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0434127009Hematological Listings from 05/18/15 to 01/16/17
0434127011Hematological Listings from 01/17/17 to 03/26/17
0434128000Obsolete Skin Listings for 01/06/86 to 10/05/23 - Table of Contents
0434128001Rationale for Obsolete Skin Listings
0434128003Skin Listings from 01/06/86 to 05/23/02
0434128005Skin Listings from 5/24/02 to 7/8/04
0434128007Skin Listings from 07/09/04 to 10/30/05
0434128009Skin Listings from 10/31/05 to 06/15/08
0434128011Skin Listings from 06/16/08 - 01/16/17
0434128013Skin Listings from 01/17/17 to 03/26/17
0434128015Skin Listings from 3/27/17 to 10/05/23
0434129000Obsolete Endocrine Listings for 01/06/86 to 06/06/11 - Table of Contents
0434129001Rationale for Obsolete Endocrine Listings
0434129003Endocrine Listings from 1/6/86 to 7/1/93
0434129005Endocrine Listings from 7/2/93 to 10/24/99
0434129007Endocrine Listings From 10/25/99 TO 02/18/02
0434129009Endocrine Listings from 02/19/02 to 05/23/02
0434129011Endocrine Listings from 05/24/02 to 06/06/11
0434130000Obsolete Multiple Body Listings for 01/06/86 to 04/04/13 - Table of Contents
0434130001Rationale for Obsolete Multiple Body Listings
0434130003Multiple Body Listings from 01/06/86 to 07/01/93
0434130005Multiple Body Listings from 06/19/00 to 10/30/05
0434130007Multiple Body Listings from 10/31/05 to 04/04/13
0434131000Obsolete Neurological Listings for 01/06/86 to 09/28/16 - Table of Contents
0434131001Rationale for Obsolete Neurological Listings
0434131003Neurological Listings from 01/06/86 to 12/11/90
0434131005Neurological Listings from 12/12/90 to 09/19/00
0434131007Neurological Listings from 09/20/00 to 05/23/02
0434131009Neurological Listings from 05/24/02 to 08/27/03
0434131011Neurological Listings from 08/28/03 to 12/14/04
0434131013Neurological Listings from 12/15/04 to 09/28/16
0434132000Obsolete Mental Listings for 08/28/85 to 03/26/17 - Table of Contents
0434132001Rationale for Obsolete Mental Listings
0434132003Mental Listings from 08/28/85 to 12/11/90
0434132005Mental Listings from 12/12/90 to 09/19/00
0434132007Mental Listings from 09/20/00 to 12/17/07
0434132009Mental Listings from 12/18/07 to 09/28/16
0434132011Mental Listings from 09/29/16 to 01/16/17
0434132013Mental Listings from 01/17/17 to 03/26/17
0434133000Obsolete Neo-plastic, Malignant Listings 01/06/86 to 01/16/2017 - Table of Contents
0434133003Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 01/06/86 to 05/23/02
0434133005Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 05/24/02 to 12/14/04
0434133007Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 12/15/04 to 06/15/08
0434133009Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 06/16/08 to 11/04/09
0434133011Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 11/05/09 to 07/19/15
0434133013Cancer Listings from 7/20/15 to 1/16/17
0434134000Obsolete Immune System Listings for 07/02/93 to 10/05/23 - Table of Contents
0434134001Rationale For Obsolete Immune System Listings
0434134003Immune Listings from 07/02/93 – 02/18/02
0434134005Immune Listings from 02/19/02 – 05/23/02
0434134007Immune Listings from 05/24/02 – 06/15/08
0434134009Immune Listings from 06/16/08 - 01/16/17
0434134011Immune Listings from 01/17/17 to 03/26/17
0434134013Immune Listings from 03/27/17 to 04/01/21
0434134015Immune Listings from 04/02/21 to 10/05/23
0434200000Obsolete Versions of Part B, the Listing of Impairments - Table of Contents
0434201000Pre-1977 - Obsolete Versions of Part B Listings - Table of Contents
0434201001Introduction - Obsolete Versions of Part B Listing of Impairments
0434201005Part B Listing of Impairments Prior to March 16, 1977 - Explanation
0434201010Preliminary Version of Part B Listing of Impairments, January 9, 1974
04342050001977-January 1986 - Obsolete Versions of Part B Listings - Table of Contents
0434205001Listing of Impairments - Part B (March 16, 1977-January 5, 1986)
0434220000Obsolete Growth Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 10/05/23 - Table of Contents
0434220003Growth Listings from 1/06/86 to 05/23/02
0434220005Growth Listings from 05/24/02 to 06/11/15
0434220007Low Birth Weight and Failure to Thrive Listings from 06/12/15 to 10/05/23
0434221000Obsolete Musculoskeletal Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 10/29/23 - Table of Contents
0434221001Rationale For Obsolete Musculoskeletal System Listings
0434221003Musculoskeletal System Listings From 01/06/86 To 02/18/02
0434221005Musculoskeletal Listings from 02/19/02 to 07/08/04
0434221007Musculoskeletal Listings from 07/09/04 to 10/30/05
0434221009Musculoskeletal Listings from 10/31/05 to 06/15/08
0434221011Musculoskeletal Listings from 06/16/08 to 09/28/16
0434221013Musculoskeletal Listings from 09/29/16 to 04/01/21
0434221015Musculoskeletal Listings from 04/02/21 to 07/22/21
0434221017Musculoskeletal Listings from 07/23/21 to 10/29/23
0434222000Obsolete Special Senses Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 03/26/17 - Table of Contents
0434222003Special Senses and Speech Listings from 01/06/86 to 05/23/02
0434222005Special Senses and Speech Listings from 05/24/02 to 02/19/07
0434222007Special Senses and Speech Listings from 02/20/07 to 08/01/10
0434222009Special Senses and Speech Listings from 08/02/10 to 04/28/13
0434222011Special Senses and Speech Listings from 04/29/13 to 03/26/17
0434223000Obsolete Respiratory Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 10/05/23 - Table of Contents
0434223001Rationale for Obsolete Respiratory Listings
0434223003Respiratory Listings from 01/06/86 to 10/06/93
0434223005Respiratory Listings from 10/07/93 to 04/13/97
0434223007Respiratory Listings from 04/14/97 to 01/01/01
0434223009Respiratory Listings from 01/02/01 to 05/23/02
0434223011Respiratory Listings from 05/24/02 to 06/11/15
0434223013Respiratory Listings from 06/12/2015 to 10/06/16
0434223015Respiratory Listings from 10/07/16 to 10/05/23
0434224000Obsolete Cardiovascular Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 10/05/23 - Table of Contents
0434224001Rationale for Obsolete Cardiovascular Listings
0434224003Cardiovascular Listings from 01/06/86 to 02/09/94
0434224005Cardiovascular Listings from 02/10/94 to 04/13/97
0434224007Cardiovascular Listings from 04/14/97 to 01/01/01
0434224009Cardiovascular Listings from 01/02/01 to 05/23/02
0434224011Cardiovascular Listings from 05/24/02 to 04/12/06
0434224013Cardiovascular Listings from 04/13/06 to 06/11/15
0434224015Cardiovascular Listings from 6/12/15 to 04/01/21
0434224017Cardiovascular Listings from 04/02/21 to 10/05/23
0434225000Obsolete Digestive Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 10/05/23 - Table of Contents
0434225003Digestive Listings from 1/6/86 to 5/23/02
0434225005Digestive Listings from 5/24/02 to 12/17/07
0434225007Digestive Listings from 12/18/07 to 06/11/15
0434225009Digestive Listings from 6/12/15 to 1/16/17
0434225011Digestive Listings from 01/17/17 to 10/05/23
0434226000Obsolete Genito-Urinary Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 10/05/23 - Table of Contents
0434226003Genito-Urinary Listings from 01/06/86 to 09/05/05
0434226005Genitourinary Listings from 09/06/05 to 12/08/14
0434226007Genitourinary Listings from 12/09/14 to 06/11/15
0434226009Genitourinary Listings from 06/12/15 to 10/05/23
0434227000Obsolete Hematology Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 03/26/17 - Table of Contents
0434227003Hemic and Lymphatic Listings from 01/06/86 to 05/23/02
0434227005Hemic and Lymphatic Listings from 05/24/02 to 12/14/04
0434227007Hematological Listings from 12/15/04 to 05/17/15
0434227009Hematological Listings from 5/18/15 to 1/16/17
0434227011Hematological Listings from 01/17/17 to 03/26/17
0434228000Obsolete Skin Part B Listings 07/09/04 to 10/05/23 - Table of Contents
0434228001Rationale for Obsolete Skin Listings
0434228003Skin Listings from 07/09/04 to 10/30/05
0434228005Skin Listings from 10/31/05 to 06/15/08
0434228007Skin Listings from 06/16/08 to 01/16/17
0434228009Skin Listings from 01/17/17 to 03/26/17
0434228011Skin Listings from 3/27/17 to 10/5/23
0434229000Obsolete Endocrine Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 04/01/21 - Table of Contents
0434229001Rationale for Obsolete Endocrine Listings
0434229003Endocrine Listings from 1/6/86 to 12/12/90
0434229005Endocrine Listings from 12/13/90 to 06/06/11
0434229007Endocrine Listings from 06/07/11 to 04/01/21
0434230000Obsolete Multiple Body Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 04/04/13 - Table of Contents
0434230001Rationale for Obsolete Multiple Body Listings
0434230003Multiple Body Listings from 01/06/86 to 12/11/90
0434230005Multiple Body Listings from 12/12/90 to 10/30/05
0434230007Multiple Body Listings from 10/31/05 to 04/04/13
0434231000Obsolete Neurological Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 09/28/2016 - Table of Contents
0434231001Rationale for Obsolete Neurological Listings
0434231003Neurological Listings from 1/6/86 to 12/11/90
0434231005Neurological Listings from 12/12/90 to 05/23/02
0434231007Neurological Listings from 05/24/02 to 12/14/04
0434231009Neurological Listings from 12/15/04 to 03/23/11
0434231011Neurological Listings from 03/24/11 to 09/28/16
0434232000Obsolete Mental Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 03/26/17 - Table of Contents
0434232001Rationale for Obsolete Mental Listings
0434232003Mental Listings from 01/06/86 to 12/11/90
0434232005Mental Listings from 12/12/90 to 04/13/97
0434232007Mental Listings from 04/13/97 to 09/19/00
0434232009Mental Listings from 09/20/00 to 01/01/01
0434232011Mental Listings from 01/02/01 to 01/16/17
0434232013Mental Listings from 01/17/17 to 03/26/17
0434233000Obsolete Malignant Neoplastic Part B Listings 01/06/86 to 01/16/17 - Table of Contents
0434233003Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 01/06/86 to 05/23/02
0434233005Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 05/24/02 to 12/14/04
0434233007Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 12/15/04 to 06/15/08
0434233009: Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 06/16/08 to 11/04/09
0434233011Neoplastic Diseases, Malignant Listings from 11/05/09 to 07/19/15
0434233013Cancer Listings from 7/20/15 to 1/16/17
0434234000Obsolete Immune System Part B Listings 07/02/93 to 10/05/23 - Table of Contents
0434234001Rationale For Obsolete Immune System Listings
0434234003Immune Listings from 07/02/93 to 04/13/97
0434234005Immune Listings from 04/14/97 – 02/18/02
0434234007Immune Listings from 02/19/02 to 05/23/02
0434234009Immune Listings from 05/24/02 to 06/15/08
0434234011Immune Listings from 06/16/08 to 06/11/15
0434234013Immune Listings from 06/12/15 to 01/16/17
0434234015Immune Listings from 01/17/17 to 03/26/17
0434234017Immune Listings from 03/27/17 to 04/01/21
0434234019 Immune Listings from 04/02/21 to 10/05/23
0439501000DDS Fiscal and Administrative Management - Table of Contents
0439501001Introduction - DDS Fiscal and Administrative Management
0439501020Federal/State Relationship
0439501030The Budget Process
0439501040Responsibilities and Requirements of the State in the Budget Process
0439503000DDS Budget Procedures - Table of Contents
0439503001DDS Budget Procedures -- General
0439503020How the Budget Process Works
0439503110Agency Work Plan
0439503120Regional Office Assistance
0439503200Responsibilities and Requirements of the State for the Budget Standards
0439503205How the DDS Budget is Derived
0439503210Role of the DDS Administrator
0439503215Techniques of Budgeting-Definitions -- DDS
0439503220DDS Workpower Analysis
0439503225Use of DDS Work Sampling Data in Workpower Analysis
0439503230Workpower Analysis -- Definitions
0439503235Workpower Analysis Illustrated
0439503240Fiscal Year 1975 Facts
0439503260Justification of Year-to-Year Changes in Workpower Needs
0439503275Indirect Costs (2 CFR 200)
0439503824Form SSA-871 State Agency Schedule for Equipment Purchases for SSA Disability Programs
0439503825Form SSA-872 State Agency Budget Approval for SSA Disability Programs
0439506000DDS Financial Management - Table of Contents
0439506001DDS Financial Management
0439506100The Funding Process
0439506200The Reporting Process - Recording and Reporting Obligations
0439506201When to Establish an Obligation for Reporting Purposes
0439506202State Agency Report of Obligations for SSA Disability Programs - Form SSA-4513 and Form SSA-4513 Addendum
0439506203Updating and Reconciling Unliquidated Obligations
0439506210Preparation Instructions for Form SSA-4513
0439506217Sample B - Facsimile of Form SSA-4513 - State Agency Report of Obligations for SSA Disability Programs
0439506220Preparation of Form SSA-4513 Addendum
0439506227Sample C - Facsimile of Form SSA-4513 Addendum - State Agency Report of Obligations for SSA Disability Programs
0439506230Time Report of Personnel Services for Disability Determination Services - Form SSA-4514
0439506231Preparation Instructions for Form SSA-4514
0439506237Sample D - Facsimile of Form SSA-4514 - Time Report of Personnel Services for Disability Determination Services
0439506240State Agency Reporting on the Cost of Processing Federal Employee Medicare Only Cases
0439506250State Agency Schedule for Equipment Purchases for SSA Disability Programs - Form SSA-871
0439506251Preparation Instructions for Form SSA-871
0439506257Sample E - Facsimile of Form SSA-871 - State Agency Schedule of Equipment Purchases for SSA Disability Programs
0439506260Monthly Obligations Report and Responsibilities
0439506270Ordering Financial Management Forms
0439506280Signature Requirements for SSA 4513 Reports - Certificates of Authority
0439506300State Indirect Cost Agreements
0439509000DDS Records - Table of Contents
0439509001General – Records and Reports
0439509005State Agency Responsibility -- Records and Reports
0439509010SSA Responsibility -- Records and Reports
0439509015Retention and Disposal Schedule for Statistical Records and Records Pertaining to Disability Claims Processing
0439515000DDS Quality Assurance Cases - Table of Contents
0439515001Guidelines for Providing a QA Function
0439515401Suggested Quality Assurance (QA) Activities
0439518000DDS Personnel - Table of Contents
0439518005Staffing Requirement -- DDS
0439518010Utilization of Staff -- DDS
0439518015Avoiding Restrictions -- Policy
0439518020Meal Costs at an Employee's Official Duty Station -- Operating Policy
0439518025Equal Employment Opportunity -- DDS
0439518030Employment Insurance Programs -- DDS
0439518035Retirement Contributions -- DDS
0439518040Non-SSA Program Work -- DDS
0439518045Disclosure of Information - DDS
0439518050Litigation and Related Issues - Challenges to Determinations or Procedures -- DDS
0439518055Litigation and Related Issues - Federal Tort Claims – Disability Determination Services (DDS)
0439518060Litigation and Related Issues - Administrative Challenges -- DDS
0439518065Administrative Provisions for Assuring that Mental Impairment Cases are Evaluated by Qualified Professionals
0439518075DDS Time Records Reporting
0439521000DDS Training and Staff Development - Table of Contents
0439521100Training and Staff Development - General
0439521200Staff Development Using Outside Resources
0439521400Guides for DDSs in the Administration of Training and Staff Development
0439521410Resources for Training and Staff Development
0439521420Roles and Responsibilities in the DDS Training Process
0439524000DDS Travel - Table of Contents
0439524001DDS Travel
0439525000DDS Applicant Travel - Table of Contents
0439525001DDS Applicant Travel -- General
0439525005Reimbursement for Applicant Travel -- DDS
0439525010Budgeting for Applicant Travel--Operating Procedure -- DDS
0439525015Reporting for Applicant Travel--Operating Procedure -- DDS
0439527000DDS Office Space - Table of Contents
0439527005DDS Office Space - General
0439527010Lease Negotiations - DDS Office Space
0439527015Privately Owned Space
0439527020DDS Space in Publicly Owned Buildings
0439527025Repairs and Alterations for DDS Office Space
0439527030DDS Office Space Budgeting
0439527040DDS Office Space Planning
0439527045DDS Layout of Office Space -- Policy
0439527050DDS Office Space Allocation Guide
0439527055Exhibit - Worksheet for Assessing Adequacy of DDS Office Space
0439530000DDS Equipment - Table of Contents
0439530001DDS Equipment -- General
0439530005Purchase of DDS Equipment
0439530010Rental of DDS Equipment
0439530015Lease/Purchase of DDS Equipment
0439530020DDS Responsibilities for Equipment
0439530025Replacement of DDS Equipment
0439530030Disposition of DDS Equipment
0439530035Loss or Destruction of DDS Equipment
0439530040DDS Funding Process
0439533000DDS Instructions Management - Table of Contents
0439533001Intercomponent Review Draft (IRD) Process
0439536000DDS Electronic Data Processing (EDP) Systems - Table of Contents
0439536001Information Technology Systems -- Background
0439536220DDS Systems Security
0439536230SSA Developed DDS EDP Systems
0439536600IT Budgeting Procedures -- General
0439539000DDS Supplies - Table of Contents
0439539001Obtaining Supplies - DDS
0439539003State Procurement
0439539005SSA Electronic Automated Distribution Management System (eADMS)
0439542000Contracting Out DDS Functions - Table of Contents
0439542001Contracting Out DDS Functions -- General
0439542005Federal Requirements for Contracts Involving DDS Functions
0439542010Contract Proposals Requiring SSA Regional Commissioner Approval
0439542015Contract Proposals Not Requiring SSA Regional Commissioner Approval
0439542020Reporting State Contracts to The RO - Operating Procedure
0439542025Budget and Fiscal Requirements.
0439542030RO Review and Clearinghouse - Background
0439542205Contracting for Medical Provider Services -- DDS
0439542210Confidentiality and Disclosure of Information -- DDS
0439542215Elements of Medical Provider Contracts -- DDS
0439542225Facilities and Equipment -- DDS
0439542235Conducting the Consultative Examination -- DDS
0439542240Consultative Examination Reports -- DDS
0439542245Consultative Examination Quality Assurance -- DDS
0439545000Purchased Medical Services - Table of Contents
0439545001Purchased Medical Services – Introduction
0439545025DDS Fiscal Responsibilities
0439545075Management of the Consultative Examination (CE) Process
0439545100Key and Volume Providers
0439545120Sources and Types of Purchased Medical Services
0439545150CE/MER Evidence
0439545175Authorizing Consultative Examinations (CEs)
0439545200Monitoring Qualifications of Consultative Examination (CE) Provider Support Staff
0439545225Purchasing Medical Services Across State Lines
0439545250Consultative Examination (CE) Scheduling Intervals
0439545275Missed Consultative Examination (CE) Appointments
0439545300Medical Sources Subpoenaed to Hearings — Expenses
0439545325Medical Development Requests from Foreign Countries under International Agreements (Totalization)
0439545350Claimant Evaluation of Consultative Examination (CE) Providers
0439545375Claimant Complaints of Consultative Examination (CE) Provider
0439545400Ensuring Quality and Integrity of Consultative Examination (CE) Reports
0439545425Release of Consultative Examination (CE) Reports to Claimants By CE Providers
0439545450Independent Consultative Examination (CE) Report Review System
0439545500DDS Onsite Reviews of Consultative Examination (CE) Providers
0439545525Exhibit 1 – Suggested Protocol for DDS Onsite Reviews of Consultative Examination (CE) Providers
0439545550DDS Consultative Examination (CE) Oversight Reporting
0439545575DDS Annual Consultative Examinations (CE) Oversight Report
0439545600Fee Schedules
0439545625Developing Fee Schedules
0439545650Using the Medicare Fee Schedule and Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Codes
0439545675Exhibit 3 – DDS Guide to Establishing a Fee Schedule
0439545700Maintaining and Monitoring Fee Schedules
0439548000DDS Miscellaneous Costs - Table of Contents
0439548001Miscellaneous Costs - DDS
0439551000DDS Mail Management - Table of Contents
0439551001Mail and Postage -- DDS
0439551201Official Mail Categories and Definitions -- DDS
0439551401Mail Practices -- DDS
0439554000DDS Audits and Administrative Reviews - Table of Contents
0439554001DDS Audits and Administrative Reviews--General
0439554200Authority for Audits – DDS
0439554205The Audit Process Under 2 CFR 200
0439554210The Audit Process Under a HHS Audit --DDS
0439554215Retention and Disposition of Documents -- DDS
0439554600Audits -- DDS Budgeting
0439554800Monthly Status Report -- DDS
0439557000DDS Performance Management - Table of Contents
0439557001Standards of Performance -- DDS
0439557003Current Performance Standards — DDS
0439557005Technical and Management Assistance (TMA) -- DDS
0439557007Performance Management Budget -- DDS
0439557011Guides for Monitoring DDS Performance
0439557013Appraisal Techniques -- DDS
0439563000DDS Workload Management - Table of Contents
0439563001DDS Workload Management--General
0439563200Public Law 96-265
0439563210Non-SSA Program Work
0439563220State Agency Work Sampling (SAWS)
0439563400Workload Management Guidelines
0439563404Workload Management Priorities
0439563410Workload Management Controls--Overview
0439563420Case Controls
0439563424Production Controls and Goals
0439563428Supervisory Controls
0439563434Workflow Controls
0439563440Staffing/Priority Controls
0439563446Communications Controls
0439563450Training Controls
0439563454Medical/Vocational Development Controls
0439563460Medical Consultant Staff Controls
0439563466Quality Controls
0439563600Workload Management Procedures
0439563800Workload Reporting
0439563803Reporting Non-SSA Program Work
0439569000Program Integrity - Table of Contents
0439569001Program Integrity Introduction
0439569100Conflict of Interest
0439569200The Social Security Administration (SSA) Program Integrity Standards
0439569300Disability Determination Services Requirements for Ensuring Proper Licensures, Credentials, and Exclusions of Consultative Examination (CE) Providers, CE Provider’s Employees, Medical and Psychological Consultants (MC/PC
0439569400Exhibit 1 - License and Credentials Certification for Consultative Examination Provider and Certification of All Support Staff
0439569600Violations and Fraud in the Social Security Administration Programs and Operations
0439572000DDS Decentralization - Table of Contents
0439572100Decentralizing DDS Operations
0439572200The State Proposal
0439572250Review of the Decentralized Operation
0439572400Principles for Decentralizing Operations
0440100000Processing Center (PC) Processing of Initial Claims - Table of Contents
0440101000Processing Center (PC) Processing of Initial Claims - Table of Contents
0440101001Processing Center (PC) Component Responsibilities
0440101005Processing Center (PC) Processing Title II Disability and MQGE Claims
0440101010Processing Center (PC) Awards, Technical Denials, and Withdrawals
0440101015Processing Center (PC) Foreign and Totalization Disability Claims
0440101020Railroad (RR) Case Processing
0440101035Processing Center (PC) Project Agreements with the Disability Determination Services (DDS) to Help Expedite Processing of Disability Claims/Workload Transfers
0440105000Withdrawals and Unprocessed Technical Denials - Table of Contents
0440105001Initial Disability Claims that are Denied for Non-Medical Reason
0440105005Processing Title II Disability Withdrawals in the Office of Disability Operations/Processing Centers (ODO/PCs)
0440105010Disability Determination Services (DDS) Has Made an Initial Disability Insurance Benefit (DIB) Allowance, Notice of Death in the Waiting Period
0440105015Onset for DIB Less Than 5 Full Months before Full Retirement Age (FRA)
0440105020Onset of Disabled Widow(er)’s Benefits (DWB) Later Than Age 62 Years 7 Months in Waiting Period Cases/ Age 63 in No Waiting Period Cases
0440105025Closed Period Freeze Determinations Where Disability Ceased More Than 12 Months before the Month in Which the Application Was Filed
0440105050Administrative Res Judicata – Processing Center (PC) Instructions
0440105055Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Insured Status Not Met – Office of Disability Operations (ODO) Only
0440115000Changing an Initial Disability Determination Services (DDS) Determination in the Processing Center (PC) - Table of Contents
0440115001Processing Centers (PCs) Ability to Change Initial Disability Determination Services (DDS) Determinations
0440115005Definitions and Processing Instructions for Changing Initial Disability Determinations in the Processing Center (PC)
0440115010Processing Center (PC) Action when Disability Determination Services (DDS) Sets Onset in Grace Period of Prior Medical Termination
0440115015Processing Center (PC) Action when Disability Determination Services (DDS) Establishes an Onset in Period Covered by a Prior Determination
0440115020Processing Center (PC) Actions for Inappropriate Disability Determination Services (DDS) Determination
0440120000Processing Subsequent Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB), Disabled Widow(er) Benefits (DWB), and Childhood Disability Benefits (CDB) Claims by Processing Centers (PCs) - Table of Contents
0440120001Collateral Estoppel and Jurisdiction of Subsequent Title II Claims in the Processing Service Center (PSC)
0440120005Processing Center (PC) Actions when Concurrent Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) or Freeze and Disabled Widow(er) Benefits (DWB) Claim Filed and DIB or Freeze Denied
0440120015Processing Center (PC) Instructions for Duplicate Applications
0440120020Processing Center (PC) Actions When Childhood Disability Benefits (CDB) Claim Received After Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB) Denial Notice Released
0440500000Processing Continuing Disability Review Cases - Table of Contents
0440501000General CDR Information and PC Responsibilities - Table of Contents
0440501001The Social Security Administration’s Responsibility to Review Disabled Beneficiaries’ Cases to Determine Continuance or Cessation of Disability
0440501005The Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Process
0440501015Processing Center (PC) Responsibilities for Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Cases
0440502000Continuing Disability Review Mailer - Table of Contents
0440502001Processing Center Instructions for the Continuing Disability Review Mailer Forms SSA-455 and SSA-455-OCR-SM
0440505000Medical Issues - Table of Contents
0440505001Processing a Medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR) When the Office of Disability Operations (ODO) Generates an Alert
0440505005Routing Medical Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs)
0440505020Procedures for Field Office (FO) or Disability Determination Services (DDS) Deferral or Discontinuance
0440505100Medical Improvement Expected (MIE) Cases with Work Activity
0440505105Procedure When Title XVI Recipient with a Past-Due Medical Improvement Expected (MIE) Diary Requests Reinstatement
04405051101619 Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) and Medical Folder Reviews (MFRs) and Related Procedures
0440505115Voluntary Report of Medical Improvement
0440505120Third Party Report(s) May Initiate a Continuing Disability Review
0440505125Additional Evidence or Information
0440505130When We May Require Current Evidence
0440505200Applicability of Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Events and CDR Results on Title II and Title XVI
0440505205When We May Need a Title XVI File for Continuing Disability Review (CDR)
0440505210After We Identify Concurrent Cases, We Decide Whether We Need the Title XVI Determination and the Title XVI Continuance Notice
0440505215Operating Policy for Title XVI Clear-cut Cessation Cases
0440505220Title II Cessation and New Title XVI Application
0440505300Diary Coding of Continuance Determinations
0440505305Pre-effectuation Review (PER)
0440505310Non-essential Material
0440505315Handling Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) When the Social Security Administration (SSA) Did Not Effectuate the Cessation Determination
0440505900Forms Used in Adjudication of Disability Cases
0440510000Work Issues - Table of Contents
0440510040Medical Folder Review
0440510055Title II Medical or SGA Cessations - New Title XVI Application
0440510080Processing Earnings Discrepancies in OCO/PSC - DRS
0440510140Premium Medicare for the Working Disabled - General
0440510142Locating Folders
0440510145Enrollment Periods
0440510150Screening Folders to Determine Cessation Reason and Disabling Impairment
0440510155Conducting Medical Folder Review
0440510160Establishing Future Diary
0440510165Conducting a CDR for Premium-HI Cases
0440510170Processing Cases Returned From DDS After CDR
0440510175Preparation of the SSA-831-U3
0440510180Processing Appeal Requests - Premium Medicare Cases
0440510185List of Exhibits - Working Disabled
0440515000Due Process/Statutory Benefit Continuation - Table of Contents
0440515001Due Process
0440515005Due Process Requirements - Title II
0440515010Due Process Requirements - Title XVI
0440515015Field Office (FO), Disability Determination Services (DDS) and Processing Center (PC) Responsibilities for Due Process
0440515020Due Process Notification in Title II and Title XVI Cases
0440515025Allegations of Improper or No Due Process
0440515100Title II and Title XVI Statutory Benefit Continuation During Medical Cessation Appeal
0440515105Processing Center Responsibilities in Statutory Benefit Continuation
0440525000Other Processing Issues - Table of Contents
0440525001Failure to Cooperate- Insufficient Evidence (FTC) Decision and Whereabouts Unknown (WU) During a Continuing Disability Review (CDR)- Program Service Center (PSC)
0440525005Processing S-0 Alerts
0440525010Processing Conversion Cases—Reduced Retirement Benefits (RIB) to Reduced Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)
0440525015DIB Withdrawn Before Adjudication—Freeze Previously Allowed
0440525020Initially Obtaining the CPD Medical Folder
0440525030Overview of the CDR Selection and Release Process
0440525050Interaction in Recall of the Title II and Title II Portion of Concurrent TII/TXVI CDR Folder/Medical Evidence
0440525060Step One - Title II Folder Recall – Initial Pull Period - First 90 Days in Operations
0440525070Step Two - OCO/PSC - Special Search - Next 120 Days in Operations
0440525075Step Three - Preparing Duplicate Folder for CDR Lost Folder/Medical Evidence
0440525085File is Not Where the System Indicates It Is
0440525100Processing Center Action Control System (PCACS) Coordination
0440525125Exhibit of SSA-5002 Folder Documentation
0440525150Exhibit of OCO/PSC Flag for Title II Folder(s)
0440540000Section 1619 Medical CDRs - Table of Contents
0440540001Section 1619 CDRs
0441000000Processing Statutory Blindness Cases - Table of Contents
0441001000Background - Table of Contents
0441001001Component Responsibilities
0441001010Evaluation of Work of Blind Employees
0441001015Evaluation of Work of Blind Self-Employed Persons
0441001020Work Comparability Provisions for Blind DIB, CDB, or DWB Individuals, Age 55 and Older
0441001025TWP and EPE Provisions of the Law as They Apply to Statutorily Blind Individuals
0441001030Policy Referrals
0441005000Processing Instructions - Table of Contents
0441005001General Completion of the SSA-833-U5 for Statutory Blindness Cases Discussed in this Subchapter
0441005005General Completion of the SSA-4268-U4 and Rationale for Statutory Blindness Cases Discussed in this Subchapter
0441005010Claimant in Freeze Status Files for DIB
0441005015Work Issue CDR: All Statutorily Blind Individuals Except DIB, CDB, and DWB Persons Age 55 or Older
0441005020Work Issue CDR: Statutorily Blind Individual Age 55 or Over
0441005025Individual Age 60-65 - DIB Withheld or Terminated
0441005030Redeterminations for Statutory Blindness Cases
0442000000Processing Appeals Reopenings and Material Received After a Determination - Table of Contents
0442001000Processing Material Received After a Determination - Table of Contents
0442001005Assignment of Responsibilities Chart
0442001010Material Which Does Not Involve a Reopening
0442001015Material Which May Result in a Reopening
0442001020Other Reopening Issues
0442005000Processing Reconsideration Cases - Table of Contents
0442005005Processing Instructions
0442010000Effectuating ALJ, AC, and Court Decisions (Single Appellant, Single Issue) Sections - Table of Contents
0442010001Appeals at and Above the Hearing Level
0442010010Development of Non-disability Issues
0442010020Completing Form SSA-831 in Favorable Administrative Law Judge Decisions (Initial Awards)
0442010021Completing Form SSA-833 in Favorable Administrative Law Judge Decisions (Continuing Disability Review)
0442010022Processing Appeals Council Actions
0442010025An Administrative Law Judge Reopens a Prior Administratively Final Determination or Decision
0442010045Erroneous Payment or Notice After an Administrative Law Judge Decision
0442010065Protest of Administrative Law Judge or Appeals Council Decisions
0442010070Administrative Law Judge Issues Closed Period Decision Where Disability Ceased More Than 14 Months before the Month in Which the Application Was Filed
0442010075Non-Protest Cases – Contacting the Office of Hearings Operations to Correct Minor Errors Not Affecting Outcome of Decision
0442010080Preparation of the Protest Memorandum
0442010205Interim Benefits in Cases of Delayed Final Decisions — Title II
0442010210ODAR Requests Payment of Interim Benefits in Own-Motion Review Cases Involving a Disability Issue - Title II
0442010215Processing Interim Benefits in Cases of Delayed Final Decisions
0442010220Interim Benefits in ALJ “Protest” Cases Involving a Disability Issue Referred to ODAR
0442010225Followups and Controls on Continuing Title II Interim Benefits
0442010230Effectuating Final Decision in the Program Service Center—Interim Benefits Being Paid
0442500000Court Cases - Table of Contents
0442502000Court-Ordered Reviews - Jurisdiction - Table of Contents
