary Paid Out of the Disability Insuran...12/22/1989GN 01050.011 Hospital Insurance Entitlement-Deemed Insured/HIB Only12/22/1989GN 01050.013 Supplementary Medical Insurance Only12/22/1989GN 01050.017 Additional Subscripts11/13/2017GN 01050.021 Black lung beneficiary identification codes01/15/1999GN 01050.023 Duplicate applications12/22/1989GN 01050.027 Proof of support without claim12/22/1989GN 01050.051 Who reviews and services claims11/17/2022GN 01050.055 Determining Processing Center Jurisdiction05/21/2009GN 01050.056 Processing Center (PC) Effectuation of Favorable Office ...11/19/2009GN 01050.060 Priority of Jurisdiction - Two Processing Centers Involv...04/07/2016GN 01050.075 Claims Routing Guide09/29/2017GN 01050.080 Jurisdiction Based on Cross- Referrals11/15/2017GN 01050.085 Cross-References in RSI Case Control System12/22/1989GN 01050.100 General - Transfer of Claims Folders05/21/2009GN 01050.105 Transfer from the International Program Service Center07/11/2012GN 01050.110 Transfer From the Office of Disability Operations05/21/2009GN 01050.120 Transfer From a Processing Center12/22/1989GN 01050.125 Multiple Beneficiaries/Split Jurisdiction12/22/1989GN 01050.135 Method of Transfer07/11/2012GN 01050.150 Preparation and Assembly of RSHI Claims Material for Tra...10/18/2005GN 01050.160 Assembly of Earnings Discrepancy for Transmittal to OCRO12/22/1989GN 01050.165 Preparation of Folder for Transmittal of DIB and Freeze ...12/22/1989GN 01050.170 Preparation of Folder for Transmittal of Childhood Disab...01/15/1999GN 01050.175 Preparation of Folder for Transmittal of Disabled Widow ...12/22/1989GN 01050.180 Preparation of Folder for Transmittal of Parent Determin...12/22/1989GN 01050.185 Preparation of Folder for Transmittal of End Stage Renal...11/17/2022GN 01050.190 Assembly of Disability Claims Material—ODO or INTP...11/05/2013GN 01050.195 Assembly of Material to be Forwarded to DDS12/22/1989GN 01050.198 Assembly of Material Where Claims Folder Received From D...01/15/1999GN 01050.200 DO Action on Return of Disability Determination From DDS12/22/1989GN 01050.205 SSI Claim08/04/2004GN 01050.225 Adjudication05/20/2008GN 01050.230 Documentation12/22/1989GN 01050.235 Preparing Reports for the File12/22/1989GN 01050.240 Pertinent Material12/22/1989GN 01050.245 Material Not Pertinent12/22/1989GN 01050.250 Disposing of Material When No Application is Filed10/28/2022GN 01061.000 Preparing Amended and Underpayment Awards in Processing ...01/14/2021GN 01061.020 How to Process Title II Underpayments05/14/2009GN 01070.000 Intercomponent Communications - Table of Contents06/23/2022GN 01070.001 General DOTEL Information05/21/2007GN 01070.100 Request For Regional Office (RO) Technical Assistance05/21/2007GN 01070.105 How To Access Telephone And Contact Information For ARC,...04/04/2018GN 01070.110 How To Access Legal Precedent Information05/21/2007GN 01070.200 Field Office (FO) Use Of DOTEL For Claims Actions05/21/2007GN 01070.205 When The Field Office (FO) Is Not To Make DOTEL Contact04/04/2018GN 01070.209 FO/PC Telephone Numbers/Paperless Fax Numbers10/27/2010GN 01070.210 Placing DOTEL Calls From The Field Office04/04/2018GN 01070.222 Unable To Locate Prior Folder In PC Operations05/21/2007GN 01070.223 Prior Folder Temporarily Transferred To Another Office05/21/2007GN 01070.224 Prior Folder Destroyed05/21/2007GN 01070.225 Prior Folder In Federal Archives And Records Center (FAR...05/21/2007GN 01070.226 No Record Of A Prior Folder On The SSN05/21/2007GN 01070.228 Modes of