0442502001Court-Ordered Reviews -- Jurisdiction
0442586000Stieberger Case - Table of Contents
0442586001<Italic> Stieberger v. Sullivan</Italic> Court Order
0442586005Identification and Notice -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586006Acknowledgements -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586007<Italic> Stieberger</Italic> Inquiries
0442586008Screening For Entitlement to Reopening -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586010Folder Retrieval -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586015Queries -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586020Conducting Folder Search -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586025Analysis of Search Efforts and Responder Jacket Dispatch -- <Italic> Stieberger </Italic>
0442586030Effectuation of Determinations and Appeals Process -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586035Special Considerations in Processing Favorable <Italic> Stieberger</Italic> Decisions -- Title II
0442586055Special Characteristics of <Italic> Stieberger</Italic> Reopenings
0442586060Work Activity and Development Period -- Stieberger
0442586065Payment Period, Onset and Insured Status -- Title II -- Stieberger
0442586070Post-DDS Readjudication Considerations -- <Italic>Stieberger</Italic>
0442586075Work Activity Tolerances -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586080<Italic> Stieberger</Italic> Disability Adjudication
0442586081Second Circuit Disability Decisions Manual -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586083Application of Second Circuit Disability Holdings -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586085Special Instructions -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586086Coordination With Other Class Actions -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0442586095Exhibits -- <Italic> Stieberger</Italic>
0443500000Processing Foreign Claims - Table of Contents
0443501000Processing Responsibilities for Foreign Claims - Table of Contents
0443501001Processing Responsibilities for Foreign Claims
0443505000Jurisdiction - Table of Contents
0443505005Initial Claims - Special Situations
0443505015Claimant Moves from Foreign Country to U.S.A. Before his/her Claim is Adjudicated
0443505020Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA)
0443505025Onset Established Less Than 5 Full Months Prior to Full Retirement Age (FRA)
0443505030Death in the Waiting Period
0443505035Closed Period/Freeze Determination Where Disability Ceased More than 14 Months Before Application
0443505040Does Not Wish to Pursue Claim
0443505045Failure to Cooperate
0443505050Whereabouts Unknown
0443505055Withdrawal of Claim
0443505060Administrative Res Judicata
0443505070End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
0443505075Foreign Residency Involvement with Career Railroad (RR) or RR Annuitant Cases Processed by Great Lakes Program Service Center-Disability Processing Branch (GLPSC-DPB)
0443505080Technical Denials
0443505085Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Cases
0443505090Reconsideration Cases
0443505095Appeals Beyond the Reconsideration Level
0443510000Development - Table of Contents
0443510005Medical Development - Assisting the Claimant
0443510010Acceptability of Foreign Medical Evidence
0443510015Obtaining MER
0443510020Consultative Examinations
0443510025Reviewing Reports of Consultative Examinations
0443510030Philippine Cases - Medical Development
0443510045DDS Requests for CE from a Foreign Source
0443510050Cancellation of Requests to FSP
0443510055DDS Assistance for Certain Canadian Claims
0443510060Consultative Examinations for Residents of Northern Mexico
0443510065Nonmedical Development
0443510070Diary Control and Followups
0443510075Payment for Medical Evidence
0443510080Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Development
0443515000Translation of Foreign Documents - Table of Contents
0443515001Translation of Foreign Documents
0443520000Routing and Preparation of Forms - Table of Contents
0443520001SSA-423 Request for Services and Reply (Foreign Disability Case)
0443520010SSA-533FC (Translation Request)
0443520025SSA-831-U5 (Disability Determination and Transmittal) - General
0443520030Completion of the SSA-831-U5 by the DO Function - Title II Claims
0443520035Completion of SSA-831-U5 by the DO Function - MQGE Claims
0443520040Completion of SSA-831-U5 by the DO Function for SGA Initial Denials - Title II Claims
0443520050Completion Of The SSA-831-U5 by INTPSC's DDS Function - Title II
0443520055Routing Of Completed SSA-831-U5
0443520060Completion Of The SSA-833-U5 (Cessation or Continuance Of Disability or Blindness Determination and Transmittal)
0443520065Routing Of Completed SSA-833-U5
0443525000Other Processing Issues - Table of Contents
0443525001Initial Claim - Work Issue Recognized Prior to Forwarding to the Examiner
0443525005Initial Claim - Work Issue Discovered by Disability Examiner
0443525010Initial Claim - SGA Denials
0443525015Initial Claim - Work is Not SGA
0443525015DENProcessing CDRS
0443525020Questionable Technical Denials
0443525030Continuing Disability - CDR Enforcements
0443525035Failure to Cooperate-CDR
0443525040Whereabouts Unknown-CDR
0443525045Beneficiary Wishes to Return Checks or Requests Suspension of Benefits
0443525050Request for Reconsideration - Disability Cessation--Disabled Individual Resides in a Foreign Country
0443530000Department of State Development Instructions - Table of Contents
0443530005Disclosure of Social Security Information--FAM 241.2
0443530010Inquiries About Benefits, Attorneys and Other Agents--FAM 241.3-1
0443530015Inquiries About Benefits, Questionnaires--FAM 241.3-2
0443530020Inquiries About Benefits, Formal Applications--FAM 241.3-3
0443530025Disability Cases--FAM 241.6-3
0443530030Events Which May Affect Continuing Eligibility, General--FAM 241.8-1
0443530035How Working Affects Receipt of Benefits--FAM 241.8-2
0443535000Totalization Assistance Requests - Table of Contents
0443535005Responsibilities of the Totalization Modules
0443535010Claims Development Branch
0443535015Medical Requests from Foreign Agencies
0443535020Development Request to DDS
0443535025Completion of the SSA-847-U3
0443535030Receipt of Requested Evidence
0444000000Processing Career Railroad Cases - Table of Contents
0444001000Processing Career (RR) Railroad Cases - Table of Contents
0444001101Introduction to Processing Railroad (RR) Cases
0444001105Jurisdiction of Dual Eligibility Claims
0444001110Dual Eligibility Responsibilities
0444001115Dual Eligibility Case Processing
0444001120Developing Medical Evidence
0444001125Coordination of Dual Eligibility Cases with Railroad Retirement Board (RRB)
0444001130Notices &ndash; Dual Eligibility Railroad Cases
0444001135Hearing Cases with Railroad (RR) Involvement
0444001140Continuing Disability Reviews (CDR) for Railroad (RR) Cases
0444001155Exhibit - Form SSA 415, Notice of Disability Determination and Transmittal
0444001160Exhibit - RRB Form RR-5 Request for SSA Medical Evidence
0444001165Exhibit - RRB Form RL-34B, Reply to Social Security Administration Request for Evidence and Disability Information
0444005000Processing Joint Freeze Cases in the Great Lakes Program Service Center-Disability Processing Branch (GLPSC-DPB) - Table of Contents
0444005001Background on Joint Freeze Cases
0444005005Joint Freeze Processing
0444005010Completion of the SSA-831 (Disability Determination and Transmittal) for Joint Freeze Cases (Except 20/40 Allowance Cases)
0444005015Dispatching Joint Freeze Cases (Except 20/40 Allowance Cases)
0444005020Processing Joint Freeze Cases if Number Holder (NH) is Insured for Disability Insurance Benefits (DIB)
0444005025Processing Reconsiderations on Joint Freeze Cases
0445000000Processing End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Medicare Cases - Table of Contents
0445001000ODO Processing of Initial End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Medicare Cases - Table of Contents
0445001001End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Entitlement Provisions
0445001005Processing ESRD Claims
0445001010Non-Medical Review of Non-DOFA ESRD Claims
0445001015Medical Review of Non-DOFA ESRD Claims
0445001020Processing ESRD Claims of Railroad Retirement Beneficiaries
0445001025Completion of the SSA-892-U3
0445001030Completion of the Automated 101 (A101)
0445001040Multiple ESRD Entitlement Periods
0445001045Establishing a Temporary HI Record
0445001055Report of Transplant or Cessation of Dialysis After Entitlement
0445001060Equitable Relief in Initial ESRD Cases
0445001065Processing ESRD Medicare Disallowances
0445001070State Buy-In Agreement
0445001075ESRD Notices
0445001076ESRD Medicare Disallowance
0445001077R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Kidney Transplant (Temporary Notice)
0445001078R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Kidney Dialysis&mdash;Training Approved (Temporary Notice)
0445001079R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Kidney Dialysis&mdash;No Participation in Self-Dialysis Training (Temporary Notice)
0445001080R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Kidney Dialysis&mdash;Self-Dialysis Training Questionable (Temporary Notice)
0445001081R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Transplant or Dialysis, Entitlement Dates Are the Same or Later Than D-HI/D-SMI Coverage (Conversion Notice)
0445001082R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Transplant or Dialysis, Entitlement Dates Are the Same or Later Than Age 65 HI/SMI Coverage (Conversion Notice)
0445001083R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Transplant to Premium HI/SMI Beneficiary, Entitlement Dates Are The Same or Later Than Premium HI/SMI Coverage (Conversion Notice)
0445001084R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Dialysis to Premium HI/SMI Beneficiary, Entitlement Dates Are The Same or Later Than Premium HI/SMI Coverage (Conversion Notice)
0445001085R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Transplant, Age 65 SMI Beneficiary Did Not Have HI (Conversion Notice)
0445001086R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Dialysis, Age 65 SMI Beneficiary Did Not Have HI (Conversion Notice)
0445001087Subsequent Determination of Deferred Decision, Approval of Earlier R-HI/ R-SMI Entitlement Based on Self-Dialysis Training
0445001088Subsequent Determination of Deferred Decision, Denial of Earlier R-HI/ R-SMI Entitlement Based on Self-Dialysis Training
0445001089Acknowledgement of Report of Kidney Transplant
0445001090Acknowledgement of Report of Cessation of a Regular Course of Dialysis
0445001091Dialysis Cessation Pre-termination Notice of R-HI/R-SMI, and Request for Completion of Form CMS-2728-U3, End Stage Renal Disease Medical Evidence Report Medicare Entitlement and/or Patient Registration
0445001092Transplant Pre-termination Notice of R-HI/R-SMI, and Request for Completion of Form CMS-2728-U3, End Stage Renal Disease Medical Evidence Report Medicare Entitlement and/or Patient Registration
0445001093R-HI/R-SMI Coverage Continuance&mdash;Dialysis Resumed After Transplant
0445001094R-HI Entitlement, R-SMI Refused (Temporary Notice)
0445001095Revised Determination, Earlier Medicare Entitlement Based on Transplant
0445001096R-HI/R-SMI Entitlement Based on Transplant, Closed Period
0445001097R-HI/R-SMI Entitlement Based on Dialysis, Closed Period
0445001098Final Notice of Medicare Termination Due to ESRD Cessation (Dialysis Ended)
0445001099Final Notice of Medicare Termination Due to ESRD Cessation (Transplant)
0445001100Notification of Equitable Relief&mdash;ESRD Termination (Dialysis), DOTH is Earlier Than DOTS&mdash;Beneficiary Not Notified Timely
0445001101Notification of Equitable Relief&mdash;ESRD Termination (Transplant), DOTH is Earlier Than DOTS&mdash;Beneficiary Not Notified Timely
0445001102R-HI/R-SMI Award When RRB Jurisdiction for Medicare is Involved
0445001103Final Notice of Medicare Termination (Due to ESRD and Dialysis Cessations) When RRB Jurisdiction is Involved
0445001104Final Notice of Medicare Termination (Due to ESRD Cessation&mdash;Transplant) When RRB Jurisdiction is Involved
0445001105R-HI/R-SMI Award When RRB Jurisdiction Involved&mdash;LAF Code <Quote>E</Quote> Cases
0445001106Form, HCFA-8063 - Internal Temporary HI Record
0445001107Signature File Card for Completion of Form HCFA-8063
0445001108CRD (ESRD) Kidney Transplant Beneficiaries Listing
0445001109HIB-SMIB Data Enrollment Card Coding Sheet
0445001110Renal Provider List
0445001111Form SSA-892-U3&mdash;End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Medicare Determination
0445001200Federal Employment Involved in the Insured Status of ESRD Medicare Claimants
0445001205FO Responsibilities for ESRD Claims
0445001210ODO Earnings Reviewer Responsibilities
0445001313Case Processing &mdash; Initial Awards (No Record of Beneficiary on MBR) or Claimant Had Medicare Entitlement Which Has Ceased on Own SSN
0445001324Processing ESRD Medicare Claims With Railroad Retirement Board Involvement
0445001326Processing ESRD Claims Involving Insured Status Based on Government Employment
0445001330Equitable Relief in Initial ESRD Cases
0445001340ESRD Medicare Disallowance
0445001341Notice &mdash; R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Transplant or Dialysis, Entitlement Dates are the Same or Later Than D-HI/D-SMI Coverage (Conversion Notice)
0445001342Notice &mdash; R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Transplant or Dialysis, Entitlement Dates are the Same or Later Than Age 65 HI/SMI Coverage (Conversion Notice)
0445001343Notice &mdash; R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Transplant to Premium HI/SMI Beneficiary, Entitlement Dates are the Same or Later Than Premium HI/SMI Coverage (Conversion Notice)
0445001344Notice &mdash; R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Dialysis to Premium HI/SMI Beneficiary, Entitlement Dates are the Same or Later Than Premium HI/SMI Coverage (Conversion Notice)
0445001345Notice &mdash; R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Transplant, Age 65 SMI Beneficiary Did Not Have HI (Conversion Notice)
0445001346Notice &mdash; R-HI/R-SMI Award Based on Dialysis, Age 65 SMI Beneficiary Did Not Have HI (Conversion Notice)
0445001347Notice &mdash; R-HI/R-SMI Award When RRB Jurisdiction for Medicare is Involved:
0445001348Notice &mdash; R-HI/R-SMI Award When RRB Jurisdiction Involved &mdash; LAF Code &ldquo;E&rdquo; Cases
0445001355ESRD Paragraphs
0445001400Processing Center (PC) 7 Instructions for Medicare Part B Immunosuppressive Drugs Coverage (Part B-ID)
0445005000Processing Reconsideration, Hearings, and Appeals Medicare ESRD Cases - Table of Contents
0445005001Processing Medicare End-Stage Renal Disease Reconsideration Cases
0445005005Processing Medicare End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Hearing Cases
0445005900Reconsideration Notice for ESRD Health Insurance Coverage
0445010000Processing Medicare ESRD Cessations and Continuing Actions - Table of Contents
0445010001End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD/CRD)&mdash;General
0445010005Termination Events for Medicare Coverage (R-HI, R-SMI) Based on ESRD
0445010010Acceptable Evidence of Kidney Transplant for ESRD Medicare Terminations
0445010015Diarying and Processing of Postentitlement Cases Following Notice of Transplant or Cessation of Dialysis
0445010020Evaluation of Medical Development Reports
0445010025ESRD Medicare Continuance&mdash;Completion of SSA-892-U3 Determination Form
0445010030ESRD Medicare Termination Action&mdash;Completion of SSA-892-U3
0445010035Notices of Termination
0445010040Preparation for R-HI/R-SMI Systems Terminations
0445010045Equitable Relief in Postentitlement ESRD Cases
0445010050Folder Maintenance of Disallowed or Terminated ESRD Medicare Coverage
0445600000Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) -- Medicare Waiting Period Waived -- PSC - Table of Contents
0445605000ALS -- Medicare Waiting Period Waived -- PSC Procedures - Table of Contents
0445605001Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) - Medicare Waiting Period Waived - Processing Center (PC)
0445605002Exhibit 1 - ALS Coversheet Flag
0451500000Subsequent Disability Applications - Table of Contents
0451501000Subsequent Disability Applications - Table of Contents
0451501001Procedural Change for Subsequent Disability Applications Effective July 28, 2011
0451501005Claimant Requests to File a New Disability Application
0451501010Field Office Actions on Subsequent Disability Applications
0451501015Claimant Submits Additional Evidence
0451501020Claimant Asks to Withdraw a Pending Appeal
0451501025Disposition of Subsequent Disability Applications
0451501030DDS Actions on Subsequent Disability Claims
0452100000Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset - Table of Contents
0452101000Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit(WC/PDB) Offset - Table of Contents
0452101001Introduction to Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset Provisions
0452101005Social Security Amendments with Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset Provisions
0452101010Social Security Rulings (SSRs) Involving Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset
0452105000When Workers' Compensation (WC) Offset Does Not Apply - Table of Contents
0452105001Reverse Offset Plans
0452105005Jones Act Payments
0452105010Third Party Settlements
0452105015Payments Not Considered Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452110000Workers' Compensation (WC) Payments That May Cause Offset - Table of Contents
0452110001Annuities and Trusts
0452110005Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Payments
0452110010Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Payments Made to Employer
0452115000Federal Workers' Compensation (WC) Payments - Table of Contents
0452115001Federal Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC) Payments
0452115005Longshore &amp; Harbor Workers' Compensation Act (LHWCA)
0452115010Federal Employees&rsquo; Compensation Act (FECA)
0452115015Federal Mine Safety and Health Act (FMSHA)
0452115020DOL Data Exchange Black Lung Part C Alerts
0452115025Other Federal Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC) Programs
0452120000State Specific Workers' Compensation (WC) Procedures - Table of Contents
0452120001Introduction to State Specific Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC) Procedures
0452120005Alabama Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120010Alaska Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120015American Samoa Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120020Arizona Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120025Arkansas Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120030California Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120035Colorado Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120040Connecticut Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120045Delaware Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120050District of Columbia Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120055Florida Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120060Georgia Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120065Guam Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120070Hawaii Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120075Idaho Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120080Illinois Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120085Indiana Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120090Iowa Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120095Kansas Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120100Kentucky Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120105Louisiana Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120110Maine Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120115Maryland Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120120Massachusetts Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120125Michigan Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120130Minnesota Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120135Mississippi Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120140Missouri Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120145Montana Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120150Nebraska Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120155Nevada Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120160New Hampshire Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120165New Jersey Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120170New Mexico Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120175New York Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120180North Carolina Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120185North Dakota Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120190Northern Mariana Islands Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120195Ohio Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120200Oklahoma Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120205Oregon Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120210Pennsylvania Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120215Puerto Rico Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120220Rhode Island Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120225South Carolina Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120230South Dakota Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120235Tennessee Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120240Texas Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120245Utah Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120250Vermont Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120255Virginia Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120260Virgin Islands Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120265Washington (WA) Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120270West Virginia Workers' Compensation (WC)
0452120275Wisconsin Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452120280Wyoming Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)
0452125000Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Offset - Table of Contents
0452125001Public Disability Benefits (PDB) - Definitions and Rules for Applying Offset
0452125005Benefits Not Considered a Public Disability Benefit (PDB)
0452125010Determining When a Public Disability Benefit (PDB) is Based on Covered Service
0452125015Determining Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Offset for State and Local Employment
0452125020Determining Public Disability Offset (PDB) for Part B Black Lung
0452130000Federal Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Payments - Table of Contents
0452130001Types of Federal Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Payments
0452130005Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) Disability Benefits
0452130010Federal Employees' Retirement System (FERS) Disability Benefits
0452130015Military Disability Benefits
0452130020Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Data Exchange Alerts
0452130025Field Office (FO)/Processing Center (PC) Input of the Civil Service Public Disability Benefits (CSPDB) Indicator
0452135000State Specific Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Procedures - Table of Contents
0452135001Introduction to State Specific Public Disability Benefits (PDB)
0452135030California Public Disability Benefits (PDB)
0452135070Hawaii Public Disability Benefits (PDB)
0452135080Illinois Public Disability Benefits (PDB)
0452135130Minnesota Public Disability Benefits (PDB)
0452135165New Jersey Public Disability Benefits (PDB)
0452135175New York Public Disability Benefits (PDB)
0452135215Puerto Rico Public Disability Benefits (PDB)
0452135220Rhode Island Public Disability Benefits (PDB)
0452140000Field Office (FO) and Processing Center (PC) Responsibilities for Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset - Table of Contents
0452140001Field Office (FO) Responsibilities for Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset
0452140005Form SSA-546 Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit Questionnaire
0452140010Processing Center (PC) Responsibilities for Processing Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset
0452140015Field Office/Processing Center (FO/PC) Request for Policy Decision Regarding Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)
0452140020Workers' Compensation Resource Intranet Page
0452145000Verification of Proof of Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) - Table of Contents
0452145001Verification of Proof of Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefits (WC/PDB)
0452145005Obtaining Verification/Proof from Outside Sources
0452145010Completion and Receipt of the Form SSA-1709 (Request for Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit Information)
0452145015Retention of Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Proofs
0452150000Factors in Computing Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset - Table of Contents
0452150001Overview of Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Computations
0452150005Total Family Benefits (TFB)
0452150010Average Current Earnings (ACE)
0452150015Determining the Applicable Limit
0452150020Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset First-Considered (OFC) Date and Offset Effective Date (OED)
0452150025Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset Ending Date
0452150030Considering the Retirement Insurance Benefit (RIB) Option
0452150035Determining the Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Amount Used to Compute Offset
0452150040Changes in Workers&rsquo; Compensation/ Public Disability Benefits (WC/PDB) Benefits Paid
0452150045Chart of States&rsquo; Maximum Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC) Benefits
0452150050Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefits (WC/PDB) with Excludable Expenses
0452150055Protected Increases and Breaks in Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Payments, Offset and Entitlement
0452150060Prorating a Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Lump Sum Settlement
0452150065Complex Lump Sum (LS) Awards and Settlements
0452150070How Changes in Family Composition Affect Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefits (WC/PDB) Offset
0452150075Work Deductions and Offset of Auxiliary Benefits
0452150080Triennial Redetermination (Redet) of the Average Current Earnings (ACE)
0452150085Chart of Triennial Redetermination Ratios
0452150090Taxation of Benefits when Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset is Involved
0452155000Initial Claims with Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) - Table of Contents
0452155001Completing Modernized Claims System (MCS) Screens When Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Is Involved
0452155005Initial Claims and Appeals Requiring Diary Control for Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)
0452155010Modernized Claims System (MCS) Earnings Computation (EC) and Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)
0452155015Processing Disability Claims with Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) and Auxiliaries
0452155020Disability Claims with a Prior Period of Disability with Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)
0452155025A101 Processing Claims with Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)
0452155030EF101 Processing of Claims with Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)
0452155035Initial Determination Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Notices
0452155040Processing Disability Claims with a Federal Public Disability Benefit (PDB)
0452160000Expedited Reinstatements with Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) - Table of Contents
0452160001Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Provisional Payments with Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)
0452160005Expedited Reinstatement (EXR) Awards with Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB)
0452165000Interactive Computations Facility (ICF) for Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Computations - Table of Contents
0452165001Using the Interactive Computations Facility (ICF) to Compute Workers' Compensation (WC) Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Offset and ICF Terms
0452165005Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefits (WC/PDB) Offset Data on the Master Beneficiary Record (MBR)
0452165010How to Complete the Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefits (WC/PDB) Interactive Computations Facility (ICF) Screens
0452165015Deleting Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefits (WC/PDB) Data through Interactive Computations Facility (ICF)
0452165020Use Interactive Computation Facility (ICF) Function 34 Online Record Entry (OREO) to Process ICF Problems and Limitations
0452165025Old Interactive Computations Facility (ICF) Function 9 (WC Lump Sum Proration) and Function 28 (WC/PDB)
0452165030Interactive Computations Facility (ICF) Workers&rsquo; Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Notices
0452170000Manual Computations for Workers' Compensation/Public Disability Benefit (WC/PDB) Offset - Table of Contents
0452170001Paper Forms Used to Manually Compute Workers&rsquo; Compensation (WC)/Public Disability Benefit (PDB) Offset
0452170005Form SSA-1203 (Determination of Benefits Payable after Offset)
0452170010Form SSA-2455 (Offset Worksheet-Disability Insurance Benefits)
0452170015Form SSA-3643 (Offset Worksheet &ndash; Triennial Redetermination)
0452170020Form SSA-2454 (Offset Worksheet &ndash; Triennial Redetermination Previously Applied)
0452170025Rounding Rules for Offset Computations
0452170030Manual Proration of Lump Sum Awards
0452170035Estimating Earnings for Years Prior to 1978
0452170040Notice Provision for Pre-1981 Amendment Cases
0452170045Offset of Phaseout Student Benefits
0452170050Estimating Earnings When Gift Quarters Are Involved
0452170055Calendars for Proration (1964-2028)
0452500000Court Cases - Table of Contents
0452501000Introduction - Court Cases - Table of Contents
0452501001Background on Court Cases
0452520000Martinez Fugitive Felon Court Case - Table of Contents
0452520001Overview of Martinez Court Case Settlement
0452520005Martinez Cases that Require a Disability Determination Services Determination
0452520010Disability Determination Services Martinez Case Processing Instructions
0452522000Clark Parole or Probation Violation Court Case - Table of Contents
0452522001Title XVI <Italic>Clark </Italic>Cases that Require a Disability Determination Services Determination
0452522005Disability Determination Services Clark Case Processing Instructions
0452700000Acquiescence Rulings - Table of Contents
0452705000Drummond Acquiescence Ruling - Table of Contents
0452705001General Information on the <Italic>Drummond</Italic> Acquiescence Ruling
0452705005Scope of the <Italic>Drummond</Italic> Acquiescence Ruling (AR)
0452705010How the <Italic>Drummond</Italic> Acquiescence Ruling (AR) Applies
0452705015Field Office (FO) Responsibilities
0452705020Disability Determination Services (DDS) Adjudication
0452705025Processing Center (PC) Responsibilities--Procedures
0452705030Exhibits--Notices For Denying Requests For Readjudication of Interim Period Cases
0452706000Dennard Acquiescence Ruling - Table of Contents
0452706001General Information on the <Italic>Dennard</Italic> Ruling
0452706005Scope of the <Italic>Dennard</Italic> AR
0452706010How the Dennard AR Applies
0452706015FO Responsibilities
0452706020DDS Adjudication
0452706025PC Responsibilities
0452706030Exhibits - Notices For Denying Requests For Readjudication Under the <Italic>Dennard</Italic> AR
0452715000Albright Acquiescence Ruling - Table of Contents
0452715001General Information on the Albright Acquiescence Ruling (AR)
0452715005Scope of the Albright Acquiescence Ruling (AR)
0452715010How the Albright Acquiescence Ruling (AR) Applies
0452715015Field Office (FO) Responsibilities
0452715020Disability Determination Services (DDS) Adjudication
0452715025Processing Center (PC) Responsibilities
0452715030Exhibits--Notices for Denying Requests for Readjudication of Interim Period Cases
0452735000Sykes Acquiescence Ruling (AR) - Table of Contents
0452735001Using the Grid Rules as a Framework for Decisionmaking When an Individual's Occupational Base is Eroded by a Nonexertional Limitation&mdash;Titles II and XVI of the Social Security Act
0452755000Chavez Acquiescence Ruling (AR) - Table of Contents
0452755001General Information on the Chavez Acquiescence Ruling (AR)
0452755005Scope of the Chavez AR
0452755010How the Chavez AR Applies
0452755015FO Responsibilities
0452755020DDS Adjudication
0452755025PC Responsibilities - Procedures
0452755030Exhibits of Notices for Denying Requests for Re-adjudication of Interim Period Cases
0455000000Ticket to Work - Table of Contents
0455001000Overview of the Ticket and Self-Sufficiency Program - Table of Contents
0455001001Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 (P. L. 106-170) -- Overview
0455001005Protection and Advocacy for Beneficiaries of Social Security and Work Incentives Planning and Assistance Programs
0455001500Repeal of Referral Authority for Rehabilitation Services after the Ticket to Work Program was Implemented
0455001600Repeal of Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Refusal Provisions
0455001995Glossary of Terms in the Ticket to Work Program
0455001999Acronyms for Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 (P. L. 106-170)
0455002000Ticket Eligibility - Table of Contents
0455002001Overview of Ticket Eligibility
0455002005Who Is Eligible For a Ticket?
0455002010Other Policies About Ticket Eligibility
0455002015Ticket Selections and Mailings
0455002016Ticket Selections and Mailings in Phase 2 Locations Process
0455002020Ticket Mailer Packages
0455002025Four Ticket Queries
0455002030Handling Non-Receipt, Lost Ticket, and Ticket Non-Selection Questions
0455002035Determining Why The System Did Not Select A Beneficiary/Recipient for A Ticket
0455002040What to Do When Unable to Determine Why A Beneficiary/Recipient is Not Ticket-Eligible
0455002045Inputting A Correction or Update
0455002050When an Individual Wants an Explanation of Why of Why He/She is Not Ticket-Eligible
0455002055Policies Related to Ticket Terminations
0455002060Add or Terminate Ticket Process
0455005000The Program Manager and the Ticket Program - Table of Contents
0455005001General Questions about the Ticket Program Manager's (TPM's) Role in the Ticket to Work Program
0455005005SSA Component Responsibilities with Regard to the Ticket Program Manager (TPM)
0455010000Employment Networks and the Ticket Program - Table of Contents
0455010001General Policy About Employment Networks
0455020000Individual Work Plans and Individualized Plans for Employment - Table of Contents
0455020001Employment Plans
0455025000Ticket Use Status - Table of Contents
0455025001Determining Ticket Status
0455025010Processing the Medical Continuing Disability Review (CDR) for Ticketholders
0455025025Timely Progress Requirements for Ticketholders
0455030000Earnings Verification for Ticket Users - Table of Contents
0455030001Overview of Earnings Verification in Ticket Cases
0455030005Employment Network (EN) Responsibilities for Reporting Alleged Earnings to the Ticket Program Manager (TPM)
0455030010Program Manager (PM) Responsibilities for Reporting Alleged Gross Earnings to SSA
0455030015Field Office (FO) Responsibilities for Handling the TPM's Reports of Earnings
0455030020Guidance on the Roles and Responsibilities of Field Offices (FOs) Regarding the Ticket to Work Program Earnings Process and Employment Network (EN) Payment
0455030030Accessing the CDR Development Worksheet (CDRW) Screen
0455030035Accessing the Query Earnings (QERN) Screen
0455030040Accessing the Evidence (EVID) Screen
0455030045Accessing the Verify/Update Earnings (VERN) Screen
0455030055Handling Fraudulent Earnings Reports
0455030065Continuation of the Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Cost Reimbursement Payment System
0455050000Inquires and Referrals Related to the Ticket Program - Table of Contents
0455050001Handling General Questions About SSA's Ticket To Work Program
0455050005Handling Specific Ticket Eligibility Questions
0455050010Handling General Questions About Continuing Disability Reviews (CDRs) And Ticket Use
0455050015Handling Complaints about the Ticket Program Manager (TPM)
0455050020Handling Program-Related Questions
0455050025Referring Ticket Questions and Issues to the Ticket Program Manager (TPM)
0455050030Handling Calls from the Ticket Program Manager (TPM)
0455050035Telephone and Website Resources for the Ticket to Work Program
0455055000Current Work Incentives and the Ticket - Table of Contents
0455055001Ticket to Work and Other Work Incentives
0455060000EN Payment Systems Under the Ticket Program - Table of Contents
0455060001Overview of the Employment Network (EN) Payment Process
0455060005Overview of EN Payment Policies
0455060010FO Role in Providing Assistance in the EN Payment Process
0455070000DDS Responsibilities in the Ticket and Self-Sufficiency Program - Table of Contents
0455070001Changes to the DDS Referral Procedures
0455075000Ticket to Work Dispute Resolution - Table of Contents
0455075001Dispute Resolution Under the Ticket to Work Program
0455075005Disputes Between Beneficiaries/Recipients and ENs that are not State VR Agencies
0455075010Disputes Between Beneficiaries/Recipients and State VR Agencies
0455075015Disputes Between ENs and the TPM that Do Not Involve EN Payment Issues
0455075020Disputes Involving Contract Issues Between SSA and ENs or SSA and the TPM
0455075025Disputes Involving Payment Issues
0455075030Handling Complaints About the TPM
0455099000Ticket to Work Exhibits - Table of Contents
0455099001SSA-1359 (Ticket Certificate)
0455099005SSA-L1359 (Ticket Notice for the Beneficiary/Recipient)
0455099006SSA-L1359-SP (Ticket Notice for the Beneficiary/Recipient - Spanish)
0455099010SSA-L1360 (Ticket Notice for the Representative Payee, Legal Guardian, or Authorized Representative)
0455099011SSA-L1360-SP (Ticket Notice for the Representative Payee, Legal Guardian, or Authorized Representative - Spanish)
0455099015SSA-L1361 (Ticket Assignment Notice for the Beneficiary/Recipient)
0455099016SSA-L1361-SP (Ticket Assignment Notice for the Beneficiary/Recipient - Spanish)
0455099020SSA-L1362 (Ticket Assignment Notice for the Representative Payee, Legal Guardian, or Authorized Representative)
0455099021SSA-L1362-SP (Ticket Assignment Notice for the Representative Payee, Legal Guardian, or Authorized Representative - Spanish)
0455099070SSA-L1363 (Ticket Termination Notice for the Beneficiary/Recipient)
0455099071SSA-L1363-SP (Ticket Termination Notice for the Beneficiary/Recipient - Spanish)
0455099075SSA-L1364 (Ticket Termination Notice for the Representative Payee, Legal Guardian, or Authorized Representative)
0455099076SSA-L1364-SP (Ticket Termination Notice of the Representative Payee, Legal Guardian, or Authorized Representative - Spanish)
0455099080SSA-L1365 (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Ticket Eligibility Explanation)
0455099081SSA-L1365-SP (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Ticket Eligibility Explanation - Spanish)
0455099085SSA-L1366 (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation Prior Explanation Correct Individual Remains Ineligible &ndash; Same Reason)
0455099086SSA-L1366-SP (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation Prior Explanation Correct Individual Remains Ineligible &ndash; Same Reason-Spanish)
0455099090SSA-L1367 (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation Prior Explanation Correct Individual Remains Ineligible &ndash; Different Reason or Set of Reasons)
0455099091SSA-L1367-SP (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice, Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation, Prior Explanation Correct, Individual Remains Ineligible-Different Reason or Set of Reasons-Spanish)
0455099100SSA-L1368 (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation Prior Explanation Correct Individual Now Eligible for a Ticket Because Situation Changed)
0455099101SSA-L1368-SP (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation Prior Explanation Correct Individual Now Eligible for a Ticket Because Situation Changed-Spanish)
0455099105SSA-L1369 (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation Reason(s) Given in Prior Explanation Was Incorrect Individual Was and Remains Ineligible Different Reason or Set of Reasons)
0455099106SSA-L1369-SP (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation Reason(s) Given in Prior Explanation Was Incorrect Individual Was and Remains Ineligible Different Reason or Set of Reasons-Spanish)
0455099110SSA-L1370 (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation Prior Explanation Incorrect Individual Was Eligible For A Ticket)
0455099115SSA-L1370-SP (Beneficiary/Recipient Notice Review of Ticket Eligibility Explanation Prior Explanation Incorrect Individual Was Eligible For A Ticket-Spanish)
0460000000Research Studies, Demonstrations and Experiments - Table of Contents
0460005000Guaranteed Income Financial Treatment Trial - Table of Contents
0460005005Guaranteed Income Financial Treatment Trial (GIFTT) Overview
0460005010Guaranteed Income Financial Treatment Trial (GIFTT) Participants
0460005015Guaranteed Income Financial Treatment Trial (GIFTT) Unearned Income Waiver
0460005020Guaranteed Income Financial Treatment Trial (GIFTT) Resource Waiver
0460075000Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) - Table of Contents
0460075005Overview of the Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD)
0460075010Who is Eligible to Participate in the Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD)
0460075015Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Participants
0460075020Enrollment Timeline
0460075025Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Contractors and Job Titles
0460075030Field Office (FO), Processing Center (PC), and National 800 Number Network (N8NN) Responsibilities under the Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD)
0460075035Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Participation Period
0460075040Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Offset
0460075045The Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Automated System (PAS)
0460075050Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Operations Units &ndash; Processing Centers
0460075055Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Benefit Rate Increase (BRI)
0460075060Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) End of Year Reconciliation (EOYR)
0460075065Appeal Process for Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Overpayments
0460075070Promoting Opportunity Demonstration (POD) Notices
0460090000The 4 State Benefit Offset Pilot Demonstration (BOPD) - Table of Contents
0460090001The 4-State Benefit Offset Pilot Demonstration (BOPD)
0460090012Determining Amount of Offset
0460090025BOPD Notices-Exhibits
0460099000Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) - Table of Contents
0460099005Overview of the Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) Project
0460099010Who is Eligible to Participate in BOND?
0460099015BOND Participant versus BOND Beneficiary
0460099020Enrollment Timeline
0460099025Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) Contractors and Job Titles
0460099030Field Office (FO), Processing Service Center (PSC), and National 800 Number Network (N8NN) Responsibilities under the Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND)
0460099035Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) Participation Period
0460099040Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) Offset
0460099045Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) Work Continuing Disability Review (CDR) Unit (L5R) Responsibilities
0460099050Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) Stand-Alone System (BSAS)
0460099055OCO Centralized Unit Responsibilities
0460099060Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) Benefit Rate Increase (BRI)
0460099065Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) End of Year Reconciliation (EOYR)
0460099075Appeal Process for BOND Overpayments
0460099080Benefit Offset National Demonstration (BOND) Notices
0470000000Paper Modular Disability Folder - Table of Contents
0470005000Paper Modular Disability Folder - Table of Contents
0470005001Paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF)
0470005005Overview of the Paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF)
0470010000Field Office (FO) Procedures - Table of Contents
0470010001Paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF) - Field Office (FO) Procedures
0470015000Disability Determination Services (DDS) Procedures - Table of Contents
0470015001Paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF) - Disability Determination Services (DDS) Procedures
0470020000Processing Center (PC) Procedures - Table of Contents
0470020001Paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF) &ndash; Processing Center (PC) Procedures
0470025000Office of Hearings Operation Procedures - Table of Contents
0470025001Paper Modular Disability Folder (MDF) Procedures for the Office of Hearings Operations (OHO)
0471000000Processing Disability Claims Filed in the United States by Canadian and Mexican Residents - Table of Contents
0471001000Processing Title II Disability Claims Filed in the United States by Canadian Residents - Table of Contents
0471001010Border Field Office (FO) Process for Title II Initial Disability Claims Canadian Residents File in the United States
0471001030Disability Determination Services (DDS) Process for Title II Initial Disability Claims Canadian Residents File in the United States
0471001070Border Field Office (FO) and Disability Determination Services (DDS) Process for Reconsideration Requests Canadian Residents File in the United States
0471005000Processing Title II Disability Claims Filed in the United States by Mexican Residents - Table of Contents
0471005001Border Field Office (FO) Process for Title II Initial Disability Claims Mexican Residents File in the United States
0471005005Disability Determination Services (DDS) Initial Claim Procedures for Title II Initial Disability Claims Mexican Residents File in the United States
0471005010Border Field Office (FO) and Disability Determination Services (DDS) Process for Reconsideration Requests Mexican Residents File in the United States
0480500000ODARs Case Processing and Management System - Table of Contents
0480550000ODARs Case Processing and Management System - Table of Contents
0480550001Case Processing and Management System - Overview
0480550010CPMS Access
0480600000PC/DPB/ODAR HO Electronic Folder Procedures - Table of Contents
0480630000Processing Center (PC) Procedures - Table of Contents
0480630001Processing Center (PC) Procedures
0480630010Electronic Folder (EF)
0480630030Forwarding Evidence
0480630050Case Transfers to PC
0480630060Disability Processing Branch (DPB) Workloads
0480630070Trailer Material
0480640000Disability Processing Branch (DPB) Procedures - Table of Contents
0480640001Disability Processing Branch (DPB) Procedures
0480640010Rollout of the Electronic Disability Process
0480640020Electronic Folder (EF)
0480640040Case Transfers between Electronic Offices and Non-Electronic Offices
0480640050Routing Evidence
0480800000PC/ODAR HO Certified Electronic Folder Process - Table of Contents
0480830000Processing Center (PC) Procedures - Certified Electronic Process - Table of Contents
0480830001Processing Center (PC) Procedures &ndash; Certified Electronic Process Background
0480830010Electronic Folder (EF)
0480830020Ways That Actions on a Fully Electronic Case Can Enter Processing Center (PC) Workflow
0480830030Using Information in the Electronic Folder (EF)
0480830040Documenting Processing Center (PC) Actions
0480830045Adding Paperless Documents in the Electronic Folder (EF)
0480830050Initial Claims and Reconsideration Actions
0480830060Post-Entitlement (P/E) Actions
0480830070Special Situations &ndash; Office of Disability and Adjudication Review (ODAR) Reversals
0480830075Bureau Protest Memo Due to Error in the Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) or Appeals Council (AC) Decision
0480830076Pre-effectuation (PER) Review
0481000000Electronic Disability Guide (eDG) Procedures for the Electronic Process - Table of Contents
0481001000Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) - Table of Contents
0481001005Electronic Disability (eDib) and the Electronic Folder (EF)
0481001010Commonly Used Acronyms and Terms in the Electronic Disability Guide (eDG)
0481001015Determining if a Folder is a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)
0481001020Paper Folder Indicators (PFIs)
0481001025Authorized Access to the Electronic Folder (EF)
0481001030Claimant or Representative Requests a Copy of the Claims Folder
0481001035Copying a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) to Compact Disc (CD) or Portable Document Format (PDF)
0481001040Editing a Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) in eView
0481001045Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Routing Form
0481005000eView - Table of Contents
0481005005eView Overview
0481005010Office Code Field
0481005020Case Selection
0481005025Case Selection Screen
0481005030Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Claims Status Screen in eView
0481005035Title Bars
0481005040Alerts &amp; Messages Tab
0481005045Case Data Tab
0481005050Case Documents Tab
0481005052Copy Documents
0481005055Status/History Tab
0481005060Exhibit List Tab
0481005065Printing from eView
0481005070Editing a Case from eView
0481007000IDR Intake and Processing - Table of Contents
0481007005Internet Disability Report (IDR) Intake Overview and Commonly Used Acronyms, Reports, and Terms
0481007010Initial Public Contact and Access
0481007020Elements Common to Internet Disability Reports (IDR)
0481007030i3368 - Adult Disability Report
0481007035Receiving the i3368
0481007040i3820 - Child Disability Report
0481007045Receiving the i3820
0481007050i3441 Disability Appeal - iAppeals
0481007055Receiving the i3441 (Disability Appeal &ndash; iAppeals)
0481007060Internet User (IU) Submits the Wrong Internet Disability Report (IDR)
0481007070Internet Query Facility
0481007080Internet Workload Management
0481010000FO Procedures - Electronic Process - Table of Contents
0481010005Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Overview
0481010010Office Code Utility
0481010015Time-Out Due to Lack of Activity
0481010020Creating Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Cases
0481010025Completing Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Forms for Initial Claims
0481010030Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) Exclusions and Limitations
0481010035Data Propagation
0481010040Source Reference File (SRF)
0481010045Data Repropagation in Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)
0481010050Fields and Edits in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)
0481010055Saving Data and Exiting Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Cases
0481010060Accessing a Pending Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Case
0481010065Unlocking Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Cases
0481010070Printing Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Forms
0481010080Alerts, Flags, and Messages in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)
0481010085Transferring Cases in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)
0481010087Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Routing Form
0481010090Faxing Documents into the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) Using Barcodes
0481010095Using the Update-After-Transfer (UAT) Utility
0481010100Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Actions Page
0481010105Deleting or Manually Clearing Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS) Cases
0481010110Processing Field Office (FO) Technical Reactivations
0481010120Using Form Attestation for Work Activity Reports
0481010125Receiving Medical Evidence in the Field Office
0481010135Storing Non-Medical Evidence in the Electronic Folder (EF)
0481010137Receiving Documents Submitted through iAppeals
0481010140Processing Field Office (FO) Determinations
0481010141Processing Electronic Informal Remands
0481010143Processing Medical Reactivations
0481010144Processing End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Cases
0481010150Processing Claims Appeals of Medical Decisions in Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)
0481010155Processing Subsequent Claims or Appeals Filed While a Prior Claim or Appeal is Pending at the Appeals Council (AC)
0481010160Processing Favorable Appeals Council (AC) Decisions
0481010200Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Short Term Process Overview
0481010205Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Case Selection
0481010210Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Exclusions
0481010215The Comparison Point Decision (CPD) Date and Folder
0481010225CDR Forms for Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Reviews
0481010230Creating an EDCS Record for an Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR)
0481010232Creating a Record for an Age 18 Disability Redetermination in the Electronic Disability Collect System (EDCS)
0481010235Associating the Comparison Point Decision (CPD) Folder with an Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR)
0481010240Transferring the Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR)
0481010242Unable-to-Locate (UTL) Paper Comparison Point Decision (CPD) Folder
0481010245Processing Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Decisions
0481020000DDS Procedures - Electronic Process - Table of Contents
0481020005Electronic Folder Interface (EFI) Download
0481020010Paper Folder Indicators (PFI)
0481020015Electronic Claim Receipt Process
0481020020Electronic Case Development
0481020025Processing Electronic Reconsideration Cases
0481020030Prior Folder Material
0481020035Document Management Architecture (DMA) Barcodes and Document Indexing
0481020040Document Types
0481020050Onsite Scanning Procedures
0481020055Document Retention and Destruction
0481020060Receiving Evidence in Disability Determination Services (DDS)
0481020065Electronic Case Documentation
0481020070Consultative Examinations (CE)
0481020075Field Office (FO) Determinations
0481020080Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) Alerts
0481020085Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) Flags
0481020090Certified Electronic Folder (CEF) Messages
0481020095Annotations, Bookmarks, and Categories (ABCs)
0481020100Electronic Assistance Requests (AR)
0481020105eForms, UniForms, and Forms Incorporated in Electronic Tools
0481020110Medical Evaluation
0481020115Processing Reopenings
0481020117Processing Medical Reactivations
0481020119Processing Electronic Informal Remands
0481020120Subsequent Claim Filed While a Prior Claim or Appeal is Pending at the Appeals Council (AC)
0481020125Electronic Case Routing Before Final Determination
0481020127Processing &ldquo;No Determination&rdquo; (ND) Claims
0481020130Electronic Case Closure
0481020135Federal Quality Review (QR)
0481020140Processing Trailer Material for the Certified Electronic Folder (CEF)
0481020200Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Short Term Process Overview
0481020205Receipting an Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR)
0481020210Scanning the SSA-454-BK (Continuing Disability Review Report) into the CEF
0481020215Reviewing Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Cases
0481020220Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Development
0481020225Linking and Unlinking the Comparison Point Decision (CPD) Folder
0481020230Documenting and Copying Comparison Point Decision (CPD) Relevant Evidence and Preparing the Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Rationale
0481020235Medical/Psychological Consultant (MC/PC) Review
0481020240Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Determinations
0481020245Individual Moves to Another State before Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Determination is Final
0481020250Closing and Routing Electronic Continuing Disability Review (eCDR) Cases
0481020255Processing a Reconsideration Appeal of an Electronic Continuing Disability (eCDR) Cessation
0490000000Drug Addiction and Alcoholism - Table of Contents
0490070000Drug Addiction and Alcoholism Case Processing Under Public Law 104-121 - Table of Contents
0490070041Evaluating Cases Involving Drug Addiction and Alcoholism (DAA) SSR 13-2p
0490070050Adjudicating a Claim Involving Drug Addiction or Alcoholism (DAA)
0490070060DAA Condition
0490070900DAA (P.L. 104-121) Exhibits
0500500000Eligibility - Table of Contents
0500501000Eligibility Under the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Provisions - Table of Contents
0500501001Eligibility Under the Supplemental Security Income Provisions
0500501010Determining Child Status for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Purposes
0500501010DENHutterite Colonies
0500501015Determining Parent-Child Relationships for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Purposes
0500501020Student - SSI
0500501055Exchange of Information with Law Enforcement Officials &mdash;Fugitive Felons and Parole and Probation Violators
0500501060Denial of SSI Benefits to Individuals Found to Have Fraudulently Misrepresented Residence in Order to Obtain Benefits Simultaneously in Two or More States
0500501100Essential Persons in the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program
0500501110Loss of Essential Person Status - SSI
0500501150Determining Whether a Marital Relationship Exists
0500501152Determining Whether Two Individuals Are Holding Themselves Out as a Married Couple
0500501153SSA-4178 - Marital Relationship Questionnaire - Exhibit
0500501154Determining When Couple Computation Rules Apply
0500501155Couple Computation Rules for Applications Filed On or After August 22, 1996
0500501300Multicategory Eligibility - General Information
0500501400Residence and Citizenship Requirement
0500501410Ineligibility Due to Absence from the United States/Developing Presence
0500501411SSI Eligibility for Students Temporarily Abroad - Overview
0500501412SSI Eligibility for Students Temporarily Abroad - Case Processing
0500501413SSI Eligibility for Students Temporarily Abroad - Notices
0500501415Blind or Disabled Children of Military Personnel Stationed Overseas - Overview
0500501416Blind or Disabled Children of Military Personnel Stationed Overseas - Processing Responsibilities
0500501417Blind or Disabled Children of Military Personnel Stationed Overseas - Informing Recipients of Changes
0500501418Blind or Disabled Children of Military Personnel Stationed Overseas - Systems Input
0500501419Blind or Disabled Children of Military Personnel Stationed Overseas - Exhibits
0500501420Permanent Residence under Color of Law (PRUCOL) Pre-1996 Legislation
0500501425Continuous Residence Since Before January 1, 1972
0500501430Verification of Alien Status with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to Establish Permanent Residence Under Color of Law (PRUCOL)
0500501440Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986
0500501450Alien Requests for Information About Possible Deportation for Receiving SSI
0500501500ATLTitle XVI Nondisability Tolerances For Development Of Hyatt And Samuels Cases
0500502000SSI Alien Eligibility - Table of Contents
05005020011996-1998 Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Alien Changes &mdash; General
0500502100Basic SSI Alien Eligibility Requirements
0500502105Exemption from Alien Provisions for Certain Noncitizen Indians
0500502106Time-Limited Eligibility for Certain Aliens
0500502108SSI Eligibility For Cuban/Haitian Entrants
0500502110General Alien Development
0500502115Verification of Alien Eligibility with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
0500502116&ldquo;Deemed Qualified Alien&rdquo; Status Based On Battery Or Extreme Cruelty By A Family Member
0500502120Eligibility on the Basis of Receiving SSI Benefits on an Application Filed Before January 1, 1979
0500502130Documentary Evidence of Qualified Alien Status
0500502135LAPR with 40 Qualifying Quarters of Earnings
0500502140Veteran or Active Duty Member of the Armed Forces, a Spouse, or a Dependent Child
0500502142Qualified Aliens Who Are Blind Or Disabled And Were Lawfully Residing In The U.S. On 8/22/96
0500502145Development of Marital Relationships
0500502150Qualified Aliens Receiving Benefits On 8/22/96 (Balanced Budget Act of 1997, P.L. 105-33)
0500502152Readjudication Of N13 Denials That Were Based On Alien Eligibility Law In Effect Prior To 8/5/97
0500502153SSI Eligibility for Nonqualified Aliens Who Were Receiving SSI on 8/22/96 &mdash; 1998 <Quote>Grandfathering</Quote> Legislation
0500502155SSI Eligibility for Aliens Receiving Benefits on 8/22/96 (1996 Legislation)
0500502158Individuals Who Received Informal Denials Based On Alien Eligibility Law In Effect Prior To 8/5/97
0500502160Exhibit Notice - Nonqualified Alien Suspension Notice &mdash;Pay Version
0500502165Exhibit Notice - Nonqualified Alien Suspension Notice -Non-Pay Version
0500502170Exhibit Notice - Nonqualified Alien Suspension Notice - 1619(B) Version
0500502200Sponsor-to-Alien Deeming (1996-1997 Legislation)
0500502215The Affidavits of Support
0500502220Old Version Affidavit of Support
0500502240Legally Enforceable/New Version Affidavit of Support (I-864)
0500502280Indigence Exception to Sponsor Deeming
0500502301Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Extension for Elderly and Disabled Refugees Act
0500502302Aliens Whose 7-year Eligibility Period Ended August 22, 1996, through October, 1, 2008, and who SSA Manually Reinstated
0500502303Aliens Whose 7-year Period Expired October 1, 2008, or Later (Case in Current or Force Pay)
0500502304Aliens Whose 7-year Period Expired Prior to October 1, 2008, and have not Been Reinstated &ndash; Records in PSY N13, T30, T31, or T33
0500502305Aliens Whose 7-year Eligibility Ended but Never Filed for SSI - New Applications
0500502306Exhibits for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Extension for Elderly and Disabled Refugees Act
0500502400Notices Background
0500502410Notice Procedure (1997 Legislation)
0500502450Form Letter for Eligible Individuals (1997 Legislation)
0500502460Award Notice Language (1997 Legislation)
0500502470Denial/Suspension Notice Language - Not Eligible Alien (1997 Legislation)
0500502480Denial/Suspension Notice Language - Not U.S. Resident (N23) (1997 Legislation)
0500502485Notice Language for N13 Suspensions When 7-Year Period of Eligibility Ends (1997 Legislation)
0500502487Reinstatement Notice Language (1997 Legislation)
0500502490Overpayment Notice Language for Payment Status N13 or N23 (1997 Legislation)
0500502500Optional Multiple Language Enclosure (1997 Legislation)
0500502550Notice Language for Sponsor-to-Alien Deeming
0500510000Requirement to File for Other Program Benefits - Table of Contents
0500510001Overview of the Filing for Other Program Benefits Requirement
0500510005Types of Other Program Benefits
0500510010Pensions and Certain Compensation Programs as Potential Sources of Other Benefits
0500510020Use of the SSA-L8050-U3 to Refer Individuals for Program Benefits Other than Title II
0500510021Use of the SSA- L8051-U3 to Refer Individuals to File for Social Security Benefits
0500510025Monitoring and Determinations of Compliance &mdash; Filing for Other Benefits
0500510030Exhibit of the SSA-L8050-U3 (SSI Claim Information Notice)
0500510031Exhibit of the SSA-L8051-U3 (Referral Notice for Social Security Benefits
0500515001Requirement for Permission to Contact Financial Institutions for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Eligibility
0500515010Processing Certain Financial Permission Cases When a Deemor Refuses Permission and the Claimant Turns Age 18
0500520000Institutionalization - Table of Contents
0500520001Residence in an Institution
0500520001CHIField Office Liaison With Title XIX Facilities/Institutions
0500520001DALResidence in an Institution
0500520001DENResidence in an Institution (Basic Care Facilities in North Dakota)
0500520009Special Considerations for Penal Institutions
0500520009BOSConnecticut Department of Corrections and Federal Bureau of Prisons Release Programs
0500520009PHI(PA) Pennsylvania Community Correction Centers (TN 3 -- 9/2004)
0500520010Employees of Institutions
0500520011Determination of Applicability of $30 Payment Limit
0500520012Payment Limit Due to Medicaid Transfer of Resources Penalty
0500520107PHIContinuation Of Benefits For Recipients Temporarily Institutionalized -- Manual Notices
0500520120Residents of Institutions - Eighth Judicial Circuit
0500520130Special Benefits for Institutionalized 1619 Eligibles - General
0500520131Special Benefits for Institutionalized 1619 Eligibles -Institutional Agreements
0500520140Temporary Institutionalization (TI) Benefits
0500520141Temporary Institutionalization (TI) Benefits - Notices
0500520400Educational or Vocational (ED/VOC) Training
0500520500Publicly Operated Community Residence (POCR)
0500520510Making Living Arrangement Determinations for Residents of Assisted Living Facilities
0500520600Residents of Public Emergency Shelters for the Homeless
0500520625Safe Havens Demonstration Program
0500520625ATLSafe Havens Demonstration Program
0500520625BOSSafe Havens Demonstration Program
0500520625DALSafe Havens Demonstration Program
0500520625DENSafe Havens Demonstration Program
0500520625KCSafe Havens Demonstration Program
0500520625NYSafe Havens Demonstration Program (RTS 373 - 7/2003)
0500520625PHISafe Havens Demonstration Program (TN 2 -- 02/2004)
0500520700Conversion of Facilities to Medicaid
0500520720Decertification of Medicaid Facilities
0500520730Field Office Liaison with Institutions
0500520800Facility Determinations
0500520800KCFacility Determinations for Kansas Institutions for Mental Disease (TN 1 - 06/2003)
0500520820Exhibit &mdash; SSA-8045, SSI Facility Information and Determination Form
0500520900Prerelease Procedure - Institutionalization
0500520910Prerelease Agreements with Institutions
0500520920Processing Prerelease Claims
0500520930Exhibits of Prerelease Agreements, Referrals, and Forms
0500530000Fugitive Felons and Parole and Probation Violators - Table of Contents
0500530001How Does an Individual&rsquo;s Fugitive Status Affect SSI Benefits?