Requesting Assistance09/24/2019GN 01070.230 Overpayment Telephone (OPTEL)08/26/2021GN 01070.235 When FO To PC OPTEL Procedure Is To Be Used04/04/2018GN 01070.240 Making The OPTEL Referral To The PC02/01/2013GN 01070.245 Processing center SSN jurisdiction06/01/2017GN 01070.300 Payment Center (PC) Contact With Public (Direct Contact-...05/21/2007GN 01070.305 Use Of Direct Contact (DIRCON)07/28/2015GN 01070.310 DIRCON Signature Requirements05/21/2007GN 01070.315 Direct Contact By Telephone08/23/2010GN 01070.325 Requesting Evidence/Documents05/21/2007GN 01070.330 Claimant Appointed Representatives – DIRCON08/25/2011GN 01070.335 Debt Management Direct Contact05/21/2007GN 01070.400 Processing Center (PC) Contact With Field Office (FO)10/12/2011GN 01070.405 Telephone Requests From PC05/21/2007GN 01070.410 FO Handling of High Priority Request From PC05/24/2022GN 01070.415 Processing Center Actions Based On FO Replies05/21/2007GN 01070.420 Modes of Requesting Assistance10/14/2011GN 01070.425 Modes Of Responding To Request For Assistance10/11/2011GN 01070.430 Documenting The Request And Reply (PC)06/14/2022GN 01070.435 Documenting The Request And Reply (FO)05/21/2007GN 01070.440 Follow-Up Timeframes08/26/2021GN 01070.500 Processing Center Contact With Other Processing Centers04/11/2011GN 01070.505 When To Use PC To PC Telephone Development08/26/2021GN 01070.510 Placing PC To PC Calls – Requesting PC05/21/2007GN 01070.515 Receipt of PC to PC calls – Assisting PC05/21/2007GN 01070.600 Retrieving Information and Documents from Stored Folders06/23/2022GN 01070.781 Field Office (FO) and Workload Support Unit (WSU) Coordi...06/14/2022GN 01070.782 Handling Initial Claim Diaries Established by the Worklo...11/04/2015GN 01070.785 Area Code and Time Zone Information05/31/2012GN 01070.800 Office Of Central Operations (OCO) – Office of Ear...09/23/2019GN 01070.805 OCO Signature Requirements05/21/2007GN 01070.810 Guidelines For Possible Direct Contact Use OEIO DEBS03/17/2022GN 01070.815 Requesting Evidence/Documents05/21/2007GN 01070.820 Direct Contact With A Client, Employer, Or Third Party05/21/2007GN 01070.825 Preparing For DIRCON Call To A Client, Employer Or Third...03/18/2022GN 01070.830 OEIO DEBS Direct Telephone Contact—Making the Call03/31/2022GN 01070.835 OEIO DEBS Direct Mail Contact03/21/2022GN 01070.840 How to Associate Evidence When It Is Received05/21/2007GN 01070.845 How To Process Material After Initial Diary Period Matur...03/31/2022GN 01070.850 Follow-up Procedure—No Evidence Or Documents Recei...03/01/2022GN 01070.855 How To Closeout When No Evidence Or Documents Received10/06/2020GN 01085.000 Retention Periods for Program-Related Documents and Form...03/17/2004GN 01085.001 Retention Periods for Program-Related Documents and Form...03/09/2012GN 01085.005 Document Retention Under the Modernized Systems03/09/2012GN 01085.010 Essential Material Retained For Title II and Title XVI C...03/09/2012GN 01085.015 Nonessential Material Omitted From Title II and Title XV...03/09/2012GN 01085.020 Retention Disposition Terms - Definitions03/09/2012GN 01085.025 Exhibit - Retention Periods For Program-Related Forms01/02/2015GN 01085.030 Paper Retention Policy for the Paperless Program Service...01/02/2015GN 01700.000 Totalization Benefits - Table of Contents02/08/2023GN 01701.000 Totalization Benefits - General - Table of Contents01/23/2023GN 01701.005 International Social Security (Totalization) Agreements02/06/2019GN 01701.100 Overview of Totalization Benefits09/22/2022GN 01701.105 Applications