0500530005How Do We Identify SSI Recipients Who are Fugitives or Probation or Parole Violators?
0500530010For Which Months are Fugitives Ineligible?
0500530015Good Cause Provision
0500530017Preparing the Notice of Planned Action
0500530020When May Benefits be Resumed?
0500530025Deferral of Overpayment Recovery
0500530030Why Do We Need a Warrant or Court Order?
0500530040What If an Individual Has Multiple Warrants?
0500530100What is a First Party Report of Fugitive Status?
0500530110Initial SSI Claims
0500530120SSI Redeterminations
0500530130Other First Party Reports
0500530140In First Party Reports, What are the Procedures for Determining Whether an Individual is a Fugitive Felon?
0500530150What if Individual Cannot Provide Warrant Information?
0500530160What If an Individual Reports Fleeing From a Crime Committed in a Foreign Country?
0500530200What is OIG&rsquo;s Role in Identifying Fugitives?
0500530205Fugitive Felon Automated Case Processing (FFAP)
0500530210What is a Law Enforcement Agency&rsquo;s Role in Identifying Fugitives?
0500530220What FO has Jurisdiction When Warrant and SSR Address are in Different Areas?
0500530230How Do I Process a Fugitive Referral From OIG?
0500530240Individual Identified and Taken into Custody
0500530250Efforts to Locate Unsuccessful
0500530260Law Enforcement Unwilling to Act on Warrant
0500530270How Do I Process an OIG Referral With an SSI Claim Pending?
0500530280OIG Case Feedback Form
0500530400May a Law Enforcement Agency Directly Contact a FO About a Fugitive Felon or Parole/Probation Violator?
0500530410Can I Use Information From a Law Enforcement Officer to Suspend or Deny Payments?
0500530420Can I Use Reports of Fugitive Status From Other Third Parties to Suspend Payments?
0500530430How Do I Process a Report of Fugitive Status From a Third Party through MSSICS?
0500530500Do the Rules of Administrative Finality Apply When the Individual Had no Prior Knowledge of the Fugitive Provisions?
0500530510How Do I Apply Rules of Administrative Finality When Fraud or Similar Fault is Not Found?
0500530600How Do I Respond to Questions From Someone in N25 Status?
0500530800Fugitive Felon Status for Residents of Connecticut, New York, and Vermont&mdash;<Italic>Fowlkes</Italic> Court Case
0500530900What Security Measures Should Field Offices Take When Interviewing an Individual Identified as a Fugitive or a Parole or Probation Violator?
0500530901May OIG Make an Arrest in the FO?
0500530910Offense Code Categories for Crimes
0500530920Medical Impairment Codes for Good Cause Decisions
0500530925Law Enforcement Action Codes on OI-5D
0500530930Fugitive Felon Indicator Values on OI-5D
0500600000The SSI Application Process - Table of Contents
0500601000General Applications and Interviewing Policy - Table of Contents
0500601005Introduction to Applications Policy
0500601008Terms Pertinent to the Application Process
0500601009Application Effective Date
0500601010Filing Applications
0500601011Filing Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Applications for Disabled Youth Transitioning out of Foster Care
0500601012Proper Applicant
0500601015Protective Filing - General
0500601020Protective Filing -- Written Statement
0500601025Protective Filing - Oral Inquiry
0500601027Title II Application as a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Oral Inquiry
0500601030Documenting Oral Inquiries
0500601035Adjudicating Title II When a Title XVI Application Is Filed
0500601037Closing Out Leads and Protective Filings
0500601040Protective Filing Closeout Notices
0500601048Duplicate Applications
0500601050Withdrawal of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Application
0500601060Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Interviewing
0500601080Adjudicating Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Claims General
0500601100General Guidance for Information or Evidence
0500601110Final Request - Failure to Cooperate (N18) - Initial Claims
0500601120SSA-L8009-U3 (Supplemental Security Income, Important Information (IC)) &ndash; Notice Instructions
0500601140Final Request - Failure to Pursue Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Eligibility (N17)--Initial Claims
0500602000Abbreviated Application Process for Clear Technical Denials - Table of Contents
0500602001The Abbreviated Application Process
0500602005Abbreviated Application (ABAP) Obtained Inappropriately
0500602010Completing the SSA-8001-BK as an ABAP
0500602015Completing the SSA-8000-BK (Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)) as an Abbreviated Application (ABAP)
0500602020Situations Requiring Documentation
0500602025Appealing Abbreviated Application (ABAP) Denials
0500603000The SSI Disability/Blindness Initial Claims Process - Table of Contents
0500603001Processing Disability/Blindness Initial Claims -Overview
0500603002Explanation of Deferred and Simultaneous Development
0500603003Deferred Development Application Process
0500603004Simultaneous Development Application Process
0500603010Policy and Procedure When Eligibility Is Questionable
0500603011Procedure When a Nondisability Denial Is Reversed
0500603015Processing Nondisability Aspects of a Disability Appeal
0500603020Disability Determination Services (DDS) Early Alert Notifications
0500603030Preeffectuation Review Contact (PERC) - Introduction
0500603031When a Preeffectuation Review Contact (PERC) Is Required
0500603032Exceptions to Conducting a Preeffectuation Review Contact (PERC)
0500603033Preeffectuation Review Contact (PERC) Procedures - General
0500603034Limited Preeffectuation Review Contacts (PERCs)
0500603035Preeffectuation Review Contact (PERC) for Deferred Claims
0500603036Full Preeffectuation Review Contact for Simultaneous Development Claims
0500603040Special Adjudication Procedures for Disability Claims
0500604000Completion of Form SSA-8000-BK, Application for Supplemental Security Income - Table of Contents
0500604001Application For Supplemental Security Income, Form SSA-8000-BK
0500604002Form SSA-8000-BK (Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI): Exhibit
0500604003Preliminary Discussion Before Completing the SSA-8000-BK
0500604005Telephone (TEL) Block on Form SSA-8000-BK (Application for Supplementary Security Income (SSI))
0500604006Food Stamp-Social Security Administration/Application and Food Stamp (FS-SSA/APP and FS)-Referred Blocks
0500604007Unmarked Portion of Upper Right Corner of Page 1
0500604008Filing Date Block
0500604009Preferred Language Block
0500604010Procedure for Type of Claim Section
0500604015Completing Part I (Basic Eligibility) of the SSA-8000-BK: General
0500604016Name, Sex, Birthdate, and SSN - Question 1(a)
0500604017Other Names and SSNs and Identifying Information - Question 1(b) - (d)
0500604018Marital Status: Question 5
0500604019Prior Marriage(s)
0500604020Illnesses, Injuries, or Conditions (Blind or Disabled): Question 7
0500604022Birthplace and U.S. Citizenship: Questions 8 Through 10
0500604023Aliens Status: Question 11
0500604024Alien Lawfully Admitted For Permanent Residence: Question 12
0500604025Qualified Alien Status Based on Battery or Extreme Cruelty While in the U.S.: Question 13
0500604028Qualified Alien Status Based on Active Military Duty: Question 14
0500604030U.S. Residency: Question 15
0500604031Presence in the U.S.: Question 16
0500604035Alien Allocation: Question 17
0500604038Fugitive Felons: Question 18
0500604045Completing Part II (Living Arrangements) of the SSA-8000-BK: General
0500604046Where You Live: Question 20
0500604047Institution: Question 21
0500604048Institution Residence Information: Question 22
0500604049Noninstitutional Care: Questions 22 and 23
0500604050Household Arrangements: Question 24
0500604051Living Alone or Only With Spouse: Question 25
0500604052Household Composition: Question 26(a)
0500604053Children in Household Receiving Income: Question 26(b) and (c)
0500604054Rent-Free Shelter: Question 27
0500604055Home Ownership: Question 28
0500604056Rental Liability: Question 29
0500604057Landlord/Tenant Relationship: Question 30
0500604058Inside In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) and Cash from Within Household: Question 31
0500604059Separate Consumption and Separate Purchase of Food: Question 32
0500604060Contributions to Household Expenses: Question 33
0500604061Loan to Repay Share of Household Expenses: Question 34
0500604062Earmarked Sharing: Question 35
0500604063Household Operating Expenses: Question 36
0500604064In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) and Cash From Outside Of The Household: Question 37
0500604065Changes In Living Arrangements: Question 38
0500604070Completing Part III of the SSA-8000-BK (Resources) - General
0500604071Vehicles: Question 40
0500604072Life Insurance: Question 44
0500604073Life Estates, Unprobated Estates, and Other Items: Question 42
0500604074Liquid Resources: Questions 42 and 43
0500604075Other Property: Question 41
0500604077Changes in Resources Since the Filing Date: Question 45
0500604078Transfer of Resources: Question 49
0500604079Burial Funds: Question 47
0500604080Burial Space: Question 48
0500604085Completing Part IV (Income) of the SSA-8000-BK: General
0500604086Income: Question 50
0500604087Overpayment Collection From Other Benefits: Question 51
0500604088In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) to One Person or Other In-Kind Income: Question 52
0500604089Wages: Question 53
0500604090Self-Employment: Question 54
0500604091Blind Work Expenses (BWE) and Impairment-Related Work Expenses (IRWE): Question 55
0500604092Court Ordered Support: Question 56
0500604093School Attendance: Question 57
0500604095Completing Part V of the SSA-8000-BK (Potential Eligibility for Food Stamps/Medical Assistance/ Other Benefits) - General
0500604096Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Formerly Known as Food Stamps): Question 58
0500604097Medical Assistance: Question 59
0500604098Leads For Other Benefits: Question 60
0500604100Completing Part VI (Miscellaneous) of the SSA-8000-BK: Question 61
0500604105Completing Part VII of the SSA-8000-BK (Remarks)
0500604108Important Information: Item 62
0500604109Signatures: General
0500604111Signature: Item 63 and 65
0500604113Mailing Address: Question 2
0500604114Claimant's Residence Address: Question 3
0500604116Direct Deposit Information: Question 4
0500604118Blind or Visually Impaired Notice Options: Question 64
0500604119Witnesses - Question 65
0500604120Completing the "Receipt For Claim" and "Changes To Report" Tear-Off Page
0500604130Filing For Medicaid Based on SSI
0500605000Use and Completion of Form SSA-8001-BK - Table of Contents
0500605001Introduction to the Application for Supplemental Security Income, Form SSA-8001-BK
0500605005Completing Preliminary Information on the Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) SSA-8001-BK
0500605010Completing Part 1 Basic Eligibility of the Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSA-8001-BK)
0500605015Completing Part 2 Living Arrangement of the Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSA-8001-BK)
0500605020Completing Part 3 Resources of the Application for Supplemental Security Income SSA-8001-BK
0500605025Completing Part 4 of the SSA-8001-BK -- Income
0500605030Completing Part 5 Supplemental Nutritional Assistance Program (SNAP) of the Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSA-8001-BK)
0500605031Completing Parts 6 and 7 of the SSA-8001-BK --Miscellaneous and Remarks
0500605035Part 8- Important Information Section of the SSA-8001-BK
0500605040Completing Part 9 Signatures of the Application for Supplemental Security Income (SSA-8001-BK)
0500605045Completing the &ldquo;Receipt for Your Claim&rdquo; Tear-Off Page
0500605050Exhibit of the SSA-8001-BK
0500800000Income - Table of Contents
0500810000General - Income Rules for the Supplemental Security Income Program - Table of Contents
0500810001Income and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Eligibility
0500810005What is Income
0500810007Income Exclusions
0500810010Relationship of Income to Resources
0500810015Types of Income
0500810020Forms and Amounts of Income
0500810025Effect of Garnishment or Seizure
0500810030When Income Is Counted
0500810035Unstated Income
0500810120Income Determinations Involving Agents
0500810120DALIncome Determinations Involving Agents
0500810130Income Derived from Joint Financial Accounts
0500810300Computing Countable Income General Information
0500810310How to Compute Countable Income
0500810350Income Break-Even Points General Information
0500810400Statutory Exclusions - General
0500810410Infrequent or Irregular Income Exclusion
0500810420$20 Per Month General Income Exclusion
0500810430Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) as an Income Exclusion
0500810500Income Verification
0500810550Developing Income Discovered in Negative Verification
0500810600Period for Which an Estimate is Required
0500810610How to Estimate Income
0500810620Estimating Income - Interaction with Deeming
0500810700Income of Members of Religious Orders - General
0500810705SEATrappist Monks of Guadalupe (RTN 01, 08/2013)
0500815000What Is Not Income - Table of Contents
0500815001What Is Not Income - General
0500815050Medical and Social Services, Related Cash, and In-Kind Items
0500815050BOSState Of Connecticut Department Of Mental Retardation - Medical And Social Service Funds
0500815050CHI(IL) Illinois Family Assistance Program For Mentally Disabled Children
0500815050KCMissouri Blind Pension
0500815050PHIAdult Services Program Payments
0500815051BOSMedical And Social Services, Related Cash, And In-Kind Items - Massachusetts Catastrophic Illness In Children Relief Fund
0500815051CHI(MI) Michigan Family Support Subsidy
0500815052CHICommunity Integrated Living Arrangements (CILA) - (RTN 410 -- 08/2007)
0500815100Food and Shelter Received During a Medical Confinement
0500815150Personal Services
0500815200Conversion or Sale of a Resource
0500815250Rebates and Refunds
0500815270Income Tax Refunds
0500815300Credit Life or Credit Disability Insurance Payments
0500815350Proceeds of a Loan
0500815350DALProceeds of a Loan
0500815400Bills Paid By a Third Party
0500815450Replacement of Income Already Received
0500815460Return of Erroneous Payments
0500815500Weatherization Assistance
0500815550Receipt of Certain Noncash Items
0500815600Wage-Related Payments
0500820000Earned Income - Table of Contents
0500820001Earned Income
0500820005Sick Pay
0500820010In-Kind Items Provided as Remuneration for Employment
0500820100Wages - General
0500820100BOSMassachusetts Senior Property Tax Work-Off Program (BASIC, 02/15)
0500820100SEATreatment of Chore Service, Personal Care and Attendant Care Service Payments in Alaska, Idaho, Oregon and Washington (RTS 002 - 08/2007)
0500820102Cafeteria Benefit Plans
0500820115Wage Advances and Deferred Wages
0500820125When Wage Verification Is and Is Not Required
0500820127Period for Wage Verification
0500820130Evidence of Wages or Termination of Wages
0500820130CHIWisconsin Green Thumb (aka Experience Works) Employment Program (RTN 391, 03/2011)
0500820131Income Summary Worksheets
0500820132Periodic Reporting Income Summary Worksheets
0500820133Wage Verification - General
0500820135Wage Verification and Reported Wages Over $65 per Month
0500820140Wage Verification - $65 or Less
0500820141Alternative Wage Verification &ndash; Periodic Reports With Evidence
0500820142Alternative Wage Verification - Sheltered Workshop Pays $65 or Less Per Month to All
0500820143Monthly Wage Reporting
0500820145Form SSA-L4201-BK (Letter to Employer Requesting Wage Information)
0500820147Evidence of Wages from Wage Verification Companies
0500820150Estimating Future Wages
0500820160How to Treat Fluctuating Earned Income Which Never Exceeds $65/Month
0500820200Net Earnings from Self-Employment (NESE)
0500820210How to Determine Net Earnings from Self-Employment (NESE)
0500820220How to Verify Net Earnings from Self-Employment (NESE)
0500820230How to Estimate NESE for Current Taxable Year
0500820300Payments for Services Performed in a Sheltered Workshop or Work Activities Center
0500820400Uniformed Services&mdash;Pay and Allowances Effective on or after September 1, 2008
0500820450Royalties and Honoraria
0500820500Earned Income Exclusions - General
0500820510Student Earned Income Exclusion
0500820520$65 Plus One-Half Remainder Per Month Earned Income Exclusion
0500820530Work Expense Exclusions - General
0500820535Blind Work Expense (BWEs)
0500820540Impairment-Related Work Expenses (IRWE)
0500820545Work Expenses - Interaction with Other Policies
0500820550Work Expense Development and Documentation
0500820555List of Type and Amount of Deductible Work Expenses
0500820560Allocating Work Expenses
0500820600SSI Benefit Estimate Process
0500830000Unearned Income - Table of Contents
0500830001General Information on Unearned Income
0500830005General Rules for Developing Unearned Income
0500830007Developmental Rules in Posteligibility Situations
0500830010When to Count Unearned Income
0500830015Retroactive Funding Changes
0500830050Overview of Unearned Income Exclusions
0500830055Exclusions Under Other Federal Statutes
0500830060Federal Tax Refunds and Advance Tax Credits for SSI Income Purposes
0500830099Guide to Unearned Income Exclusions
0500830100Expenses of Obtaining Income
0500830102Evaluating Virtual Currencies for SSI Income Determinations
0500830105Payments in Foreign Currency
0500830106CHI(IL) AFDC Payments
0500830107CHI(IL) Exhibit I - Sample Letter For Notifying AFDC
0500830108CHI(IL) Exhibit II - Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances
0500830110Overpayment Withholding and the <Quote>Double Counting</Quote> Exception
0500830110CHI(IN) AFDC Payments
0500830111CHI(IN) Exhibit I - Sample Letter For Notifying AFDC
0500830113CHI(MI) Michigan&rsquo;s Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TN 397 - 11/2006)
0500830114CHI(MI) Exhibit I Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances
0500830115Garnishment or Other Withholding
0500830116CHI(MN) AFDC Payments
0500830117CHI(MN) Exhibit I - Sample Letter for Notifying AFDC
0500830118CHI(MN) Exhibit II - Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances
0500830120CHI(OH) AFDC Payments
0500830121CHI(OH) Exhibit I - Sample Letter For Notifying AFDC
0500830122CHI(OH) Exhibit II - CDHS/SSA Inter-Agency Referral Form
0500830123CHI(OH) Exhibit III - CCDHS FAX Verification Form
0500830124CHI(OH) Exhibit IV - Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances
0500830126CHI(WI) AFDC Payments
0500830128CHI(WI) Exhibit I - Wisconsin Table Of Monthly AFDC Allowances
0500830129CHI(WI) Exhibit II - Sample Letter For Notifying AFDC
0500830160Annuities, Pensions, Retirement, or Disability Payments
0500830160CHI(IL) Verification Of State Payments - Illinois Employment Retirement System And State Teachers' Retirement System
0500830165Assistance Programs With Governmental Involvement - General
0500830170Income Based on Need (IBON)
0500830175Assistance Based on Need (ABON)
0500830175BOSAssistance Based On Need
0500830175CHIAssistance Based on Need &ndash; General Assistance and General Relief &ndash; Not Paid to Refugees (RTN 392 -- 07/2006)
0500830175KCAssistance Based on Need (ABON) (RTS 24 -- 01/2007)
0500830175SEAAlaska Senior Assistance Program
0500830180Other Assistance Involving Government Funds
0500830185Work Relief (Workfare) Programs
0500830210Benefits Paid Under Title II of the Social Security Act
0500830215Black Lung Benefits
0500830220Office of Personnel Management (Civil Service and Federal Employee Retirement System) Payments
0500830225Railroad Retirement Payments
0500830230Unemployment Insurance Benefits
0500830230CHI(MI) Verifying Unemployment Insurance Benefits (RTN 425 &ndash; 11/2015)
0500830230DALUnemployment Benefits (Texas)
0500830231DALUnemployment Compensation and Wages (Arkansas)
0500830233CHIVerifying Ohio Unemployment Insurance Benefits (RTN 390 -- 06/2006)
0500830235Workers' Compensation
0500830235CHI(OH) Bureau Of Workers' Compensation Of Ohio - Living Maintenance Payments
0500830236CHI(OH) Verifying Workers' Compensation (RTN 384 -- 02/2006)
0500830240Military Pensions
0500830250State Disability Insurance Benefits
0500830260State Annuities for Certain Veterans
0500830300Department of Veterans Affairs Payments
0500830302Veterans Affairs (VA) Pension Payments
0500830304Veterans Affairs (VA) Compensation Payments
0500830306Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Educational Benefits
0500830308VA Aid and Attendance and Housebound Allowances
0500830310VA Clothing Allowance
0500830311Veterans Affairs (VA) Incentive Therapy (IT) and Compensated Work Therapy (CWT) Programs
0500830312VA Payment Adjustment for Unreimbursed Medical Expenses
0500830314Augmented Veterans Affairs (VA) Benefits
0500830314BOSAugmented VA Benefits
0500830314PHIAugmented VA Benefits
0500830316Augmented VA Benefits in the Ninth Circuit
0500830317VA Caregivers Payments
0500830318Payments to Veterans&rsquo; Children with Certain Birth Defects
0500830319The Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund (FVECF) Payment
0500830320Form SSA-L1103-U3 (SSI Request for Information) to Obtain Information from the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)
0500830320CHIVerifying VA Benefits (RTN 381 -- 12/2005)
0500830400Aid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)
0500830400CHIAid to Families with Dependent Children (AFDC)
0500830400KCVerification Of AFDC And TANF In The Kansas City Region
0500830401DALAid To Families With Dependent Children (AFDC)
0500830403Temporary Assistance For Needy Families (TANF)
0500830403BOSTemporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Connecticut (TN 5-251 -- 01/2005)
0500830403CHITemporary Assistance for Needy Families (RTN 425/06-2013)
0500830403KCTemporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF)
0500830403NYTemporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) paid by the Division of Family Development (DFD) in the State of New Jersey (08/2005)
0500830403SEAA Description of the TANF Programs in the Four States in the Seattle Region
0500830404BOSTemporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Related Programs &mdash; Maine (TN 5-259 &mdash; 02/2006)
0500830404KCSSI Income Policy and TANF Rate Changes (Transmittal 22)
0500830405Emergency Assistance
0500830405ATLEmergency assistance
0500830405BOSTemporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) - Massachusetts
0500830407BOSTemporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and Related Programs &ndash; Rhode Island (TN x &mdash; 01/2021)
0500830410Foster Care Payments
0500830410BOSVerification of Title IV-E Payments to Children in the Custody of the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (MA DCF)
0500830410KCSpecial Procedure for Iowa Foster Care Title IV-E Payments
0500830411KCGrandparents as Foster Parents Payments (GAFP) - Missouri
0500830415Adoption Assistance
0500830415CHI(IL) Illinois Adoption Assistance
0500830415DALAdoption Assistance - Oklahoma (TN 16 -- 7-2005)
0500830416CHI(MI) Michigan Adoption Subsidies (RTN 377 -- 10/2005)
0500830417Child Care Payments
0500830418Alimony and Spousal Support
0500830419CHI(IL) Title IV-E Illinois Subsidized Guardianship Payments (RTN 394 -- 09/2006)
0500830420Child Support Payments
0500830425Support Payments &mdash; AFDC/TANF Involvement
0500830450Educational Assistance - General
0500830455Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Gifts
0500830500Dividends and Interest
0500830501Interest and Appreciation in Value of Excluded Burial Funds and Burial Space Purchase Agreements
0500830505Rental Income
0500830510SEAAlaska Permanent Fund Dividends (AK PFD)
0500830521Gifts of Travel Tickets
0500830522Gift Cards and Gift Certificates
0500830525Gambling Winnings, Lottery Winnings and Other Prizes
0500830530Work-Related Unearned Income
0500830535Workforce Investment Act (WIA)
0500830536Job Corps
0500830537AmeriCorps and National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) Payments
0500830540Uniformed Services - Pay and Allowances, Effective Before September 1, 2008
0500830541Uniformed Services &ndash; Worksheets for Benefits Payable Prior to June 1, 2004
0500830543Sick Pay as Unearned Income
0500830545Death Benefits
0500830550CHIWhen Inheritance Property Becomes Income
0500830555Trade Readjustment Act Payments
0500830600Low Income Energy Assistance
0500830605Home Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance (HEA/SMA)
0500830605ATLHome Energy Assistance And Support And Maintenance Assistance
0500830605BOSHome Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance
0500830605CHIHome Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance (HEA/SMA) (RTN 422 -- 03/2016)
0500830605DENDEN &ndash; Home Energy Assistance And Support And Maintenance Assistance
0500830605KCHome Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance (HEA/SMA) (TN 25 -- 04/2008)
0500830605SEAHome Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance (HEA/SMA)
0500830610Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) (Formerly Action) Programs
0500830615Community Service Block Grants
0500830620Disaster Assistance - Presidentially-Declared Disaster
0500830620NYDisaster Assistance: Post-09/11 Payments to Workers and Volunteers who Assisted in the Rescue, Recovery, and Debris Removal Operations at the World Trade Center (WTC) and Related Sites (RTN 431, 08/2011)
0500830621NYDisaster Assistance&mdash;Presidentially Declared Disaster&mdash;Lower Manhattan Development Corporation Grants
0500830625Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Emergency Food Distribution and Shelter Programs
0500830630Federal Housing Assistance
0500830635Food Programs With Federal Involvement
0500830640Programs for Older Americans
0500830645Refugee Cash Assistance, Cuban and Haitian Entrant Cash Assistance and Federally Reimbursed General Assistance Payments to Refugees
0500830650Refugee Reception and Placement Grants and Refugee Matching Grants
0500830650BOSRefugee Reception and Placement Grants
0500830655Relocation Assistance
0500830660Victims' Compensation Payments Income Exclusion
0500830665Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)--TANF Funded
0500830670Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) -- Demonstration Project
0500830700Home Produce for Personal Consumption
0500830705Refunds of Taxes Paid on Real Property or Food
0500830710Payments to Victims of Nazi Persecution
0500830711German Social Insurance Payments Under the ZRBG (&ldquo;Ghetto Pension&rdquo; Law) for SSI Income
0500830712Treatment of Inherited Payments to Victims of Nazi Persecution
0500830715Austrian Social Insurance Payments
0500830720Japanese-American and Aleutian Restitution Payments
0500830725Netherlands WUV Payments to Victims of Persecution
0500830730Agent Orange Settlement Payments
0500830735Payments for Clinical Trial Participation
0500830736Payments to Victims from a State Eugenics Compensation Program
0500830740Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund (RECTF) Payments
0500830741Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICP)
0500830745Department of Defense (DOD) Payments to Certain Persons Captured and Interned by North Vietnam
0500830750Gifts to Children with Life-Threatening Conditions
0500830755Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Fund Payments
0500830765Incentives for Prevention of Chronic Diseases in Medicaid
0500830800Bureau of Indian Affairs General Assistance
0500830810Bureau of Indian Affairs Adult Custodial Care and Child Welfare Assistance Payments
0500830815Native American Precedent and Resource Center (NAPR) Website
0500830820Individual Indian Money Accounts
0500830830Indian-Related Exclusions
0500830830SEAExclusion of Alaska Native Regional and Village Corporation Distributions
0500830850Exclusion of Income from Individual Interests in Indian Trust or Restricted Lands
0500830852The Claims Resolution Act of 2010 (Cobell v. Salazar)
0500830853Tribal Trust Accounting and Management Settlement Agreements
0500830855Processing Inquiries from Potential <Italic> Barney</Italic> Class Members
0500830880Indian Fishing Rights Income
0500832000Unearned Income Anderson Case - Table of Contents
0500832001Relief to Class Members Under Anderson V. Sullivan
0500832002Processing Self-Identified Anderson Cases - Initial Reviews
0500832003Review of Prior Anderson Underpayment Determinations
0500832004Anderson Notices and Case Report Form
0500832316*Relief to Eligible Couples Under Anderson v. Sullivan
0500832317*Anderson Notices and Case Report Form
0500835000Living Arrangements and In-Kind Support and Maintenance - Table of Contents
0500835001Introduction to Living Arrangements and In-Kind Support and Maintenance
0500835005Flowchart for Sequential Development of Living Arrangement (LA) and In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM)
0500835020Definitions of Terms Used in Living Arrangements (LA) and In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) Instructions
0500835040Temporary Absence from a Federal Living Arrangement (LA)
0500835041Temporary Absence from a Federal Living Arrangement (LA) for Reasons Other than School Attendance or Confinement in a Medicaid Facility
0500835042Temporary Absence of a Child from a Federal Living Arrangement Due to School Attendance
0500835043Temporary Absence from a Federal LA Due to Confinement in a Medicaid Facility
0500835060Transients, Homeless Individuals, and LA/ISM Determinations
0500835100Living in Households
0500835110When Home Ownership is the Living Arrangement (LA) Basis
0500835115In-Kind Support and Maintenance Evaluation for Homes in Foreclosure
0500835120Rental Liability as LA Basis
0500835130Public Assistance Households
0500835140Separate Consumption
0500835150Separate Purchase of Food
0500835170Earmarked Sharing
0500835200The One-Third Reduction Provision
0500835210The One-Third Reduction Provision and Deeming
0500835300Presumed Maximum Value (PMV) Rule
0500835310Distinguishing Between In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) and Other Unearned In-Kind Income
0500835320Rebuttal Procedures and Presumed Maximum Value (PMV) Rule
0500835331Treatment of Home Energy Assistance (HEA) and Support and Maintenance Assistance (SMA) in Determinations of Inside In-kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) and Cash from Within a Household
0500835340Computation of In-Kind Support and Maintenance from Within a Household
0500835350Computation of In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) from Outside a Household (Including Vendor Payments by a Third Party Outside the Household)
0500835360When to Charge In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) from Third Party Vendor Payments
0500835370Rent-Free Shelter
0500835380Rental Subsidies
0500835380DALRental Subsidies For Residents Of Texas Effective May 1, 1996
0500835382Form SSA-L5061 (Letter to Landlord Requesting Rental Information)
0500835390Food, or Shelter That is Remuneration for Work But is not Wages
0500835400In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) only to the<EndLine/> Claimant
0500835450Cash Income from Within and from Outside Households
0500835460Overview of Policies and Procedures that Apply to the Computation of ISM in Households
0500835465ISM and Households - Household Costs
0500835470ISM and Households - Conversions
0500835471Conversions &mdash; Distinguishing Between Household Costs and Non-Household Costs
0500835472Conversions &mdash; More than One Household Uses the Same Shelter Item
0500835473Conversions &mdash; Arrearages
0500835474Conversions &mdash; Converting to Monthly Amounts
0500835480Contributions Toward Household Operating Expenses
0500835481Policy Effective Dates for Loans of Food and Shelter
0500835482Loans of In-Kind Support and Maintenance
0500835485Household Composition
0500835500First-of-the-Month (FOM) Residence and ISM Determinations
0500835515Gradual Changes in ISM
0500835520Redetermination Guidelines for LA and ISM
0500835600SSA-8006-F4 &mdash; Statement of Living Arrangements, In-Kind Support and Maintenance
0500835620Exhibit of Form SSA-8006-F4
0500835625SSA-8011 &mdash; Statement of Household Expenses and Contributions
0500835630Use of Form SSA-8008, Living Arrangements/In-Kind Support and Maintenance Development Guide and Summary
0500835640Exhibit of Form SSA-8008
0500835704In-Kind Support and Maintenance Provided Residents of Institutions
0500835706In-Kind Support and Maintenance Provided Residents of Institutions
0500835707Procedures For Determining ISM Provided To Residents of Institutions
0500835708In-Kind Support and Maintenance Provided Residents of Private For-Profit Residential Care Institutions
0500835710In-Kind Support and Maintenance Provided Residents of Private Nonprofit Residential Care Institutions
0500835712Exclusion of In-Kind Support and Maintenance for Residents in Private Nonprofit Residential Care Institutions
0500835713Determining In-Kind Support and Maintenance for a Member of a Religious Order Who Moves into a Private Nonprofit Residential Care Institution
0500835714In-Kind Support and Maintenance Provided Residents of Educational or Vocational Training Institutions
0500835716In-Kind Support and Maintenance Provided Residents of Public Institutions
0500835790Non-institutional Care Situations
0500835900Values for In-Kind Support and Maintenance for Years 1984 through 2005
0500835901Values for In-Kind Support and Maintenance for 2006 and Later
0500870000Plans to Achieve Self-Support for Blind or Disabled People - Table of Contents
0500870001Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) &mdash; Overview
0500870002Terms Pertinent to PASS
0500870003Initiating a Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Discussion
0500870006Elements of a PASS
0500870007When to Start a Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS)
0500870008Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Exclusions
0500870010Related Work Incentive Policies
0500870020Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Field Office Procedures
0500870023Completion of Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Application Form SSA-545-BK
0500870025Documenting and Reviewing a Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS)
0500870025BOSPlan for Achieving Self-Support (PASS)
0500870026Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) for Self-employment &ndash; PASS Specialist
0500870040Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Notices
0500870045Processing PASS Reconsiderations
0500870050Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Amendments
0500870055Monitoring Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS) Progress
0500870070Suspension, Termination Or Resumption Of A Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS)
0500870100NYReviewing a PASS - Establishing a PASS File
0501100000Resources - Table of Contents
0501110000Resources, General - Table of Contents
0501110001Role of Resources
0501110003Resources limits for SSI benefits
0501110100Distinction Between Assets and Resources
0501110115Assets That Are Not Resources
0501110117Unknown Assets
0501110200Countable Resources
0501110210Excluded Resources
0501110300Determining the Liquidity/Nonliquidity of Resources
0501110305Resources Assumed to be Liquid
0501110310Resources Assumed to be Nonliquid
0501110400What Values Apply to Resources
0501110500Significance of Ownership
0501110500NYLand Laws Of Puerto Rico
0501110510Sole vs. Shared Ownership
0501110510ATLShared Ownership
0501110510CHIRestrictions on the Disposal of Real Property Ownership Interest (TN 375 -- 07/2005)
0501110510DENOwnership by the Entirety
0501110510KCShared Ownership
0501110510NYShared Property Ownership (RTN 419, 09/2009)
0501110515Ownership in Fee Simple or Less Than Fee Simple
0501110515DALOwnership in Fee Simple or Less Than Fee Simple
0501110515NYIntestacy Laws (RTN 429, 05/2011)
0501110516ATLEquitable Life Estate In Home Property
0501110517DENDeveloping Equitable Ownership
0501110520Property Rights Without Ownership of the Property
0501110530Whose Resources to Consider
0501110600First-of-the-Month (FOM) Rule for Making Resource Determinations
0501120000Identifying Resources - Table of Contents
0501120001Identifying Resources - Overview
0501120005Distinguishing Resources from Income
0501120010Factors That Make Property a Resource.
0501120020Transactions Involving Agents.
0501120022Conserved Funds When Formally Designated Agent Changes
0501120023Return of Conserved Funds by a Representative Payee
0501120100Home Energy Assistance/Support and Maintenance Assistance
0501120105Certain Stock in Alaska Regional or Village Corporations
0501120110Certain Cash to Purchase Medical or Social Services
0501120110BOSCertain Cash to Purchase Medical and Social Services
0501120111BOSCertain Cash To Purchase Medical Or Social Services - Massachusetts Catastrophic Illness In Children Relief Fund
0501120112Retroactive In-Home Supportive Services Payments to Ineligible Spouses and Parents
0501120115Death Benefits for Last Illness and Burial Expenses
0501120150Gifts of Domestic Travel Tickets
0501120195Trusts Established under the Indian Gaming Regulatory Act (IGRA) for Minor Children and Legally Incompetent Adults (IGRA Trusts)
0501120199Early Termination Provisions and Trusts
0501120200Information on Trusts, Including Trusts Established Prior to January 01, 2000, Trusts Established with the Assets of Third Parties, and Trusts Not Subject to Section 1613(e) of the Social Security Act
0501120200BOSGrantor Trusts (RTN 263 - 12/2009)
0501120200CHIRevocability of Grantor Trusts -- Chicago Region State Laws (RTN 413 -- 06/2008)
0501120200DALTrust Property
0501120200KCRevocability of Grantor Trusts (RTN 9 - 06/2017)
0501120200NYRevocability of Grantor Trusts &ndash;New York and New Jersey State Laws &ndash; RTN 386
0501120201Trusts Established with the Assets of an Individual on or after 01/01/00
0501120201ATLTrust Property
0501120202Development and Documentation of Trusts Established on or After 01/01/00
0501120202ATLState Medicaid Staff Mailing Addresses
0501120202SEAState Medicaid Staff Mailing Addresses
0501120203Exceptions to Counting Trusts Established on or after January 1, 2000
0501120203BOSMARC Special Needs Pooled Trust (TN 5-241 - 8/2003)
0501120203DENMailing Addresses for Medicaid Eligibility Decisions on Trusts
0501120203KCNonprofit Status of Pooled Trusts in the KC Region (RTN 09 07/2009)
0501120203NYPolicy&mdash;Exception to Counting Medicaid Trusts : Legal Guardians (RTS-418 07/2008)
0501120204Notices for Trusts Established on or after 1/1/00
0501120204ATLUniform Gifts To Minors Act
0501120205Uniform Transfers to Minors Act
0501120205BOSUniform Gifts To Minors Act (UGMA) And Uniform Transfers To Minors Act (UTMA)
0501120205CHIUniform Gifts/Transfers To Minors Act
0501120205DALUniform Gifts to Minors Act
0501120205DENUniform Gift to Minors Act
0501120205KCUniform Gifts to Minors Act
0501120205NYUniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA)
0501120205SEAThe Legal Age of Majority for Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA)
0501120205SFUniform Gifts to Minors Act (UGMA) and Uniform Transfers to Minors Act (UTMA) &ndash; Age of Majority (TN 1 - 02/2008)
0501120210Retirement Funds
0501120215Inheritances and Unprobated Estates
0501120215KCInheritances and Unprobated Estates
0501120215NYInheritances (RTN 422 (02/2010)
0501120220Cash Loans
0501120220ATLInformal Loans (RTN 22 &ndash; 02/2011)
0501120220BOSInformal Loans
0501120220CHIOral Loans (RTN 418 -- 12/2010)
0501120220DENInformal Loans in the Denver Region
0501120220KCOral Loans in the KC Region (RTN 10 07/2009)
0501120220NYC Policy- Informal Loans
0501120220SEAOral Loan Agreements in the Seattle Region
0501120221CHIValidity of Loans to Minors (RTN 371 -- 11/2005)
0501120225Pooled Trusts Management Provisions
0501120227Null and Void Clauses in Trust Documents
0501120230Health Flexible Spending Arrangements (FSAs)
0501120235Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) and Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs)
0501130000Resources Exclusions - Table of Contents
0501130050Guide to Resources Exclusions
0501130060Exclusions Under Other Federal Statutes
0501130065National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) Payments
0501130100The Home Exclusion
0501130100DALThe Home
0501130100KCEquitable Home Ownership
0501130110Home Replacement Funds
0501130120Resource Evaluations for Real Property in Foreclosure
0501130130Real Property Whose Sale Would Cause Undue Hardship, Due to Loss of Housing, to a Co-Owner
0501130140Real Property Following Reasonable but Unsuccessful Efforts to Sell It Throughout a 9-Month Period of Conditional Benefits
0501130150Interests of Individual Indians in Trust or Restricted Lands
0501130150DENLand Held by a Member of an American Indian Tribe
0501130200Automobiles and Other Vehicles Used For Transportation
0501130300Developing Life Insurance Policies
0501130300KCLife Insurance Policies Designated or Assigned to Fund Burial/Funeral Arrangements
0501130305Life Insurance - Effect of Demutualization of Insurance Companies on Countable Resources
0501130400Burial Spaces
0501130409Burial Funds Exclusion - Throughout a Period of Suspension
0501130410Burial Funds Exclusion - August 1, 1990 and Continuing
0501130411Burial Funds Exclusion - April 1, 1988 Through July 31, 1990
0501130412Burial Funds Exclusion - Periods Prior to April 1, 1988
0501130414Form SSA-4169 (Burial Resource Statement)
0501130420Prepaid Burial Contracts
0501130420BOSPrepaid Burial Contracts
0501130420CHI(IL) Illinois Burial Contracts or Trusts
0501130420DALPrepaid Burial Contract
0501130420DENPrepaid Burial Agreements Denver Region
0501130420KCPrepaid Burial Contracts (RTS 11, 10/2006)
0501130420NYPre-Paid Burial Contracts - (RTN 430 - 05/2011)
0501130420SEAC.1. - Prepaid Burial Contracts in The Seattle Region
0501130421CHI(MN) Minnesota Prepaid Burial Contracts
0501130421DENPre-need Funeral Contracts Established in the State of North Dakota
0501130422CHIIndiana Prepaid Burial Contracts
0501130423CHIOhio Prepaid Burial Contracts (RTN 378 -- 10/2005)
0501130424CHI(MI) -- Michigan Prepaid Burial Contracts (RTN 412 -- 06/2008)
0501130425Life Insurance Funded Burial Contracts and the Burial Space/Funds Exclusions
0501130425CHIMichigan Life Insurance Funded Burial Contracts and Trusts (RTN 411 -- 06/2008)
0501130425DALBurial Contracts Funded By Life Insurance
0501130426CHI(WI) Wisconsin Life Insurance Funded Burial Contracts (RTN 403 -- 03/2007)
0501130427CHI(WI) Wisconsin Prepaid Burial Agreements and Burial Trusts (TN 364 - 12/2003)
0501130430Household Goods, Personal Effects, and Other Personal Property
0501130455Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships, and Gifts
0501130460Coverdell Education Savings Accounts (ESAs)
0501130500Property Essential to Self-Support - Overview
0501130500BOSProperty Essential to Self-Support (TN 5-249 - 09/2014)
0501130501Essential Property Excluded Regardless of Value or Rate of Return
0501130502Essential Property Excluded up to $6,000 Equity Regardless of Rate of Return
0501130503Essential Property Excluded up to $6,000 Equity If It Produces a 6 Percent Rate of Return
0501130504Essential Property - Current Use Criterion
0501130510Resources Set Aside as Part of a Plan for Achieving Self-Support
0501130600Retroactive Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Retirement, Survivors and Disability (RSDI) Payments
0501130601Dedicated Accounts for Past-Due Benefits Due to Individuals Under 18 Who Have a Representative Payee
0501130602Restitution Payments for Misused Benefits
0501130605Netherlands WUV Payments to Victims of Persecution
0501130610Payments to Victims of Nazi Persecution
0501130611German Social Insurance Payments Under ZRBG (&ldquo;Ghetto Pension&rdquo; Law)
0501130612Treatment of Inherited Payments to Victims of Nazi Persecution
0501130615Austrian Social Insurance Payments
0501130620Disaster Assistance
0501130630Cash and In-Kind Items Received for the Repair or Replacement of Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Excluded Resources
0501130640Incentives for Prevention of Chronic Diseases in Medicaid
0501130660Agent Orange Settlement Payments
0501130662State Annuities for Certain Veterans
0501130665Victims' Compensation Payments
0501130670Relocation Assistance Payments
0501130672Manual Notices - Victims' Compensation Payments and State or Local Relocation Assistance
0501130676Federal Tax Refunds and Advance Tax Credits for SSI Resources
0501130678Individual Development Accounts (IDAs)--TANF Funded
0501130679Individual Development Accounts (IDAs) -- Demonstration Project
0501130680Radiation Exposure Compensation Trust Fund Payments
0501130681Payments to Veterans&rsquo; Children with Certain Birth Defects
0501130682Department of Defense (DOD) Payments to Certain Persons Captured and Interned by North Vietnam
0501130683Japanese-American and Aleutian Restitution Payments
0501130684Filipino Veterans Equity Compensation Fund (FVECF) Payments
0501130685Food Programs with Federal Involvement
0501130687Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) (Formerly ACTION) Programs
0501130688Low Income Energy Assistance
0501130689Gifts to Children with Life-Threatening Conditions
0501130690Energy Employees Occupational Illness Compensation Program (EEOICP)
0501130695Ricky Ray Hemophilia Relief Fund Payments
0501130700Identifying Excluded Funds That Have Been Commingled With Nonexcluded Funds
0501130735Payments for Clinical Trial Participation
0501130736Payments to Victims from a State Eugenics Compensation Program
0501130740Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Accounts
0501140000Types of Countable Resources - Table of Contents
0501140001Countable Resources
0501140010Resource Verification Requirements
0501140022High/Low Development Option for Liquid Resources
0501140030Ownership - Resources
0501140042Determining Equity Value
0501140044Resources With Zero Value
0501140100Non-Home Real Property
0501140100DALForeign Property &mdash; Ejidos in Mexico (RTN 3 08/2009)
0501140102Exhibit: Form SSA-L2794 (Real Property Current Market Value Estimate) (8-89)
0501140110Other Property Rights
0501140110CHIWisconsin Oral Life Estates
0501140110DENLife Estates
0501140120Life Estate and Remainder Interest Tables
0501140150Qualified Tuition Programs (QTPs)
0501140200Checking and Savings Accounts
0501140205Joint Checking and Savings Accounts
0501140205BOSJoint Checking and Savings Accounts
0501140208Evaluating Virtual Currencies and Other Digital Tokens for SSI Resource Determinations
0501140210Time Deposits
0501140215Conservatorship Accounts
0501140215ATLConservatorship Accounts (BASIC, 09/2017)
0501140215BOS State Laws Pertaining To Conservatorship or Blocked Accounts
0501140215CHIBlocked Accounts (RTN 380 -- 11/2005)
0501140215DENConservatorship Accounts
0501140215KCAvailability of Funds in Conservatorship or <Quote>Blocked</Quote> Accounts Under State Law
0501140215NYConservatorship Accounts (RTS 432 -- 09/2012)
0501140215PHIConservatorship Accounts - Pennsylvania
0501140215SEAConservatorship Accounts (RTN 01, 07/2011)
0501140220KCValue of Publicly Traded Stock
0501140230Mutual Fund Shares
0501140240U.S. Savings Bonds
0501140250Municipal, Corporate and Government Bonds
0501140300Promissory Notes and Property Agreements
0501140320Tobacco Transition Payment Program (TTPP) or The Tobacco Buyout
0501140990Resources Guide - Optional Desk Aid
0501150000Other Resources Provisions - Table of Contents
0501150001What is a Resource Transfer
0501150003Summary of Procedures for Processing Resource Transfers
0501150005Determining Fair Market Value
0501150007Transfer of Resources by Spend-Down
0501150010Notifying Individuals About the Effect of Resource Transfers
0501150012Notifying State Medicaid Agency
0501150012KCKAN &mdash; Notifying State Medicaid Agency
0501150100Processing Resource Transfers Occurring Before 12/14/99
0501150109CHITransfer Of Resources (RTN 398 -- 01/2007)
0501150110Period of Ineligibility for Transfers on or After 12/14/99
0501150110BOSBOS &mdash; Transfer Of Resources
0501150110DENE7 &mdash; State Address For Transfer Information
0501150110NYTransfer of Resources for Less Than Fair Market Value July 1, 1988 or Later
0501150111Computing the Period of Ineligibility for Resources Transferred on or After 12/14/99
0501150111DALTransfer Of Resources For Less Than Fair Market Value July 1, 1988 Or Later
0501150112Initial Claims with Period of Ineligibility and Disability Determination Needed
0501150113Initial Claim with Period of Ineligibility and Disability Determination Not Required
0501150114Posteligibility Cases with Period of Ineligibility
0501150120Exceptions to the Ineligibility Period&mdash;General
0501150121Exceptions &mdash; Transfers to a Trust
0501150122Exceptions &mdash; Transfer of a Home
0501150123Exceptions &mdash; Non-Home Transfers to Certain Family Members
0501150124Exceptions &mdash; Transferred Resource Returned
0501150125Exceptions &mdash; Transfers for Purposes Other Than to Obtain SSI
0501150126Exceptions &mdash; Undue Hardship
0501150127Interviewer's Guide for Exceptions to the Period of Ineligibility
0501150150Notices for Transfer Cases
0501150151Exhibits of Notice Language
0501150200Conditional Benefits
0501150201Conditional Benefits Payments
0501150202Conditional Benefits Overpayments
0501150203Explaining Conditional Benefits
0501150204Documenting the Decision with Agreement to Sell Property (Form SSA-8060-U3)
0501150205Field Office Responsibilities During a Conditional Benefits Period
0501150206Field Office Responsibilities When a Conditional Benefits Period Ends
0501150210Manual Notices for Conditional Benefits
0501200000Grandfathered Income and Resource Provisions - Table of Contents
0501210000Special Blind Income Provision - Table of Contents
0501210100Special Blind Income Provision - Alternative Income Counting Provision
0501210200Special Blind Income Provision - Comparing Eligibility and Payment Amount Under Federal and State Plan Rules
0501210300Special Blind Income Provisions - Effect of Loss of Eligibility for SSI Benefits
0501210400Special Blind Income Provisions - Effect of Interstate Move
0501210450Special Blind Income Provisions - Effect of Termination of Marital Relationship
0501210500Special Blind Income Disregards - Applying Specific October 1972 State Plan Rules
0501210500BOS Special Blind Income Provisions For Grandfathered SSI Recipients In Region I
0501210500CHIState Plan Blind Income Disregards
0501210500DENSpecial Blind Income Provisions For Grandfathered SSI Recipients In Region VIII.