in Totalization Claims – General03/23/2004GN 01701.110 Eligibility for U.S. Totalization Benefits03/23/2004GN 01701.115 Eligibility Under More Than One Totalization Agreement03/23/2004GN 01701.120 Use of Simplified Method For Determining U.S. Quarters o...03/23/2004GN 01701.125 Crediting Foreign Coverage in Totalization Claims09/22/2022GN 01701.130 Crediting U.S. Quarters of Coverage (QCs) During the Yea...09/22/2022GN 01701.135 Totalization Benefits Payable by the United States09/22/2022GN 01701.140 Entitlement to Hospital Insurance (HI) in Totalization C...09/22/2022GN 01701.145 Entitlement to Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) in ...03/23/2004GN 01701.150 Alien Nonpayment Exemptions Under Totalization Agreement...03/23/2004GN 01701.155 Overpayments Involving Totalization Benefits03/23/2004GN 01701.200 Totalization Computations09/22/2022GN 01701.205 Determining Benchmark Year in Totalization Claims09/22/2022GN 01701.210 Family Maximums – Only Totalization Benefits Invol...03/23/2004GN 01701.215 Family Maximums – Totalization and Non-Totalizatio...10/13/2022GN 01701.220 Lump-Sum Death Payment (LSDP) in Totalization Claims03/23/2004GN 01701.225 Determining Amount of Monthly Totalization Benefits03/23/2004GN 01701.230 Cost-Of-Living Increases in Totalization Claims03/23/2004GN 01701.235 Savings Clause Maximum in Totalization Claims03/23/2004GN 01701.240 Delayed Retirement Credits in Totalization Claims03/23/2004GN 01701.245 Retirement Insurance Benefit Limitation in Totalization ...10/13/2022GN 01701.250 Minimum Sole Survivor Benefits in Totalization Claims10/13/2022GN 01701.255 Recomputations in Totalization Claims03/01/2011GN 01701.300 Application of the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) ...03/23/2004GN 01701.301 Foreign Pensions Based on Non-covered Employment –...01/23/2023GN 01701.302 Windfall Elimination Provisions (WEP) Exceptions Based o...01/23/2023GN 01701.303 Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) Computations and th...03/23/2004GN 01701.305 Recomputations Involving Totalization and the Windfall E...01/23/2023GN 01701.306 Recomputations Involving Totalization and the Windfall E...03/23/2004GN 01701.310 Foreign Pensions Based on a Totalization Agreement With ...10/13/2022GN 01701.315 Evidence of Foreign Pensions Based on a Totalization Agr...03/23/2004GN 01701.320 Types of Pensions in Totalization Agreement Countries No...10/19/2022GN 01702.000 DO Development and Routing of Totalization Claims - Tabl...10/13/2022GN 01702.001 SSA’s Role in Processing Claims Under Totalization...10/13/2022GN 01702.005 Field Office Role in Processing Claims Filed Under a Tot...03/24/2004GN 01702.100 When an Application for U.S. Benefits Establishes a Prot...10/13/2022GN 01702.105 Required Totalization Application and Who Must File10/13/2022GN 01702.110 Application for Benefits Under a U.S. International Soci...10/13/2022GN 01702.120 Summary of Required Application Forms for U.S. Or Foreig...05/19/2009GN 01702.125 Retroactive Life of Applications for Foreign Benefits03/24/2004GN 01702.130 Prospective Life of Applications for Foreign Benefits03/24/2004GN 01702.135 Withdrawal of Application for Foreign Benefits10/13/2022GN 01702.200 Totalization Evidence Requirements — General03/24/2004GN 01702.205 Special Evidence Requirements for U.S. Totalization Bene...02/20/2015GN 01702.210 Verification of Eligibility Factors by Foreign Agencies03/24/2004GN 01702.215 Special Evidence Requirements for Claims for Foreign Ben...10/13/2022