0501210500PHIState Plan Blind Income Disregards: Region III (Philadelphia)
0501210500SFArizona State Plan Blind Income Disregards
0501210510SFCalifornia State Plan Blind Income Disregards-Introduction
0501210511SFGeneral Case Processing
0501210512SFTypes of Income/Property under the State Plan
0501210513SFWhen Income is Received
0501210514SFDetermining Net Income
0501210515SFAllocation of Income between Eligible Individuals and Ineligible Spouses
0501210516SFAllocating Income from Ineligible to Eligible Spouse
0501210517SFAllocation of Income to Ineligible Spouse from Eligible Individual
0501210518SFPayments Excluded or Exempt from Consideration as Income
0501210519SFDetermination of Need
0501210520SFBenefit Computations
0501210521SFMinimum Income Level and Mandatory Minimum State Supplements
0501210522SFSystems Input of K Income
0501210523SFLoss of Eligibility for BCI Protection
0501210524SFAdministrative Finality
0501210525SFOverpayments and Underpayments
0501210527SF<Italic>Livermore</Italic> Questionnaire
0501210530SFHawaii State Plan Blind Income Disregard
0501210540SFNevada State Plan Blind Income Disregard
0501210600Special Blind Income Disregards - Recipient Only (No Spouse or Essential Person)
0501210610Special Blind Income Disregards - Recipient With Nonblind or <Quote>Nonconverted</Quote> Eligible Spouse
0501210620Special Blind Income Disregards - Recipient With Ineligible Spouse
0501210630Special Blind Income Disregards - Recipient With Essential Person
0501210640Special Blind Income Disregards - Recipient With Eligible Spouse (Both Qualify for State Plan Blind Income Disregards)
0501220000Special Resource Provision - Table of Contents
0501220001Special State Resource Provision&mdash;General Summary of Provision
0501220100Criteria for Application of State Resource Limitations and Exclusions
0501220200Spouse Ineligible Under State Plan in December 1973
0501220250Death, Divorce, or Separation After December 1973&mdash;Policy
0501220300Applying Specific October 1972 State Plan Rules&mdash;Procedure
0501220300BOSState-by-State Tables of Resource Limits and Exclusions
0501220300CHIState Plan Resource Limits and Exclusions
0501220300DENState-By-State Tables Of Resource Limits And Exclusions
0501220300PHIState Plan for Resource Disregards: Region III (Philadelphia)
0501220300SFArizona Grandfathered Resource Provisions
0501220310SFCalifornia Grandfathered Resource Provisions
0501220320SFHawaii Grandfathered Resource Provisions
0501220330SFNevada Grandfathered Resource Provisions
0501300000Deeming - Table of Contents
0501310000Deeming, General - Table of Contents
0501310001The Role of Deeming
0501310030Reporting Events in Deeming Cases
0501310040Documentation Requirements in Deeming Cases
0501310100Deeming Concept - Affidavit of Support
0501310105Deeming Concept - Alien
0501310110Deeming Concept - Allocation
0501310115Deeming Concept - Child
0501310115CHIDeeming Concept - Child (RTN 405 -- 03/2007)
0501310120Deeming Concept - Date of Admission/Entry
0501310127Deeming Concept - Deemor
0501310130Deeming Concept - Dependent
0501310135Deeming Concept - Essential Person
0501310140Deeming Concept - Household
0501310145Deeming Concept - Parent
0501310150Deeming Concept - Qualified Individual
0501310155Deeming Concept - Sponsor
0501310160Deeming Concept - Spouse
0501310165Deeming Concept - Temporary Absence
0501310170Deeming Concept - Absence From a Deeming Household Due to Military Service
0501310201Waiver of Parental Deeming Rules
0501310203Deeming Waiver Cases and State Supplementation
0501310205Identifying Potential Deeming Waiver Cases
0501310206Documenting Deeming Waiver Cases
0501310207Verifying Medicaid Eligibility Under a State Home Care Plan
0501310207BOSMedicaid Eligibility Under A State Home Care Plan
0501310207CHIMedicaid Eligibility Under a State Home Care Plan (RTN 373 -- 02/2008)
0501310207DALVerifying Medicaid Under a State Home or Community Based Care Plan (TN 4 -- 11/2005)
0501310207DENVerifying Medicaid Under a State Home or Community Based Care Plan
0501310207PHIMedicaid Eligibility Under a State Home-Care Plan
0501310208Computing Payments and Using a Worksheet in Deeming Waiver Cases
0501310209Change of Status in Deeming Waiver Cases
0501310210Notifying SSI Applicants/Recipients in Parental Deeming Waiver Cases
0501310600Statement of Income and Resources (SSA-8010-BK) - General
0501310610Completion Instructions for the SSA-8010-BK - General
0501310615SSA-8010-BK - Heading and <Quote>Persons Reporting</Quote> Section
0501310620SSA-8010-BK - Public Income Maintenance Payments - Question 1
0501310625SSA-8010-BK - Other Income Received While Receiving PIM Payments - Question 2
0501310630SSA-8010-BK - Employment/Wages - Question 3
0501310635SSA-8010-BK - Self-Employment - Question 4
0501310640SSA-8010-BK - Other Income - Question 5
0501310645SSA-8010-BK - Real Estate - Question 6
0501310650SSA-8010-BK - Other Property - Questions 7-12
0501310655SSA-8010-BK - Ownership of a Vehicle - Question 7
0501310660SSA-8010-BK - Ownership of Life Insurance Policies - Question 8
0501310665SSA-8010-BK - Life Estates, Household or Personal Items, Other Equipment or Property - Question 9
0501310670SSA-8010-BK - Liquid Resources - Question 10
0501310675SSA-8010-BK - Burial Funds - Question 11
0501310680SSA-8010-BK - Burial Spaces - Question 12
0501310685SSA-8010-BK - Sponsor of Alien - Questions 13-16
0501310690SSA-8010-BK - Remarks
0501310695SSA-8010-BK - Authorization and Signature - Question 18
0501310699Exhibit of Form SSA-8010-BK
0501320000Deeming of Income - Table of Contents
0501320001Deeming of Income - Background
0501320100Items Not Included in Deeming - General
0501320105Deeming - Income Excluded by Federal Statute - Policy Principle
0501320115Deeming - Grants, Scholarships, Fellowships, or Gifts
0501320120Deeming - Foster Care Payments for an Ineligible Child - Policy Principle
0501320125Deeming Value of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and Department of Agriculture Donated Foods
0501320130Deeming - Home Grown Produce - Policy Principle
0501320135Deeming - Refunds of Taxes - Policy Principle
0501320140Deeming - Income Needed for a Plan to Achieve Self-Support - Policy Principle
0501320141Deeming: Public Income Maintenance Payments
0501320145Deeming - Income Used to Comply with a Court Order for Support
0501320150Deeming - In-Kind Income and Deeming
0501320155Deeming - Payments Based on Age and Residence - Policy Principle
0501320160Deeming - Disaster Assistance - Policy Principle
0501320165Deeming - Infrequent or Irregular Income
0501320170Deeming - Work Expenses of the Blind - Policy Principle
0501320175Deeming - In-Home Supportive Services Payments
0501320180Deeming - Home Energy Assistance and Support and Maintenance Assistance - Policy Principle
0501320185Deeming - Earned Income of an Ineligible Child Who is a Student
0501320190Deeming - Impairment-Related Work Expenses - Operating Policy
0501320195Deeming &ndash; Interest or Dividend Income
0501320200Deeming Additional Military Pay Received by Deemors
0501320400Deeming of Income from an Ineligible Spouse
0501320410Deeming of Income from an Ineligible Spouse &mdash; AFDC/TANF Family Payment CAP Involved
0501320430Effect of Spouse-to-Spouse Deeming on Optional State Supplementation
0501320430BOSEffect Of Spouse-To-Spouse Deeming On Optional State Supplementation In Massachusetts - Bouchard v. Secretary
0501320445Chart - Changes in Deeming Status - Couples
0501320450Deeming - Change of Status - Couples
0501320500Deeming of Income from Ineligible Parent(s)
0501320545Chart - Changes in Deeming Status - Parents/Children
0501320550Deeming - Change of Status - Parents/Children
0501320600Multiple Deeming &mdash; General
0501320620Multiple Deeming: Spouse-to-Spouse-to-Child
0501320630Deeming to Eligible Child(ren) from Parent(s) Who Are Ineligible Because of Excess Income &mdash; Operating Policy
0501320640Multiple Deeming Situations - Operating Procedures
0501320650Multiple Deeming: Spouse-to-Spouse-to-Child - When Parents' Income May Disadvantage the Eligible Child
0501320700Monthly Deeming Worksheet (SSA-8015/8017)
0501320710Completion of Form SSA-8015 (Spouse-to-Spouse)
0501320720Exhibit of Form SSA-8015
0501320730Completion of Form SSA-8017 (Parent-to-Child)
0501320740Exhibit of Form SSA-8017
0501320800Deeming of Income from Essential Persons
0501320900Aliens Subject to Sponsor-to-Alien Income Deeming
0501320910Aliens Not Subject to Sponsor-to-Alien Deeming
0501320915Verifying Sponsorship
0501320920Verifying the Sponsor's Income and Resources
0501320922Dependents of a Sponsor
0501320925Verification with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) After Adjudication &mdash; Operating Procedures
0501320940Income Exclusions in Sponsor-to-Alien Deeming
0501320950Deeming of Income From a Sponsor of a Non-Citizen
0501320980Special Deeming &mdash; General
0501320981Inquiries From Interested Parties After December 31, 1984 &mdash; Operating Procedures
0501320983Effect of Federal Benefit Rate and/or State Supplementation Payment Increases on Special Deeming Cases &mdash; Operating Procedure (for Cases Approved or Pending Before January 1, 1985)
0501320984Other Eligibility and Posteligibility Issues in Special Deeming Cases &mdash; Operating Procedures (for Cases Approved or Pending Before January 1, 1985)
0501330000Deeming of Resources - Table of Contents
0501330001Deeming of Resources - General
0501330100Deeming of Resources - Policy
0501330110Deeming - Meeting Resource Eligibility Requirement - Policy
0501330120Deeming - Spouse-to- Spouse Exclusions from Resources
0501330160Deeming - Countable Resources
0501330180Examples Spouse-to-Spouse Deeming
0501330200Deeming of Resources
0501330220Deeming - Parent-to-Child Exclusions from Resources
0501330260Deeming - Countable Resources
0501330280Examples Parent-to-Child Deeming
0501330300Multiple Deeming - Introduction
0501330310Multiple Deeming Situations
0501330340Examples - Eligible Child Multiple Deeming
0501330400Deeming of Resources
0501330410Deeming - Meeting Resource Eligibility Requirement - Policy
0501330420Deeming - Exclusions from Resources
0501330460Deeming - Countable Resources - Policy
0501330480Essential Person Deeming - Examples
0501330500Sponsor-to-Alien Resources Deeming - General
0501330550Sponsor-to-Alien Resources Deeming - Computation Rules
0501330600Special Deeming of Resources
0501400000State Supplementary Payments - Table of Contents
0501401000Introduction to State Supplementation - Table of Contents
0501401001General Information about State Supplementation
0501401001CHI(IN) Indiana State Supplementary Payments (RTN 400 - 02/2007)
0501401002CHI(IL) Illinois State Supplementary Payments (RTN 401 -- 03/2007)
0501403000Pass Along of Federal Supplemental Security Income Benefit Cost of Living Increases - Table of Contents
0501403001Pass-along Provisions
0501403005Monitoring and Noncompliance for Pass Along
0501405000Federal and State Administrative Considerations - Table of Contents
0501405001Methods of Administration
0501410000Federal Administration of State Supplementary Payments - Table of Contents
0501410001Eligibility for State Supplementary Payments
0501410010Introduction to Determining the State and County of Residence
0501410020Process for Determining the State and County of Residence
0501410020NYProcess for Determining the State and County of Residence &ndash; State Placement (RTS 402 -- 09/2006)
0501410030Policy for Determining the State and County of Residence
0501410030CHI(WI) Residency Determinations For Individuals Institutionalized In Wisconsin
0501410040Procedures for Determining the State and County of Residence
0501410050Public Contact About State and County of Residence
0501415000Elements of State Supplementary Payments - Table of Contents
0501415001State Supplementary Programs
0501415001CHI(MI) Michigan State Supplementation
0501415001DALState Supplementary Programs
0501415008PHIAdministration of State Supplementary Programs &mdash; Delaware (RTN 61 &mdash; 12/2015)
0501415009PHIAdministration of State Supplementary Programs &mdash; District of Columbia (RTN 66 - 12/2014)
0501415010Administration of State Supplementary Programs
0501415010BOSMaine Optional State Supplementary Payments
0501415010DENSupplementary Payments In Montana
0501415010PHIAdministration of State Supplementary Programs &mdash; Pennsylvania (RTN 63 &mdash; 12/2014)
0501415011DENState Supplementation Payments In South Dakota
0501415012BOSRhode Island Optional State Supplementary Payments
0501415013BOSVermont SSI State Supplement
0501415013DENSupplementary Payments In Wyoming
0501415024States Electing to Maintain Mandatory Minimum Supplementary Payment Levels
0501415024BOSMassachusetts Mandatory Supplementary Payments
0501415025NYNew Jersey Payments (RTS 398 - 06/2006)
0501415026NYNew York Payments (RTS 399 - 06/2006)
0501415031Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs &mdash; January 1999 Payment Levels
0501415032Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs &mdash; 1/00 Payment Levels
0501415033Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs &ndash; 1/01 Payment Levels
0501415034Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs &ndash; January 2002 Payment Levels
0501415034SEASeattle Region State Supplementation Payments
0501415035Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs - 1/03 Payment Levels
0501415036Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs &ndash; 1/04 Payment Levels
0501415037Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs &ndash; 1/05 Payment Levels
0501415038Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs &ndash; 1/06 Payment Levels
0501415039Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs &ndash; 1/07 Payment Levels
0501415040Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs &ndash; 1/08 Payment Levels
0501415041Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for 01/09 Payment Levels
0501415042Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for 01/10 Payment Levels
0501415043Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for 01-11 Payment Levels
0501415044Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for 01/12 Payment Levels
0501415045Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for 01/13 Payment Levels
0501415046Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for 01/14 Payment Levels
0501415047Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for 01/15 Payment Levels
0501415048Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for January 2016 Payment Levels
0501415049Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for January 2017 Payment Levels
0501415050Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for January 2018 Payment Levels
0501415051Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for January 2019
0501415052Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for January 2020
0501415053Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for January 2021
0501415054Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for January 2022
0501415055Federally Administered Optional Supplemental Payment Programs for January 2023
0501415056Federally Administered Optional Supplementary Payment Programs for January 2024
0501415100SFState Supplementation - California (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415110SFCalifornia Optional State Supplement (OSS) A - Independent Living with Cooking Facilities (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415120SFCalifornia Optional State Supplement (OSS) B - Nonmedical Out-of-Home Care (NMOHC) (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415130SFCalifornia Optional State Supplement (OSS) F &ndash; Nonmedical Out-of Home Care Living in the Household of Another - effective February 1, 1982 (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415140SFCalifornia Optional State Supplement (OSS) C - Independent Living Without Cooking Facilities (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415150SFCalifornia Optional State Supplement (OSS) D - Living in the Household of Another (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415160SFCalifornia Optional State Supplement (OSS) E &ndash; Disabled Child under Age 18 and G &ndash; Disabled Child under Age 18 Living in the Household of Another (effective February 1, 1982) (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415170SFCalifornia Optional State Supplement (OSS) J &ndash; Resident of a Public or Private Institution with Title XIX (Medicaid/Medi-Cal) paying more than 50% of the cost of care (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415180SFCalifornia Optional State Supplement (OSS) Y &ndash; OSS Waived and Z &ndash; No State Supplementation (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415190SFCalifornia &mdash; Exhibits (RTN 01, 05/2015)
0501415200SFHawaii Optional State Supplementation (BASIC 07/2014)
0501415210SFHawaii Optional State Supplementation &ndash; Current Living Arrangements (BASIC 07/2014)
0501415220SFHawaii Optional State Supplementation &ndash; Prior Living Arrangements (BASIC 07/2014)
0501415300SFNevada Optional State Supplementation (BASIC 06/2014)
0501415910BOSBOS &mdash; Maine Optional State Supplementary Payments
0501415930BOSMassachusetts Optional State Supplementary Payments
0501415950BOSRhode Island Optional Supplementary Payments
0501415970BOSVermont Optional State Supplementary Payments
0501700000Medicaid Eligibility - Table of Contents
0501715000Medicaid and the SSI Program - Table of Contents
0501715001Medicaid and the Aged, Blind and Disabled
0501715005Medicaid Groups
0501715010Medicaid and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Program
0501715015Special Groups of Former SSI Recipients
0501715020List of State Medicaid Programs for the Aged, Blind and Disabled
0501730000SSA Determinations of Medicaid Eligibility - Table of Contents
0501730001NY(New Jersey) Medicaid Eligibility - General
0501730002NY(New Jersey) Determination of Medicaid Eligibility
0501730003NY(New Jersey) Assignment Of Rights (AOR)
0501730004NY(New Jersey) Third Party Liability (TPL)
0501730005Social Security Administration/State Agreements under Section 1634
0501730005DALSSA/State Agreements under Section 1634 (Arkansas)
0501730005NY(New Jersey) &mdash; Medicaid Qualifying Trusts (TN 435 - 05/2013)
0501730006NY(New Jersey) Medical Cessation And 1619B
0501730007DALSSA/State Agreements under Section 1634 (Louisiana)
0501730008DAL(NM) SSA/State Agreements under Section 1634
0501730009DAL(TX) SSA/State Agreements under Section 1634 (TN 26 - 08/2003)
0501730010Determinations of Medicaid Eligibility
0501730010CHIWisconsin State Cash Supplement And Medicaid Eligibility (RTN 419 - 06/2011)
0501730010NYDeterminations of Medicaid Eligibility (RTS 403 -- 09/06)
0501730015Disability Determinations for Deceased Claimants to Establish Medicaid Eligibility
0501730015CHIDisability Determinations for Deceased Claimants to Establish Medicaid Eligibility
0501730020CHI(MI) Michigan Medicaid Card Issues (RTN - 399 -- 02/2007)
0501730025Effect of Institutionalization on Medicaid Eligibility
0501730030Redeterminations of Medicaid Eligibility
0501730035Medicaid/Supplemental Security Income Eligibility Determinations
0501730040Assignment of Rights for Medicaid Eligibility
0501730040CHI(IN, MI, OH, WI) Assignment of Rights and Third Party Liability (RTN 402 -- 03/2007)
0501730045Third Party Liability for Medicaid Eligibility
0501730045DALThird Party Liability for Medicaid Eligibility
0501730045DENThird Party Liability for Medicaid Eligibility
0501730046Transfer of Assets for Medicaid Purposes
0501730047Exhibit, <Quote>Important Information about Medicaid</Quote>
0501730048Medicaid Trusts
0501730048BOSMedicaid Trusts
0501730050Exhibits, Assignment of Rights and Third Party Liability
0501730060Medicaid Information by Regions
0501730101NY(New York) Medicaid Eligibility - General
0501730102NY(New York) Determination Of Medicaid Eligibility
0501730103NY(New York) Assignment Of Rights (AOR)
0501730104NY(New York) Third Party Liability (TPL)
0501730105NY(New York) &mdash; Medicaid Qualifying Trusts (TN 436 - 05/2013)
0501730106NY(New York) Medical Cessation and 1619B
0501800000Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Table of Contents
0501801000Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Table of Contents
0501801001CHIIllinois Food Stamp Program (RTN 407 -- 04/2007)
0501801001NY(New Jersey) Food Stamps - The Agreement Between USDA and HHS
0501801002CHIWisconsin Foodshare (RTN 406 -- 04/2007)
0501801002NY(New Jersey) When Not To Take An Application From A Pure SSI Household
0501801003CHIMinnesota&rsquo;s Food Support Program (RTN 408 -- 05/2007)
0501801003NY(New Jersey) Households Not Eligible For Food Stamps
0501801004NY(New Jersey) Expedited Processing
0501801005Overview of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits
0501801005NY(New Jersey) The Food Stamp Application
0501801006NY(New Jersey) SSA's Responsibility For Providing Verification
0501801010Screening Individuals for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Eligibility or Application Status
0501801010DALThe Food Stamp Application Process - Texas
0501801040Living Arrangements that May Affect Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Eligibility
0501801040DALResidents of Institutions for Food Stamp Purposes
0501801060Household Composition for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Purposes
0501801101NY(New York) Food Stamps - The Agreement Between USDA and HHS
0501801102NY(New York) When Not To Take An Application From A Pure SSI Household
0501801103NY(New York) Households Not Eligible For Food Stamps
0501801104NY(New York) Expedited Processing
0501801105NY(New York) The Food Stamp Application (LDSS-4826) (RTS # 407 -- 03/2007)
0501801106NY(New York) SSA's Responsibility For Providing Verification
0501801107NY(New York) The Food Stamp Household
0501801150Expedited Service for Purposes of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Benefits
0501801300Completing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Application
0501801300BOSApplication for Food Stamps &mdash; Connecticut (TN 5-253 &mdash; 07/2005)
0501801300SF Completing the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Application &ndash; California &ndash; GetCalFresh Web Portal
0501801301BOSApplication for Food Stamps - Maine - (TN 5-257 - 10/2005)
0501801302BOSApplication for Food Stamps &ndash; Massachusetts (TN 23 -- 12/2019)
0501801303BOSApplication for Food Stamps -- New Hampshire -- (TN 5-255 -- 7/2005)
0501801304BOSApplication for Food Stamps &ndash; Rhode Island (TN 5-258 &ndash; 12/2005)
0501801305BOSApplication for Food Stamps -- Vermont -- (TN 5-260 - 02/2006)
0501801306PHIApplication for Food Stamps &ndash; Pennsylvania &ndash; PA CAP (Basic &ndash; 08/2009)
0501801310How to Complete Form SSA-4233, Social Security Administration Transmittal for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) Applications
0502000000Benefits and Payments - Table of Contents
0502001000Computation of Benefits - Introduction - Table of Contents
0502001005Issuing Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Benefits
0502001010Rounding of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) and Payments
0502001015Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Essential Person Increment
0502001020Title XVI Federal Benefit Rate Increases and Rate Charts
0502002000Monitoring State Accounting for Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Payments - Table of Contents
0502002005Regional Office Responsibility for Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Accounting
0502002005KCRO Use of Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Database (TN 1 - 12/2003)
0502002010The Interim Assistance Reimbursement Activity List
0502002040Regional Office (RO) Sample Review Process
0502002060Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Exhibits
0502003000Interim Assistance Payments - Table of Contents
0502003001Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR)
0502003001BOSConnecticut Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement
0502003001NYNJ - Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Background (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003001SFState Interim Assistance (IA) Agencies (TN 2 &ndash; 04/2007)
0502003002Interim Assistance Paid by the State
0502003002BOSMaine Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement (TN 5-245 - 10/2015)
0502003002NYReimbursement to the State for Interim Assistance Payments (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003003Interim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) Period
0502003003BOSMassachusetts Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement
0502003004BOSNew Hampshire Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement
0502003005Requirements for Valid IAR Authorizations
0502003005BOSRhode Island Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement
0502003005NYProcessing Initial Claims and Post-eligibility Situations (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003006Effective Life of an IAR Authorization
0502003006BOSVermont Interim Assistance Reimbursement Agreement
0502003007IAR Authorization Used as Protective Filing
0502003007NYField Office Responsibilities - Initial Claims and Post-eligibility (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003010State Processing of IAR Authorizations
0502003010DALInterim Assistance Reimbursement
0502003010NY- Special Procedures (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003015SSI IAR Systems Process
0502003020Field Office Processing of IAR Authorizations
0502003020CHIInterim Assistance Reimbursement (IAR) in the State of Michigan (RTN 420 - 07/2011)
0502003020DALFO Action Required Upon Receipt of an Authorization &mdash; Initial Claims
0502003022Processing eIAR Field Office Intervention Cases
0502003023Processing eIAR Exception Cases
0502003024Processing eIAR Proration Cases
0502003025IAR Payment Processing for Exception Cases and Proration Cases
0502003030IAR Notices to the Individual for Exception Cases and Proration Cases
0502003035IAR Notices to the State for Exception cases and Proration Cases
0502003040Manual Preparation of the SSA-L8125-F6, Notice to the State for Exception and Proration Cases
0502003040DALIAR Notice to the State
0502003045IAR Appeals
0502003050Exhibit of Form SSA-L8125-F6 for Exception and Proration Cases
0502003080NY- IAR Payment Pending Case - State Due Payment (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003081NYNew Jersey General Assistance Agency Codes (RTN 420 &ndash; 12/2009)
0502003101NYNY - Interim Assistance Reimbursement - Background (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003102NYReimbursement to the State for Interim Assistance Payments (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003106NYIAR Procedures and Corrective Payments (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003107NYField Office Responsibilities - Initial and PE (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003110NY- Special Procedures (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003114NYInterim Assistance Reimbursement to the Office of Mental Health (RTS 371 - 06/2003)
0502003180NYIAR Payment Pending Case - State Due Payment (RTS 404 -- 12/2006)
0502003181NYState Assistance Agencies (New York State and County Codes) (RTS 417 &ndash; 06/2008)
0502004000Direct Field Office Payments - Table of Contents
0502004001Emergency Advance Payments and Immediate Payments
0502004005Emergency Advance Payments
0502004010Field Office Procedures for Emergency Advance Payments
0502004060Advance Payment Receipt and Notice, Form SSA-8102
0502004100Immediate Payments (IPs)
0502004120Immediate Payments in Concurrent Cases
0502004130Field Office Procedures for SSI Immediate Payments
0502005000Computation of Benefits - SSI - Table of Contents
0502005001Retrospective Monthly Accounting Computation
0502005005Transitional Computational Cycle (TCC)
0502005006Exception to Transitional Computation Procedures for Ninth Circuit Cases &ndash; May 1994 through March 2005
0502005007Proration in Initial Claims
0502005008Proration After Period of Ineligibility
0502005010SSI Computations - Title II/Title XVI COLA Coordination
0502005015AI Diaries
0502005020Living in a Title XIX Institution
0502005025Prospective Accounting for Certain Income Based on Need
0502005030Effect of Changes in Couple&rsquo;s Status on SSI Payment Computations
0502005031- Couple Computations Prior to 10/1/90
0502005050Member(s) of an Eligible Couple Temporarily Absent from Home in a Title XIX Facility
0502005082Establishing the Correct Minimum Income Level
0502005082DALEstablishing The Correct Minimum Income Level &mdash; AR &amp; LA
0502005082SFEstablishing The Correct Minimum Income Level (MIL) &mdash; California
0502005084MMSS Eligibility and Payment Computations Under RMA
0502005086MMSS Cases Using SCI
0502005090SSA-4968 - SSI RMA Payment Worksheet
0502005095Proration Chart
0502005100Computation Worksheet With Certain SSI Notices
0502006000Windfall Offset and Effect on Title XVI Payments - Table of Contents
0502006001The Windfall Offset Provision
0502006005Adjudicating SSI Claims in Title II Offset Cases
0502006010Title II Offset and SSI Changes
0502006040Erroneous Release of Retroactive Title II Benefits
0502006100Excluding Title II Offset Cases from Underpayment Review
0502006200Title II and Title XVI Offset Cases &mdash; Subtraction of Authorized Fees from Title II Retroactive Payments
0502006201Special Considerations for Month of Actual Receipt of Retroactive Title II Benefits&mdash;PMA Month
0502006202Fee Petition Process&mdash;Authorization of Representative Fees and Determination of Amount to Subtract
0502006203Fee Agreement Process &mdash; Authorization of Title II and Title XVI Representative Fees and Determination of Amount to Subtract
0502006204Field Office Processing Instructions for Concurrent Cases Involving Unknown or Unresolved Representative Fees
0502006205Identification and Notification of Affected Claimants and Their Representatives and Development of Title II Data
0502006210Field Office Representative Fee Adjustment Procedures Summary and Worksheets
0502006215Record Corrections, Payments, and Notices
0502006220Examples of Processing Representative Fee Adjustments of Title II Income
0502007000SSI Interim Benefits Payments - Table of Contents
0502007001Interim Benefits in Cases of Delayed Final Decisions - SSI
0502007015Nondisability Notices for Interim Benefits - SSI
0502007020Follow ups and Controls on Continuing Title XVI Interim Benefits
0502009000Computation of Payments for Months Prior to April 1982 - Table of Contents
0502009001Computations - General
0502009005Rounding of Payments
0502009010Quarterly Computation - No Change in FBR
0502009015Quarterly Computation - Change in FBR
0502009020Computation Examples - Change in FBR or Eligibility
0502009025Effect of Status Change - Eligible Individual to Eligible Couple or Vice Versa
0502009030One Member of an Eligible Couple Living in the Household of Another and Other Member in Own Household
0502009035One Member of an Eligible Couple Has a Monthly FBR of $25 After September 1976
0502009040One Member of an Eligible Couple Has a Monthly FBR of $25 Before October 1976
0502009045Both Members of an Eligible Couple Change to Different Living Arrangements Within a Quarter
0502009050Eligible Individual With Essential Person(s)
0502009055Eligible Couple With Essential Person(s)
0502009060Presumptive Disability/Blindness Involvement In Computations
0502009065SSA-8106/SSA-8106A - Computation Worksheets - Instructions for Completion
0502100000Title XVI (SSI) Underpayments - Table of Contents
0502101000Title XVI (SSI) Underpayments - Table of Contents
0502101001SSI Underpayment Definitions and General Rules
0502101002Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Underpayment Due - Recipient Alive
0502101003SSI Underpayment Due - Individual Deceased - General
0502101004SSI Underpayment Due - Individual Deceased - IAR Involved
0502101005SSI Underpayment Due - Individual Deceased - Surviving Spouse Member of an Eligible Couple
0502101006SSI Underpayment Due - Individual Deceased - Surviving Spouse Not Member of an Eligible Couple
0502101007SSI Underpayment Due - Deceased Individual Was A Blind or Disabled Child When Underpayment Occurred - Payment to Parent(s) and/or Spouse
0502101008SSI Notices to Survivors
0502101010Past-Due Benefits Payable - Individual Alive Under Age 18 with Representative Payee - Dedicated Account Required
0502101020Large Past-Due Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Payments by Installments &ndash; Individual Alive
0502101025Basic Requirements of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Underpayment (UP) Review
0502101055Releasing SSI Underpayments of $50,000 or More
0502101110SSI Underpayment Case Control Log Exhibit
0502200000Overpayments - Table of Contents
0502201000Supplemental Security Income Overpayments - Overview - Table of Contents
0502201005Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - What Is an Overpayment?
0502201007Supplemental Security Income (SSI): Overpayment Fraud
0502201010SSI - What Is Not An Overpayment
0502201015SSI Netting/Offsetting Overpayments Against Underpayments
0502201020Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment: Who Is Liable (Responsible) for Repayment? Living Overpaid Individual
0502201021Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment: Who Is Liable (Responsible) for Repayment? Overpaid Individual Is Deceased
0502201022SSI Responsibility - Eligible Couple Cases
0502201023Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment: Recovery From A Representative Payee
0502201025Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment: Notifying Overpaid Individuals
0502205000Supplemental Security Income Overpayments - Sponsor/Alien Cases - Table of Contents
0502205001Responsibility for Repayment in SSI Sponsor/Alien Caused Overpayments
0502205005Sponsor Questions Responsibility for SSI Overpayment
0502220000Recovery Procedures for Supplemental Security Income Overpayments - Table of Contents
0502220001Recovery Procedures for SSI Overpayments - General
0502220005Documenting the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment
0502220005BOSDocumenting the SSI Overpayment (TN 5-248 &ndash; 04/2004)
0502220005CHIMandatory Review of Certain Title XVI Overpayment Dispositions (RTN - 11/2022)
0502220005DALDocumenting the SSI Overpayment - More than $20,000 (TN 02 -- 11/2014)
0502220005SFDocumenting the SSI Overpayment - $20,000 or Above (RTN 02 (12/2012)
0502220009SSI Overpayment - Disability Cessation Cases
0502220010SSI Overpayment - Notifying the Individual
0502220011Reconciliation of Overpayment Debt on Terminated Records
0502220012Collection of Title XVI Overpayments by Tax Refund Offset (TRO)
0502220013Collection of Title XVI Overpayments by Administrative Offset
0502220014Reporting Title XVI Overpayment Debts to Credit Bureaus
0502220015SSI Overpayment - Recovery By Adjustment
0502220016SSI Overpayment - The 10 Percent Rate of Adjustment
0502220017Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment Reconsideration
0502220018Debtor Reactions to Collection of Title XVI Overpayments by Administrative Wage Garnishment (AWG)
0502220019Debtor Reactions to the Collection of Title XVI Debts by Federal Salary Offset
0502220020Cross Program Recovery (CPR) of SSI Overpayments from Monthly Title II Benefits
0502220021Cross-Program Recovery of SSI Overpayments from Title II Underpayments
0502220022Cross-Program Recovery of Title II Overpayments from SSI Underpayments
0502220025SSI Overpayment - Recovery By Refund
0502220025NYSSI Overpayment - Recovery By Refund
0502220026SSA-634 Request for a Change in Recovery Rate - SSI
0502220027SSA-634 Request for Change in Overpayment Recovery Rate - Form (04-2019)
0502220030SSI Overpayment - Compromise Settlement
0502220035SSI Overpayment - Recovery By Civil Suit
0502220035CHICase Referrals to the Department of Justice
0502220036SSI Overpayment for Recovery of Court-Ordered Restitution
0502220036CHICourt-Ordered Restitution of SSI Overpayments (RTN 416 - 02/2010)
0502220040Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment - Recovery Through Bankruptcy Proceedings
0502220040CHISupplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment - Recovery Through Bankruptcy Proceedings
0502220045Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment Recovery from an Estate
0502220045DENAffidavit In Support Of Claims Against Estate Of Deceased Native American Indian
0502220050Suspension and Termination of Recovery Efforts from Living Individual
0502220051SSI Overpayment &ndash; Field Office (FO) Efforts to Locate an Overpaid Individual in Nonpayment Status Who Does Not Have an Established Installment Agreement
0502220052SSI Overpayment &ndash; Field Office (FO) Actions When Individual Fails to Make Installment Refunds - Case Not Under RECOOP
0502220053Suspension and Termination of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment Recovery Efforts for a Deceased Individual
0502220065Repayment by Alien Sponsors
0502260000Waiver Provisions for SSI Overpayments - Table of Contents
0502260001Basic Requirements Concerning Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment Waiver
0502260005Completing the SSA-632-BK (Request for Waiver of Overpayment Recovery)
0502260006Personal Conferences
0502260007Waiver Procedures for Disability Cessation Cases
0502260008Subsequent Waiver Request Denial (Res Judicata) - Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
0502260010Development of Without Fault for a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment Waiver
0502260015Establishing Without Fault for a Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Overpayment
0502260020Defeats the Purpose of Title XVI &ndash; Waiver Determination
0502260025SSI Overpayment Recovery is Against Equity and Good Conscience
0502260030Impede Effective or Efficient Administration of Title XVI of the Act (Administrative Waiver)
0502260035SSI Overpayment Waiver When Recipient's Countable Resources Exceed the Limit
0502260040Adverse Changes in Financial Circumstances Following a Waiver Denial
0502260045Form SSA-632-BK, Request for Waiver of Overpayment Recovery - Exhibit
0502300000Posteligibility Events - Table of Contents
0502301000Posteligibility Changes - Table of Contents
0502301001SSI Posteligibility Changes
0502301005SSI Posteligibility - Recipient Reporting
0502301010How to Act on Reports
0502301100Assessing Penalties
0502301105Collecting Penalties - General
0502301110Penalty Notices and Collection Actions
0502301200Suspensions, Stop Payments, Terminations, and Reestablishing Eligibility - General
0502301201Description of SSI Posteligibility (PE) Events
0502301205Suspension and Reestablishing Eligibility
0502301215Summary of Posteligibility (PE) Suspension, Stop Payment and Termination Events by Payment Status Code (PSC)
0502301220Ineligible for A Past Nonpay Period (N05)
0502301225Absence From the United States (N03), Not a United States Resident (N23)
0502301230Voluntary Termination (N19)
0502301235Failure to Provide Information (N20)
0502301240Whereabouts Unknown (S06)
0502301250Death of a Recipient (T01)
0502301300Due Process Protections - General
0502301301Overview of Goldberg/Kelly (GK) Processing
0502301305Online Goldberg Kelly (GK) Notices
0502301307Manual Goldberg Kelly (GK) Notice Procedures
0502301310Appeal and the Right to Goldberg Kelly (GK) Payment Continuation
0502301315Erroneous Payments and GK Payment Continuation
0502301320How to Pay the PPL
0502301325How to Correct the PPL During Appeal (Including COLA)
0502301330How to Correct Benefits Based on Appeal Decision
0502301410Form SSA-94, Receipt of SSI Appeal Request
0502301415Form SSA-263-U2, Waiver of Supplemental Security Income Payment Continuation
0502302000Continuing Benefits and Recipient Status Under Sections 1619(A) and 1619(B) for Individuals Who Work - Table of Contents
0502302001Policy and Procedures Prior to July 1, 1987
0502302006SSI Work Incentives - General
0502302006NYContinuing Benefits - SSI Work Incentives
05023020101619 Policy Principles
0502302015Section 1619 Related Policies
0502302015DENDistrict Office Verification Of-Title XIX Services And Expenditures
0502302030Section 1619 Process and Procedures
0502302040The Medicaid Use Test for Section 1619(b) Eligibility
0502302045The Threshold Test for Section 1619(b) Eligibility
0502302050Individualized Threshold Calculation
0502302050CHIField Office Verification of Title XIX Services and Expenditures for Section 1619(b)
0502302050NYContinuing Benefits - Individualized Threshold Calculation
0502302060Quarterly Verification of Earnings
0502302200Charted Threshold Amounts
0502302300Individualized Threshold Calculation Worksheet - Exhibit
0502302310List of Sample Notices - 1619 Benefits (Noninstitutional)
0502302320Sample Notices - 1611(e)(1)(E) Extended Payment Provisions (Institutionalized Recipients)
0502305000Redeterminations of Eligibility and/or Payment Amount - Table of Contents
0502305001General Information About Redeterminations
0502305002Changes to the Redetermination Process for FY2008
0502305003Alternative Signature Methods: Attestation and Witnessed Signature
0502305010Scheduled RZs
0502305011Dedicated Account Monitoring RZs and LIs
0502305013RZ Error Profiles
0502305014RZs and Records Meeting Automated T32/Start Date Criteria
0502305015Limited Issue Cases
0502305016Section 1619 Records and Age 18 Critical Birthdays Redeterminations (RZs)
0502305017Release and Scheduling of RZ, LI, and Manual Deeming Case Workloads
0502305018Blind and Disabled Child SSI Recipients Overseas - RZs
0502305019SSA-L3074-U2, Supplemental Security Income Notice of Appointment, and SSA-L3075-U2, Supplemental Security Income Notice of Appointment 1619(b)
0502305020SSA-8202- F4-INST, <Quote>Important Facts About Your Supplemental Security Income</Quote> - RZ Instruction Sheet
0502305021Recipients' Failure to Respond - RZs and LIs
0502305022Unscheduled RZs
0502305023Diaries - RZs and LIs
0502305024LIs with Continuing Type "F" Income
0502305030Effective Dates for Policy Changes
0502305031Type of Interview - MSSICS and Paper Forms
0502305032RZ Forms or MSSICS
0502305034Period of Review &ndash; RZs and LIs
0502305036Special Notices to Recipients - RZs
0502305037Exploring Potential Entitlement to Other Benefits
0502305045Scheduled RZs for Recipients Residing in Medical Institutions
0502305046Transfer of RZs Between FOs
0502305059Disposition of RZ and Limited Issue Case Development and Decision Data
0502305060Program Integrity Cases
0502305062Folder Retention
0502305065RZs as Part of Effectuation of an Appellate Decision
0502305070When to Use MSSICS or Paper RZ Forms - SSA-8202-BK and SSA-8203-BK, &ldquo;Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income Payments&rdquo;
0502305071Completing Redeterminations (RZs) in CCE or on Paper Forms SSA-8202-BK and SSA-8203-BK
0502305072Developing the Issues Documented During a RZ
0502305073Abridged Unredetermined Initial Claims (UC) Profile RZs
0502305074Abridged RZ For T30/Start Date Cases When An Ineligible Spouse Becomes Eligible
0502305082Developing Alien Status - RZs
0502305083Developing Marital Status - RZs
0502305084Developing Recipient Residence - RZs
0502305085Developing Absence from the United States - RZs
0502305086Developing Institutionalization - RZs
0502305087Developing Type of Residence - RZs
0502305088Developing Changes in Household Composition - RZs
0502305089Developing Current Household Composition - RZs
0502305090Developing Public Assistance Household - RZs
0502305091Developing Home Ownership, Rental Information, and Inside In-Kind Support and Maintenance (ISM) and Cash Contributions From Inside the Household - RZs
0502305092Developing ISM and Cash Contributions from Outside the Household - RZs
0502305093Developing Other Forms of In-Kind Income - RZs
0502305094General Rules for Developing Income Issues &ndash; RZs
0502305095Developing Earned Income &ndash; RZs
0502305096Developing Net Earnings from Self- Employment (NESE) - RZs
0502305097Developing Impairment Related Work Expenses (IRWE) - RZs
0502305099Developing Unearned Income - RZs
0502305100General Rules for Developing Resources - RZs
0502305101Developing Liquid Resources &ndash; RZs
0502305102Developing Ownership of Life Insurance - RZs
0502305103Developing Ownership of Vehicles - RZs
0502305104Developing Ownership of Real Property - RZs
0502305105Developing Personal Property and Equipment - RZs
0502305106Developing Burial Spaces and Burial Funds - RZs
0502305107Developing Transfer of Resources-RZs
0502305108Developing Third Party Liability - RZs
0502305109Developing Eligibility for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) (Formerly Known as Food Stamps) - RZs
0502305110Potential Eligibility for Title II Benefits - RZs
0502305115Residence Address - RZs
0502305116Signatures - RZs
0502305117Informing Recipients of their Reporting Responsibilities - RZs
0502305118<Quote>FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY</Quote> Block
0502305122RZs Involving Essential Person(s)
0502305123Developing Rep Payee Suitability During RZs
0502305124Developing RZs With Multiple Rep Payees
0502305802SSA-8202-BK, Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income Payments
0502305803SSA-8202-OCR, Address Block of Sample DOC Form
0502305804SSA-8202-F4-INST, Important Facts About Your Supplemental Security Income (FO, Food Stamp Version)
0502305805SSA-8202-F4-INST-NFS, Important Facts About Your Supplemental Security Income (FO, Nonfood Stamp Version)
0502305806SSA-3951-U2, SSI Redetermination FO Development Request
0502305807SSA-8203-BK, Statement for Determining Continuing Eligibility for Supplemental Security Income Payments
0502305809SSA-8202 INST-OCR&mdash;NFS, Important Facts About Your Supplemental Security Income (WBDOC, Nonfood Stamp Version)
0502305810SSA-8202 INST-OCR, Important Facts About Your Supplemental Security Income (WBDOC, Food Stamp Version)
0502305813SSA-8202-OCR-SM-SP-NFS - Important Facts About Supplemental Security (WBDOC, Non Food Stamp Spanish Version)
0502305814SSA-L3074-U2, Supplemental Security Income Notice of Appointment
0502305815SSA-L3075-U2, Supplemental Security Income Notice of Appointment 1619(b)
0502306000Miscellaneous Posteligibility Issues - Table of Contents
0502306010Change of Address or Residence
0502306020SSA-L8003-U2 and SSA-L8004-U2, Supplemental Security Income Request for Information - Posteligibility
0502306030National Correction Procedure
0502306703SSA-3911-U4, Report of Change - SSI Data
0502309000Critical Birthday and Insured Status Diaries - Table of Contents
0502309001Critical Birthday Diaries - Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
0502309003Attainment of Age 18 - KB Diary - Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
0502309005Attainment of Age 65 by Ineligible Spouse, Parent, or Essential Person - K8 /K9 Diary - Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
0502309006Gerontology Limited Issue KC Diary
0502309007Detecting Entitlement to Title II Spouse&rsquo;s Benefits &ndash; KP Diary
0502309010Processing the Insured Status (KZ) Diary - Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
0502309011Veterans Affairs (VA) Pension Referral Cases Limited Issue KV Diary
0502310000SSI Interfaces - Table of Contents
0502310005Interface Operations and Related Issues
0502310007Processing Alerts from Computer Matches
0502310007BOSMassachusetts: Development Of U5 Alerts
0502310015Savings Security Instrument Match (SB Diary)
0502310017DHS Match &ndash; Voluntarily Leaving the United States (I8 Diary)
0502310018DHS Match -- Removal From the United States (3D Diary)
0502310020Federal Benefit Interfaces &ndash; VA, RRB, OPM
0502310021Federal Benefit Interface &ndash; DOD
0502310040Tax Data Interfaces - General
0502310041Disclosure of Tax Data
0502310042Tax Data Interface Interview Guidelines
0502310045Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Interface
0502310046IRS Alert Development - General
0502310047IRS Alert Development - Limited Development
0502310048IRS Alert Development - Full Development
0502310049IRS Interface - Special Situations
0502310052Pension Interface (5H Diary)
0502310055Master Earnings File (MEF) Match (K6 and K7 Diary)
0502310056Master Earnings File (MEF) Match (J3 and J5 Diaries)
0502310060State Data Interfaces - General
0502310060NYState Data Interfaces - General
0502310062State Wage Record Match (S2 Diary)
0502310063State Wage Record Match (S7 Diary)
0502310064Title XIX Facility Match (D8 Diary)
0502310065Unemployment Compensation Match (U5 Diary)
0502310092Processing Title XVI Federal Bureau of Prison PUPS Alerts
0502310100SSI Duplicate Payment Project
0502310999Exhibits of SSI Interfaces
0502900000State Financial Management - Table of Contents
0502901000SSI Administrative Costs - Table of Contents
0502901500State Payments
0502901510Estimating State Liability and Payment Methods
0502901520Financial Accountability Statement - Form SSA-8700
0502901600General Procedures
0504000000Administrative Review, Appeals and Finality - SSI - Table of Contents
0504005000Administrative Review (Appeals) Process - SSI - Table of Contents
0504005010Overview of the Administrative Review (Appeals) Process - SSI
0504005012Time Limit For Filing Appeal
0504005015Good Cause for Extending the Time Limit
0504005020The Dissatisfied Claimant/Appellant - SSI
0504005035iAppeals &ndash; Title XVI
0504005040iAppeals Non-Medical for Title XVI
0504010000Initial Determinations - SSI - Table of Contents
0504010010What Is and Is Not an Initial SSI Determination
0504010020SSI Appeals Considerations
0504020000Reconsideration - SSI - Table of Contents
0504020010What Is Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Reconsideration
0504020020Requests for Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Reconsideration
0504020030Developing and Processing Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Reconsideration Requests
0504020040Case Review
0504020050Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Reconsideration Conferences
0504020060Effectuating Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Reconsideration Determinations
0504030000Administrative Law Judge (ALJ) Hearings - SSI - Table of Contents
0504030010Administrative Law Judge Hearings for Supplemental Security Income Cases
0504030020Requests for SSI Hearing
0504030030Title XVI Instructions for Forwarding the Form HA-501-U5 (Request for Hearing by Administrative Law Judge) and Folder to the Servicing Hearing Office
0504030030KCPreparing for SSI Hearing (TN 1 - 9/04)
0504030040While the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Hearing Is Pending
0504030050The Supplemental Security Income (SSI) Hearing Decision
0504030060Questionable SSI Hearing Decisions
0504030070Redetermination After SSI Reversal
0504040000Appeals Council (AC) Review - SSI - Table of Contents
0504040010Appeals Council Review for Supplemental Security Income Cases
0504040020Requesting Appeals Council Review
0504040025Subsequent Application Filed While A Request For Review Is Pending At Appeals Council (AC) On Prior Claim - Title XVI Nondisability
0504040027Processing the Prior Claim -- Title XVI Nondisability
0504040028Subsequent Application Flag -- Exhibit
0504040030Effectuating Appeals Council (AC) Decisions
0504050000Litigation - SSI - Table of Contents
0504050010Title XVI Litigation - General
0504050020Action While SSI Litigation is Pending
0504050030Remand to the Secretary - SSI
0504050040Title XVI Court Reversals
0504050040SEAEffectuating Court Decisions - General
0504060000Expedited Appeals Process (Title XVI Only) - SSI - Table of Contents
0504060010Title XVI Expedited Appeals Process (EAP) - Overview
0504070001Title XVI Administrative Finality - Background
0504070005Title XVI Administrative Finality Definitions
0504070010Title XVI Administrative Finality - Reopening Policies
0504070015Reopening SSI Determinations
0504070030Development Required When a Prior SSI Determination or Decision is Reopened
0504070040Revising SSI Determinations
0504070050Notice of Revised SSI Determination or Decision
0504070060SSI Posteligibility Actions
0504070070SSI Overpayment/Underpayment Development
0504070080RSDI/SSI Rules of Administrative Finality and Erroneous Death Determinations
0600200000Computations/Offsets - Table of Contents
0600201000Health Insurance Program - Table of Contents
0600201005Additional Provisions Under the 1972 Amendments
0600201010Confidentiality of Official Records and Information
0600201015The Hospital Insurance Plan (Part A)
0600201020The Medical Insurance Plan (Part B)
0600201025Financing the Hospital Insurance Program
0600201030Financing the Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Program
0600204000Safeguards Under Medicare - Table of Contents
0600204001Title XVIII Safeguards
0600204005Title VI, Civil Rights Act of 1964
0600204010Executive Order 11246
0600204015Office for Civil Rights Responsibility in Prohibiting Discrimination
0600208000Computations/Offsets - Table of Contents
0600208001General Assignment of Responsibilities
0600208005Responsibilities for the Health Insurance Program
0600208010Role of the Centers for Medicare &amp; Medicaid Services (CMS)
0600208015Role of the Social Security Administration (SSA)
0600208015DALAssignment Of Responsibilities
0600208020Responsibilities of the Centers for Medicare &amp; Medicaid Services Regional Offices
0600208025Role of the HSQ RO in Certification
0600208030Role of the Division of Claims Processing, Bureau of Support Services
0600208035Role of the Division of Reimbursement, Recovery and Reconsideration Evaluation, Bureau of Program Operations
0600208050Health Facility Complaint Memorandum
0600208055DO Role in the Public Disclosure of Survey Information
0600208060DO Handling&mdash;Complaints of Discrimination
0600208066The Medicare Advantage (MA) Program
0600208067Eligibility and Elections in Medicare Advantage Plans
0600208069Disenrollment From A Medicare Advantage or 1876 Cost Plan
0600208070Appeal Rights
0600208070DALProper Coding of the State and County (SCC) of Residence for Medicare Beneficiaries Who Elect Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans
0600208070DENProper Coding of the State and County (SCC) of Residence for Medicare Beneficiaries Who Elect Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans
0600208071Disenrollment from Medicare Advantage (MA) and 1876 Cost Plans Through Social Security Field Offices
0600208072Handling Medicare Advantage (MA) Inquiries and Problem Cases
0600208073CMS Regional Offices and State Information
0600208075Role of State Agencies
0600208080Role of Professional Standards Review Organizations (PSRO's)
0600208085Role of the Railroad Retirement Board
0600208090Role of the Part A Intermediaries and Part B Carriers
0600208095Group Practice Prepayment Plans
0600208100Change of Provider Ownership
0600400000Definitions - Table of Contents
0600401000Provider and Related Definitions - Table of Contents
0600401200Providers of Services
0600401205Reasonable Cost Reimbursement
0600401210Under Arrangements
0600401215Termination of Provider Participation
0600401220Services After Termination
0600401225Hospital Defined
0600401230PPSDefinition of Emergency Services Hospital
0600401240Psychiatric Hospital
0600401245Certification of Parts of Institutions as Hospitals
0600401250Rural Health Clinic (RHC) Defined
0600401255Rural Health Clinic Services
0600401257Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) Defined
0600401260Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) Defined
0600401265Distinct Part of an Institution as a Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF)
0600401270Transfer Agreements
0600401275Christian Science Sanatorium
0600401277Hospice Defined
0600401280Home Health Agency (HHA) Defined
0600401285Arrangements by HHA's
0600401290Rehabilitation Centers
0600401295Physician Defined
0600401300Physical Therapists in Independent Practice
0600401305Reasonable Charge
0600401310Criteria for Determining a Reasonable Charge
0600401315The Customary Charge
0600401320Determining The Prevailing Charge
0600401325Effect of Waiver of Coinsurance or Deductible on Determination of Actual and Customary Charges
0600401330Negotiated Rates for Laboratory Services
0600401335Reasonable Charge Screens for Injections
0600401340Benefit Period
0600401345Examples of Benefit Period
0600600000Covered Services (HI-SMI) - Table of Contents
0600601000Hospital Insurance - Table of Contents
0600601001Scope of Benefits
0600601005Covered Part A Inpatient Hospital Services
0600601010Hospital Inpatient Services - Coverage Guidelines
0600601015Bed and Board
0600601020Nursing and Other Services
0600601025Drugs and Biologicals
0600601030Supplies, Appliances and Equipment
0600601035Other Diagnostic or Therapeutic Items or Services
0600601040Services of Interns or Residents-in-Training
0600601045Inpatient Services in Connection with Dental Services
0600601050Therapy Services
0600601055Inpatient Hospital Services Counting Toward Maximums
0600601060Guarantee of Payment for Inpatient Hospital Service
0600601065Lifetime Reserve Days
0600601070Inpatient Day Defined
0600601075Late Discharge
0600601080Leaves of Absence
0600601085Discharge or Death on First Day of Entitlement or Participation
0600601090Limitation on Inpatient Psychiatric Benefits in Initial Benefit Period
0600601095Patient's Status in Applying Reduction
0600601100Institution's Status in Determining Reduction in Days
0600601105Counting Days of Admission, Discharge, and Leave in Reducing Days
0600601110Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital Services&mdash;Lifetime Limitation
0600601115Inpatient Service Days Counting Toward Maximums
0600601120Coverage of Extended Care Services
0600601125SNF Coverage Guidelines
0600601130Prior Hospitalization and Transfer Requirements
0600601135Covered Level of Care
0600601140Daily Skilled Service
0600601145Skilled Nursing Services
0600601150Nonskilled Nursing Services
0600601155Questionable Situations
0600601160Physical Therapy as Basis for Extended Care
0600601165Other Rehabilitation Service as a Basis for Extended Care
0600601170Need Satisfied Only by SNF Inpatient Care
0600601175Covered Extended Care Services
0600601180Nursing Care Provided by or Under the Supervision of a Registered Professional Nurse
0600601185Bed and Board in Semi-Private Accommodations Furnished in Connection With Nursing Care
0600601190Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy Furnished by the SNF or by Others Under Arrangements with the SNF and Under Its Supervision
0600601195Medical Social Services
0600601200Drugs and Biologicals
0600601205Supplies, Appliances and Equipment
0600601210Medical Services of an Intern or Resident-in-Training
0600601220Other Diagnostic or Therapeutic Services Provided by a Hospital
0600601230Other Services
0600601270Extended Care Benefit Days
0600601280Inpatient Extended Care Services Counting Toward Maximums
0600601290Covered Hospice Services
0600601295Hospice Care - Requirements for Coverage
0600601300Home Health Services
0600601310HHA Coverage&mdash;Discussion Guidelines
0600601320Nursing Care
0600601330Definition of <Quote>Intermittent</Quote>
0600601340When Skilled Nursing Care is Reimbursable
0600601350Skilled Nursing Services&mdash;Examples
0600601360Student Nurses
0600601370Psychiatric Nursing
0600601380Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy Furnished by an HHA or by Others Under Arrangements With the HHA and Under its Supervision
0600601390Medical Social Services
0600601400Services of a Home Health Aide
0600601410Medical Supplies (Except for Drugs and Biologicals) and the Use of Medical Appliances
0600601420Services of Interns and Residents
0600601430Outpatient Services
0600601440Part Time or Intermittent Services
0600601450Counting Visits Under the Hospital and Medical Plans
0600601460Specific Exclusions from Coverage as Home Health Services
0600601470Special Conditions for Coverage of Home Health Services Under Hospital Insurance (Part A)
0600601480Fourteen Day Limit on Plan Establishment
0600601490Related Illness or Impairment
0600601500Transfer of Patient
0600601510Duration of Home Health Services Under Hospital Insurance
0600601520Presumption of Coverage
0600601550Inpatient Hospital Deductible
0600601560Inpatient Hospital Coinsurance
0600601570Extended Care Coinsurance
0600601575Basis for Determining the Coinsurance Amounts
0600601580Part A Blood Deductible
0600601600Provider Charges to Beneficiaries for Excess Costs
0600601610Determining Emergency Services
0600601620District Office Role
0600610000Supplementary Medical Insurance - Table of Contents
0600610001Scope of Benefits(SMI)
0600610010Incurred Expenses
0600610020When SMI Expenses Are Incurred
0600610030Physicians' Services
0600610040Provider-Based Physicians' Services
0600610050Services of Interns and Residents
0600610060Supervising Physicians in the Teaching Setting
0600610070Radiological and Pathological Services to Hospital Inpatients
0600610080Coverage of Chiropractic Services
0600610090Services of Physical Therapists in Independent Practice
0600610100Services and Supplies
0600610110Drugs and Biologicals
0600610120Diagnostic X-Ray, Diagnostic Laboratory, and Other Diagnostic Tests
0600610130Diagnostic Laboratory Services Furnished by an Independent Laboratory
0600610140Psychologists Practicing Independently
0600610150Otologic Evaluations
0600610160Portable X-Ray Services
0600610170X-Ray, Radium and Radioactive Isotope Therapy
0600610180Surgical Dressings, and Splints, Casts, and Other Devices Used for Reduction of Fractures and Dislocations
0600610190Rental and Purchase of Durable Medical Equipment (DME)
0600610200Definition of Durable Medical Equipment
0600610210Necessary and reasonable
0600610220Repairs, Maintenance, Replacement and Delivery
0600610230Coverage of Supplies and Accessories
0600610240Miscellaneous Issues Included in the Coverage of Equipment
0600610250Ambulance Service
0600610260Air Ambulance Service
0600610270Prosthetic Devices
0600610280Leg, Arm, Back, and Neck Braces, Trusses, and Artificial Legs, Arms and Eyes
0600610290Dental Services
0600610300Examples of Durable Medical Equipment Covered and Not Covered
0600610302Ambulatory Surgery
0600610306Pneumococcal Vaccine and Its Administration
0600610310Treatment of End-Stage Renal Disease
0600610320Dialysis Settings
0600610330Physician's Services for ESRD
0600610340Home Dialysis Aides
0600610345Organ Transplants
0600610350Payment for Medical and Other Health Services Furnished by Hospitals and SNF's
0600610360Outpatient Hospital Services
0600610370Outpatient Physical Therapy and Speech Pathology
0600610375Comprehensive Outpatient Rehabilitation Facility (CORF) Services
0600610380Outpatient Occupational Therapy Services
0600610390Home Health Benefits
0600610400Duration of Home Health Services Under SMI
0600610410Home Health Agencies Furnishing Medical and Other Health Services
0600610420Special Option While Under a Home Health Plan
0600610430Annual Part B Cash Deductible
0600610431Special Carryover Rule for Expenses Incurred Prior to 1981
0600610450Exceptions to Part B Deductible and Coinsurance
0600610460Group Practice Prepayment Plan
0600610470Medical Insurance Blood Deductible
0600610480Noninpatient Psychiatric Services Limitation &mdash; Expenses Incurred for Physician's Services
0600610490Noninpatient Psychiatric Services Limitation Computation
0600610510Determining When the Limitation Applies
0600620000Exclusions from Coverage - Table of Contents
0600620001General Exclusions
0600620010Services Not Reasonable and Necessary
0600620020No Obligation to Pay for or Provide Services
0600620030Items and Services Furnished or Paid for by Governmental Entities
0600620040Items and Services Furnished by a Federal Provider of Services or Federal Agency
0600620050Items and Services which a Provider, Physician or Supplier is Obligated to Furnish at Public Expense Pursuant to an Authorization Issued by a Federal Agency
0600620060Items or Services Which are Paid For by a Governmental Entity
0600620080Services Not Provided Within the United States
0600620090Services Resulting From War
0600620100Personal Comfort Items
0600620110Routine Services and Appliances
0600620120Supportive Devices for Feet
0600620130Custodial Care
0600620140Cosmetic Surgery
0600620150Charges Imposed by Immediate Relatives of the Patient or Members of His Household
0600620160Dental Services Exclusion
0600620170Workers' Compensation
0600620171Private Right of Action
0600620175Services Reimbursable Under Automobile, No-Fault, or Any Liability Insurance
0600620177Medicare as Secondary Payer for End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Beneficiaries and for Employed Beneficiaries Age 65 or Over (Working Aged) and the Spouses Age 65 or Over of Employed Individuals of Any Age
0600620178Medicare as Secondary Payer for Disabled Individuals
0600620180Excluded Foot Care Services
0600620190Application of Foot Care Exclusion to Physicians' Services
0600620200Exclusion of Refractive Services
0600630000Medicare Coverage Outside U.S. - Table of Contents
0600630001Medicare Program Outside the United States - General
0600630010Enrollment Procedures - General
0600630020Initial Enrollment Procedures - Foreign Beneficiaries on the Social Security Rolls Approaching Age 65 or Disabled for 24 Months
0600630030Developing Foreign Retirement, Survivors, and Disability Insurance (RSDI) Claims When Claimant May Be Eligible for Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI)
0600630040Processing Claims Involving Possible Coverage Under The Health Insurance Programs for Individuals at Least Age 65 Who Are Not Entitled to Monthly Benefits
0600630050Processing Forms CMS-1739 and CMS-40F
0600630060SMI Terminations and Withdrawals - General
0600630070Processing by the Modules - Medicare Outside U.S.
0600630080Procedure for the Issuance of an HI or SMI Card
0600630090Supplementary Medical Insurance Premium Collection in DIO - General
0600630100Mailroom Procedures - Medicare Outside U.S.
0600630110Deposit Clerk's Procedure - Medicare Outside U.S.
0600630120Direct Action Unit Processing of SSA-1592 Remittances
0600630130General Enrollment Period - Medicare Outside U.S.
0600630140Handling Inquiries Relating to Medicare - General
0600630150Inquiries Requesting Payment for Noncovered Hospital or Medical Services Furnished Outside the United States
0600630160Inquiries Requesting Payment or Claims Assistance Relating to Medicare Services Furnished in the United States
0600630170Other Medicare Inquiries
0600630180List of Exhibits - Medicare Outside U.S.
0600800000Requirement for Entitlement and Termination - Table of Contents
0600801000Hospital Insurance Entitlement - Table of Contents
0600801002Waiver of HI Entitlement by Monthly Beneficiary
0600801006Requirements for Entitlement - Regular Insured Provision
0600801008HI Entitlement for Aged Spouse of Age 62 Worker
0600801011Qualified Railroad Retirement Beneficiary (QRRB) Defined&mdash;Aged
0600801012Deemed QRRB
0600801017Proof of Age
0600801022Application Requirement and Effective Date for Hospital Insurance for Insured Beneficiaries
0600801027Taking the Claim
0600801029Special Development Considerations
0600801032Establishing Entitlement
0600801034Withdrawal Considerations
0600801047Requirements for Entitlement - Deemed Insured Provision
0600801052Application Requirement and Effective Date for Hospital Insurance for Deemed Insured Beneficiaries
0600801056Eligibility Under Regular Insured Provision
0600801058Proof of Age
0600801061Residence and Citizenship/Alien Status Requirements
0600801066QC Requirement
0600801071FEHBA eligibility preclusion
0600801076Coverage Under FEHBA
0600801081Establishing FEHBA Eligibility
0600801086Preclusion Because of Crimes Against U.S
0600801091Filing the Claim
0600801096Completion of Items on SSA-18F5
0600801106RR Involvement
0600801111Determining RR Status
0600801116HI Leads from RRB
0600801121FORM RR-80 (Report of Health Insurance Information &mdash; SSA Jurisdiction)
0600801126HI for the Uninsured
0600801131Eligibility for Premium-HI
0600801133Enrollment and Coverage Periods
0600801134HI Premium Reduction for Aged Individuals With At Least 30 Quarters of Coverage
0600801135HI Premium Reduction to Zero for Certain Public Retirees
0600801137Initial Interview
0600801138Application for Premium HI
0600801139QMB Provisions
0600801140Premium-Part A Enrollments for Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMBs) &ndash; Part A Buy-In States and Group Payer States
0600801142Transfer Enrollment Period for Individuals Enrolled in Medicare Managed Care Plans
0600801143Evidence of Enrollment in A Medicare Managed Care Plan
0600801144Taking the Claim
0600801145Withdrawal of Application for Enrollment
0600801146Entitlement to HI for the Disabled
0600801151D-HI for QRRB Annuitants
0600801152Counting Months in Reentitlement Cases
0600801153D-HI Qualifying Period for Individuals Awarded DIB Under Section 332 of P.L. 98-21
0600801154SSI/SSP Credit for Disabled Widow(er)s
0600801155Deemed Entitlement to DWB for Medicare
0600801161Medicare Continuation During Appeal of Title II Disability Cessation
0600801163Disability Cessation Affirmed or Reversed After Benefit Continuation
0600801164Medicare Entitlement During the Provisional Benefit Period &ndash; Expedited Reinstatement of Disability Benefits
0600801165Medicare Terminations When The Provisional Benefit Period Ends
0600801166Favorable Medical Decisions
0600801167Examples Of How Disability Determinations Affect Medicare Coverage During The Provisional Benefit Period
0600801170Premium-HI for the Working Disabled
0600801172Taking Premium-HI Claims for the Working Disabled
0600801174Withdrawal of Enrollment
0600801186HI Based on End Stage Renal Disease
0600801191Requirements for Entitlement to R-HI
0600801196ESRD Medicare Application Requirement
0600801197Withdrawal of Application
0600801201R-HI Insured Status
0600801206Course of Dialysis
0600801211Kidney Transplant - Definition
0600801215ESRD Medicare Date of Entitlement - General Policy
0600801216ESRD Medicare Date of Entitlement - Dialysis
0600801221ESRD Medicare Date of Entitlement - Transplant
0600801226Date of ESRD Medicare Entitlement Based on Self-Dialysis Training
0600801233Medical Evidence of ESRD - Form CMS-2728-U3
0600801235Development of Claims (ESRD)
0600801246R-HI and R-SMI Benefits - Policy
0600801247Medicare as Secondary Payer of ESRD Benefits
0600801248Effect of Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage on Filing for R-HI and R-SMI
0600801251Renal SMI Enrollment
0600801256SMI Premiums
0600801257State Buy-In Considerations
0600801258Relationship Between R-HI, D-HI, and Age 65 HI
0600801261HI Freeze
0600801300District Office Final Authorization (DOFA) of ESRD Medicare Awards and Disallowances
0600801302Medical Review of ESRD Claims
0600801308Form SSA-892-U2 (End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Medicare Determination)
0600801309SSA-892-U2 (End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Medicare Determination) &mdash; Exhibit
0600801325Notice to RRB: ESRD Medicare Award &mdash; LAF Code on MBR is <Quote>E</Quote>-Exhibit
0600801400Medicare Qualified Government Employment (MQGE)
0600801405HI Entitlement for Auxiliaries and Survivors Based on MQGE
0600801410Insured Status Based on MQGE
0600801415Evidence of MQGE &mdash; Earned GEQCs
0600801420Deemed GEQCs for Federal Employees &mdash; Employee Status During 1/83
0600801425Deemed GEQCs for Federal Employees &mdash; Pre-1983 Earnings
0600801430Using CS DATA Element to Determine Fully Insured Status
0600801435Taking the Claim
0600801440Special Rules Applicable to MQGE Claims
0600801901RR-80;Report of Health Insurance Information, SSA Jurisdiction
0600801902CMS 2728-U3, End Stage Renal Disease Medical Evidence Report Medicare Entitlement and/or Patient Registration - Exhibit
0600801905CMS-565, Medicare Qualification Statement for Federal Employees &mdash; Locally Reproducible - Exhibit
0600803000Medicare Entitlement for Individuals Exposed to Environmental Health Hazards (EHH) - Table of Contents
0600803001Hospital Insurance (HI) Entitlement for Individuals Exposed to Environmental Health Hazards (EHH)
0600803010EHH Beneficiary Entitled to HI Based on Age, Disability, or End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)
0600803020Protective Filing and Leads for EHH Medicare
0600803030EHH Medicare Application
0600803040Developing Presence in Lincoln County, Montana, for Entitlement to EHH Medicare
0600803050Developing Medical Requirement for Entitlement to EHH Medicare
0600803080Withdrawal of EHH Medicare Application
0600803090Termination of HI and SMI for Individuals Exposed to Environmental Health Hazards (EHH)
0600803100EHH Medicare Entitlement Appeals
0600803200Medicare Pilot Program for Asbestos-Related Disease
0600803210Special Enrollment Period for Medicare Pilot Program for Asbestos-Related Disease (July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012)
0600803220Special Enrollment Period for Expanded Medicare Pilot Program for Asbestos Related Disease (April 1, 2014 to March 31, 2015)
0600805000Supplementary Medical Insurance Entitlement - Table of Contents
0600805001Supplementary Medical Insurance (Part B)
0600805005Eligibility for SMI
0600805006Enrollee Ceases to Meet Eligibility Requirements
0600805007SMI Eligibility for Foreign Residents
0600805010Rules on Enrollment Periods
0600805015Initial Enrollment Period
0600805020Determining the IEP for Aged Alien Non-Beneficiaries
0600805025General Enrollment Period (GEP)
0600805030Relationship Between Initial and General Enrollment Periods
0600805035Nature and Purpose of Automatic Enrollment
0600805040Automatic (Deemed) Enrollment - Aged and Disabled Individuals
0600805045Deemed Enrollment - R-HI Beneficiaries
0600805050When Deemed Enrollment Does Not Apply
0600805055Notice of Right to Refuse Deemed Enrollment
0600805060Voluntary Request for Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Enrollment
0600805065Enrollment Form Not in File
0600805070Who May Execute a Valid Request for SMI Enrollment
0600805075Prescribed SMI Enrollment Forms
0600805080Withdrawal of Enrollment Before It Goes Into Effect
0600805085Effect of Reentitlement to HI After Termination
0600805090SMI Enrollment of Reentitled Disability Beneficiaries
0600805095What Constitutes an Effective Enrollment
0600805100Individual Incapacitated During IEP, GEP, or SEP
0600805105Enrollee Needs Help in Paying Premiums or Claiming Reimbursement
0600805110SMI Enrollment Processes
0600805115Enrolling Beneficiaries in SMI who Reside in Puerto Rico
0600805120Enrolling Beneficiaries in SMI who Reside in a Foreign Country
0600805125Description of CMS Medicare Initial Enrollment Period Package Information Sent to Beneficiaries
0600805126Exhibits of Medicare Initial Enrollment Period Packages
0600805130When an Enrollment Received by Mail Is Considered Filed
0600805135Extending the Enrollment Period
0600805140Enrollment Action - Claim for Entitlement Pending When IEP or GEP Begins
0600805150Deemed IEP Based on Alleged Date of Attainment of Age 65
0600805151The Date of Birth to Be Established
0600805152Examples of Deemed IEP
0600805153Prior Month Attainment Rule
0600805154Use of the Deemed IEP
0600805155Enrollment Request Filed After Age 65 But Before Deemed Date of Attainment
0600805160Coverage Period Defined
0600805165Individual Enrollment - When A Coverage Period Begins
0600805170Conditions for Providing Equitable Relief
0600805175Evidence of Government Error or Delay
0600805180Payment of Premium Arrearage
0600805185Processing Equitable Relief Cases
0600805190Common Situations Involving Equitable Relief
0600805195Enrollment Not Processed Timely
0600805200SMI Awarded on Later of 2 Timely Enrollment Requests
0600805205Delayed or Incorrect Advice Frustrated Enrollment or Termination Rights
0600805210SMI Awarded Erroneously
0600805215SMI Terminated Erroneously
0600805220Inadvertent Failure to Bill for or Deduct Premiums - Non-Buy-In Cases
0600805230Delayed Deletion from State Buy-In Rolls Prejudices Termination Rights
0600805235Special Considerations for Premium-HI
0600805236Current Equitable Relief Considerations Involving CHAMPUS
0600805240Other Situations Where Equitable Relief May Apply
0600805245Development for SMI Enrollment of Civil Service Annuitants and Their Spouses
0600805250SMI Enrollment for Qualified Railroad Retirement Beneficiary
0600805255SMI Enrollment of Holocaust Survivors
0600805260Medicare Entitlement for Residents of the Northern Mariana Islands
0600805265The Special Enrollment Period -- Definition - Group Health Plans
0600805266Description of Terms Used in the Special Enrollment Period and Premium Surcharge Rollback Provisions - Group Health Plans
0600805270General Eligibility Requirements for the Special Enrollment Period - Group Health Plans
0600805275Special Enrollment Period (SEP) Enrollments - Group Health Plans
0600805276SMI Effective Date for SEP Enrollments - Group Health Plans
0600805277Processing Special Enrollment Period (SEP) Enrollments
0600805278SEP Enrollments for Aged Beneficiaries with Hours&rsquo; Bank Arrangements - Group Health Plans
0600805280Premium Surcharge Rollback for Individuals With GHP/LGHP Coverage
0600805281Examples of the Elimination or Rollback of Premium Surcharges for Individuals With GHP/LGHP Coverage
0600805285The SEP and Premium Surcharge Rollback for Individuals Eligible for Premium-HI - Group Health Plans
0600805290SEP Requirements for Self-employed Beneficiaries - Group Health Plans
0600805295Evidence of GHP or LGHP Coverage Based on Current Employment Status
0600805300Disability SEP for Beneficiaries for Whom Medicare is Now the Primary Payer - Group Health Plans
0600805310Disability SEP Enrollments - Group Health Plans
0600805315GEP Enrollment For Disabled Beneficiaries Who Do Not Enroll During The D-SEP - Group Health Plans
0600805320Equitable Relief for Disabled Individuals Covered Under a GHP/LGHP
0600805322Equitable Relief for Domestic (Or Life) Partners Covered Under a GHP
0600805324Equitable Relief for Enrollment Request Affected by Major Disasters
0600805325GHP Coverage Under TRICARE (Formerly CHAMPUS)
0600805330Individuals with GHP Coverage Under COBRA
0600805340Exhibit of Form CMS (L564 Request for Employment Information)
0600805345CMS Regional Office MSP Coordinators
0600805346Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Eligible Postal Annuitants and Eligible Family Members to Enroll in Medicare Part B
0600805350Special Enrollment Period for International Volunteers
0600805355Evidentiary Requirements for the SEP or Premium-Surcharge Rollback for International Volunteers
0600805365Premium Surcharge Rollback for International Volunteers
0600805370Processing Requests for SMI and/or Premium - HI Termination
0600805382Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Exceptional Conditions
0600805383Exceptional Conditions Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Individuals Impacted by an Emergency or Disaster Declared by Federal, State or Local Government Entities
0600805384Exceptional Conditions Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Group Health Plan (GHP) or Employer Misrepresentation
0600805385Exceptional Conditions Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Termination of Medicaid Eligibility
0600805386Exceptional Conditions Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Formerly Incarcerated
0600805387 Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for Other Exceptional Conditions
0600805400Medicare Part B Immunosuppressive Drug Coverage (Part B-ID)
0600805700Outmoded Rules on Enrollment Periods and Coverage
0600805705Supreme Court Decision Affecting the Alien Residence Requirement for SMI ( <Italic> Mathews v. Diaz</Italic> )
0600805720Equitable Relief for Certain Former CHAMPUS Beneficiaries
0600805721Equitable Relief for Certain Individuals Dually Enrolled in Both Medicare and a Marketplace Plan
0600805725Equitable Relief for Certain CHAMPVA Beneficiaries
0600805730Certain Military Retirees and Dependents Receiving Health Care at Military Hospitals
0600805731Change in CHAMPUS Law Required Relief in 1992
0600805735Cuban Refugees Whose Status Was Adjusted Under P.L. 89-732
0600805740SEP and Premium Surcharge Provisions for the Ages Prior to the 1986 Amendments
0600805750SEP and Premium Surcharge Requirements in Effect for the Aged Prior to August 1986
0600805751SEP and Premium Surcharge Requirements for the Aged Effective 8/86
0600805752SEP Enrollment Requirements for Disabled Beneficiaries Covered Under an LGHP Prior to the 1994 Amendments (Disabled Active Individuals)
0600810000Medicare Processes - Table of Contents
0600810010How the Medicare Attainments and Leads Process Works
0600815000State Enrollment of Eligible Individuals - Table of Contents
0600815001State Payment of Medicare Premiums (Buy-In Program)
0600815006Establishing State Payment of Medicare Part B Premiums (State Buy-In)
0600815018When State Payment of Medicare Premiums (State Buy-In) Begins
0600815021The End of State Payment of Medicare Premiums Under a Buy-in Agreement
0600815023Medicare Savings Programs Income Limits
0600815024SSA&rsquo;s Role in Medicare Savings Programs (MSP) Applications
0600815025SSA Outreach to Low-Income Medicare Beneficiaries &ndash; Extra Help and Medicare Savings Programs
0600815030Establishing State Buy-in for Medicare Part B through The Public Welfare Accretion Process
0600815030DALEstablishing State Buy-In For SMI In Initial Claims through the Public Welfare (PW) Accretion Process (RTN 05, 10/2015)
0600815033SSA/CMS Processing of PW Accretion
0600815036State Response to Public Welfare (PW) Accretion
0600815039Effect of Buy-In on the Individual
0600815042Implications and Options for Beneficiaries When State Payment of Medicare Premiums (State Buy-in) Ends
0600815045Establishing Buy-In Eligibility for Persons Who Refuse to Cooperate &mdash; State Accretions
0600815048Establishing Buy-In Eligibility for Persons Who Refuse to Cooperate &mdash; CMS Accretions Under SSI Program
0600815051Establishing Buy-In Eligibility for Deceased Individuals
0600815055Establishing State Buy-In Eligibility for Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Annuitants
0600815060Centers for Medicare &amp; Medicaid Services (CMS) State Buy-In Data Processing
0600815063Systems Processing of State Responsibility Items
0600815066Systems Processing of CMS Responsibility Items
0600815070State/Carrier/Intermediary/CMS/SSA Coordination on Problem Cases Involving HI Query Codes 42, 44, or 56
0600815073SSA DO/BO Assistance to States
0600815073DALField Office (FO) Assistance to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission
0600815076Social Security Administration (SSA) DO/BO Action Upon Receipt of HI/MBR Status Query (HMQ) Reply
0600815079Reconciliation of SSI Master Record and the SID (Supplemental Income Data) Line on the MBR
0600815082Social Security Administration Field Office (FO) Procedures for Resolving Individual State Buy-In Problem Cases Due to Problem with SSR-MBR Interface
0600815085SSA DO/BO Procedures for Resolving Individual Buy-In Problem Cases Not Involving SSR-MBR Interface
0600815088Servicing DO/BO Processing of CMS-1957
0600815091State Agency and Parallel DO Processing of CMS-1957
0600815094CMS Central Office Procedures for Resolving Buy-In Problem Cases
0600815204Form CMS-1957 (SSO Report of State Buy-In Problem)
0600815208Buy-In Form for Railroad Annuitants - Sample
0600820000Terminations and Withdrawals - Table of Contents
0600820001Introduction - Terminations and Withdrawals
0600820005Regular Insured Termination
0600820010Termination Under the Deemed Insured Provision
0600820015Termination of Premium-HI for the Aged
0600820025Termination of Disability HI (D-HI)
0600820027Termination of Premium-HI for the Working Disabled
0600820030Termination of R-HI
0600820035Termination of SMI Entitlement
0600820045Voluntary Termination of SMI
0600820050Effective Date of Voluntary Termination
0600820055Cancellation of Voluntary Termination Request
0600820060Voluntary Termination Interview
0600820065Tailoring Interview to the Individual Situation
0600820070Field Office Handling of Requests for Termination
0600820075Processing Center Processing of Termination
0600820100Cessation of Disability
0600820105Cessation of Renal Disease (RD)
0600820110Life Terminations for Disabled or Deemed Disabled Beneficiaries
0600820115Life Terminations for Aged Auxiliary Beneficiaries
0600820120Establishing a Closed Period of Disability Entitlement
0600820130Manual Processing of Withdrawals
0600820140Reversing an Erroneous Termination
0600820901Exhibit 1: CMS-1763 (Request for Termination of Premium Hospital and/or Supplementary Medical Insurance)
0600820904Exhibit 4: Notice to R-HI Beneficiary About Termination Because of Transplant
0600825001HI/SMI Inquiries Received from Beneficiaries
0600825005Determining Enrollment Status
0600825015Premium Inquiries
0600825020Correspondence Pertaining to State Buy-In, Group Payers, Civil Service, or RRB
0600825055Undeliverable HI/SMI Letters and Forms
0600825060HI/SMI Notices and Forms HCFA-40B, HCFA-40D
0600825065Forms HCFA-1966, Health Insurance Card
0600825070Undeliverable SMI Premium Notice
0600825075Processing Returned SMI Refund Checks
0600825080Establishing a SMI Premium Payer for Uninsured (T, M, J, or K) Enrollee
0600825095FormCMS-2178-U2, HIB/SMIB Entitlement Problem &mdash; Priority
0600825100Entitlement Issue
0600825105Miscellaneous Issue
0600825110Interpretation of Combined HIM and MBR Query Replies
0600825115CMS-1725 (Program Service Center Referral)
0600825120Telephone Calls
0600825125Disclosure of Information
0600825130Disposition of Completed Correspondence
0600825905Phone Call Record of Critical HI/SMI Issue &mdash; Sample
0600825906Sample MBR Reply to Combined MBR/HIM Query
0600825907Sample HIM Reply to Combined MBR/HIM Query
0600825908Form SSA-3339-U2, Interim Reply to HIB/SMIB Referrals
0600825909Transmittal Used by OCRO to Forward Earnings Statements to PSC
0600825910HCFA-1778 HIMEXC PSC Request Card
0600825912Form CMS-1725 (Program Service Center Referral)
0600825913Health Insurance Printout (HIPO)
0600830000Processing Equitable Relief Inquiries - Table of Contents
0600830001Granting Equitable Relief
0600830005When to Consider Relief
0600830010Evidence Required
0600830015Premium Waiver Determinations
0600830020Enrollment/Disenrollment Determination
0600830025Erroneous Entitlement to Hospital Insurance (HI) and Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Coverage
0600830030Incorrect SMI Termination
0600830035Failure to Bill or Deduct Premiums
0600830040Premium&mdash;HI Cases
0600830045Delayed Deletions from State Buy-In
0600830050Erroneous Premium Refund
0600830055Delayed Terminations
0600830060Installment Payments for Retroactive Premiums
0600830065Exhibit&mdash;Summary Sheet, Installment Payments for Retroactive Premium Due Amounts
0600900000Evidence of Entitlement - Table of Contents
0600901000Hospital Insurance Entitlement - Table of Contents
0600901001Health Insurance (HI) Record
0600901005Health Insurance Record Maintenance
0600901010Field Office (FO) Access to the Health Insurance Master Tape - Process
0600901015Discrepancies (Problems) in the System
0600901025Certification of Part A/Part B Coverage for West German Government
0600901030Certification of Part B Coverage for Civil Service Annuitants
0600901040New Medicare Numbers and Number Change Requests
0600901045Health Insurance Card - Policy
0600901065Health Insurance Card Issuance
0600901085New Entitlement Cases - Card Issuance
0600901105Attainment Cases - Card Issuance
0600901125Processing Undeliverable Health Insurance Cards and Enrollment Packages
0600901145Railroad Retirement Board (RRB) Card Issuance - Policy
0600901165Health Insurance Card Inquiries - RRB Involvement and FO Action
0600901185Health Insurance Card Inquiries - Invalid Cards and FO Action
0600901205Health Insurance Card Inquiries - Lost Card Replacement and FO Action - Procedure
0600901225Medicare Card Inquiries - Non-receipt of Medicare Card and Field Office (FO) Action
0600901245Correction of Health Insurance Cards - FO Action
0600901265Processing Exceptions - FO Action - Procedure
0600920000Part A and Part B Reject (and Qualified Approval) Codes (Except Code 52) - Table of Contents
0600920110EOMB's and Disallowance Notices
0600920120District Office Procedure
0600930000Resolving Entitlement Problems - Table of Contents
0600930001Entitlement Problems
0600930005Revised Form CMS-2178 U2 (HI/SMI Entitlement Problem Referral)
0600930010District Office Procedure
0600930020Beneficiary Dually Entitled to B and D4 Benefits
0600930030Health Insurance LAF Codes and Health Insurance Impediments
0600930040No Impediment Indicator, and MBR and/or HI Require Correction
0600930050Problem Correction Points
0600930060Problem Correction Process
0600930070Problem Case Followup Procedures
0600930080Completion and Use of the CMS-2178-U2 (HIB/SMIB Entitlement Problem &mdash; Priority)
0600930110Health Insurance Critical Case Procedure
0601000000Premium Collections - Table of Contents
0601001000Supplementary Medical Insurance - Table of Contents
0601001001Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Premium for 2002
0601001002Premium Payable and Surcharges--2001
0601001004The Variable Supplementary Medical Insurance (VSMI) Premium
0601001010Premium Increase for Late Enrollment
0601001011Examples of Premium Increases for Late Enrollment
0601001012Premiums and Surcharges Through 12/88
0601001013Premiums in Effect for 1989 Due to the Enactment of Medicare Catastrophic Coverage
0601001014Part B Premiums and Surcharges in Effect after 1989
0601001015Months for Which Premiums Are Due
0601001016Part B Immunosuppressive Drug (Part B-ID) Coverage Only
0601001020Collection of Premiums
0601001030Billing Process
0601001040Beneficiaries in Benefit Payment Status
0601001041Collection from Beneficiaries When the Amount of the Benefit Payment is Less than the Amount of the Premium
0601001045Benefits Are Suspended
0601001055Handling Supplementary Medical Insurance (SMI) Claims When Adjudication of Social Security or Railroad Retirement Claim is Delayed
0601001065Premium Payment Information Furnished to Beneficiary at the Time of Enrollment